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Kristaltann Buxton
Kristaltann Buxton - 4 months ago
Dino is the best
Sofi Cute 148
Sofi Cute 148 - 4 months ago
Canguro cabreado XD
Owen Mallow
Owen Mallow - 4 months ago
It's suprising that the other guy managed to keep a straight face through almost all of this.
GRobloxYT Bravo
GRobloxYT Bravo - 4 months ago
I Rather think tis is educational
Guillaume Comeau
Guillaume Comeau - 4 months ago
These thing ever XD
shadin Mostafa
shadin Mostafa - 4 months ago
Closer Look
Closer Look - 4 months ago
Sarahpoodles - 4 months ago
I always forget this video exists and always delighted when I find it again XD
Star Dash
Star Dash - 4 months ago
Try Not To Laugh XD

10. comment for How Animals Eat Their Food | MisterEpicMann

GirlyDestroyer222 - 4 months ago
lily games the nutella princess
lily games the nutella princess - 4 months ago
This made me laugh so hard
chara fox gaming
chara fox gaming - 4 months ago
0:38 me after school at tea time
Chimchim Got no jams
Chimchim Got no jams - 4 months ago
Ah back when youtube was good.
CheesieTaco Demander
CheesieTaco Demander - 4 months ago
The Whale version... That's me right there
Abigail Henderson
Abigail Henderson - 4 months ago
How much lettuce did they need for this video???
Erin Dalgleish
Erin Dalgleish - 4 months ago
I liked the first one and the last one
duszeq games
duszeq games - 4 months ago
RaverPunk1230 - 4 months ago
The is how I be like when I'm at my besties house
Rex CatCreative
Rex CatCreative - 4 months ago

20. comment for How Animals Eat Their Food | MisterEpicMann

Emma the cat
Emma the cat - 4 months ago
The T-rex was my fav lol
Cansu Karakose
Cansu Karakose - 4 months ago
0:16 me...
Louis Le
Louis Le - 4 months ago
Rhinoceros was My fav
Techna The guardian
Techna The guardian - 4 months ago
Lol it’s like that guy doesn’t give a fuck about anything!
Keynines animation
Keynines animation - 4 months ago
Damaris Pacheco
Damaris Pacheco - 4 months ago
Damaris Pacheco
Damaris Pacheco - 4 months ago
Why are they drinking out of baby bottles that's just messed up bro
Kitteh Cat
Kitteh Cat - 4 months ago
And trying to enjoy his food xD
Kitteh Cat
Kitteh Cat - 4 months ago
The guy on the left is trying not to laugh
RedHotReddy - 4 months ago
Kangaroo xD

30. comment for How Animals Eat Their Food | MisterEpicMann

sillygirl 123
sillygirl 123 - 4 months ago
Omg wool funny!!!
Wiktoria Golec
Wiktoria Golec - 4 months ago
I love the way the other guy is just casualy eating his food
Ablivion - Agar
Ablivion - Agar - 4 months ago
matt eddsworld
matt eddsworld - 4 months ago
Why did I watch this
//BurntAsh\\ - 4 months ago
Whale is best at eating
Abid Khan
Abid Khan - 4 months ago
2018 anyone???
LannahMation 1
LannahMation 1 - 4 months ago
how animals destroy their table
ZaryWary 16
ZaryWary 16 - 4 months ago
February 2018?
Ananya vs Gaming
Ananya vs Gaming - 4 months ago
The rhinoceros was favorite XDDDD
gingerbread girl animate's
gingerbread girl animate's - 4 months ago
Destiny The Fox123
Destiny The Fox123 - 4 months ago
1:02 best one yet
Macky Quita
Macky Quita - 4 months ago
I died laughing
Nat9526 aj
Nat9526 aj - 4 months ago
Just ignore him i dont see him there is nobody in front of me o.o : gets thrown off : well frigg
kevin tv
kevin tv - 4 months ago
Oml this is funnier than my videos
minty milkshake
minty milkshake - 4 months ago
when stuff back then was actually funny...
Evelyn Montalvo
Evelyn Montalvo - 4 months ago
I laght so much loved the vids
Adam Ciolkowski
Adam Ciolkowski - 4 months ago
Alex Reasoner
Alex Reasoner - 4 months ago
Elizabeth Kadluboski
Elizabeth Kadluboski - 4 months ago
I relate
yellow fellow
yellow fellow - 4 months ago

50. comment for How Animals Eat Their Food | MisterEpicMann

Red Satoshi
Red Satoshi - 4 months ago
Captain Edge
Captain Edge - 4 months ago
My life
RatedToaster 16
RatedToaster 16 - 4 months ago
0:37 has me like
Glitched - 4 months ago
I love how the other guy is so chill
Neither_Whale _Gamer
Neither_Whale _Gamer - 4 months ago
Flamingo killed me
Holly Pittock
Holly Pittock - 4 months ago
Can i ask you not to like this??? Comment that is.
FaithTheFan //JustFaith
FaithTheFan //JustFaith - 4 months ago
Is he Irish? It sounds like it when he said “food”
Noah_Stikbot395 - 4 months ago
eleanor galaxy pop
eleanor galaxy pop - 4 months ago
why tho
Margo 14
Margo 14 - 4 months ago
Dexter Whitee
Dexter Whitee - 4 months ago
I Don't know why i laugh every time i watch this!
A.J. Millen
A.J. Millen - 4 months ago
That guy on the left is trying so hard not to laugh
TheRadiatedGamer - 4 months ago
The Fucking Rhino Tho.....
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr - 4 months ago
Words cannot describe this pure beauty. Instant subscribe
Jalyah Morris
Jalyah Morris - 4 months ago
I like the this rhinoceros
PaytonTheMinecraftPig - 4 months ago
Sapphire Night
Sapphire Night - 4 months ago
Watching in 2018, alligator and rino are my favorites XD
LaraNuKe 145
LaraNuKe 145 - 4 months ago
1:02 its Albert
Rosalia elias
Rosalia elias - 4 months ago
Y 0:19
Rosalia elias
Rosalia elias - 4 months ago
Minuto 0:16y
HelloItsZiggy - 4 months ago
The T-Rex one though, I think we can call this video a YouTube classic.
Ink! Sans Girl
Ink! Sans Girl - 4 months ago
The alligator is my favourite!
Comet Glow Is da best
Comet Glow Is da best - 4 months ago
0:59 the other guy is trying not to laugh
MegaMetalManX - 4 months ago
My girlfriend showed me this yesterday and I died laughing at the rhino impression XD
Alya XOXO - 4 months ago
D' Crispy
D' Crispy - 4 months ago
0:59 guy on left want to laugh
MJ's adventures and fun stuff
MJ's adventures and fun stuff - 4 months ago
Miss Kari
Miss Kari - 4 months ago
HI DEBBIE!!!!! - 4 months ago
I remember watching this when I was 8
The Snowy Wolf
The Snowy Wolf - 4 months ago
I love how the other guy acts so natural and keeps eating like...
"Everyday....every flippin day"
Mew mew
Mew mew - 4 months ago
" Me : Ah, What a fine day to eat some salad with my brother. "

* He some some weird shit. *

" Me : What the fuck. "
BaconOnToazt - Fortnite & more!
BaconOnToazt - Fortnite & more! - 4 months ago
Max_ Kedamono
Max_ Kedamono - 4 months ago
My pants are soaked
Little Narwhal
Little Narwhal - 4 months ago
When I was little I LOVED to watch this everyday because it’s was so funny and it still is
Cupcake Becca
Cupcake Becca - 4 months ago
Kagaroo! Best part
Milena Buiar
Milena Buiar - 4 months ago
2018 e eu ainda me cago de rir com esse video
Reverse!Tale Sans
Reverse!Tale Sans - 4 months ago
The only one that actually puts it in its mouth is the trex
Lyndsey Webb
Lyndsey Webb - 4 months ago
It's been a long time since I watched this, totally forgot how hilarious it was
Sam Gibson
Sam Gibson - 4 months ago
This video was released 21 days before my 7th birthday
Trenton Fowler
Trenton Fowler - 4 months ago
The alligator was my favorite.
pie universe stuidos
pie universe stuidos - 4 months ago
My favorite was the kangaroo
Billy Roland
Billy Roland - 4 months ago
XDemitroX - 4 months ago
Flamingos is my favourite
Faith George
Faith George - 4 months ago
I like how the other man just eats his food peacefully while the other man shows him how animals eat.
Princessu Beriru
Princessu Beriru - 4 months ago
This never gets old. Nice 130m viewd
Galaxious Night
Galaxious Night - 4 months ago
I like the whale
TigerLily1615 - 4 months ago
The guy on the left is like "*I don't give a sht Fam*"
TAYLOR COOK - 4 months ago
chica 247_
chica 247_ - 4 months ago
Still cant stop lauging at this after 6 years

100. comment for How Animals Eat Their Food | MisterEpicMann

Cookies Hello
Cookies Hello - 4 months ago
To funny man
Tom Flurry
Tom Flurry - 4 months ago
This is gay
Sinful xo
Sinful xo - 4 months ago
Still watching in 2018?
Angie Sarukhanyan
Angie Sarukhanyan - 4 months ago
Boshi Doshi
Boshi Doshi - 4 months ago
The fact that thE guy eating was so calm
Rilee Chichester
Rilee Chichester - 4 months ago
That poor dude couldn’t help but to grin for the kangaroo and I think he was the one laughing for the rhinoceros
Barsik TV
Barsik TV - 4 months ago
Who's watching this on 2018??
Saggi Tari
Saggi Tari - 4 months ago
I love how chill that guy is
RoberTime - 4 months ago
How do you eat your food?
I eat like a whale.
THIS IS SPARTA - 4 months ago
When you try to have a normal meal but then your cousins come over
Rëd shådê
Rëd shådê - 4 months ago
I died at the flamingo.
Cyper 5400
Cyper 5400 - 4 months ago
0:43 The Terminator is Back Again!

Terminator 6 Confirmed
Aiden Mckeehan
Aiden Mckeehan - 4 months ago
I like your shows
Aiden Mckeehan
Aiden Mckeehan - 4 months ago
I like your shows
Rindle - 4 months ago
oh my dear
Simon Keplinger
Simon Keplinger - 4 months ago
Rhinozerus my hero
eryn draws
eryn draws - 4 months ago
Liv's Dreams
Liv's Dreams - 4 months ago
Pom's Gaming Crib
Pom's Gaming Crib - 4 months ago
How much soinach did you get to eat while filming this?
james latham
james latham - 4 months ago
the rhinocerous one is my favourite 1:07
Hellen Koehler
Hellen Koehler - 4 months ago
i caznt breath
Aidan Francis Zabala
Aidan Francis Zabala - 4 months ago
The Rhinoceros was my favorite
I love how the guy is such a maniac while the other one is so calm
Fluffy furry Pastel
Fluffy furry Pastel - 4 months ago
Back on National Geographic...
kourtnee jacob
kourtnee jacob - 4 months ago
laughing my ass off
laughing so hard so funny
Holly Pittock
Holly Pittock - 4 months ago
Kate 1998
Kate 1998 - 4 months ago
True talent right there
ignatius pratomo
ignatius pratomo - 4 months ago
I saw a smile at the kangaroo part
Julia Jansson
Julia Jansson - 4 months ago
Who is whatching in 2018 lol I’d whatch this 4 yers ago
Georgia Innes
Georgia Innes - 5 months ago
Omg what the heck did I just eatch
Georgia Innes
Georgia Innes - 5 months ago
SparkyStarLPS - 5 months ago
KittyKat - 5 months ago
Such a MANLY conversation
Just Your Ordinary Friend
Just Your Ordinary Friend - 5 months ago
Are they drinking from sippy cups?
Shyren Kalibur
Shyren Kalibur - 5 months ago

The cow slaps his face into his food,
The alligator chops up his food with his hands,
The lizard jumps from the wall and faceplants into his food,
The T rex goes DAAAA and eats his food with his hands,
The whale falls on his food,
The groundhog jumps out of the ground (And doesn't even touch it),
The shoves it in his shirt and kicks the table,
The flamingo goes SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH ,
The rhino kills his food.

Sounds about right.
Shyren Kalibur
Shyren Kalibur - 5 months ago
Dinosaur killed me XD
Woman Lol
Woman Lol - 5 months ago
That rinho though
GamingWith Shyren
GamingWith Shyren - 5 months ago
I died XD
KingDuckGuy - 5 months ago
funny then, funny now
Sabrina Rampelotto
Sabrina Rampelotto - 5 months ago
The ending when he rams the boxes I thought was funny
Camera Girl
Camera Girl - 5 months ago
Exterminator329 - 5 months ago
I died at the rhino xD
Cousins forever!
Cousins forever! - 5 months ago
This 8s the best!!
Jani_ Vlogs_Slime_AndStuff
Jani_ Vlogs_Slime_AndStuff - 5 months ago
WHOS watching in 2018????
Macy Wiederholt
Macy Wiederholt - 5 months ago
Omg.. I used to think this was so funny
SuperDaveBeothers - 5 months ago
1:07 Dat sound doe
Noelani Do
Noelani Do - 5 months ago
Alligator: Throws food everywhere.
Human: Keeps eating cuz he's too hungry to care.
fjdj fhe8jed
fjdj fhe8jed - 5 months ago
Hailey Funk
Hailey Funk - 5 months ago
How does he keep a straight fave
foxy fox
foxy fox - 5 months ago
These videos have healed my depression
Garage Kid
Garage Kid - 5 months ago
Poor glasses...
Swishy Cat
Swishy Cat - 5 months ago
Music Qld
Music Qld - 5 months ago
Kayla Kennison
Kayla Kennison - 5 months ago
This video never fails to make me laugh my butt off lol
S'more fun
S'more fun - 5 months ago
Catagory: comedy

Me: right...? You sure this isnt education?
BECH BUNNEH - 5 months ago
I died at kangaroo
Singing boy
Singing boy - 5 months ago
зефирка тв
зефирка тв - 5 months ago
lololo lolol
lololo lolol - 5 months ago
How is the other person not laughing
IvanGames101 - 5 months ago
The good YouTube
Ravensong - 5 months ago
0:34 Always gets me xDDD
em the alien
em the alien - 5 months ago
This was 5 years ago....and yet I still watch it when I'm sad...
The Nature Lover
The Nature Lover - 5 months ago
1:06 more like Filthy Frank
Felina - 5 months ago
That's a food abuse
Босс Интернета
Босс Интернета - 5 months ago
Weaphone Videox
Weaphone Videox - 5 months ago
Hahahahahaha soooo good
Tawny Zahn-Greene
Tawny Zahn-Greene - 5 months ago
I just love their laughs at the end. Especially since you can see him laughing from under the box
Lord Yveltal
Lord Yveltal - 5 months ago
The flamingo made me cry of laughter!
VICTORIA GUNSOLLY - 5 months ago
T. rex is my favorite
lauren allen
lauren allen - 5 months ago
This channel is old as YouTube itself
OperaticComa247 Gaming
OperaticComa247 Gaming - 5 months ago
More vids than the first vid ever????
Ismail El Sabbagh
Ismail El Sabbagh - 5 months ago
I wonder how many brain cells he killed for this video
Paper Jam
Paper Jam - 5 months ago
lol the rino
The Dancing Squirrel
The Dancing Squirrel - 5 months ago
MOOOOO! slams face into table just an average human eating human food
Cade Fox
Cade Fox - 5 months ago
0:39 when It's Monday
Austin Rea
Austin Rea - 5 months ago
0:58 the watching him grinned
Austin Rea
Austin Rea - 5 months ago
The guy watching him
DayeTime - 5 months ago
When u realise that this video came out about 5 years ago but u remember it as only being a month ago :( Aging and looking at your own past will always have that weird feeling, fml
ANNAmaTronic Gamer
ANNAmaTronic Gamer - 5 months ago
0:43 Why does he sound like the terminator?! XD
Mr Pie
Mr Pie - 5 months ago
Allison Sue
Allison Sue - 5 months ago
Giggles 76
Giggles 76 - 5 months ago
This was my childhood
Polar - 5 months ago
Ro Blox
Ro Blox - 5 months ago
Let get started is a Au

0:24 chef tale

0:30 mettaton

0:38 dino tale

0:39 underswap
DANNY WONDER BREAD - 5 months ago
Motte - 5 months ago
Finally I understood what he said at the beginning
Fries Before Guys
Fries Before Guys - 5 months ago
Nero Neho
Nero Neho - 5 months ago
Best video on YouTube
Kristen Noelle
Kristen Noelle - 5 months ago
This video is from a different era on YouTube
Robynn Roberts
Robynn Roberts - 5 months ago
I would have failed so hard at trying not to laugh if I was in this
Eevee The Shiny Fennec Fox
Eevee The Shiny Fennec Fox - 5 months ago
Lots of animals were harmed who making this video
sweet kawaiii mellowsds Berger
sweet kawaiii mellowsds Berger - 5 months ago
I cried
Cassandra Speltz
Cassandra Speltz - 5 months ago
Here is a real challenge. Watch this without laughing
Gabrielle Mitchell
Gabrielle Mitchell - 5 months ago
I hope he didn't brake his glasses XD
Lec Narf
Lec Narf - 5 months ago
Boss DaNa
Boss DaNa - 5 months ago
Mia Granger
Mia Granger - 5 months ago
This is why YouTube was created
Becky Gameplays
Becky Gameplays - 5 months ago
Kangaroo XD
Becky Gameplays
Becky Gameplays - 5 months ago
Captured Thoughts
Captured Thoughts - 5 months ago
T-Rex + Whale are my favourite
AskTurbo TwisterMister - Gameplay Videos
AskTurbo TwisterMister - Gameplay Videos - 5 months ago
Eagle vlogs&gaming NL
Eagle vlogs&gaming NL - 5 months ago
Cow 100% accurate 10/10
Swaying Swagger1
Swaying Swagger1 - 5 months ago
This was five years ago!!!
Jan533 - 5 months ago
was ein Müll
Theresa Kamp
Theresa Kamp - 5 months ago
Dumpling Bling
Dumpling Bling - 5 months ago
0:59 he was trying not to laugh so hard.
victor lope
victor lope - 5 months ago
This is so funny
Brooke Phillips
Brooke Phillips - 5 months ago
1:02 how to get brain damage
apple dog
apple dog - 5 months ago
miss. chex10
miss. chex10 - 5 months ago
Mine well ... the rhino
Alisa Ruban
Alisa Ruban - 5 months ago
i love how the other guy doesn't care
N1NA _
N1NA _ - 5 months ago
I forgot this video existed
Nagle Nagle
Nagle Nagle - 5 months ago
I had tears in my eyes because I was laughing so hard
HelloitsAmanda - 5 months ago
I can just hear 12 year old me laughing so hard
MostWanted BannaRobber
MostWanted BannaRobber - 5 months ago
i feel pity for the box
Megan Grande
Megan Grande - 5 months ago
Thats not funny
Cappuchan Nyan
Cappuchan Nyan - 5 months ago
Why did u do this?
NKTheLombax - Reviews and More
NKTheLombax - Reviews and More - 5 months ago
Oh my gosh this is comedy gold
Ramen Taco
Ramen Taco - 5 months ago
Kangaroo was the best
Louane youtubeuse tout simplement
Louane youtubeuse tout simplement - 5 months ago
Lost so youtube
AJ Powell
AJ Powell - 5 months ago
The whale had me dying yo!
Lynnea The Slytherin
Lynnea The Slytherin - 5 months ago
Eila FandomGamin
Eila FandomGamin - 5 months ago
Dok channel [BS]
Dok channel [BS] - 5 months ago
Мистер Тивиков
Jawesime - 5 months ago
No tables were harmed in the making of this video!

Or should I say

All tables we harmed in the making of this video
Jawesime - 5 months ago
Ada W.
Ada W. - 5 months ago
Kangaroo was my Favorite
Lily Leopard
Lily Leopard - 5 months ago
How did that guy keep a straight face?
Adrian Venegas
Adrian Venegas - 5 months ago
Pootie Luv
Pootie Luv - 5 months ago
Da kangaroo one tho :3
Lili QUEAU - 5 months ago
me too. My favorite was the Tyrannosaurus and the kangaroo
Роса TVAnimal_Jam
Роса TVAnimal_Jam - 5 months ago
Isaac Larson
Isaac Larson - 5 months ago
My god I miss these days, and the days before it
Oceanti - 5 months ago
Why am I the whale?
Oceanti - 5 months ago
Lol the sippy cups.
Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran - 5 months ago
This is so funny for me
Allyson Bailey
Allyson Bailey - 5 months ago
The Rino killed me
kRAZPEN - 5 months ago
I watched this when I was in 1st or 2nd. Grades
ThatLoner - 5 months ago
Live hi степанчик hi
Live hi степанчик hi - 5 months ago
Very funny especially the flamingos!
Xboxgamer12364 5
Xboxgamer12364 5 - 5 months ago
Lilfreshgirl56 4 Life
Lilfreshgirl56 4 Life - 5 months ago
How did I forget about this
Ellis Matthews
Ellis Matthews - 5 months ago
My science teacher showed the class this in like 2013 lol
liv 8x8
liv 8x8 - 5 months ago
This is so old now I remember when it first came out
zzzx - 5 months ago
Michael Carlo
Michael Carlo - 5 months ago
Whomst Be watchin In 2018?
Stick chick77
Stick chick77 - 5 months ago
Masud Basam
Masud Basam - 5 months ago
i love feitz
i love feitz - 5 months ago
this video is timeless
Piano Girl
Piano Girl - 5 months ago
So this is what my ex watched on my phone when we were together...
Cubifier - 5 months ago
Idk why but when I was a kid this vid scared me
adrianiculus hd
adrianiculus hd - 5 months ago
minute 0:35 its incredible
Ifangirlovereverything Thisismylife
Ifangirlovereverything Thisismylife - 5 months ago
The other dude acts like this is his every day life
Dabing Anamations
Dabing Anamations - 5 months ago
1:02 remaind you of something
Sara Hardardottir
Sara Hardardottir - 5 months ago
L Lawliet
L Lawliet - 5 months ago
Tyrannosaurus Rex
sergey & xian swearing
sergey & xian swearing - 5 months ago
Its so funny
Lil Jimmy
Lil Jimmy - 5 months ago
Back when YouTube was at it's finest age and didn't give a shit about cuss words. Good times.
OathDragon1987 - 5 months ago
A forever classic
GARRETT A JOHNSON - 5 months ago
This is my favorite video ever.
baden closson
baden closson - 5 months ago
How the guy kept a straight face the whole video is impressive well except for the kangaroo one did you see his face he smirked lol ahaha
Don Kuppa
Don Kuppa - 5 months ago
They act like the "look at me" kid everyone knows
Deisia Howse
Deisia Howse - 5 months ago
Android 0
Android 0 - 5 months ago
When we tried to find the queen but failed 1:03
Dan4ik Oshovsky
Dan4ik Oshovsky - 5 months ago
Miki tv
Miki tv - 5 months ago
Hahahaha wie geil
Cedric Servaes
Cedric Servaes - 5 months ago
Haticenur Topkara
Haticenur Topkara - 5 months ago
Best video in the internet
RUAZI JESMD - 5 months ago
2018 Anybody? Or am I the only one that keeps coming back?
Mr. FunnyBoi
Mr. FunnyBoi - 5 months ago
i saw this the year it came out when i was 6 im 10 now :)
Hao plays
Hao plays - 5 months ago
you forgot the APE
x fox
x fox - 5 months ago
The best one was the kangaroo
Quarterhorse .power
Quarterhorse .power - 5 months ago
Azra Cetin
Azra Cetin - 5 months ago
Katie M
Katie M - 5 months ago
who els watchin in 2k18
A Lawn Chair
A Lawn Chair - 5 months ago
chris chandler
chris chandler - 5 months ago
I was showed this at a very young age and didn't get any of the jokes
The_Real_One_Mason - 5 months ago
Anyone being nostalgic from watching this in 2018
Morgan G.
Morgan G. - 5 months ago
wow this is a throwback.. my friends and i were laughing over this video and charlie the unicorn so many years ago
The Cat Meow
The Cat Meow - 5 months ago
The t-rex was the funnys
Kayla Waller
Kayla Waller - 5 months ago
The other dude just tryna eat his damn salad
Fandom Fan
Fandom Fan - 5 months ago
Officially my first favorite YouTuber even though I just watched one vid
Margaret thompson
Margaret thompson - 5 months ago
this is what made then viral right?
Dose Of Cringe
Dose Of Cringe - 5 months ago
“Wanna see how animals eat their fOuOED?”
Azariah Williams
Azariah Williams - 5 months ago
Looksharp staysmart
Looksharp staysmart - 5 months ago
This is the perfect video, even after 5 years. The concept, the timing, and the way the other guy reacts this are all golden.
Marc Anthony Garcia
Marc Anthony Garcia - 5 months ago
That never gets old
Gabby Campos
Gabby Campos - 5 months ago
I’m dying because of the Rino
Tangy Sierra202
Tangy Sierra202 - 5 months ago
I've seen this video millions of times and I still laugh so much while watching
kyle the pimp killer
kyle the pimp killer - 5 months ago
Lol the lizard
Seth Gutowski
Seth Gutowski - 5 months ago
This was classic
Alex Mannix
Alex Mannix - 5 months ago
Wanna see how animals eat their food? [He puts his face in the plate]
Me: hold my sippy cup
Christine Silva
Christine Silva - 5 months ago
Does anyone else have this video remind them of fifth grade?
Gwendolin Jahns
Gwendolin Jahns - 5 months ago
This video is a A LEDGEND
mlg Jay
mlg Jay - 5 months ago
I love the last one
Ana Unicorn
Ana Unicorn - 5 months ago
I’m still laughing about this 4 years later
SummerTime - 5 months ago
This seems like such a Dwight thing to do.
SummerTime - 5 months ago
I'm surprised a bear wasn't on here.
Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella - 5 months ago
2017-2018 anyone
Some Alien
Some Alien - 5 months ago
I was 13 when this came out.
18 now.
Bubby - 5 months ago
me when my mom makes my favorite meal
O J M - 5 months ago
Totally forgot about this shit. I miss 2013.
TheAmazingPandaParadeIsNotOnFire - 5 months ago
These guys are my childhood and I actually get most of my humour from them
Little did 13 year old me know
Acinonyx Jubatus
Acinonyx Jubatus - 5 months ago
Watching from 2018... I miss old YouTube, before the Jake Paul days
Happy Animals
Happy Animals - 5 months ago
I don't know why this was in my recomended, but I'm glad it was!
Alice Michael
Alice Michael - 5 months ago
Oh my dear video, I missed you so much! It's been so long!
Kynnadi Hanks
Kynnadi Hanks - 5 months ago
This never gets old. LMAO
Mariam Akyol
Mariam Akyol - 5 months ago
Lmao the poor guy just wanted to eat
Gauri Vasudev
Gauri Vasudev - 5 months ago
Kaileb Weiss
Kaileb Weiss - 5 months ago
you made me choke on my food of laughter
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 5 months ago
How much brain damage did you get after making this (Old) video
BluE_BeAn - 5 months ago
I love how the other guy just doesn't care
Emanuele Xd
Emanuele Xd - 5 months ago
Hilma Peltola
Hilma Peltola - 5 months ago
I say just one thing: LOL
Stefano Torrini
Stefano Torrini - 5 months ago
Holy shit hahahahaha my eyes are bleeding tears
Kate Samuels-Anderson
Kate Samuels-Anderson - 5 months ago
1:03 Thats not a Flamingo, thats me.

Im just kidding, its a prank. Sorry i'll stop now
Kate Samuels-Anderson
Kate Samuels-Anderson - 5 months ago
Long time no see
Sammy - 5 months ago
2018? Anyone
Marisa - 5 months ago
what a throwback
Ross Betancourt
Ross Betancourt - 5 months ago
I finally found this video again.
Evan Sinclair
Evan Sinclair - 5 months ago
Whose watching in 2018
Azam Usman
Azam Usman - 5 months ago
This guy broke his head
Connie Frost
Connie Frost - 5 months ago
Pink guy
Dangster Daniel
Dangster Daniel - 5 months ago watch that types of people while brushing teeth
Eftelman - 5 months ago
Aiha Mirana
Aiha Mirana - 5 months ago
1:26 the sound
Springtrap - 5 months ago
Rhino my favXD
Rachel Hannah Adrian
Rachel Hannah Adrian - 5 months ago
omg i am crying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ASK - 5 months ago
grape juice
grape juice - 5 months ago
1:02 for a second i thought that was pink guy
Jenna Keith
Jenna Keith - 5 months ago
Still one of my favorite videos
Stay Fan
Stay Fan - 5 months ago
Mariah White
Mariah White - 5 months ago
The hawk XD
just_a_ mouse13
just_a_ mouse13 - 5 months ago
He never breaks charcter exept for the rihno
Vlad Pisces
Vlad Pisces - 5 months ago
0:58 The guy in the left tries not to laugh , makes me actually laugh! :D
~•°Fantom_FOXY°•~ - 5 months ago
Peridot 5XG
Peridot 5XG - 5 months ago
2018 anyone? I dont know how the normal guy eating food can keep a straight face most of the time.
Emily Summers-brown
Emily Summers-brown - 5 months ago
whats with the sippy cups lmfao
MagykKitten - 5 months ago
xD How did they keep a straight face throughout the video?!
M1ST3RCOW - 5 months ago
SO FUNNY ! i can't stop laugh XD
Warlord calithar
Warlord calithar - 5 months ago
Well we know who is the funny guy and who is the Straight guy
Lé Twinkoge
Lé Twinkoge - 5 months ago
I'm wheezing at the kangaroo one
Green Space Dorito
Green Space Dorito - 5 months ago
Nixzerr - 5 months ago
Makayla Barr
Makayla Barr - 5 months ago
Who’s still watching this in 2018???
Lexi Palato
Lexi Palato - 5 months ago
The t-rex was my favorite
Isabelle Baughman
Isabelle Baughman - 5 months ago
I try to make this a try not to laugh video but I lose it at the t rex
Black Dog
Black Dog - 5 months ago
Play 0:39 in slow motion
Wild Tusken
Wild Tusken - 5 months ago
Has it been 5 years already?
Andrei Apigo
Andrei Apigo - 5 months ago
2018 and still makes me laugh!
Google plier
Google plier - 5 months ago
Logo Bagus
Logo Bagus - 5 months ago
nice content, Thanks!
bery bara
bery bara - 5 months ago
Flamingo is still best
NO SPAM OK? - 5 months ago
Best than reguetton
Chloe H
Chloe H - 5 months ago
Anna nbjhfbjdh fmxnbfvj
Anna nbjhfbjdh fmxnbfvj - 5 months ago
Simpler times
Golden Bacon
Golden Bacon - 5 months ago
Why can't dinosaurs eat

Because they are dead
MaTheuz 1
MaTheuz 1 - 5 months ago
aly King
aly King - 5 months ago
The rhino
H4X - 5 months ago
The last one XDDD
Tashiya Kavindi
Tashiya Kavindi - 5 months ago
The whale was my favourite
Naitz - 6 months ago
0:35 How I eat my food
Johnny SuperTube
Johnny SuperTube - 6 months ago
Any 2018 viewers
pablo skitz
pablo skitz - 6 months ago
2018 anyboDY
Jayden Coston
Jayden Coston - 6 months ago
Nobody can stop laughing at this video
Blue Clay Crafts
Blue Clay Crafts - 6 months ago
Pepe Pepinazo
Pepe Pepinazo - 6 months ago
I ate those food
Freakerster Vixen
Freakerster Vixen - 6 months ago
The whale one always freaking gets me!! XD
Miguel Mondragon
Miguel Mondragon - 6 months ago
Lol WTF literally had me not tryna wake my house up
The Blunt dagger
The Blunt dagger - 6 months ago
The rhino one killed me
Osvaldo Silveira e Silva
Osvaldo Silveira e Silva - 6 months ago
DaGraceland L
DaGraceland L - 6 months ago
CatLover 101
CatLover 101 - 6 months ago
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf - 6 months ago
Jessica Yu
Jessica Yu - 6 months ago
How can that other guy sorta keep a straight face??
Nathan playz
Nathan playz - 6 months ago
The t Rex one killed me
VulajGee _
VulajGee _ - 6 months ago
M I T C H E L L - 6 months ago
Creepy Brid
Creepy Brid - 6 months ago
2013 was a much simpler time
Yusef Abusalim
Yusef Abusalim - 6 months ago
I finally found it
JOHNATHAN VOEGEL - 6 months ago
0:36 is the funniest part
Dashaa - 6 months ago
diogo_ rabi
diogo_ rabi - 6 months ago
0:36 o melhor
Fuck Off
Fuck Off - 6 months ago
fuck you
Johnny Lin
Johnny Lin - 6 months ago
Lovepurple16 - 6 months ago
That flamingo
Makayla - 6 months ago
1:08 is definetley the best one
Sinan Der schlitzer
Sinan Der schlitzer - 6 months ago
2018 ?
Oh hell Yes
Oh hell Yes - 6 months ago
Ztevelikesapplz 2003
Ztevelikesapplz 2003 - 6 months ago
Omg I die every time
barcrrt - 6 months ago
These guys have real talent!!!
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee - 6 months ago
I like the rhino
Hannah Margarette De Castro
Hannah Margarette De Castro - 6 months ago
Watch this when I’m 5 now I’m 11 so funny
Jan michael Boongaling
Jan michael Boongaling - 6 months ago
all of no one can not luagh
Punani Booty
Punani Booty - 6 months ago
Remember when this wasnt so popular man has enough views as a music video wow
Vivien Bartosz
Vivien Bartosz - 6 months ago
BiccDicc - 6 months ago
first comment in 2018 ig?
Alex belt
Alex belt - 6 months ago
I love the flamingo and kangaroo and rino XD
Susy Queue
Susy Queue - 6 months ago
The rhino killed me
Landon Mastowski
Landon Mastowski - 6 months ago
YouTube used to be the best
LPS Dream
LPS Dream - 6 months ago
The Kangaroo seemed peaceful then.... KICK
Cyniah Winters
Cyniah Winters - 6 months ago
I liked the Kangaroo and the Rhinoceros
BuhtFaes - 6 months ago
130M views. Wow.
Random Person
Random Person - 6 months ago
it's hard to keep a straight face doing this. Tell me your secrets, human.
jacob vedia
jacob vedia - 6 months ago
Back in the good old days man
deniss009 Erbaev ヅ
deniss009 Erbaev ヅ - 6 months ago
who of 2018?
deniss009 Erbaev ヅ
deniss009 Erbaev ヅ - 6 months ago
Ahahahah I was laughing all video!!!
2018 life
2018 life - 6 months ago
Hey succeed with a famous
Magic trick
Isaac Prout
Isaac Prout - 6 months ago
My favourite was the rhino
Oscar Ahlke
Oscar Ahlke - 6 months ago
I love how the guy on the left just keeps on eating! :-D
zucchinifreak - 6 months ago
sits and wonders how that guy kept a straight face the entire time
zucchinifreak - 6 months ago
thats more like how i eat my food
TRUE_iNsANiTY - 6 months ago
2018 and this video is still funny
Amy Wright
Amy Wright - 6 months ago
I've never laughed so hard
4/20 blaze it
4/20 blaze it - 6 months ago
I laugh like crazy everytime, the best bit is the other guy acts completely normal!!!! XDDDD
4/20 blaze it
4/20 blaze it - 6 months ago
Why have I not seen this before?
Wren Cunningham
Wren Cunningham - 6 months ago
The Sorrow
The Sorrow - 6 months ago
2018 anyone?
The Mystic Silverfish
The Mystic Silverfish - 6 months ago
This is a classic
Emilie Bråtån
Emilie Bråtån - 6 months ago
The guy with glasses looks like my ticher
Challange God
Challange God - 6 months ago
Orbital Hazard
Orbital Hazard - 6 months ago
My mother is so pessimistic that all she could focus on was the sippy cups
TheAnimeNerd - 6 months ago
I remember when this first came out 5 years ago
Jade Terry
Jade Terry - 6 months ago
Best video on YouTube.
Darcey K
Darcey K - 6 months ago
Ahaha, I remember when this first came out and everyone was obsessed with it. It’s a pity we don’t get viral videos like this anymore.
Summer Sunshine
Summer Sunshine - 6 months ago
Still everything
serendipity - 6 months ago
These were simpler times.
Aaron Vlogs
Aaron Vlogs - 6 months ago
I remember when this was the biggest video in the world
Adam Playslivegames
Adam Playslivegames - 6 months ago
2018 anyone?
Jason Whitecrow
Jason Whitecrow - 6 months ago
lol 100000000000x
Echo The Fox
Echo The Fox - 6 months ago
I remember when this first came out

Youtube was not a hellhole.:)
black hustle
black hustle - 6 months ago
Torrone Retardado
Torrone Retardado - 6 months ago
the kangaroo
i'm crying
FOXRADEK - 6 months ago
Carl - 6 months ago
At 0:58 the guy on the left was trying to not laugh, but he failed XD
Gamergirl 2017
Gamergirl 2017 - 6 months ago
Watching this in 2018
B ROLL - 6 months ago
Missy Lynch
Missy Lynch - 6 months ago
That’s a lot of views
TICCITEMMIE YT - 6 months ago
the bloopers made me shoot iced coffee put of my nose.
Martina Michalíková
Martina Michalíková - 6 months ago
MADCAT205 KERWITZ - 6 months ago
The rhino was the best
The Weirdos
The Weirdos - 6 months ago
2018 squad!!!
Croutonic - 6 months ago
Flashbacks to sixth grade
Brigadier Gutsy
Brigadier Gutsy - 6 months ago
My hot speech teacher in Arizona showed me this, I died laughing.
Liam McGovern
Liam McGovern - 6 months ago
I'm watching this in 2018 woah
Baby Luigi 8900 reviews
Baby Luigi 8900 reviews - 6 months ago
That was awesome
ni bit
ni bit - 6 months ago
Oh my this is to funny
gamezilla 01
gamezilla 01 - 6 months ago
Im dying
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom - 6 months ago
Michael Pratt
Michael Pratt - 6 months ago
And rhino
Matt J
Matt J - 6 months ago
I remember watching this back in 2014
Mister_Z7 Hardware&Technologie
Mister_Z7 Hardware&Technologie - 6 months ago
The other guy is really strong he don't laugh not like me
Michael Pratt
Michael Pratt - 6 months ago
Whale was my favourite
Michael Pratt
Michael Pratt - 6 months ago
Nathan /DraZKing
Nathan /DraZKing - 6 months ago
1:07 Moo...
Alex Gamer
Alex Gamer - 6 months ago
The T. rex got me
theloniux - 6 months ago
this is the original video?
Knives - YT
Knives - YT - 6 months ago
Who’s watching this at 2018?
Butterflyblu88 - 6 months ago
My childhood!! ❤️❤️
Night Dragon
Night Dragon - 6 months ago
Do more please do moorrreee
Fox Girl 124
Fox Girl 124 - 6 months ago
I love the T -rex
harmony newman
harmony newman - 6 months ago
DEEH *smack* t rex is my favorite if u couldn't tell XD
Bilal Gohar
Bilal Gohar - 6 months ago
Kanngaroo,rinoceros and flamingo are the best
AndrewIsCool1111 - 6 months ago
Kangaroo and Rhino were the best!!
Emi Clarke
Emi Clarke - 6 months ago
Whale is my favorite
Lupita Moore
Lupita Moore - 6 months ago
Random Hussain
Random Hussain - 6 months ago
pi_ beta
pi_ beta - 6 months ago
That super soothing snooty-restaurant music in the background makes it more hilarious xD
Liel Alive
Liel Alive - 6 months ago
I'm more than ded
Olivia Todor
Olivia Todor - 6 months ago
Kangaroo made my day
Yami bonnica SFM [Unwithered Bonnie]
Yami bonnica SFM [Unwithered Bonnie] - 6 months ago
VickiDaGurk j
VickiDaGurk j - 6 months ago
This made me laugh so hard!!!!
Julia_Darby - 6 months ago
Ahhhh omg my 3rd grade teacher showed this to me and I found it again this is literally one of my favorite videos
Nikki Ruth
Nikki Ruth - 6 months ago
I love this vid so much. When it first came out, we watched it during school. it was awesome
Jayson Sonza
Jayson Sonza - 6 months ago
I olso like the lizard and whale does are the funnyiest i think
Jayson Sonza
Jayson Sonza - 6 months ago
Lol 1:00 he was about to smile the guy eating
Brittany Anderson
Brittany Anderson - 6 months ago
The last one kill’s me bad
Chicken Ninja24
Chicken Ninja24 - 6 months ago
Madeline Goguen
Madeline Goguen - 6 months ago
It is 5 days till 2018 and I still thoroughly enjoy this video
Michael Newman
Michael Newman - 6 months ago
Wow remember this
Dr Fox
Dr Fox - 6 months ago
Jonathan Compton
Jonathan Compton - 6 months ago
What music is this?
Hatooteh - 6 months ago
I remember this!!!!
Dub Brothers
Dub Brothers - 6 months ago
If you ever have trouble going to sleep just blink your eyes a couple hundred of times while laying down. Eyelids get really heavy. Trust me
Ashton Walker
Ashton Walker - 6 months ago
Dub Brothers thx my dude
Very Naughty
Very Naughty - 6 months ago
Rip glasses
Nathalie Trivino
Nathalie Trivino - 6 months ago
The rhinoceros was my favorite I can't stop laughing if I keep watching it
PlazmaPixel - 6 months ago
The guy who's with SERENA Mr steal yo girl
The guy who's with SERENA Mr steal yo girl - 6 months ago
0:36 how I eat my food on family lunch
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato - 6 months ago
He was trying so hard not to laugh
Im Zoidberg
Im Zoidberg - 6 months ago
Dylan Donnadio
Dylan Donnadio - 6 months ago
The best vid ever. Can’t stop laughing
Meadow Thomas
Meadow Thomas - 6 months ago
He’s trying to keep a straight face
Andro Engelbrecht
Andro Engelbrecht - 6 months ago
Love the video
Andro Engelbrecht
Andro Engelbrecht - 6 months ago
TeddyGirl 115
TeddyGirl 115 - 6 months ago
Hilarious. I’m dying!
Lea amalie fjeldgaard märcher
Lea amalie fjeldgaard märcher - 6 months ago
i had a laugh attack! XD
Turenato - 6 months ago
Hello 2013
Rbios Channel Vile
Rbios Channel Vile - 6 months ago
The other guy holding tears
Rbios Channel Vile
Rbios Channel Vile - 6 months ago
Had me dying
Corrin Lemay
Corrin Lemay - 6 months ago
bbmillie - 6 months ago
How is that guy able to keep a straight face during the shoot???
Sebastian Aquino
Sebastian Aquino - 6 months ago
Guilherme _777
Guilherme _777 - 6 months ago
Vi pelo casal de nerd
CHACONIA7 - 6 months ago
I saw at the kangaroo he was trying not to laugh
Shade - 7 months ago
Was hilarious 4 years ago, still hilarious today.

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