The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3

The Try Guys continue to immerse themselves in Korean culture, this time experiencing Korean cuisine first-hand with the help of their new Korean Mom. RECIPES Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Little Playful Walk Walking Kids Moving Modern Life Dark & Foreboding Pulse In The Pink Cheddar Chops Look Behind You Shush Its A Rainbow Hey Yeah Skid Fire Drone Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Made by BFMP + KCON USA Dr. Suk-Young Kim, Korean Culture Expert, UCSB Hyosun Ro, Korean Food Blogger GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today!

The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 768

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The Try Guys continue to immerse themselves in Korean culture, this time experiencing Korean cuisine first-hand with the help of their new Korean Mom. RECIPES Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Little Playful Walk Walking Kids Moving Modern Life Dark & Foreboding Pulse In The Pink Cheddar Chops Look Behind You Shush Its A Rainbow Hey Yeah Skid Fire Drone Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Made by BFMP + KCON USA Dr. Suk-Young Kim, Korean Culture Expert, UCSB Hyosun Ro, Korean Food Blogger GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today!

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for The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3

Lexi A
Lexi A - 5 months ago
Eugene is hot
Yuna53421 - 5 months ago
5:51 Pfft. Eugene said Ned’s kimbap looks like a chubby person in a tight shirt. * prays I don’t get attacked for saying chubby but I mean fat *
Mrs castillo 2525
Mrs castillo 2525 - 5 months ago
Lol why does that lady remind me of Martha Stewart
kageyama's thighs
kageyama's thighs - 5 months ago
GomiHiko - 6 months ago
she was so annoyed lol
Figueroa reptiles
Figueroa reptiles - 6 months ago
Gotchujang gotchujang gotchujang gotchujang gotchujang spent 3 crabs on a new cake
Ελισάβετ Αβραμιδου
Ελισάβετ Αβραμιδου - 6 months ago
4:20-4:30 the Best part ever!!
Sarakate601 - 6 months ago

"ned noo"
"they say it's good for the skin"
"ned YOU said that"

ahh Keith is great.. for real without him the Try Guys wouldn't be as entertaining. And it's cool that they all know that and appreciate him lol
Shivani Deo
Shivani Deo - 6 months ago
Eugene looks like he's going to murder Zach any moment.

10. comment for The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3

Little Beautycutie
Little Beautycutie - 6 months ago
'유진!!'And my mum would get the rice scooper and slap me
마음을 안다
I know how it feels
(She wouldn't really slap me but call my name and u know you've done something wrong haha
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw - 6 months ago
Being vegan I love to eat and make kimbap! I also eat duk boki without the fish cakes.
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw - 6 months ago
I have to be careful with gochujang and gochugaru because I have a geographic tongue and I am a supertaster so while I love the taste and I use them I use them in smaller amounts than most people.
cassie849 - 6 months ago
Best parts when she said “ Eugene “ and he looked ready to be in the fetal position on the floor....
Julia Leinonen
Julia Leinonen - 6 months ago
4:00 omg Keith's voice
Anna Saw
Anna Saw - 6 months ago
"Fishy cake"
Samantha Weps
Samantha Weps - 6 months ago
Reilly Bawcom
Reilly Bawcom - 6 months ago
“I just got shook to my core”
Jaina Maden
Jaina Maden - 6 months ago
She's so sweet
Bailey Willis
Bailey Willis - 6 months ago
at 3:57 when Eugene asked keith if he was ok because he cant handle heat cause of his weird sensitive tongue. so cuteeeeeeeee.

20. comment for The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3

Bonnie Jeffreys
Bonnie Jeffreys - 6 months ago
Eugene looks like a chef
Ron Cabral
Ron Cabral - 6 months ago
Why aren't they piking up the fish cake
Angeline Uy027
Angeline Uy027 - 6 months ago
I haven't seen Eugene so frightened because of that rice scooper
Elmar Mies
Elmar Mies - 6 months ago
Why did I watched this at night bying hungry and I can't get down for a snack?!!???
Andrea Bisenius
Andrea Bisenius - 6 months ago
Andrea Bisenius
Andrea Bisenius - 6 months ago
Ashley Zecca
Ashley Zecca - 6 months ago
1:59 is my favorite Keith quote
Sentionaut - 6 months ago
Try guys seem completely unable to cook.
Julia Mihajlovich
Julia Mihajlovich - 6 months ago
She is so weirded out by Ned and Keith hahaha
Maachus - 6 months ago
Dukbokki is one of my most FAVORITE dishes of ALL TIME!

30. comment for The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3

charlottle - 6 months ago
Go get it bro
Starlit Luna
Starlit Luna - 6 months ago
Eugene is so sweet in this
Mah Samp
Mah Samp - 6 months ago
Eugene and Zach look just like a mom trying to teach a toddler to cook
Mah Samp
Mah Samp - 6 months ago
This food looks so good
sxxty jung
sxxty jung - 6 months ago
i love this!!!!! they r soo freaking funny i cracked up thru the vid
riona ri
riona ri - 6 months ago
Ok so I get that Zach can be funny and childish and that’s the way he is but in many videos he just comes off as rude and immature like in this one
Phylicia Lennon
Phylicia Lennon - 6 months ago
"Ned No, Mom!"
Archangel_dive - 6 months ago
Fiona Playz
Fiona Playz - 6 months ago
"Why do you have to try everything?"
Because Zach is a man child
Dami Williams
Dami Williams - 6 months ago
eugene looks ridiculously attractive in this video wtf?
Apri Islami
Apri Islami - 6 months ago
bless eugene hair.
Nicholas Nguyen
Nicholas Nguyen - 6 months ago
Charles Mayes
Charles Mayes - 6 months ago
So disrespectful, wasting people's time isn't entertaining.
Alyssa Grasso
Alyssa Grasso - 6 months ago
"I rolled things in college"
Johnny Kiehn
Johnny Kiehn - 6 months ago
2:50 knife fanatics and safety police everywhere cringed
livingforbangtan 14
livingforbangtan 14 - 6 months ago
Eomuk and Odeng
Betty He
Betty He - 6 months ago
You should title it as South Korean cooking. We might mistake it
Jins Food
Jins Food - 6 months ago
Then ned gets serious acne the next day
Sarah To
Sarah To - 6 months ago
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan - 6 months ago
Could Eugene's Korean name be Yoo Jin? :O

50. comment for The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3

Francisco Medina
Francisco Medina - 6 months ago
“I rolled things in college”
Monique Bevan
Monique Bevan - 6 months ago
No matter how hard I try to like Keith I just keep hating him.....
Jet Paskinsky
Jet Paskinsky - 6 months ago
My name is Keith and I know how to cook y’all
Clare Gibson
Clare Gibson - 6 months ago
My best friend is Korean and lemme tell u.. MMMMMMMMMMM
Mia Fu
Mia Fu - 6 months ago
I know the rice scoopers oh yeah I'm Asain
Hannah Bours
Hannah Bours - 6 months ago
Cindy V
Cindy V - 6 months ago
Omfg eugene is glowing in this video
Amanda Miano
Amanda Miano - 6 months ago
the try guys try being hibachi chefs?
Amanda Miano
Amanda Miano - 6 months ago
the try guys try being hibachi chefs !!!!!!
Amanda Miano
Amanda Miano - 6 months ago
the try guys try being hibachi chefs !!!!!!
systems99 - 6 months ago
unaanguila - 6 months ago
Thanks for sharing!
Danielle Rivera
Danielle Rivera - 6 months ago
"I said balance at the same time as mom" hahahaha Keith is sooo cute!
Error--User101Megan - 6 months ago
I just see eugene in the background
Natalie Butler
Natalie Butler - 6 months ago
Just want to point out Zach probably threw the fish cake that fell on the floor, so he didn't actually waste a fresh one
Pierced French Siren
Pierced French Siren - 6 months ago
Korean mom and her three white guys kids. Eugene had an advantage
GA M - 6 months ago
"I rolled things in college"
Gabriela Naranjo
Gabriela Naranjo - 6 months ago
When she tells Ned to go do his job
p.sohana akhter
p.sohana akhter - 6 months ago
Aleksandra Petrov
Aleksandra Petrov - 6 months ago
zach can be really disrespectful sometimes.....
Alivia Hanlin
Alivia Hanlin - 6 months ago
Why does Zach look like logic in some sort of way lol
Joanna Gilbert
Joanna Gilbert - 6 months ago
Otaku - 6 months ago
R.I.P Fish Cake.
Roman - 6 months ago
Lmao "YUJIN!"
BigBadBoss - 6 months ago
Gochijang new song by asian lil pump
Anja - 6 months ago
for people saying "In Korea it's disrespectful...etcetc" or "in Asia it's disrespectful etc" about Zach playing with food and dropping it...FYI you make it sound like in Europe and US people do this as a normal thing lol EVERYWHERE it's disrespectful to do what Zach was doing. Tbh he really annoyed me here, so I kind of understand Eugene. Plus I guess as a Korean, Eugene probably felt extra embarrassed that Zach was doing all this in front of the Korean lady.
Jessica Mosh
Jessica Mosh - 6 months ago
“i’ve rolled things in college”
Alicia Hills
Alicia Hills - 6 months ago
The unmistakable look of a mother's disappointment: 4:05
Roraigh Price
Roraigh Price - 6 months ago
I'm so glad you graced us with the recipe, thank you.
Natalie Huynh
Natalie Huynh - 6 months ago
I see the Korean I click it
Maggy Rivera
Maggy Rivera - 6 months ago
Yeah Zach he’s not your mom he is your one true love
Little Beautycutie
Little Beautycutie - 6 months ago
Is eugenes name 유진?
katherine ellie
katherine ellie - 6 months ago
y’all get too pressed about some stuff lmao you know he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful he was just being funny
katherine ellie
katherine ellie - 6 months ago
are they wearing eyeliner lmao
doglover9754 - 6 months ago
“O what’s over there?” steals a piece of food XD
doglover9754 - 6 months ago
Everyone’s a chef but Eugene, but only Eugene is Korean... XD
*Ezzie Mooray*
*Ezzie Mooray* - 6 months ago
4:20 - 4:31 <3
Harry The Rapper
Harry The Rapper - 6 months ago
Eugenes a mean daddy
IhaveDragoncake877 - 6 months ago
4:20 i actually did this when i was younger i love that stuff its really good
Makenna Hooper
Makenna Hooper - 6 months ago
I’m Korean and I’ve had both of these. Kimbap is the best
Lamborgan35 - 6 months ago
Keith: ned no
Ned: they say it's good for the skin
Keith: no you said that Ned no mom
zhao yu
zhao yu - 6 months ago
5:10 Zack sounds like Baymax
SangoManju - 6 months ago
please don't throw food
ryan kim
ryan kim - 6 months ago
ryan kim
ryan kim - 6 months ago
Woo Hoo I'm asiaj!
Tonaomi Sketch
Tonaomi Sketch - 6 months ago
I know what a kimpap and a dukbokki is, but since I'm not a spicy food fan, I only ate kimpap before.
JustMeAndMyPets 47
JustMeAndMyPets 47 - 6 months ago
3:34 Eugene looked so focused
fabulos pear
fabulos pear - 6 months ago
Eugene is like a mom
Lenis Lim
Lenis Lim - 6 months ago
Isnt the mom eugene's mom?
Yoongii pla
Yoongii pla - 6 months ago
Isn't it tteokbokki? Not dukbokki

100. comment for The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3

Anitayucheng - 6 months ago
Literally the only goal that Eugene has in this vid is to kill Zack using Zack's lack of knowledge of the amount of spice you consume
Niki Philippoussis
Niki Philippoussis - 6 months ago
Ned and Keith are children I swear
Y&S FOOD! - 6 months ago
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asian disappointment
asian disappointment - 6 months ago
This is honestly the most relatable video for Asians
G3RM4IN3 GNXR - 6 months ago
Duk is delicious as a snack though
Kawaii Land
Kawaii Land - 7 months ago
Tteokbokki is so good
Atarah Vivar
Atarah Vivar - 7 months ago
4:22 is Eugenes real name Yoo Jin or It's just the ladys accent?
Hannan Sinarimbo
Hannan Sinarimbo - 7 months ago
"I rolled things in college. so, I have prior knowledge."

Zach you can't be saying that hahahaha
Glyph DaHarpoon
Glyph DaHarpoon - 7 months ago
I think Eugene is wearing makeup
Cordelia Palmer
Cordelia Palmer - 7 months ago
Eugene doesn’t want to be Zach’s mom because he is secretly wants to sleep with him.
Daydream Burrito
Daydream Burrito - 7 months ago
"Keith and I are chefs but not Korean, and Eugene is Korean and not a chef"
And Zach is Zach.
Hahaha You're funny
Hahaha You're funny - 7 months ago
Try guys try japanese cooking
Arcanjo Miguel
Arcanjo Miguel - 7 months ago
zach was so annoying in this ep
Benatron 210
Benatron 210 - 7 months ago
I am Korean and my last name is yang
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee - 7 months ago
“I said balance at the same time as mom!”
Faith Hennesey
Faith Hennesey - 7 months ago
I haven't started watching yet but I already know it can't be worse than jungkooks potatoes or namjoons onions
Quinn Keefer
Quinn Keefer - 7 months ago
I'm the fish cake on the floor that they repeatedly zoom in on throughout the video.
allie freeman
allie freeman - 7 months ago
AJ Jefferson
AJ Jefferson - 7 months ago
Did... did Zack say he rolled things in college?
Maria - 7 months ago
''Zach: I rolled things in college so..I know how to do that!''
emma - 7 months ago
drink when:
ned mentions his wife

someone says that eugene is better at something (including eugene)

keith and zach bromance

someone mentions keith being tall

someone mentions zach’s hairy chest

eugene asian joke

ned’s butt

eugene’s white people/that’s racist moments

eugene committing to the most authentic experience

any of the guys in a state of a partial dress

if the guys get naked at any point in the video
Rikki Vengolez
Rikki Vengolez - 7 months ago
Kimbap Kidding
ken hasanudin
ken hasanudin - 7 months ago
In like 3:41 Eugene just standing awkwardly be a cameraman while all the try guys being a child.
Moose Thestrawberry
Moose Thestrawberry - 7 months ago
4:20 is litterly too cute too handle
IWASBORNAGOD - 7 months ago
Eugene lost his Korean accent like completely
Michelle Harman
Michelle Harman - 7 months ago
my uncle is famous in south korea his name is robert holly
carlee Malmberg
carlee Malmberg - 7 months ago
Lmao "I've rolled 'things' in college.." okayyyy
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 7 months ago
This made me so hungry
Kristin Torres
Kristin Torres - 7 months ago
Eugene looks so much better with his hair like this!! I was not physically attracted to him with it in his face, but LIKE THIS...”Oh yea, he can get it!” Lmao
Maeve McMillan
Maeve McMillan - 7 months ago
Zach reminds me of qurmid the frog
TheWerewolfofsalem - 7 months ago
The Asians are so annoyed XD
Eva Shenay
Eva Shenay - 7 months ago
I rolled things in college, so I have prior knowledge to do this
Eva Shenay
Eva Shenay - 7 months ago
Giselle Martinez
Giselle Martinez - 7 months ago
But how do we prefectly season the rice??!
Morgan phillips
Morgan phillips - 7 months ago
Some days I’m Eugene. Other days I’m Zach
rach - 7 months ago
three years later and i finally understand what zach meant by "i rolled things in college"
Poopmacadodo - 7 months ago
what did he roll cigaretes
Makena Coate
Makena Coate - 7 months ago
I want her to be my mom she's freaking adorable
BOI - 7 months ago
Jung Karylle
Jung Karylle - 7 months ago
"My name is Keith and I know how to cook, YO! "
I laughed hearing this XD
zanwar 101
zanwar 101 - 7 months ago
4:34 was so cute I'm dying
Tommy Cruz
Tommy Cruz - 7 months ago
I always eat kimpap
My milk fic brings all the girls to the net
My milk fic brings all the girls to the net - 7 months ago
Omg Zach called Eugene dad x_x
Xмιѕтяєѕѕ кιиσX
Xмιѕтяєѕѕ кιиσX - 7 months ago
Eugene was like....are u done yet??? Please make it stop........
Paddy Geiger
Paddy Geiger - 7 months ago
“put the whole thing in your mouth“ well Eugene if you say so
puss n boots
puss n boots - 7 months ago
My favourite lines
“Mmm this looks red” and “I’m not your mom”
Jemppu - 7 months ago
best recipe in this video? That Zach-Ned-Keith -sandwich yum
Fiona Fazbear
Fiona Fazbear - 7 months ago
4:19 LMAO!
AgateDa Potato
AgateDa Potato - 7 months ago
I love how Zack kept calling Eugene mom and then later called him a mean daddy.
Jolteon Lemon
Jolteon Lemon - 7 months ago
Keith:great,go for it Ned.
Just grab a FISHful

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe is it funny
IH N - 7 months ago
RIP fish cake
fruitoson - 7 months ago
Oh silly whites
Jasmin Mata
Jasmin Mata - 7 months ago
" I rolled things in college" Zach
sophisacat :3
sophisacat :3 - 7 months ago
Keith: not Korean, cook
Ned: not Korean, cook
Eugene: Korean, not a cook
Zach: not Korean, not a cook
Skully Ruby
Skully Ruby - 7 months ago
Keith’s face 6:01
Leah Hall
Leah Hall - 7 months ago
Heidi - 7 months ago
Keith's savagery 
Heidi - 7 months ago
Keith to the soy sauce: Go get it, bro.
I died 
Lim J
Lim J - 7 months ago
It makes me hungry
Brianna Jones
Brianna Jones - 7 months ago
@3:21 Keith's like "Ned no.. mom"
Dogo Breado
Dogo Breado - 7 months ago
That zoom in on the fish cake
Num s
Num s - 8 months ago
My name is Keith and I know how to cook y'aaaaaalll
I'm dying
Mochi Taehyung
Mochi Taehyung - 8 months ago
I screamed when Eugene said “Gashamnida.”
Cuz i was like, ‘I understand what he saysss..’
I Need Jisoos
I Need Jisoos - 8 months ago
Alienska Thunderfuck
Alienska Thunderfuck - 8 months ago
Awww she’s the cutest
Sophia Ortega
Sophia Ortega - 8 months ago
jingfaye ip
jingfaye ip - 8 months ago
What is the yellow veg there put in the kimbap, my korean friend had it and its tastes so hoof but she doesn't know how to say it in English.
rice cake
rice cake - 8 months ago
Eugene speaking korean is fricking hot
AYESHA - 8 months ago
Keith: I like triangles
Illuminati confirmed
Laura Li
Laura Li - 8 months ago
Omg!! You really sound like eugenes mum when you said it
Read More
Read More - 8 months ago
I'm Chinese and a cook
YaAsianFriend Vang
YaAsianFriend Vang - 8 months ago
Zach: dickpokie
Lmao lmao
Scotch mints
Scotch mints - 8 months ago
This reminds me of cooking mama
Revolucion19 - 8 months ago
rollin @ 3:58
JulyStar - 8 months ago
I kinda ship Eugene and Zach
ArmoPro Gaming
ArmoPro Gaming - 8 months ago
Macy Fox
Macy Fox - 8 months ago
Fishy cake
N O - 8 months ago
The Korean Woman is like:
-Ugh why have I signed for this
Soha Aftab
Soha Aftab - 8 months ago
"Not your mom."
Candy Cane
Candy Cane - 8 months ago
Hey whats over there eats food piece. Eugene!
Annika Hollister
Annika Hollister - 8 months ago
Ned looked so pissed off after losing to Keith and Zach. I mean look at his face at 6:10. BTW, Ned looks so cute even when he's angry, I won't even take him seriously if he was my Korean Dad
random as hell
random as hell - 8 months ago
Eugene having flashbacks
Jemetrius Wilson
Jemetrius Wilson - 8 months ago
Well it's safe to say if Zack and I were to date, if was gay I would definitely do all of the cooking.
Irene Jacobs
Irene Jacobs - 8 months ago
"Mmm this"
MsRoblox12345 - 8 months ago
Im also Korean I my mom makes me eat rice everyday. :)
NaLee Chang
NaLee Chang - 8 months ago
"Ur the Korean mom we always want?"
Paula Shtein
Paula Shtein - 8 months ago
"and if you cut it diagonally..."
yea..???? SUSPENSE
" will be pretty"
Jax the Golax
Jax the Golax - 8 months ago
Eugene: What’s over there? takes food Mom: eyuujinnnn
telescope - 8 months ago
gosj i love eugene waht a cute
Misaki Needs A Life Msp
Misaki Needs A Life Msp - 8 months ago
In my opinion Eugune is my favourite out of the try guys
VampireEmily1234 - 8 months ago
Eugene: What's over there
Mom: looks
Eugene: Steals food
Mom: Eugene!
Eugene: Uh-oh
Mom: Slaps rice scooper on her hands
Eugene: (in mind) Oh no I'm gonna get spanked
Jana Peñaflor
Jana Peñaflor - 8 months ago
Eugene is hot af
Daina Zhou
Daina Zhou - 8 months ago
- Juankookie
- Juankookie - 8 months ago
Yoo Jin and the ahjumma are so cute together~ like mother and son
Pro Brothers
Pro Brothers - 8 months ago
Tara Vargãs
Tara Vargãs - 8 months ago
Eugene: whats over there?
*mommy looks*
*Eugene eats kimbap*
seeh bootay
seeh bootay - 8 months ago
"What are you sawing?"
Shamia Farin
Shamia Farin - 8 months ago
"We're ready to roll!" She's so cute lol
Mr FIFA - 8 months ago
Mr crabs is in the try guys
Alexandra S
Alexandra S - 9 months ago
This is definitely my favorite of all of Eugene's hair styles
Madison V
Madison V - 9 months ago
"Eugene is a mean daddy" OMG
Froggieboi Lúciodropthebeat
Froggieboi Lúciodropthebeat - 9 months ago
precious eugenenene
Tyler Pae
Tyler Pae - 9 months ago
I love being Korean lol but I think I'm too tall for my age
VallieMC C
VallieMC C - 9 months ago
Silver Dragon1047
Silver Dragon1047 - 9 months ago
Eugene nearly got nam flashbacks
Ana - 9 months ago
Eugene is so done with zach
Julie N
Julie N - 9 months ago
Golden ratio of dukboki sauce = pepper paste(aka gochujang) 1 : ketchup 1 : sugar 1, this recipe is really simple and good.
IncredibleBiatch Xoxo
IncredibleBiatch Xoxo - 9 months ago
Haha, anyone herd that?

Cook student: *taste sugar

Cooking daddy: "Why do you have to taste sugar?"
Shut up Tanya
Shut up Tanya - 9 months ago
Korean Chep: YOO JIN

Eugene: mentally screaming
하늘空 - 9 months ago
Hobii - 9 months ago
Eugene: Best camera man 2016
Scara Alpha Art
Scara Alpha Art - 9 months ago
Keith: My name is Keith and I know how to cook y'all
Me: plays it on repeat
Lyndaura Or 贝贝 #Be an Panda For Life
Lyndaura Or 贝贝 #Be an Panda For Life - 9 months ago
1:09 I'm ready for yaoi or BL
Emory Ycaza
Emory Ycaza - 9 months ago
I absolutely love Eugene and Zach together right now
Sollux Captor
Sollux Captor - 9 months ago
I'm defiantly going to my local Korean market next week to pick up some rice cakes and pepper paste!! ❤❤ Gotta make this!! Also WHYIS EVERYONE FAWNING OVER EUGENE LIKE WHAT ABOUT ZACH KEITH AND NED??? ❤❤❤
Brynna Kemp
Brynna Kemp - 9 months ago
"I rolled things in college."
Jazmin EMERCF - 9 months ago
Judy Ha
Judy Ha - 9 months ago
Eugene is such a momma's boy, doesn't matter who's mom. He will steal yo momma.
Hannie and friends
Hannie and friends - 9 months ago
It is all yummy
Hannie and friends
Hannie and friends - 9 months ago
Gabbi St Amant
Gabbi St Amant - 9 months ago
They seemed very drunk
_ï_døñt_måttër_ ï_rëåłłÿ_døñt_
_ï_døñt_måttër_ ï_rëåłłÿ_døñt_ - 9 months ago
Zach: I rolled things in college
Me: Weed?
DR Jeanie
DR Jeanie - 9 months ago
I'm so happy they made kimbap I eat that a lot!
theoldharry - 9 months ago
아이고 떡볶이
Vincent Cahapay
Vincent Cahapay - 9 months ago
Vincent Cahapay
Vincent Cahapay - 9 months ago
LemonKavvy - 9 months ago
Ava Rae
Ava Rae - 9 months ago
Zach: i rolled things in college
Keith: dies
Karina Arevalo
Karina Arevalo - 9 months ago
Rainbow Samurai
Rainbow Samurai - 9 months ago
Eugene having Vietnam flashbacks. Or would they be Korean flashbacks?
iinki - 9 months ago
Eugene speaking in korean is my kink
nurul Shafiqah
nurul Shafiqah - 9 months ago
Eugene is so cute bruh
Aakasha Farmer
Aakasha Farmer - 9 months ago
did anyone else here need said "I love triangle "?
lhara scarlet3
lhara scarlet3 - 9 months ago
i feel like Eugene secretly dislikes Zach
Hawraa Al-Qattan
Hawraa Al-Qattan - 9 months ago
"My name is Keith and I know how to cook, y'aaaaaaaaall!" I'M ACTUALLY DYING
Scarystreet - 9 months ago
Ivy Wiegand
Ivy Wiegand - 9 months ago
Does anyone notice Eugene is wearing makeup
Amy M
Amy M - 9 months ago
I'm late but this might be my favorite segment of this series.
Maria G
Maria G - 9 months ago
But why is the lad looking at them so disgusted when they taste or pour something lmaooo
Rei Foodie
Rei Foodie - 9 months ago
man I felt for Eugene in this video zach was being annoying
Galaxy Mustache
Galaxy Mustache - 9 months ago
I loooovvvveeee spicy food!
I just want to go through the screen and grab one.
TheTrichSurvivor - 9 months ago
Okay but did everyone miss..

Zach: Eugene's a mean daddy
alssya sucks
alssya sucks - 9 months ago
2:41 reminds me of Jin and rap Mon with their children
Oh SongBird
Oh SongBird - 9 months ago
I May be a tiny child but i can make a hell lot of kimbap in 2 minute XD
sehunswifeu - 9 months ago
ughhhh i love Eugene's hairrrrr
Iloveicecream 123
Iloveicecream 123 - 10 months ago
Keith's facial expressions at the beginning when they were judging the food which had rice and seaweed xD
Ruby Varrow
Ruby Varrow - 10 months ago
bacon - 10 months ago
My name is Eugene and I'm korean
BONGIOCJ - 10 months ago
2:42 when someone is reconsidering their choice of friends....
Ilikepeppers217 - 10 months ago
Eugene got a big head.
Go Away
Go Away - 10 months ago
Eugene is not your mom
just.another.llama - 10 months ago
ned and keith actually look alike
Emna Tanovic
Emna Tanovic - 10 months ago
Sugar is a spice for them that's why he has to try it
Temple Day
Temple Day - 10 months ago
Zach to Eugene: oh you fucked me hard
Shalisha Augustus
Shalisha Augustus - 10 months ago
Keith's face on 5:59
Chris - 10 months ago
'I rolled things in college' LOL
Leah Jlaw
Leah Jlaw - 10 months ago
Keith's face when he realizes that he is winning!!!!
Ella loveland
Ella loveland - 10 months ago
I saw Eugene... I needed to see
Kristina - 10 months ago
"mmm this looks... red"
Meowie Info chan
Meowie Info chan - 10 months ago
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens - 10 months ago
she looks like a Korean Martha Stewart
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace - 10 months ago
I tried cooking and I am only 11 anyway it's not Korean food... well my family had a barbecue and I tried to cook a meatball but there was no fire so I had to just use a lighter and spatula ... I wanted my mum to eat it but she said it wasn't edible .... I tried it and I got sick :/ I love Australian barbecues :D
Cool art 072506
Cool art 072506 - 10 months ago
Eugene you're lucky that you have to take care of 1 Zach
Jin has to take care of 6 really naughty and weird kids
Summer James
Summer James - 10 months ago
"Keith an I are chefs, but not Korean"
"Eugene is Korean, but not a chef"

And then there's Zach
Summer James
Summer James - 10 months ago
Edit: Eugene's name spelling
Gizelle Dator
Gizelle Dator - 10 months ago
Eugene is like jungkook in the try guys, he's good at everything
Miguel Muniz
Miguel Muniz - 10 months ago
0:15 Dr suk young kim
Kelly Tran
Kelly Tran - 10 months ago
XD Eugene was trying to make him eat spicy stuff XD
ジョリーン日本 - 10 months ago
All those foods look so good! Yum
Bui Diana
Bui Diana - 10 months ago
I'm eating it right now
Mae Alias
Mae Alias - 10 months ago
Eugene in a man bun makes me feel some sort of way.
Eliot H
Eliot H - 10 months ago
"It looks red" we all know whos favourite color this is
ZodiacGamer - 10 months ago
1:48 Zack:Eugene a mean daddy
Me:I thought he was ur mom???
MeiXian Guan
MeiXian Guan - 10 months ago
If I were the Eugene I would steal the seaweed...

Lauren O
Lauren O - 10 months ago
Try Guys bake a wedding cake (for a real wedding)!
Awedome99 - 10 months ago
Yay Mum :D Korean Mum :DDD
Lauren Kim
Lauren Kim - 10 months ago
Eugene is just like it's not the bird duck it's a rice cake
Cheeky one The
Cheeky one The - 10 months ago
Ive never clicked on a video this fast....And im korean
Esmeralda Marroquin
Esmeralda Marroquin - 10 months ago
Moments Keith was just being weird and HILARIOUS: 5:58 , 6:03
Charlotte Christina
Charlotte Christina - 10 months ago
Eugeneeeee omfg
Abigail Brown
Abigail Brown - 10 months ago
Keith's face in the background at 6:02
Ya3rdStepdad - 11 months ago
"Why do you have to try sugar" L M A O O O O O O
C-Dance Covers
C-Dance Covers - 11 months ago
Hyosun Ro is SOOO adorable I've watched this how many times now and I still can't get over how cute she is. She's a precious human being that must be protected at all costs
Oreo Ish Derpeh
Oreo Ish Derpeh - 11 months ago
Eugene steals a radish
Huyeon Ro: EUGENE
Eugene: To my core that scared me and gave me chills down my spine on how my mom would use the say "EUGENE" and get the rice scooper.
huyeon ro grabs rice scooper
Eugene- oh no
Natálie Mona Novák-Olszewski
Natálie Mona Novák-Olszewski - 11 months ago
4:18-4:31 i love this part
Rachel Ridgway
Rachel Ridgway - 11 months ago
Being part korean myself i know almost how eugene felt during this
haru kawa
haru kawa - 11 months ago
Zach was so rude in tis smh
paige gootee
paige gootee - 11 months ago
4:23 i kept rewatching her say eugene
Stin W.
Stin W. - 11 months ago
Kimbapi kidding??¿!
nothing here, move along
nothing here, move along - 11 months ago
im rethinking every interaction between eugene and ned because of the lie detector video help me
Jill Maeve Butner
Jill Maeve Butner - 11 months ago
Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz - 11 months ago
"oh, Zach!"
"Eugene's a mean daddy"
wadiyatalkinabeet - 11 months ago
Buzzfeed's videos make me sick..especially ned overacting
Becky Lau
Becky Lau - 11 months ago
3:44 Eugene just vloggin
Meline Y
Meline Y - 11 months ago
"i rolled things in college so i have prior knowledge on how to do this"

oh god zack
Jj Kk
Jj Kk - 11 months ago
she looks like girl Keith
Daniela Benson
Daniela Benson - 11 months ago
I am Eugene
shantanu panda
shantanu panda - 11 months ago
is it just me or does everyone agree that Eugene's mom should teach the try guy about Korean food
linhill joy
linhill joy - 11 months ago
Elin Ostad
Elin Ostad - 11 months ago
Can you please try Russian food?
Hanna Yi
Hanna Yi - 11 months ago
Being born in America but your parents are Korean makes food complicated. But this video is so cute. Love how the guys pronounce the food.
Lilyroseabell ?
Lilyroseabell ? - 11 months ago
"I'M NOT YOUR MOM" Eugene said, while totally being the mom friend
Mikayla Kennedy
Mikayla Kennedy - 11 months ago
"You good Keith?"

"Uh, yeah"

"You need some water?"

"I-.. Yeah probably.."
Julia Cooper
Julia Cooper - 11 months ago
3:36 explains the try guys so well
Olivia Salvatore
Olivia Salvatore - 11 months ago
"What's over there?"

steals food

Sherissa Jasmine
Sherissa Jasmine - 11 months ago
zach is not korean nor chef. how is that gonna do?
Aimée Martínez
Aimée Martínez - 11 months ago
Rohith A N
Rohith A N - 11 months ago
the woman seems disgusted by their fake homosexuality.
xiannel xoxo
xiannel xoxo - 11 months ago
i don't know why but Zach is my favorite among the try guys
Jellz K
Jellz K - 11 months ago
Why does Eugene look pissed off in the background lol
Manuel Rivera
Manuel Rivera - 11 months ago
I love how they had to cut off Zach's reaction to the gochujang.
Zara A
Zara A - 11 months ago
Eugene is so funny omg
Ritisha Singh
Ritisha Singh - 11 months ago
Ummmm...This looks red
Champette - 11 months ago
'And then she'd get the rice scooper...' Scary or what
Champette - 11 months ago
I swear Eomma was just judging them throughout the whole video...
Adia M
Adia M - 11 months ago
Eugene filming like a proud father lol
maeve1001 - 11 months ago
Zach: Eugene is a mean daddy
Me: o k a y. T h e n
Kenneth Rhee
Kenneth Rhee - 11 months ago
Eugene how the hell do u pronounce korean words wrong?
Adri Carlos
Adri Carlos - 11 months ago
Eugene "I'm not your mom."
then hand feeds Zach a little fish.
Katie Petrick
Katie Petrick - 11 months ago
I love that Zack called Eugene daddy. I also love Eugene trying to make him eat the peppers lol
That’s so savannah
That’s so savannah - 11 months ago
I'm that fish cake 2:45
Trashy Art
Trashy Art - 11 months ago
"I am not your mom"
"I got my mom right her-"
"Im not your mom"
dragonheart8706 - 11 months ago
I think I might actually like Dukbokki if it wasn't so frickin' spicy. Call me crazy, but the idea of setting my tongue on fire has never appealed to me...
Linta Khan
Linta Khan - 11 months ago
She's so sweet and patient with them all lol
M3llowCr!sp - 11 months ago
Rest in piece, floor fish cake.
Seahoon •
Seahoon • - 11 months ago
whhhha JINJJA gimpabb
Seahoon •
Seahoon • - 11 months ago
ddukboki omoooo I'm hungry af en
Vera Chern
Vera Chern - 11 months ago
Eugene's a mean daddy.
ReallyAri - 11 months ago
Zach: I rolled things in college, i have prior knowledge on how to do this
Rosalba Russo
Rosalba Russo - 11 months ago
I'm in love with Eugene
Kayla Lorenzo
Kayla Lorenzo - 11 months ago
you can tell Ned and Keith were having more fun than Zach and Eugene
Batrishiya Yusof
Batrishiya Yusof - 11 months ago
Dank Lemonn
Dank Lemonn - 11 months ago
who else thinks Zack is a bean
Qawi Ghani
Qawi Ghani - 11 months ago
awww. keith and ned make a cute couple nerdy style
bucca2 - 11 months ago
Is…is Eugene wearing eyeliner?
Gianna Maldonado
Gianna Maldonado - 11 months ago
Whitney Lee
Whitney Lee - 11 months ago
Eugene I can relate, except instead of a spoon...I got a flip flop to the head.
Naama Katz
Naama Katz - 11 months ago
she looks like the korean martha stewart
AsmrJosh 123
AsmrJosh 123 - 11 months ago
i korean and im just like wow this is funny how they pronounced thw words
SlapA Cow
SlapA Cow - 11 months ago
I had that Korean rice cake dish before it's good
Dena McGowan
Dena McGowan - 1 year ago
Dena McGowan
Dena McGowan - 1 year ago
Can try mom be my mom ;-;
Dena McGowan
Dena McGowan - 1 year ago
It's delicious
Dena McGowan
Dena McGowan - 1 year ago
I AM OBSESSED WITH KOREANS AND K DRAMAS AND K POP.. I need halp... plezzz hallpp
Dena McGowan
Dena McGowan - 1 year ago
I can't forget da fud
Jazmin EMERCF - 1 year ago
Jesus Christ Eugene your hair is so oeisjdnfisksns
_jiminie_cricket _523
_jiminie_cricket _523 - 1 year ago
Gochu? Gochu? I'm sorry but I just kept laughing,I'm really sorry XD
Aurianna johnson
Aurianna johnson - 1 year ago
4:20-4:30 my favorite part
Fandom_Studios - 1 year ago
Every time Eugene says something as simple as "thank you" in Korean I freak out due to the fact that I took 3 years of Taekwondo with actual Korean instructors straight from Korea who taught us Korean. We'd learn simple phrases and how to count, and before and after every session we'd bow to the Korean flag to show our respect to the Korean culture. It was really fun, especially when the masters held Korean BBQ. If I had been able to, I would have gone with the Taekwondo last year on their annual trip to Korea.
Boople Snoot
Boople Snoot - 1 year ago
Eheheheh 4:20 ehehehe
Byeonara - 1 year ago
Take a shot every time Eugene says some variation of "I'm not your mom."
I'm s'rry chuck
I'm s'rry chuck - 1 year ago
Zack chopping cabbage is equivalent to rapmon chopping onions
I'm s'rry chuck
I'm s'rry chuck - 1 year ago
jin should have been there to eat the food
pOtakuWolf 104
pOtakuWolf 104 - 1 year ago
eugene was me in this video, stealing korean food
Jazzy Baskin
Jazzy Baskin - 1 year ago
Eugene looked irritated the whole time pretty much through the whole series
Isabel Harper
Isabel Harper - 1 year ago
"I'm not your mom."
Pumpion - 1 year ago
Okay but legit 4:19 is adorable <3 <3
Julianne Kate Obcemea
Julianne Kate Obcemea - 1 year ago
"All the fingers in the pot, fingers in the pot~"
MostlyHarmless - 1 year ago
Kimbop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du, yeah
Nessie 0111
Nessie 0111 - 1 year ago
Nice knife skills Keith
little did he know, he was a serial killer
Maggie Nhan
Maggie Nhan - 1 year ago
"EUGENE. *flaps rice cooker spoon in hand* "
nina diender
nina diender - 1 year ago
That woman is so done with them..
Forrest Ynari Alagao
Forrest Ynari Alagao - 1 year ago
I've had all these
Taehyung's Very Dirty Water
Taehyung's Very Dirty Water - 1 year ago
Omo Eugene's 'kamsamnida' and bow was so cute
Haley Williams
Haley Williams - 1 year ago
lets bring Try Mom back in a 2017 video pls i miss her
Thunderbolte The Pineapple
Thunderbolte The Pineapple - 1 year ago
Love all these Korean videos!(Cause I'm Korean and I recognize all of these)
ThePhasoulcka - 1 year ago
Eugene is awesome :D
Oscar - 1 year ago
Korean food is gross.
Starfish Milk
Starfish Milk - 1 year ago
I don't think you understand how scared us asians are scared of our moms when they say our name in that tone that Try Mom used on Eugine...
Svt IcyAir
Svt IcyAir - 1 year ago
“Kimbap-y-kidding me?”
~ Boo Seungkwan
Okachinami - 1 year ago
I wanna eat those food @-@ I could go to a restaurant right now bc in from Korea and I'm in Korea right now so y not :D
Okachinami - 1 year ago
HakiShimu VA
HakiShimu VA - 1 year ago
wait,Keith have a sicene mouth,right.That make he eat thing more spicy .-.
Annie Speight
Annie Speight - 1 year ago
Why is eugene so hot
fayeegoldsmith - 1 year ago
they're so precious omg
Hina's Random videos
Hina's Random videos - 1 year ago
I have tasted the Dukbokki through my friends house, and it was so good being an Japanese-Filipina trying korean food

Edit: By the way, In japan, if you say Eugene, the japanese people will call you "Yujin" so, same concept
Funny part for eugine: 4:19
karis Gillette
karis Gillette - 1 year ago
Lol their "mom" was always like wtf are they doing whenever they sang or goofed off.
Red Gamer
Red Gamer - 1 year ago
What are the ingredients of kimbap and dukbokki
Sophia San Pedro
Sophia San Pedro - 1 year ago
Eugene: what's over there?
Chef: looks*
Eugene: takes one of the ingredients and eats it*
Chef: Eugene!
123456789 it's the 10 duel commandments
123456789 it's the 10 duel commandments - 1 year ago
the way she said "were ready to roll " was so cute .
Beth xx
Beth xx - 1 year ago
this was a wild ride from start to finish
SmartyPixelGirl - 1 year ago
Zach: Eugene is a bad daddy
Jia Davis
Jia Davis - 1 year ago
Korean mom is def annoyed
Lucas8809 - 1 year ago
Eugenes a mean daddy
Nina Naz
Nina Naz - 1 year ago
at 5:50, Eugene said "It's a very, like, 뚱뚱 (fat) person" right?
Daniela Navarro
Daniela Navarro - 1 year ago
"Eugene's a mean daddy" I bet he is
umiluv - 1 year ago
Hehe... my brother's name is Ujin too.
Ciara Winters
Ciara Winters - 1 year ago
Zack: Patience is important when cooking
Iris Bos
Iris Bos - 1 year ago
Kimbap is basically sushi right?
Unicorn Ninja
Unicorn Ninja - 1 year ago
Awww, the Korean Mum reminded me of my mum!
Jin' stressed out face
Jin' stressed out face - 1 year ago
I'm craving tteokbokki now
Pauli Villaverde
Pauli Villaverde - 1 year ago
where's kimchi???
ramen noodle
ramen noodle - 1 year ago
japan>south korea
Steven Regis
Steven Regis - 1 year ago
Zach and everything red
Ba dum Tiss
Ba dum Tiss - 1 year ago
That scene with Eugene stealing the food and talking about his mom is so hilarious.
Ba dum Tiss
Ba dum Tiss - 1 year ago
"Why do you have to try sugar?" XD
Pedalz - 1 year ago
am i the only one who kept on saying dukbokki after Zach said 'dickbokki'?

tbh i kept on saying everything dam ima learn learn something new today!
JimJam Mochi
JimJam Mochi - 1 year ago
My Food - You will need, hot water, cup noodles and fork
Simply pour the hot water to the cup noodles and stop when at the line, and close it again
Wait for 3 minutes and open and you're ready!
(Optional - I LOVE PUTTING IN MILK, you should try it
Rūta Znotiņa
Rūta Znotiņa - 1 year ago
Eugene, It's red.
Juan Cock
Juan Cock - 1 year ago
JustABitDutch - 1 year ago
omg eugene being scared of his mum was amazing
Nikol100 - 1 year ago
"Hey look whats over there"
takes food

I swear this moment seems so much like a child and a mother.
Empress Wu
Empress Wu - 1 year ago
Eugene may not be Zach's mom but he can be my daddy JK ahhh so ashamed of myself now
itz ally here
itz ally here - 1 year ago
both of them look mad good though
Erin Browne
Erin Browne - 1 year ago
5:16 zach: "I rolled things in college so I have prior knowledge " then you see Keith laughing in the background
Claire Bugert
Claire Bugert - 1 year ago
Eugene is a mean daddy
Mya Williams
Mya Williams - 1 year ago
Gia - 1 year ago
4:20 to 4:34 is my favorite part of this whole video lmao
HOW'S LIFE??? - 1 year ago
I love how put so much KOREAN STUFF in the try guys that why I love them so much!!
Tony Legend
Tony Legend - 1 year ago
The Korean mom look so nice (it's like the person that always try to help you and never yells at you)
Trin Bih
Trin Bih - 1 year ago
eugene can never look disgusting or bad can he?
Aesthetically기유리 - 1 year ago
Zach was getting on Eugene's last nerves
Hercules - 1 year ago
I wonder how much coin Eugene gets that it's better than staying with the try guys...
Mooklu MK
Mooklu MK - 1 year ago
The Korean Mum or Mom is really pretty
Maribel Rodriguez
Maribel Rodriguez - 1 year ago
that was so cute.
InsaneChild TheSitxh
InsaneChild TheSitxh - 1 year ago
Eugene: ZACH!!!!!
Zach: Eugene's a mean daddy
Me: hehe, wait WHAT
Harley Goulet
Harley Goulet - 1 year ago
It's so cute that they sing about everything
Littleliys Planet
Littleliys Planet - 1 year ago
susejenna16 - 1 year ago
Buzzfeed hire these people?? That rude guy that throw the food wasn't taught right by his parents. He has no manners, he should not be in this kind of video. Being cool and interesting doesn't need to be disrespectful and insensitive.
sunny days
sunny days - 1 year ago
"mmm, this"
Isabelle Voon
Isabelle Voon - 1 year ago
How many fish cakes were on the floor?

How many times do you have to show the fish cake!
Carmen van den Broek
Carmen van den Broek - 1 year ago
Can I like marry eugene
Aloha Vlogs
Aloha Vlogs - 1 year ago
I want a Korean mum
Aloha Vlogs
Aloha Vlogs - 1 year ago
Eugenes the neighbor you always wanted
Yukitaite - 1 year ago
Eugene and the Korean chef are both like "these people are idiots"
MrButterFluff - 1 year ago
Zach's eyes match his shirt lol
Miranda Godwin
Miranda Godwin - 1 year ago
Ned made me smile so hard.
박찬린 - 1 year ago
The connection between Zach and Namjoon tho, dropping stuff...... yunno
J Dawg
J Dawg - 1 year ago
"ned, no! MOM!!"
Giselle Chavez
Giselle Chavez - 1 year ago
Bruh I got a buzzfeed ad when watching a buzzfeed video
Chrisvania Handita Nyssa
Chrisvania Handita Nyssa - 1 year ago
Eugene. This hairstyle. Daymnn.
Khamiya  Terrell
Khamiya Terrell - 1 year ago
Kieth when the food was too spicy for him
Elena Jin
Elena Jin - 1 year ago
Jin will enjoy my food now lmao
Georgi C.XD
Georgi C.XD - 1 year ago
Does anyone know what the ingredients are besides pickled radish and rice?
junsor kim
junsor kim - 1 year ago
Eugenes biggest fear : Rice scoopers and Asian moms
Fire Buddys
Fire Buddys - 1 year ago
Yumm kimpop
Londyn Harris
Londyn Harris - 1 year ago
I'm the fish cake
Dinnerdash2 - 1 year ago
Why does Eugene always guess exactly what the Try Guys are going to say
Elizabeth Arruda
Elizabeth Arruda - 1 year ago
Lol I died when Zach said ohh I know how to do this bc I rolled things in collage lll
Hey itshibba
Hey itshibba - 1 year ago
"Mm this looks .... red"
MyOpinion DontDis
MyOpinion DontDis - 1 year ago
"i rolled things in college so i have prior knowledge on how to do this" hahah
Vimassa - 1 year ago
Hannah Catfire
Hannah Catfire - 1 year ago
every time Zack drops the red stuff
(i cant remember what its called)
i ALWAYS flintch.... is that bad
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler - 1 year ago
theres no really magic to it!
Sarah Crichton
Sarah Crichton - 1 year ago
Zach and Eugene are my favorites hahahah
Candice Singer
Candice Singer - 1 year ago
Eugene: I am not your mom.
Daughter (:P): So i got mom here to help me out.
Eugene: I am not your mom.
Candice Singer
Candice Singer - 1 year ago
A few minutes later...

Daughter (Not really): Splashes

Mari Vern
Mari Vern - 1 year ago
Ned: they said that this is good for a skin
Abigail D.S
Abigail D.S - 1 year ago
When Zach said " I rolled things in college" XD
Mari f
Mari f - 1 year ago
Sophia D.
Sophia D. - 1 year ago
Eugene looks so good in this video i'm shook
SleepyQueen_87 And Friends
SleepyQueen_87 And Friends - 1 year ago
In 3:36 Eugene looked so concentrated
jeepwrangler2828 - 1 year ago
I'm not Correyen but I am Cantenees
THETACO - 1 year ago
"I said balance at the same time as mom"
Keith, are you okay there?
•Weird• - 1 year ago
Im a Korean but not a Chef
kickstand 12
kickstand 12 - 1 year ago
What happened to Keith's tongue
Kashei Doari
Kashei Doari - 1 year ago
y'all should try African food
Lillian Smith
Lillian Smith - 1 year ago
I thought it was tteokboki not dukboki
Jhin The Virtuoso
Jhin The Virtuoso - 1 year ago
We need Maangchi here righttt
Madyson Gold
Madyson Gold - 1 year ago
AmberBerry Gaming
AmberBerry Gaming - 1 year ago
one more cup of fish water one more cup of fish water
cupcake party 123
cupcake party 123 - 1 year ago
when sugenes flashback i died of laughter
Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly - 1 year ago
This makes me want a Korean mom, she is so adorable!!
XXXIBIVY - 1 year ago
Eugene looks especially hot here with his hair tied up like up im just speechless.
Gia Lory
Gia Lory - 1 year ago
Where do I sign to marry Eugene
david obrien
david obrien - 1 year ago
I think it's scary that keath could me my little brother twin
XXCamilleGamingXX - 1 year ago
omg there reactions in the back while she was judging!
jυng ĸooĸιng вacon
jυng ĸooĸιng вacon - 1 year ago
"I rolled things in college"
Well he just admitted he did weed
Calm down! at the Club
Calm down! at the Club - 1 year ago
3:36 everybody gets to have fun but not Eugene
Kaoru Fuller
Kaoru Fuller - 1 year ago
"I rolled things in college"
Alison Na
Alison Na - 1 year ago
I feel like Eugene(dunno how to spell) is wearing makeup
Charmaine Mwamuka
Charmaine Mwamuka - 1 year ago
He "rolled things" in college,
Ashley Nagel
Ashley Nagel - 1 year ago
R.I.P. Floor Fishcake.
Wren Mann
Wren Mann - 1 year ago
Mmmm, this looks red
Emily Bevel
Emily Bevel - 1 year ago
"I'm not your mom."
Claire Zeman
Claire Zeman - 1 year ago
I see Korean, i click
Jungsh00k Bunny
Jungsh00k Bunny - 1 year ago
I was low-key waiting for them to call her '엄 마'엄 마 = Eomma = Mom
Karra Le'Shone
Karra Le'Shone - 1 year ago
"Why do you have to try sugar" LMAO Eugene is Over it lol
Eric Jung
Eric Jung - 1 year ago
I'm Korean and when Eugene took the yellow pickle from her and distracted her when they were making Kimbab, that reminded me so much of my experiences, except I took the sausage. Always. All Koreans will relate.
Kaylee Salazar
Kaylee Salazar - 1 year ago
Ok who else kept replying the Eugean part
Panda Lover2276
Panda Lover2276 - 1 year ago
I love duck idk how to spell it
Emerald Rose
Emerald Rose - 1 year ago
6:30 OMG
Khải Nguyễn
Khải Nguyễn - 1 year ago
Can Eugene speak Korean?
That Basic Allie
That Basic Allie - 1 year ago
4:18 when eugene steals the thing.. idk what it's called but ik that was my fav moment
_julia_ - 1 year ago
the only plus for working at buzz feed is all the food you get to try
Lizard Lover
Lizard Lover - 1 year ago
Lol I'm half korean and it's so funny when they mispronounce a food type
Choc Chia
Choc Chia - 1 year ago
mom: if you cut it diagonally...
both yeah?.... **camera zooms**
mom: will be pretty.
Courtney Won
Courtney Won - 1 year ago
Eugene taking pics in the background lol
Peter Derick Shyu
Peter Derick Shyu - 1 year ago
Eugene as professor utonium
Ned as blossom
Keith as bubbles
Zach as buttercup
gamingsfinest1 - 1 year ago
Was the guy who put sesame oil on his face mentally handicapped? I don't mean that as an insult; I'm actually quite concerned.
Dan Josef
Dan Josef - 1 year ago
"Can I throw it? Seems like a fun thing to throw" lol
air conditioner
air conditioner - 1 year ago
she is so precious oh my god
Pearlian - 1 year ago
"I rolled...things in college..."
Vy V
Vy V - 1 year ago
you don't play with food Zach
•Blythe Mori•
•Blythe Mori• - 1 year ago
Omg kimbap throughs me back to the days with my Japanese grandmother
Ingris Quintanilla
Ingris Quintanilla - 1 year ago
"What's over there?"
Sugar Nips
Sugar Nips - 1 year ago
Eugene is handsome Af in this
Mad Games
Mad Games - 1 year ago
Eugene and I both had war flashbacks when the rice scooper came out. Also, wooden spoons. My grandma would chase me around the kitchen after I would steal bok choy from the beef bok Choy soup.
Khadijah Kemp
Khadijah Kemp - 1 year ago
i like how there is a Mcdonald's logo in the background
Antie Cuteness
Antie Cuteness - 1 year ago
"What are you sawing?"
BornOnMoon - 1 year ago
"Is it real spicy?"
"No put on more"...didn't have a good feeling about it lol
SFX6 - 1 year ago
hey mom look over there!
ʟᴏᴠᴇᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀ - 1 year ago
this has me dyiNG
ʟᴏᴠᴇᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀ - 1 year ago
I am not your mom
ARK MUSIC - 1 year ago
had a great Korean friend growing up. fun times eating at his house.
Oana Maria Ionita
Oana Maria Ionita - 1 year ago
The way Keith laughed in the background when Zach said "I rolled things in college so I have prior knowledge on how to do this." haha
SonyaU - 1 year ago
they are so cute!

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