The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

Is New York’s pizza better than LA’s New-York-style pizza is bad? It’s The Try Guys Coast-to-coast Pizza Party Challenge Part 1 of 1! Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC LEMKE RAG Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks.  ( Footage provided by VideoBlocks Made by BFMP GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today!

The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA sentiment_very_dissatisfied 2064

Italian food 2 years ago 9,116,312 views

Is New York’s pizza better than LA’s New-York-style pizza is bad? It’s The Try Guys Coast-to-coast Pizza Party Challenge Part 1 of 1! Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC LEMKE RAG Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks.  ( Footage provided by VideoBlocks Made by BFMP GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today!

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for The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

Mabel Lau
Mabel Lau - 5 months ago
I thought Zach is lactose intolerant? How can he eat pizza? I doubt they got lactose free cheese on those slices!
TheGamingSpider - 5 months ago
Zach would be mad at the captions for spelling his name Zack
jade torres
jade torres - 5 months ago
Best NY Pizza is really in Brooklyn... (sounds like a do-over to me!)
Grace Abdayem
Grace Abdayem - 5 months ago
aaaaaaaaaa it's my wife
Clydesdale Girl8
Clydesdale Girl8 - 5 months ago
At 6:05 there's a dude in the background of their facetime
flutura latifi
flutura latifi - 5 months ago
OB G - 5 months ago
NY pizza and bagels are the greatest thing on earth. 2 dollars for a slice and a soda and your life will be will changed.
Aveen Burney
Aveen Burney - 5 months ago
Who’s watching in 2K17
Blue wolf
Blue wolf - 5 months ago
I feel bad for the 2 in LA... Don't they all live there?

10. comment for The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

queenbee137 - 5 months ago
Keith is from Chicago.... how dare he let them say New York has the best pizza.
Amy Hernandez
Amy Hernandez - 5 months ago
Amy Hernandez
Amy Hernandez - 5 months ago
littleseal 50
littleseal 50 - 6 months ago
I love love LOVE the try guys, but I hate the swearing because I'm Mormon. I would really appreciate if you could stop swearing for the videos, cut the swearing down to maybe like 1 swear word every 3 minutes ( just a suggestion, whatever floats your boat) or at least just bleep it out, I would be really happy! Thanks! - Emily
Katie Quill
Katie Quill - 6 months ago
Chicago baby, best in the world
Corrupted Gaming
Corrupted Gaming - 6 months ago
Atleast at 3:40 they were nice...but the pizza wasn’t nice inside there stomachs
Jelle van Hekken
Jelle van Hekken - 6 months ago
All the bad pizza's look pretty good actually
Matthew The Neko Boy
Matthew The Neko Boy - 6 months ago
I want an Ariel one day
Graeme MacKay
Graeme MacKay - 6 months ago
Pictou county
Joshie - 6 months ago
NY does not have the best pizza. Italy does obviouslyyy
Greendragonrivy - 6 months ago
Keith do a fried chicken taste test

20. comment for The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

Anonymous-guy ??????
Anonymous-guy ?????? - 6 months ago
Who else saw that guy just peek between Ned an Eugenes head 6:04
BLJ - 6 months ago
0:10 who noticed the minion behind Eugene and Ned?
Johnny Weis
Johnny Weis - 6 months ago
3:39 that lady was so nice I feel bad
Simona Sorrentino
Simona Sorrentino - 6 months ago
If you want to taste REAL PIZZA, come to Naples!
Priscilla Diaz
Priscilla Diaz - 6 months ago
Zach is definitely my favorite ❤
Vance Biondo
Vance Biondo - 6 months ago
jokes ! I'm getting mad
Vance Biondo
Vance Biondo - 6 months ago
LpsRena - 6 months ago
I ate a pizza before, and the cheese was like dough and can right off of the pizza. It was so dry.
Sentionaut - 6 months ago
Ned is the worst.
YakAttack - 6 months ago
No 99 Cent??

30. comment for The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

Andrea Bisenius
Andrea Bisenius - 6 months ago
Andrea Bisenius
Andrea Bisenius - 6 months ago
Tehilla Siboni
Tehilla Siboni - 6 months ago
okay so this will be random buttt.... I once had a pizza in colorado (way up in the mountains in an isolated area) and it was truely heaven. The crust was big, fluffy but crispy and had a rich taste of BREAD. the sauce was rich and full of flavored tomato, basil and other seasonings, the cheese was sooooo stringy that it seemed to pull on forever. It was hot and perfect. Also it was snowing outside and i was doing a lot the previous day... I believe it was somewhere around estes park but I can't be sure....
it was good tho

rereads what I just wrote
Well, i'm random
THEFurk0K - 6 months ago
Wtf was that New york accent
TrapBoy - 6 months ago
(Sorry for eventual errors)
Orla O'Keeffe
Orla O'Keeffe - 6 months ago
I want pizza now
Laura Giovanelli
Laura Giovanelli - 6 months ago
Why are these slices so big??
ironic concussion
ironic concussion - 6 months ago
best pizza in the world HAHAHAHAHAAHA

im italian
Mah Samp
Mah Samp - 6 months ago
Keith:“Does it tastes like anything?”
Zach:“Tastes like a mistake”
Me after trying to cook anything
Remy - 6 months ago
god damn it eugene now I’m starving
Jennely P.
Jennely P. - 6 months ago
Eugene trying to swipe the metro card had me screaming “TURN IT AROUND, EUGENE!” At my phone. The logo has to face you
MM010 - 6 months ago
OMG the pizza in US in SOOO big compared to the UK
lambotino - 6 months ago
so they go to the best recommended places in NY and go to the lowest reviewed pizza place and call it a comparison
BunnieChan - 6 months ago
For worst pizza they should've gone to Costco
Trechiri MSP
Trechiri MSP - 6 months ago
The fact I had the chance to meet Eugene, Ned, and Ariel is another reason I cry at night.
LadyLoki110 - 6 months ago
Pizza aside, I absolutely love how genuinely excited Ned was to see his wife!! That is relationship goals right there!!! <3
Amelia Kloskowski
Amelia Kloskowski - 6 months ago
How on earth did you not include Chicago?
SlimJimTheHollow - 6 months ago
I can't take it anymore. NEED FOR PIZZA!
Dank Memes
Dank Memes - 6 months ago
1.37 mmmmmmhhhhh imagine dis bish givin u mad head
Maya Deonarine
Maya Deonarine - 6 months ago
I wanted them to try gabbys pizza

50. comment for The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

Aj makeupX
Aj makeupX - 6 months ago
Morgan - 6 months ago
Best pizza? Italy.
kid of south
kid of south - 6 months ago
I mean just go to the costco food court
Soccerkid128 - 6 months ago
Me: Oh, how can Ned possibly mention his wife in this!
Me: You have got to me kidding me
death herself
death herself - 6 months ago
Also, am I the only person that loves Costco pizza. That stuff is amazing. Honestly.
espnz _
espnz _ - 6 months ago
I’m literally soo hungry rn that bad pizza looks super good.
Lucy Wood
Lucy Wood - 6 months ago
“Yeah Ned I know I’m from New York”
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams - 6 months ago
for the next one of this can you do ireland vs the uk
Ealge Gaming
Ealge Gaming - 6 months ago
I feel bad for that camera girl at 4:32
Ealge Gaming
Ealge Gaming - 6 months ago
Does it so good 3:36
heedoney - 6 months ago
did anyone noticed that there was a minion and woody from toy story at the beginning of this video at ned n eugene in nyc???
Fenix - 6 months ago
So Ned's wife can basically do a perfect Smithers....
awesome boy of food 592 Norris
awesome boy of food 592 Norris - 6 months ago
#nailed it
Theres pizza hut in my school....
Jack Elias
Jack Elias - 6 months ago
N E D ' S W I F E
Plants And Violins
Plants And Violins - 6 months ago
Omfg Ariel lmao
Gohan YT
Gohan YT - 6 months ago
Did it say nail edit or nailed it
Freddy Turtleee
Freddy Turtleee - 6 months ago
Mr. Sim
Mr. Sim - 6 months ago
At my school, the pizza has sauce, its just water dyed red....
Tiffany ???
Tiffany ??? - 6 months ago
Nailed it
Khải Nguyễn
Khải Nguyễn - 6 months ago
actually, i felt very bad for the people who worked in the "worst" pizza store:(. Like if you feel bad. Also, if I was the person to eat the "bad" pizza then i'm not going to judge that much (i'm not against anyone, so don't be angry).
Primrose Lestervy
Primrose Lestervy - 6 months ago
Cheese - a mistake
Tony Mastracchio
Tony Mastracchio - 6 months ago
my dude the best pizza in the world is in New Haven Connecticut
Avery Jones
Avery Jones - 6 months ago
DO NOT watch this video unless y’all are eating pizza
Sydney G
Sydney G - 6 months ago
Joe’s pizza is my favorite!!!
Christopher Grieco
Christopher Grieco - 6 months ago
0:00 to 0:05 is cheese and burps click here if you want to see them
Zoe - 6 months ago
"It tastes like a mistake"
Georgiexr - 6 months ago
It's 8:30 am in England right now and I just got pizza because of this video
nia habeeb-ullah
nia habeeb-ullah - 6 months ago
hands down the East coast makes waayy better pizza than the West
Dank Douche
Dank Douche - 6 months ago
6:04 look at the dude in the middle of Ned and Eugene
Analisia Johnson
Analisia Johnson - 6 months ago
3:39 I choked on laughter
Nicholas Faustas
Nicholas Faustas - 6 months ago
I actually hate thin crust
jaymisyn s.
jaymisyn s. - 6 months ago
i’m so fricking hungry oh my lord
B.R.P. Productions
B.R.P. Productions - 6 months ago
Shoulda been NY vs Chicago
Sensiblecraft89 - 6 months ago
It’s not New York vs LA its Chicago vs. Chicago.
SlowFlowSen - 6 months ago
Sensiblecraft89 missed opportunity considering Keith is from Chicago.
Annaliese Keosaeng
Annaliese Keosaeng - 6 months ago
3:06 the original ASMR
Eddie Chen
Eddie Chen - 6 months ago
I guess Ned really is Italian.

18% Italian.
Along Came David
Along Came David - 6 months ago
NY winsss
trevor welch
trevor welch - 6 months ago
I’m ordering Pizza Pizza
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson - 6 months ago
Actually there is more than one Joe’s pizza, I know of one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn
Sophie Says Hi
Sophie Says Hi - 6 months ago
i want some pizza now
Jano gamer
Jano gamer - 6 months ago
I am soooooooooo hungry
P_Lengend - 6 months ago
I'm a New Yorker and this is cringy for me
anomie - 6 months ago
i know he always talks about his wife, but i can't help but feel really fuzzy when i see how much ned loves ariel :')
larix 000
larix 000 - 6 months ago
Are those like flat pizzas lol
Aiden Rayner
Aiden Rayner - 6 months ago
Lmao good thing my dominoes just arrived , bye guys!
Diamond King
Diamond King - 6 months ago
School pizza isn't that bad at my school it's pretty good
Marina K
Marina K - 6 months ago
If hey wanted to find bad pizza they could have gone to my schools cafeteria
Frank Jones
Frank Jones - 6 months ago
pizza pizza pizza pizza
Silvia Sukenic
Silvia Sukenic - 6 months ago

100. comment for The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

Lolli Pops
Lolli Pops - 6 months ago
legend of Random
legend of Random - 6 months ago
6:04 lol
Tyler Ehlen
Tyler Ehlen - 6 months ago
the people from la were really nice tho now i feel bad
nvsbl2 - 6 months ago
Clicked on these guys be mistake. Funny how blind some can be to their own ridiculousness, and proud of themselves, forgetting that though they may have so many viewers, there are a lot more people who think they're silly, boring girlie guys
Kara Fisher
Kara Fisher - 6 months ago
That's not how New Yorkers sound like because I am from NY
Fatime Shaini
Fatime Shaini - 6 months ago
I was just about to eat pizza
jose stiebi
jose stiebi - 6 months ago
I just love the relationship of Ned and his wife
Lyndaura Or 贝贝 #Be an Panda For Life
Lyndaura Or 贝贝 #Be an Panda For Life - 6 months ago
I'm lucky, I live in NewJersey and I can see NYC from my house...It's like 15 minutes away
Sarah Mosley
Sarah Mosley - 6 months ago
Okay. Whoever edited this did a fantastic job. I love the style on this.
Bruce White
Bruce White - 6 months ago
My nan
Noah Wardy
Noah Wardy - 6 months ago
I’ve been to Johns Pizzeria
Brianna Lorenz
Brianna Lorenz - 6 months ago
so innocent and pure
Brianna Lorenz
Brianna Lorenz - 6 months ago
omg zach’s “pie” at the very very end made my heart melt
Dylan Schenck
Dylan Schenck - 6 months ago
Kyleigh Curry
Kyleigh Curry - 6 months ago
I was actually really entertained by this you guys should do this again
Gianluca Pavan
Gianluca Pavan - 6 months ago
Why don't you come to Italy and do the same !!?!?!!
Chatterbox Charlie
Chatterbox Charlie - 6 months ago
6:40 ...
Gale Moore
Gale Moore - 7 months ago
Ariels New York accent is terrifying
softnpeachyg - 7 months ago
hey no NYC pizza is good but the BEST pizza in the world is the ITALIAN once, the og
Phoenix Chen
Phoenix Chen - 7 months ago
Alright now
I live in NY and I can guarantee you that the best pizza is in the neighbourhoods, not in the city
Forest Hills has a lot of pizzerias, and a lot of them are actual family recipes from Italy and it's like a warm toasty blanket being wrapped around you like a straitjacket
Niff - 7 months ago
I want someone who can love me like Ned loves his wife
Kate Darkhall SSO
Kate Darkhall SSO - 7 months ago
I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO doubt Ariel and Ned will NEVER get a divorce x3
Christian Colding
Christian Colding - 7 months ago
NY isnt really known to have the best pizza in the world..... the only place they know to make pizza is in Italy!
Toki Doki Master12
Toki Doki Master12 - 7 months ago
Watching this while eating pizza
Caitlyn Theresa
Caitlyn Theresa - 7 months ago
John’s of Bleeker st is the best I️ don’t need any other opinions
Leo Gamer_mcpe
Leo Gamer_mcpe - 7 months ago
How many of you guys where drulin Bc of the Pizza
Random Girl
Random Girl - 7 months ago
When I clicked the video, an ad about pizza popped up.
Jennifer Paynter
Jennifer Paynter - 7 months ago
I’m eating pizza while watching this
Eduardo Sings
Eduardo Sings - 7 months ago
I've never been to NYC but I've been to la and I think NYC has better pizza
ZioOrsoBruno - 7 months ago
"Well my family is new York-Italian" than why are you saying that NY has the best pizza in the world?
Daydream Burrito
Daydream Burrito - 7 months ago
Koffing vs. Weezing
^^Only true Pokemon geeks can decipher this^^
Moheem Palal
Moheem Palal - 7 months ago
Why are American Pizzas so thin?
_.avdrxy._ - 7 months ago
Worth it?
Big Boy
Big Boy - 7 months ago
My dad owns a restaurant and them bashing other restaurants makes me cringe
Reject Parndiox
Reject Parndiox - 7 months ago
Tacos are better
carme sanz-munoz
carme sanz-munoz - 7 months ago
i agree with this message new york has amazing pizza even if it's 89 cents
carme sanz-munoz
carme sanz-munoz - 7 months ago
this is true i was the pizza
Nate Ascending
Nate Ascending - 7 months ago
We have a special guest!

God dammit again?
Stun - 7 months ago
I live in New Jersey and whenever I go to New York City I always get pizza
Russel Mack
Russel Mack - 7 months ago
jimmy memes
jimmy memes - 7 months ago
I want to visit NY one day
Parvesh Kumar
Parvesh Kumar - 7 months ago
Bruh joes pizzeria is the BEST I ABSOULUTLEY LOVE IT
Alex Chen
Alex Chen - 7 months ago
Joe's is the same place Worth It went to
Maja O
Maja O - 7 months ago
Eugene is so hot
annjessica ramos
annjessica ramos - 7 months ago
Hi Chris!!!!!!!!!!!
flip1sba - 7 months ago
To me, the best pizzas in The US is not in NY but in New Haven!

Nothing beats New Haven Ahbeats!

Sally’s, Frank Pepe’s!
flip1sba - 7 months ago
When it comes to affordable NY pizza in LA, La Monicas in Westwood Village is my favorite!
Sophia B.
Sophia B. - 7 months ago
ahhhh thank god i live in NY!
Pamela Maranan
Pamela Maranan - 7 months ago
I want to see the Try Guys try an escape room!!!!
Makaveli - 7 months ago
Why didn't they go to LA pizza places with decent reviews? I find it hard to believe you can't find at least 1 or 2 pizza places in LA with decent pizza.
Raymond Toole
Raymond Toole - 7 months ago
Did anyone see the minion from 0:00 to 0:36 in Ned and Eugene’s background. Leave a like if you did.
Izzy Thomas
Izzy Thomas - 7 months ago
Watching this video back and realising that it's Joe's pizza from worth it :)
Athena - 7 months ago
lol I'm from New York and seeing them try to do the accent is so weird
Shylar Jones
Shylar Jones - 7 months ago
Sabrina Rö
Sabrina Rö - 7 months ago
maan! now im really craving a slice of pizza.
Ula Jones
Ula Jones - 7 months ago
My school pizza is so good!!
Dori Holy Water Girl
Dori Holy Water Girl - 7 months ago
try guys try hitman game thats one
sophia vicidomine
sophia vicidomine - 7 months ago
" so is it good to forget about it?"
Jenny Deng
Jenny Deng - 7 months ago
Isn’t the Joe’s pizza the one that Steven &Andrew went in worth it?
Mighty MLG Turtlez
Mighty MLG Turtlez - 7 months ago
Glyph DaHarpoon
Glyph DaHarpoon - 7 months ago
I like my stretchy cheese
Eziel Luyong
Eziel Luyong - 7 months ago
zach : it taste like a mistake!!
Daisy Langham
Daisy Langham - 7 months ago
Ned's reaction to his wife made me so happy <3
• ĸaтнarιne •
• ĸaтнarιne • - 7 months ago
honestly we all know New York pizza is the best but it's not difficult to find a more than decent slice in L.A.
Lo Lo
Lo Lo - 7 months ago
Ned and Eugene my true alphas
Top Fails
Top Fails - 7 months ago
L.A pizza is good af. It ain't bad
CREEGY _17 Creegan
CREEGY _17 Creegan - 7 months ago
I have been to the johns place in New York
Nikki's Mania
Nikki's Mania - 7 months ago
Zach being the smallest
BumFrogzz - 7 months ago
Go to Italy and eat their pizza.
Mad shibe
Mad shibe - 7 months ago
You should bring Andrew
Kit A
Kit A - 7 months ago
Pizza hut has the best pizza crust
Myra - 7 months ago
Cali pizza is really bad
Kayla Donn Halsey
Kayla Donn Halsey - 7 months ago
But......fuhgedaboutit is a good thing.
Fun Times
Fun Times - 7 months ago
Keith said the sauce was educational
Mariëlle H.
Mariëlle H. - 7 months ago
Chris reminds me of crankthatfrank
Lovely Vogues
Lovely Vogues - 7 months ago
Y’all didn’t come to Chicago, so this whole video is null and void honestly
tater tots
tater tots - 7 months ago
eugene vs a metrocard
Moon Landy
Moon Landy - 7 months ago
I can relate to the Background Guy™ at like 6:03
Beah Recupero
Beah Recupero - 7 months ago
Awww look at that happy ned w / his wife
Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine - 7 months ago
At 0:08 you guys were trying so hard to get a good intro
Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine - 7 months ago
In fact they tried so hard the whole video
INiklus 123
INiklus 123 - 7 months ago
My favorite pizza place is Pizza Rev. I wish they visited it, even though I know it's not in LA.
Ethan Andrade
Ethan Andrade - 7 months ago
What they were in New York well that’s the closest I will ever get to the try guys because I live in Boston
Fisted Hashbrowns
Fisted Hashbrowns - 7 months ago
Costco has some pretty nice pizza not gonna lie ;)
sumaia - 7 months ago
"New York is known for having the best pizza in the WORLD" uhhhmmm ever heard of a country called ITALY???
TheIcy Kitty
TheIcy Kitty - 7 months ago
In my school days, this is a bad experiment because it isn’t the same person over and over to taste it and everyone has their own, different opinions.
Moraa Mogaka
Moraa Mogaka - 7 months ago
New York pizza all the way
PythonVlogs* - 7 months ago
this is a meme i think you should try to smoke a bowl and then one of you say "then what " and the other say at the same time
"Then make it down the SLIDE" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Volcanic Typhlosion
Volcanic Typhlosion - 7 months ago
Now that they made LA pizza seem bad I want to try NY pizza especially because I live in LA
Madison Johnston
Madison Johnston - 7 months ago
The best pizza is obviously chi town pizza
layan something
layan something - 7 months ago
i want pizza
Jan G
Jan G - 7 months ago
"Ahhhhhh it's my wife!"
CS - 7 months ago
how is ned new-york-italian yet he doesn't know why he hasn't got signal on the subway?
Poop in a bucket
Poop in a bucket - 7 months ago
Obed Valencia
Obed Valencia - 7 months ago
In 2:49 they put something in their mouths
Trace Bogart
Trace Bogart - 7 months ago
I feel a little bad for the pizza shops that got bad reviews
XxPuppy LoverxX
XxPuppy LoverxX - 7 months ago
Kieth in da thumbnail tho xDD
Nick Graves.
Nick Graves. - 7 months ago
That one guy in the background at 6:40
Sam-Alice Lynch
Sam-Alice Lynch - 7 months ago
Anyone else kinda drueling
Brooklyn Giger
Brooklyn Giger - 7 months ago
The best pizza in the world is Chicago and New York everyone knows that
Sarah - 7 months ago
Brooklyn Giger the best pizza in the world is made in Naples, sorreh
Moritz - 7 months ago
You guys need to come to italy, there we have the best pizza in the world
Vegeta Briegh
Vegeta Briegh - 7 months ago
Now do LA vs New York burgers, LA would win
marvin velete
marvin velete - 7 months ago
They're so adorably awkward in this video :)
Mhairi Ash
Mhairi Ash - 7 months ago
BlueMangoHorse - 7 months ago
2:51 The immediate regret, this happens every time I eat pizza.
Gurjit Dhaliwal
Gurjit Dhaliwal - 7 months ago
Ned REALLY loves his wife..
Mei Mio
Mei Mio - 7 months ago
Something special about Sweden is their pizza. Try to google Swedish pizza
Sam Stephens
Sam Stephens - 7 months ago
I love ny pizza buffalo has great pizza
Cash Schroeder
Cash Schroeder - 7 months ago
I'm craving pizza now.
Phil Vaive
Phil Vaive - 7 months ago
Oh my god when Zach and Ned unfolded the random guy between them I LOST MY MIND! Funniest thing I think I've ever seen
Freddy Thornton
Freddy Thornton - 7 months ago
"will u remembuh it fuhever and tell yuh friends?" i love ned so much
Pink Icing
Pink Icing - 7 months ago
I want pizza.
Cookie Blast
Cookie Blast - 7 months ago
The worst part of watching the video is that I couldn't eat anything while they make me jealous
Jamie Watkins
Jamie Watkins - 7 months ago
3:56 why is “dough city” in the sauce section?
Lorraine Massaro
Lorraine Massaro - 7 months ago
Lorraine Massaro
Lorraine Massaro - 7 months ago
#Jakepaul rosy challenge
Lorraine Massaro
Lorraine Massaro - 7 months ago
MangoTeen - 7 months ago
Is it just me or does Chris have the happiest cutest little puppydog eyes, they look so innecent and adorable!!!
The Have
The Have - 7 months ago
I am from Germany and i have been in Italy multiple times. I have to admit NY pizza is good, but Napoli is heaven.
The Life Of Gianna
The Life Of Gianna - 6 months ago
Meri - 6 months ago
The Life Of Gianna AYYYYY
The Life Of Gianna
The Life Of Gianna - 6 months ago
Meri - 7 months ago
Thank you finally someone with intelligence (im italian so thanks)
pc gamer pro
pc gamer pro - 7 months ago
The Have Yes it is, i ate at the famous pizzeria they invented Margarita pizza and it was the best pizza i ever ate
raphael anaya
raphael anaya - 7 months ago
“Yeah Ned I know. I’m from New York”
kana2421 - 7 months ago
im not even surprised anymore tbh ned always does this lmao
Sugar 15
Sugar 15 - 7 months ago
1:28 is basically me around my friends
Da Kawaii Fox
Da Kawaii Fox - 7 months ago
Even my school pizza is better than that! 4:00! We have really cheesy, good pizza with the right amount of sauce. Pizza 9 is the worse pizza of the school. The one sent to the school from the district people is amazing. Probably the best school pizza ever, in my opinion.
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips - 7 months ago
ItsGregbro - 7 months ago
How do you have an episode of best pizza without Chicago and then say New York is the best?
DaGreenChicken YT
DaGreenChicken YT - 7 months ago
My friends dad owns a lambardis and it’s there last name and he’s rich
soul stump
soul stump - 7 months ago
as an Italian who lives in Italy hearing them say "NYC has the best pizza in the world" was triggering I'm sorry
The Dancing Maniac
The Dancing Maniac - 7 months ago
Wait I live in ny did you like it you should of have came farther out on the island we have awesome pizza too
SunJade 2012
SunJade 2012 - 7 months ago
The way ned's eyes just lit up when he saw his wife
Papi Guapo
Papi Guapo - 7 months ago
Not to hate but they were not in LA cause grecos pizza it said Grecos New York Pizza
Juan Matias
Juan Matias - 7 months ago
Woozy Aka Airr
Woozy Aka Airr - 7 months ago
joes pizza makes an appearance in worth it
Beqts - 7 months ago
Shouldn't Italy have the best pizza?
Milo :D
Milo :D - 7 months ago
I'm having pizza toightttttt
lolly lemur
lolly lemur - 7 months ago
School pizza yikes I didn’t know it got that bad
TheRealPotato O_O
TheRealPotato O_O - 8 months ago
Oggi’s pizza and sticks are amazing
I Need Healing
I Need Healing - 8 months ago
Basically worth it?
Johnycancan - 8 months ago
Lies joes pizza is in arlington to get rekt ned!
Khaled Serag
Khaled Serag - 8 months ago
Its like GTA V v.s GTA IV
Sanna Niemi
Sanna Niemi - 8 months ago
The way Eugene says sauce 0:50
Emily McCall
Emily McCall - 8 months ago
I feel like Ned and Eugene are secretly having an affair
ScarletGaming 27
ScarletGaming 27 - 8 months ago
In Joe's pizza worth it was there
Kelsey Ruszkowski
Kelsey Ruszkowski - 8 months ago
You have to try Buffalo, NY pizza! It's so best
Shrey Butle
Shrey Butle - 8 months ago
If its a pizza, idgaf I'm eating it.
Joel Pauley
Joel Pauley - 8 months ago
You need to compare New York style, Chicago style, and St. Louis style pizza all together to see the differences
BEYBLADE LIFE - 8 months ago
Don't you mean #CHEESEIT
Sacred Garlic bread
Sacred Garlic bread - 8 months ago
Only the New York City pizza is good not any other city in New York
rice cake
rice cake - 8 months ago
"New York is known for have the best pizza in the world"
mhh excuse me do you know what Italy is?
Love u Eugene i'm only an hungry italian girl
Popular UGA
Popular UGA - 5 months ago
Samantha Galindo Not always true. And no Italy did not “invent” pizza.
MPancakee - 6 months ago
Maybe they meant for America
Blank - 6 months ago
i think they meant new york styled pizza
softnpeachyg - 7 months ago
Samantha Galindo
Samantha Galindo - 7 months ago
I felt offended with Ned's comment and I'm not even Italian. Obviously a dish must be better in their country of origin.
Meri - 7 months ago
rice cake grazie finalmente qualcuno ahaha
Katie G.
Katie G. - 8 months ago
Only Keith and Zach would try to find the worst pizza they possibly can
chani mcclendon
chani mcclendon - 8 months ago
Have you been to Chicago!!
Kiwi Meep
Kiwi Meep - 8 months ago
Luke Frost
Luke Frost - 8 months ago
Adam and Steven sat at the exact as Ned and Eugene at joes in worth it
deveena seel
deveena seel - 8 months ago
"it tastes like a mistake"
Ka Wei Ng
Ka Wei Ng - 8 months ago
Go 6.02 n see the guy smiling
Jamison Ramirez
Jamison Ramirez - 8 months ago
Sapphire Misp
Sapphire Misp - 8 months ago
I'm eating pizza
alanimations - 8 months ago
Hawaiian pizza is more based on the sauce, rather than the crust and cheese like NY pizza.
alanimations - 8 months ago
I’m talking about pizza made by local Hawaiian pizzerias, not pineapple and ham pizza.
Peter the fuck engine
Peter the fuck engine - 8 months ago
My battery is in %69 percent. Like if u laugh everytime
Laura Li
Laura Li - 8 months ago
Ariels NY accent sounded exactly like Voldemort from Harry Potter
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth - 8 months ago
Wow Chris is actually adorable how tf
Kathi - 8 months ago
Of course...Eugene goes out for pizza dressed like this
Relic Warrior
Relic Warrior - 8 months ago
3:16 the cinge
JulyStar - 8 months ago
if Eugene thinks his hair can't take New York's humidity I would love to see him in Florida
Brendan Dillen
Brendan Dillen - 8 months ago
Get petrilos
Jimi Isaac
Jimi Isaac - 8 months ago
Ned looks like shane dawson in the thumbnail
шəıгđoæпdгэш - 8 months ago
Keith's face at the thumbnail XD
Hiba Alghol
Hiba Alghol - 8 months ago
6:41 was so cringeworthy
boring person
boring person - 8 months ago
Im eating a pasta snack pot and off course it has to be the carbonara! :P
Farid Solati
Farid Solati - 8 months ago
Try New Haven Pizza.
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson - 8 months ago
Love the way eugene said sauce.
The Random Channel
The Random Channel - 8 months ago
Guys Ned and Eugene s accent at the beginning of the video reminded me of cake boss
Stéphanie OkHee
Stéphanie OkHee - 8 months ago
A little bit burned...? You Americans have weird standards for your food. Or your pizza at least @_@;
bitchasshoe - 8 months ago
But is it B O N E L E S S though?
horrorcase419 - 8 months ago
I swear there secretly gay for each othee
delusyko - 8 months ago
ObsessedwithKian Lawley
ObsessedwithKian Lawley - 8 months ago
Sorry but the best pizza in the world is actually in Italy
Rebecca kent
Rebecca kent - 8 months ago
Eating a decent pizza whilst watching this check
Kara Bell
Kara Bell - 8 months ago
Aaaaaaah its my wife!
Spencer Zbitnoff
Spencer Zbitnoff - 8 months ago
Sauce = educational
Oliver Widerström
Oliver Widerström - 8 months ago
I Love You Buzzfeed
Hayley Ann
Hayley Ann - 8 months ago
The Try Guys literally make every single one of my bad days so much better. So much love:)
Mary Udomah
Mary Udomah - 8 months ago
This makes me just crave melted cheese... like fondu.
BauWau - 8 months ago
The Guy Between Eugene and Ned At 6:02 lol
Almu Casas
Almu Casas - 8 months ago
So imagine Ned without a wife... yup, it's impossible.
Avigail Hernandez
Avigail Hernandez - 8 months ago
Literally popeyes was behind them
Karin Butler
Karin Butler - 8 months ago
They should of went to Rizzos in NY.. they have the best pizza EVER
TheLittle Clips
TheLittle Clips - 8 months ago
well I cant eat normal pizza but still. heck yes
Alexis HURLEY - 8 months ago
I love pizza but if the cheese not shretchy enough I'm done
아조 - 8 months ago
Just being honest,
I love pizza, so I don't even care what it looks like it tastes like. Any pizza is appetizing for me
I'm a bitch because
I'm a bitch because - 8 months ago
Zach is too cute
Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale - 8 months ago
Joe's pizza? hmmmmmmmmmmm where have I seen you before???
wink wink nudge nudge worth it NY pizza wink wink nudge nudge
This Is Biffy
This Is Biffy - 8 months ago
Sauce: Educational
saipanhseng - 8 months ago
I live in NYC! And we don't have an accent...
Quinn Brickman
Quinn Brickman - 8 months ago
go to patsys in nyc
Aditya Sheth
Aditya Sheth - 8 months ago
who else was eating pizza when watching this vid??
Aurora Dahlberg
Aurora Dahlberg - 8 months ago
Am i the only one who fell even more in love with Eugene by the way he said ‘sauce’ ?
BrokenOwlSounds - 8 months ago
Find someone who loves you as much as ned lives his wife
Hannah Dingle
Hannah Dingle - 8 months ago
God neds love for Ariel is so gorgeous
12EL LA12
12EL LA12 - 8 months ago
Why is pizza in the US so thin?
Cheese Cheese
Cheese Cheese - 6 months ago
12EL LA12 well that’s just NY style pizza
NHL Memestae
NHL Memestae - 8 months ago
Sorry new haven pizza is better
Bunnnyzandbones1236 - 8 months ago
I had pizza at an arcade once. It tasted like cardboard and you couldn't taste the cheese or sauce unless you eat it separately, my family devours leftovers and even they didn't touch the cardboard pizza
SegawayLemur __
SegawayLemur __ - 8 months ago
Eugene: We have a special guest
Me: Ned's wife and wait for it...
John Riddle
John Riddle - 8 months ago
Ariel is the best
Justin Shen
Justin Shen - 8 months ago
NoEYE GT - 8 months ago
I feel sick watching them eat that horrible pizza
Ajay Parthibha
Ajay Parthibha - 8 months ago
I wanna move to ny
Smiley Creeper
Smiley Creeper - 8 months ago
And all the New Yorkers here are dying to visit LA
CraZyChoo - 8 months ago
Nailed it
They should make Chicago vs New York pizza, that's the real competition
Ghost Squadron
Ghost Squadron - 6 months ago
It would be, just thinking about I'd love to try Chicago pizza as I live in NY
Any deep dish pizza fans?
Christian Chelius
Christian Chelius - 7 months ago
totally agree or maybe texas pizza
Doge IDK
Doge IDK - 8 months ago
Vy Tran
Vy Tran - 8 months ago
I love seeing how happy Ned gets when he see his wife
wes hayward
wes hayward - 8 months ago
Hannah Bruner
Hannah Bruner - 8 months ago
Ned's love for his wife .. I can't ! ♥️
Julie :b
Julie :b - 8 months ago
I feel bad for Zach and Keith. They deserve better(pizza).
Mohd Airell Agos
Mohd Airell Agos - 8 months ago
Omg they go to the joe's pizza! Flashback to worth it!
Musical Note
Musical Note - 8 months ago
I keep up friggin getting FLATLINERS ads and I'm SICK OF IT.
Allison Cromer
Allison Cromer - 8 months ago
Um why is Eugene smiling
GraceDoesStuff - 8 months ago
thats not chris thats spencer from clever!
hanna possum
hanna possum - 8 months ago
Ned: I don't get any service in this subway...what's up with that?

Eugene: That's because we're underground.

I died of laughter
Jackey Dawnay
Jackey Dawnay - 8 months ago
It makes me laugh how exited Ned is to see his wife everytime
GenericYouTuber69 - 8 months ago
NYC pizza is waaaaaaaaaaay better than la
Nikolelikesto draw123
Nikolelikesto draw123 - 8 months ago
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon - 8 months ago
I want pizza now!!!!!!
Chan _101
Chan _101 - 8 months ago
"We have a special guest!"
Me: Some celeb?
Ariel starts coming in
Masha Alex Potemkin
Masha Alex Potemkin - 8 months ago
Watching Eugene swipe the metro card the wrong way and being so confused about it was hilarious
Emily Yip
Emily Yip - 8 months ago
Is this video just an excuse to eat pizza
Timmern - 8 months ago
I dident know the try guys was the new worth it.
That obsessed Dancer
That obsessed Dancer - 8 months ago
Can we have a full video of just Eugene and Keith
Selina newland
Selina newland - 8 months ago
Ayyye I'm eatin pizzzzzaaaa too
Christopher Lacaden
Christopher Lacaden - 8 months ago
Why do Americans fold there pizza and then eat it
Bailey Cameron
Bailey Cameron - 8 months ago
Greco in NS is much better lol it's like the classic kids bday party pizza
beatrice difolco
beatrice difolco - 8 months ago
BarryAllen - 8 months ago
Eugene is always the plus 1
William Coleman
William Coleman - 8 months ago
I wanna go to New York right now to get some pizza. What sucks is that I'm sick at home, and I live in Philly (technically I live in Penn Valley but I spent my infantry in Philly, and I live close to it).
Marla Grey
Marla Grey - 8 months ago
I want a guy like Ned as much as he loves his wife.

Mango Sorbet
Mango Sorbet - 8 months ago
Ned gets so excited over his wife I cry
Mango Sorbet
Mango Sorbet - 8 months ago
In the intro can you imagine how awkward it would be for the guys to look to the side and pretend they're standing next to someone IN PUBLIC
Bella Gonzalez
Bella Gonzalez - 8 months ago
Oml I miss New York pizza so much
Richie Smith
Richie Smith - 8 months ago
The burnt crust probably made the pizza taste better
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee - 8 months ago
Is it bad if I just prefer some pizza hut? I liked my pizza thick and salty. lol
Tsuki Mizuki
Tsuki Mizuki - 8 months ago
I'm curious... Is there any "traditional" American food that's actually made by Americans?
RyanHasTheHacks - 8 months ago
the goat is P2 or Smoove
THE UNTAMED - 8 months ago
Moment when Keith and Zach open ed the pizza box Chris is like"oh wow there is only 2"
Annie Wong
Annie Wong - 8 months ago
I do agree the best pizza is in New York but living in New York, no one really speaks in that accent.
Shelby - 8 months ago
ok but how excited he gets over his wife is so cute
Jupiterr Msp
Jupiterr Msp - 8 months ago
GradellXY - 8 months ago
"20 million rememberboutsits" me irl
J.E.G.A X - 8 months ago
Santa Barbara pizza is way better than NY like persona or little Cesar's
MZBOSSHD - 8 months ago
1:31 I was excited about the Tesla in the background
Atomic Apple
Atomic Apple - 8 months ago
How do they decide who can go to NY and who to the horrible pizza?
dolan obsessed
dolan obsessed - 8 months ago
i love how excited ned got when he saw ariel
ASAP ROCKY - 8 months ago
"Aaaaah it's my wife"
Platinum Rage
Platinum Rage - 8 months ago
I'd eat any pizza thrown at me because I'm a fatass
Jack Large
Jack Large - 9 months ago
My grand fathers grandfather or something like that founded lombardis, but my dad is adopted so I'm not biologically related to him.
Deaths Kid
Deaths Kid - 9 months ago
Can we talk about the minion in the background during the intro
TheGamingZo - 9 months ago
lol I am a new yorker and seeing them use the subway was soooo funny XD
Nightmares Dream
Nightmares Dream - 9 months ago
I live in New York and my school pizza is amazing
rebecca !
rebecca ! - 9 months ago
Oliver Hjorth
Oliver Hjorth - 9 months ago
john paolo abad
john paolo abad - 9 months ago
Hi guys, can you help me spread and thumbs up and view our project video, this would very much appreciated, thank you. 

#Oversized #MetroDeptFT #CBAQC #VMC2017 #OLFUQC
kuramasan - 9 months ago
Did the two who stayed in LA lose a bet or something?
Itsabella Alcivar
Itsabella Alcivar - 9 months ago
Team Chicago anybody?
WELCOME TO HELL ! - 9 months ago
"Oh I can't stop burping"
XxxGTAHackzxxX - 9 months ago
I went to lombardis
Robert Kite
Robert Kite - 9 months ago
New York pizza > Chicago pizza
Julie Parker
Julie Parker - 9 months ago
New york pride is coming out right now
Jamie ortiz
Jamie ortiz - 9 months ago
Ned know!!!!Aint a ny pizza with a greasy..
jana sison
jana sison - 9 months ago
Pizza is the best. Ned reaction when he see her wife is so sweet even he constantly mentioned her name.
Fatma Nada
Fatma Nada - 9 months ago
Ned to Ariel: can u do your best New York accent?
Rudy Bankhead
Rudy Bankhead - 9 months ago
The best pizza is Costco though..
RacerNoah - 9 months ago
Im going to sleep and now Im Hella hungry for pizza
Doc Groves
Doc Groves - 9 months ago
I was watching this hoping that they would hit 2 Bros Pizza in New York. Was in New York performing and was ridiculously hungry. Walked past this little tiny place that my friends and I knew nothing about and it kind of looked sketchy, but we were so hungry we just needed something to eat. HANDS DOWN THE BEST PIZZA I'VE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Not only did this taste phenomenal, but it was only $1 for a slice bigger than my face. I continuously talked about this place after I left New York and I miss it every time I have pizza now.
Katelyn Baumgart
Katelyn Baumgart - 9 months ago
Detroit pizza is pretty damn good
ughvenn - 9 months ago
chandler speedsoft
chandler speedsoft - 9 months ago
new york: we have best pizza
California: we have in and out
RyanTBSG - 9 months ago
Get a $5 Pizza from pizza hut..
sam christo
sam christo - 9 months ago
I Am quite sure all the shops that they went in la probably closed down
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis - 9 months ago
got clickbaited but not even mad
JESSI ON THE GO - 9 months ago
This is so mean. Those poor LA places being told how bad they are to millions of viewers.
Naomii Lim
Naomii Lim - 9 months ago
How about... "The Try Guys Eat LA's Pizza for a week?"
Milo Whitley
Milo Whitley - 9 months ago
Joe's pizza is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake and Luke Squarepants
Jake and Luke Squarepants - 9 months ago
Las Vegas has the best pizza. Also Italy has the best pizza too.
Samantha Galindo
Samantha Galindo - 7 months ago
Jake and Luke Squarepants obviously Italy has the best pizzas because pizzas are Italian duh
venlq - 9 months ago
I live in Italy.
Faithfclbeginnings - 9 months ago
This made me crave pizza right now so badly
Faithfclbeginnings - 9 months ago
Ned when he sees Ariel
Marie Conlon
Marie Conlon - 9 months ago
ALex Dunham
ALex Dunham - 9 months ago
3:58 yeah that looks like some doughy sauce
Mr.Jacky DZN
Mr.Jacky DZN - 9 months ago
Marshall Ferreira
Marshall Ferreira - 9 months ago
john muhi
john muhi - 9 months ago
Really need to add another member.....CHRIS!!!!!!!
julia tapia
julia tapia - 9 months ago
I'm now craving pizza now
DON'T SUB TO ME I DARE YOU - 9 months ago
Best place to eat pizza...... PIZZA HUT
Captain Co [James]
Captain Co [James] - 9 months ago
Try Napoli and then New York will be put to shame
Beef Daily
Beef Daily - 6 months ago
Captain Co [James] all types of pizza should be loved except Hawaiian
Yolo nerds
Yolo nerds - 6 months ago
NY is better easily
Daniela Green
Daniela Green - 7 months ago
Sukhmandeep Singh dude Naples is in Italy
Brianna Goodwin
Brianna Goodwin - 7 months ago
you know that naples is in italy, right?
Dank Memez
Dank Memez - 7 months ago
Xxx Xxx
Xxx Xxx - 7 months ago
Daniela Green Y
Sukhmandeep Singh
Sukhmandeep Singh - 7 months ago
Try Italy then Napoli , LA and New York will be put to shame
soul stump
soul stump - 7 months ago
Captain Co [James] exactly
Daniela Green
Daniela Green - 7 months ago

rice cake
rice cake - 8 months ago
Captain Co [James] yes
Xxx Xxx
Xxx Xxx - 8 months ago
Captain Co [James] nah New York's the best
1 1
1 1 - 9 months ago
Why is Ned such a beta cuck
Hannah S
Hannah S - 9 months ago
I felt lonely while eating pizza so i'm watching this
Emmanuel Urrutia
Emmanuel Urrutia - 9 months ago
There's a look a like nogla in 5:00
Janna Begum
Janna Begum - 9 months ago
Do you guys know the mistake of the video?? Well the mistake is that the try guys in la are supposed to find the best pizza but instead they searched for the worst pizza and the title of the video says the try guys are supposed to find the best pizza in both places so that is the mistake!!
Ira Bakri
Ira Bakri - 9 months ago
Eugene's hair style in this video really over the top. I don't like it. He looked like pervert uncle from manga.
IndieGuitarGirl - 9 months ago
I'm eating "NY" style pizza rn. I'm from Georgia though.
PhoenixF1re - 9 months ago
Ned gets so excited about his wife
Xbox Gamer
Xbox Gamer - 9 months ago
go to $1 pizza near casey
Jsoda Elijah
Jsoda Elijah - 9 months ago
Anyone remember joes pizza in worth it
Fight club
Fight club - 9 months ago
Who else is eating pizza while watching this
20051105 20051104r
20051105 20051104r - 9 months ago
New York for life pizza is best
Elizabeth Aguila
Elizabeth Aguila - 9 months ago
I am so Eugene in this!
Exploding Gamer 4284
Exploding Gamer 4284 - 9 months ago
funny cuase this was uploaded in jan and in december and January it starts to get really cold and starts to snow how do i know cuase im from ny
Kerra Kresta
Kerra Kresta - 9 months ago
Hipster Feed, Feed Hipsters.
Sweet Mouse Glam
Sweet Mouse Glam - 9 months ago
Ned OMG It's my Wife, So this is my wife, I got married to my wonderful wife.
Eugene Ooooh I'm so hot,sexy and drunk
Keith Look at this tall chick

lol I'm actualy a big lover of there show this was just a joke
J4K3 Krab
J4K3 Krab - 9 months ago
The Worst Pizza I ever ate was from a trampoline park.
If You Are EVER at jump off in stratford connecticut
Never Buy The Pizza
melodiousnerd - 9 months ago
C L - 9 months ago
Eugene hair in this video gives me lifeee
coopcube 123 main
coopcube 123 main - 9 months ago
We have greco but ares is way better that one looks bad type up greco new brunswick
Manko Cheung
Manko Cheung - 9 months ago
Pizza in my is good
Todimerlin - 9 months ago
that must have been so weird talking to nobody in the beggining
Kiwi Meep
Kiwi Meep - 9 months ago
Cheese, you were a mistake.
kianav - 9 months ago
Eugene struggling to swipe his card
Panda Commentates
Panda Commentates - 9 months ago
Joes Pizza is a legendary sight
Thatidiotwithabox - 9 months ago
Ned's wife is one of the biggest topics everyone watching Try Guys hears about
Nankey Kaur
Nankey Kaur - 9 months ago
I hate it when people say they hate something but yet they still eat it like what....
Theorgslayer124 Cruz
Theorgslayer124 Cruz - 9 months ago
i thought pizza why fried chicken brake
Slaflo Original
Slaflo Original - 9 months ago
When I lived in New York my family and used to go to joes pizza every Friday love itttttt
Future Gohan
Future Gohan - 9 months ago
Dafuq is eugene krabs wearing
Neishia Johnson
Neishia Johnson - 9 months ago
try guys try marching band
Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero - 9 months ago
My God, Eugene looks like Bullat from Akame Ga Kill
Alice - 9 months ago
"yeah I know ned I'm from new York"
Ig andylaazo
Ig andylaazo - 9 months ago
Don't diss La it has the worst ny pizza cuz its not New York dumbasses
Pia Rose
Pia Rose - 9 months ago
"it tastes like a mistake" this is why i love zac so much
Laura Swatosh
Laura Swatosh - 9 months ago
Eugene looked hella hot in this video,.. then again he looks hot in every video
Mrs.savage *thinks about life* nevermind
Mrs.savage *thinks about life* nevermind - 9 months ago
LA stands for Louisiana not Los Angeles.Not to be rude I literally watch your videos every day.Oh and everybody have a nice day even if your having literally the worst day in entire history.
Avery Ferguson
Avery Ferguson - 9 months ago
Justine Adelmund
Justine Adelmund - 9 months ago
i just want my future husband to get as excited about me like Ned does xD
Kara Fisher
Kara Fisher - 9 months ago
I am from New York and I hate that people from other states are thinking that New Yorkers have that accent and that is not true because that is not how I speak.
Omara Aguilar
Omara Aguilar - 9 months ago
As a new Yorker, I'm glad the boys enjoyed the pizza here. Eugene....i wonder how many tries it took him to pass the metrocard XD
ojoslindos1001 - 9 months ago
NEW YORK!!!!...
Kassidy Freitag
Kassidy Freitag - 9 months ago
Keith and Zach are a power couple
Bryan Villicans
Bryan Villicans - 9 months ago
Of couse it hard to find bad pizza in LA la has the best pizza
iceunelle - 9 months ago
if you want bad pizza go to Wapagetti's. Their pizza tastes like plastic.
Hannah Meaker
Hannah Meaker - 9 months ago
I wanna be a pizza critic D:
Frieda mokotjomela
Frieda mokotjomela - 9 months ago
NED found out he was not fully Italian
bnl96 - 9 months ago
Dang. Trashing small businesses.
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez - 9 months ago
I  LOVE  NY   pizza! ( ...Ive never even been to NY or tried their pizza... just trynna be cool and fit in LOL...) ITS SO DELISH!
Gavin Ryan
Gavin Ryan - 9 months ago
New York has the best pizza , period
Alicia Fundling
Alicia Fundling - 9 months ago
Sam Culver
Sam Culver - 9 months ago
Um best pizza is Chicago.
Raymond andrade
Raymond andrade - 10 months ago
Loo Loo
Loo Loo - 10 months ago
I luuuuv how excited gets when he sees his wife that's suuuuper cutee
Johnson Eboigbodin
Johnson Eboigbodin - 10 months ago
When Zack and Keith are in the pizza place they say nice things cause people could hear them but when they go outside they say the rudest things
Johnson Eboigbodin
Johnson Eboigbodin - 10 months ago
In Canada we have Vancouver and Toronto there like New York but in Canada but it has great New York styled pizza
Angyliv - 10 months ago
La mejor n Italia jajajajaja
Isabel Alexander
Isabel Alexander - 10 months ago
come to my school. you'll find the worst pizza here
AnimePandacorn Queen
AnimePandacorn Queen - 10 months ago
U know how I celt when I was able 2 recognize which turnstile Eugene was and which station because it was near my school...
Vivian - 10 months ago
nice peps
SYED RIZVI - 10 months ago
im a new yorker and lombardis has the worlds oldest oven
Yayyyyy Nedz wife :D
Henry the ______ Guy
Henry the ______ Guy - 10 months ago
What about Chicago u forgot about us deep dish boi
I am the Mockingjay
I am the Mockingjay - 10 months ago
Im eating pizza right now...
Gracie P
Gracie P - 10 months ago
0:38 and 4:20 are the same clip
Kiara Alvarez
Kiara Alvarez - 10 months ago
Ned and Eugene should've went to Patsy's Pizzas they have stone oven cooked pizza and even though it's small it has loads of Flavor
TellMyWifiLoveHer - 10 months ago
eating popeye's fried chicken while watching this. it's pretty good
The Jokesonnors
The Jokesonnors - 10 months ago
i'm from the west coast so I'm not a fan of New York pizza plus New York pizza gives me a stomach ache
Ethan Chou
Ethan Chou - 10 months ago
Look!!! 3:05
joshua football
joshua football - 10 months ago
Is it just me but I thought pasta and pizza was the best from italia
XxFlashingPanda Xx
XxFlashingPanda Xx - 10 months ago
If his beard was like Jesse Tyler
XxFlashingPanda Xx
XxFlashingPanda Xx - 10 months ago
If Ned had a beard and ginger hair he would have looked just like Jesse Tyler Ferguson.He looks just like him
Maddie Indrigo
Maddie Indrigo - 10 months ago
It's 2am but I really want pizza now
elite804 - 10 months ago
Caroline Mulford
Caroline Mulford - 10 months ago
1:28 Eugene is me all day every day
Chronicles Master
Chronicles Master - 10 months ago
Its 4:30 A.M for me now in mornin. I watvhed this and now im starving and hungry cause of it
Wolfio Zero
Wolfio Zero - 10 months ago
Anyone saw nailed it as nail edit
Turtles are Magical
Turtles are Magical - 10 months ago
6:03 the random guy in between Eugene and Ned
Jin Is Lifeu
Jin Is Lifeu - 6 months ago
He's part of buzzfeed guys. His name is Chris.
Julissa West
Julissa West - 6 months ago
Turtles are Magical OMG lol
BMD10 B - 7 months ago
Turtles are Magical I
khalidah ambiah
khalidah ambiah - 7 months ago
Turtles are Magical
weirdly_ obsessed
weirdly_ obsessed - 7 months ago
Turtles are Magical ii
Martine Skyside
Martine Skyside - 8 months ago
Turtles are Magical AHHAHAHA
Almu Casas
Almu Casas - 8 months ago
Turtles are Magical lmao
MrMistah - 9 months ago
He just wanted to be part of the video I guess
Aryana Taylor
Aryana Taylor - 9 months ago
Turtles are Magical lol
Sarah Wagoner
Sarah Wagoner - 10 months ago
Lila Moore
Lila Moore - 10 months ago
Omg I lőve Johns its awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Eddie Kazmirski
Eddie Kazmirski - 10 months ago
The pizza place by the 9/11 memorial is amazing
Katrina Montgomery
Katrina Montgomery - 10 months ago
I like doughy pizza
Irish Mud
Irish Mud - 10 months ago
Get someone who loves you so much like Ned
Kornelia Haag
Kornelia Haag - 10 months ago
Oh man why does Eugene always have to be so damn stylish...
Nami Art
Nami Art - 10 months ago
Wow the pizza in america is huge~ in Singapore the slices are probably half of that gosh
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens - 10 months ago
dogfarit Eugene im lactose intolerant and you make me want all the cheese
Ella loveland
Ella loveland - 10 months ago
cause its not a try guys vid without neds wife.
Johnny Ringelestein
Johnny Ringelestein - 10 months ago
Y'all are in the wrong city. Chicago is where it's at
dragonfruitgamer - 10 months ago
I just noticed thats the same pizza place from worth it
The real Resident nerd
The real Resident nerd - 10 months ago
La pizza= my school pizza
Steve Krumbine
Steve Krumbine - 10 months ago
Lombardies is my personal pav
Spicy Potato
Spicy Potato - 10 months ago
Ummmmm. I'm from New York. Thanks for makung fun of New Yorkers :)
Cute Cupcake
Cute Cupcake - 10 months ago
I love pizza
Camzie Playz
Camzie Playz - 10 months ago
6:03 between Ned and eugine. lol
PandaInAction ♐
PandaInAction ♐ - 10 months ago
Stale & distasteful... sounds like my life
Cole L
Cole L - 10 months ago
If you want horrific pizza go to Sandwich King in Lowell Massachusetts
Jamie - 10 months ago
This must of been a pain to edit
GameBoy LetsPlay
GameBoy LetsPlay - 10 months ago
Ned loves his wife to much
Lucy Rodriguez
Lucy Rodriguez - 10 months ago
Nyc best pizza yes!!
Alric Ricik
Alric Ricik - 10 months ago
BTW Joe's Pizza is the BEST NY Pizza ever!
Sanduni M
Sanduni M - 10 months ago
I want a man who loves me as much as Ned loves his wife please dear God
Som Ebody
Som Ebody - 10 months ago
They should live together for a week!
Alexis Frohlich
Alexis Frohlich - 10 months ago
I had the last pizza Keith and Zach ate yesterday and it was so good
Selena Nguyen
Selena Nguyen - 10 months ago
watching at 12:33 am... I am very hungry now... why do I do this to myself?
Monstrous !
Monstrous ! - 10 months ago
Canada vs NY
Pizza Hut wins of course
Ya boi Moses
Ya boi Moses - 10 months ago
LPSPuppyproductions - 10 months ago
Of course Ned just adores his wife
emilie Harila
emilie Harila - 10 months ago
0:02 make me laugh
Leonisa - 10 months ago
But Zach is jewish right?
Caitlin_jara - 10 months ago

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