Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

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Signs You Grew Up Italian-American sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1215

Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1215

Italian food 2 years ago 2,220,022 views

You want a piece of lasagna? Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! Get all 12 episodes of the BuzzFeed Violet Series - You Do You on iTunes now! - Check out more awesome BuzzFeedViolet videos! MUSIC Tarantella Napoletana Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Made by BFMP + Carmela Spinose Brynne Zanziboni Matt Cordova GET MORE BUZZFEED BUZZFEED YELLOW More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! Subscribe for more BuzzFeedYellow!

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for Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

Gianna Macaroni
Gianna Macaroni - 5 months ago
Ya I can relate to most of these
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet - 5 months ago
I'm not Italian, but I was born and raised in an Italian neighborhood. This reminds me of home.
asa8494 - 5 months ago
Italian grandma's and the food is the same as an Indian family
Rainbow MSP
Rainbow MSP - 5 months ago
I'm relating to this so FREAKING MUCH .
randomaudiostuff - 5 months ago
BuzzFeed toucha ma spaghett!
Caitlin Lipscomb
Caitlin Lipscomb - 5 months ago
I had family in the mafia. I mean they’re dead so.
Vaneri - Koala
Vaneri - Koala - 5 months ago
I wish i had an Italian grandma
Jasmine Valente
Jasmine Valente - 5 months ago
I feel like it is harder with Hispanics
WeeWoo - 5 months ago

10. comment for Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

Zalsabilla Hapsari
Zalsabilla Hapsari - 5 months ago
"I don't want you to drown, please don't go.."
"Don't you love me anymore?"

I love this grandma xD
Gracie LaMartina
Gracie LaMartina - 5 months ago
La Cosa nostra
Gracie LaMartina
Gracie LaMartina - 5 months ago
I’m Italian and this is extremely accurate
patchy 13578
patchy 13578 - 5 months ago
Omg I'm half Portuguese half Irish and it applies to us too omg my granny whose in Portugal always makes me eat so much cause I'm skinny and I'm like god plz no and then when I'm at my oldest sister's who lives in Portugal and when I'm on holidays there with my family since I'm 13 she makes such big food and I'm like god don't get me started with Christmas food it's full with starters then main and then a bunch of desserts and spicy food which most Irish ppl wouldn't be able to handle
tess2626 - 5 months ago want lemony or chocolatey cream puff. Me..chocolate..You no wanna lemoney?!
Santo H.
Santo H. - 5 months ago
I'm 25 percent Italian but my mom is 50 percent Italian and my grandpa is 90 percent Italian my name is Santo which is also Italian
Ana Budim
Ana Budim - 5 months ago
Grandma: Mafia!
Cassie Royce
Cassie Royce - 5 months ago
“I don’t want you to drown, please don’t go”
Chance Davenport
Chance Davenport - 5 months ago
Think it'll be somewhat educational about,like,some their way of living or something and immediately starts with "want a piece of lasagna?"
YoYo Friedes
YoYo Friedes - 5 months ago
Why is this so true

20. comment for Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

miffyLOVE - 5 months ago
I'm not Italian but I'm drooling rn that food looks amazing
jana radic
jana radic - 5 months ago
sophia colvin
sophia colvin - 5 months ago
I’m Italian and pizelles are my favorite but then I have a half polish mom and full polish grandfather.
Lena Mendes
Lena Mendes - 5 months ago
Signs : You are half italian & half american.
you’re welcome.
Katrina Gomez
Katrina Gomez - 5 months ago
Dylan Eichen
Dylan Eichen - 5 months ago
I might be Italian, one all the food in this I love I worry I talk a lot
Madi's World
Madi's World - 5 months ago
the mom reminds me of my nani
Daria Facchinato
Daria Facchinato - 5 months ago
the biggest mistake was at the end when she called her grandma instead of Nonna
Sofia Palmisano
Sofia Palmisano - 5 months ago
The walking down the aisle thing isn't even funny because that happened
Gracie 2277895
Gracie 2277895 - 5 months ago
“You don’t love me anymore?”

30. comment for Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

Ellie Charles
Ellie Charles - 5 months ago
Xx Serendipity xX
Xx Serendipity xX - 5 months ago
wHaT iF i DoNt HaVe An ItAlIaN gRaNdMa. (I only have an Italian grandpa)
Crazy Hyper Artist
Crazy Hyper Artist - 5 months ago
I'm half Jamaican and half polish and all of this I can relate too haha.
Jess VEVO - 5 months ago
I’m not Italian but my family can relate to this
Jayde Edwards
Jayde Edwards - 5 months ago
Nonna is the cutest human ever oh my god
Ashlyn Galbasini
Ashlyn Galbasini - 5 months ago
I know man it’s so funny seeing people trying to say my last name galbasini
Crazy Nawshin
Crazy Nawshin - 5 months ago
Lie. We don't eat Endless food.
Nomad -81-
Nomad -81- - 5 months ago
aye gabagool, ova here
Samantha Pater
Samantha Pater - 5 months ago
Vajk - 5 months ago
This is really just any wog family in a western country not just Italian
Taco ufkin
Taco ufkin - 5 months ago
This is la Mia famiglia 100% love you Nonna
Moonlight Bae
Moonlight Bae - 5 months ago
I even visited the zia of my father in new jersey, and she is also a grandmother and i gained 2kilos in 2weeks cause she cooked damn delicious food and tons of it
Ludo Catalano
Ludo Catalano - 5 months ago
I'm italian and I swear, these are NOT stereotypes
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj - 5 months ago
Italian proud
alexa_0511 - 5 months ago
This explains my life
nicole ♥
nicole ♥ - 5 months ago
omg on christmas we eat antipasto and desserts are stroffuli
IDontMakeVideos - 5 months ago
Vabbè chicken parmigiana non I seste in Italia scusa se spaglio scrivere vivo in America e ho imparato italiano qua. Grandma e nonna!
hayden bolcato
hayden bolcato - 5 months ago
Starlight Stone
Starlight Stone - 5 months ago
I can't say how true this is.
manon123 - 5 months ago
Our family hahaha

50. comment for Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

Crybaby LPS
Crybaby LPS - 5 months ago
The Nonna in here was so cute
lup tudor
lup tudor - 5 months ago
Can you do pls
Sings You Grew Up Romanian-American
Safia Bare
Safia Bare - 5 months ago
I'm Moroccan and I relate lmaooo
becks unicorn
becks unicorn - 5 months ago
I can relate to a lot of these things yet I’m not Italian
Animal Lover100
Animal Lover100 - 5 months ago
I'm German (by that i mean my grandma is German) and I can relate in ways with these.
Katie Hill
Katie Hill - 5 months ago
You always have to steal a meatball out of the pot, she would pretend to hate it and chase you out of the kitchen, but she lived for that.
Dreamasia Cream
Dreamasia Cream - 5 months ago
This is legit my whole life
_camille_camila _
_camille_camila _ - 5 months ago
I cringe every time they say grandma IT'S NONNA
little genius
little genius - 5 months ago
I can relate to most of these....especially the saying no to food...

I am Croatian
Colette Underhand
Colette Underhand - 5 months ago
You forgot about the chackla....
jake borrelli
jake borrelli - 5 months ago
Did she really just say 'Grandma' instead of 'Nonna'? smh
Angelbreeze - 5 months ago
I loved the grandmother saying mafia XD
Allison - 5 months ago
you don't love me anymore XD classic
Kawaii Emoji
Kawaii Emoji - 5 months ago
This is obvious hogwash
Reagan Skirtich
Reagan Skirtich - 5 months ago
The most accurate video I've seen on this
Daniel Vespa
Daniel Vespa - 5 months ago
My grandma calls me skinny sometimes
Daniel Vespa
Daniel Vespa - 5 months ago
I’m Italian and German and Sweden and American
Daniel Vespa
Daniel Vespa - 5 months ago
My relatives are loud
Idi ot
Idi ot - 5 months ago
Basically me and my family
Alisha Pepe
Alisha Pepe - 5 months ago
Hahah That’s totally my Fam
MySpiritSpize - 5 months ago
Γιωργος Κικίδης
Γιωργος Κικίδης - 5 months ago
Very similar to greek grandmas in most of these aspectss xd i love it
Rubae - 5 months ago
My Nonno (grandpa) is the exact same way
Angelina loves pigs !!!
Angelina loves pigs !!! - 5 months ago
I love the grandma
Jhonalyn Lasquite
Jhonalyn Lasquite - 5 months ago
Do filipino American it’s so funny
slime satisfying
slime satisfying - 5 months ago
im more sicilian than italian but i kind of agree to this
Raven - 5 months ago
slime satisfying Sicily is part of southern Italy. I also have Sicilian ancestry.
julio santiago
julio santiago - 5 months ago
im sorry, but literally everything except the tanning can be said about mexicans ( im mexican ) including the names and the "MAFIAAA" part, and half these things are true for anyone white, black, indian, anyone
Gymbella98 - 5 months ago
I can relate to all of these except the male grooming since im a girl. But i have seen my brother do that
Elena Beel
Elena Beel - 5 months ago
My grandma is the only italian grandma who puts me on a diet
Elena Russo
Elena Russo - 5 months ago
It's funny how everyone think that Mafia exists only in Italy
sunhbi - 5 months ago
When I relate to this so hard yet I’m not Italian nor American...
Isis Ingraham
Isis Ingraham - 5 months ago
“Where that money came from? MAFIA!”
Selema De Bellis
Selema De Bellis - 5 months ago
Every single time I make anasette cookies with my grandma she has me eat chocolate chips
Dane Russell
Dane Russell - 5 months ago
The Greeks and Italians are almost exactly alike
Simona Agostino
Simona Agostino - 5 months ago
Oh lord the Italian guilt is accurate...
Simona Agostino
Simona Agostino - 5 months ago
TheLatestCrazE - 5 months ago
Makes me miss my Sicilian grandma
Riley Ann McNeal
Riley Ann McNeal - 5 months ago
Ok, this DEFINITELY me.
Sophie C. Kisney
Sophie C. Kisney - 5 months ago
My nonna is Italian grandads Welsh mums English dad is madagascan and he makes everyone eat everything
Issa Bry
Issa Bry - 5 months ago
I think I’m Italian.....My family does all of those things
Avesta - 5 months ago
Saying no to food is the biggest sin for my mum xD
Spencer Marcotte
Spencer Marcotte - 5 months ago
The grandma was the most accurate thing on this list
Evie Brancati
Evie Brancati - 5 months ago
This is literally my family! Everyone is named either Joe or Dominick it's honestly insane, for Christmas a few days ago there were like 6 courses. It's insanity
salvatornado - 5 months ago
This hit home HARD. especially standing in the mirror and turning down food.
Champagne, Cocaine, Gasoline
Champagne, Cocaine, Gasoline - 5 months ago
I have been hit in the face multiple times during conversations with my mother. She never apologizes. She just tells me, "We're Italian, you should be used to it by now."
Geez, thanks mom!
audrey grace
audrey grace - 5 months ago
could you do a video about growing up native american or things only native americans understand?
Lea Vrban
Lea Vrban - 5 months ago
half of this is not true it is just stereotype. qua dove vivo io vivono tanti italiani e sono sicura che questo non e vero.
Tiegan and charlotte Fanali
Tiegan and charlotte Fanali - 5 months ago
Ok so real Italians would know that "grandma" is nonna
Emily Yip
Emily Yip - 5 months ago
That’s why Italian have very good skin

sniffs food
sadurn slimes
sadurn slimes - 5 months ago
Basic white people stereotype

100. comment for Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

good qaulity videos
good qaulity videos - 5 months ago
Grandma: do you some lasagn-
Hannah Wolf
Hannah Wolf - 5 months ago
Lea Copple
Lea Copple - 5 months ago
Oooh you wanna piece of lasagna
Mars bar
Mars bar - 5 months ago
Omg this is so relatable its sad, except im an italian american english... if thats a thing...
My mother is an italian american, and my dad is completely english, and i was raised in england so im an italian american english i guess.....
Lucy Novak
Lucy Novak - 5 months ago
When you're not even Italian but you live really close to Italy and see Italians every day so you're checking if they're portraying them correctly
Bella Chloe
Bella Chloe - 5 months ago
I’m an Italian American
Maia matzkin
Maia matzkin - 5 months ago
I'm Argentinian and I can totally relate to this on a spiritual level
Pm K
Pm K - 5 months ago
Why is this so turkish too
Mason McCune
Mason McCune - 5 months ago
My grandma died but when she was still alive she was just like the grandma in this video.
Sophia Swidler
Sophia Swidler - 5 months ago
The food part is just like Jews
honnietea 꿀
honnietea 꿀 - 5 months ago
Or black families
Silvana Worrall
Silvana Worrall - 5 months ago
When this is just if you are part Italian in general I think.
Levi the asshole Ackerman
Levi the asshole Ackerman - 5 months ago
I'm italian
Sonam Ottaviani
Sonam Ottaviani - 5 months ago
Me: hey mom my whole class is going on a 5-day overnight field trip to Washington D.C Mom:
Bevi acqua ogni giorno! Non saltare i pasti! Fai un sacco di foto! Non dimenticare un cappello, una protezione solare, blah blah blah. Non sprecare i tuoi soldi! Non baciare nessuna ragazza! Hai preparato tutti i tuoi vestiti? PER FAVORE NON MORIRE !!!!!(translation:
Drink water every day! Do not skip meals! Take lots of pictures! Do not forget a hat, a sunscreen, blah blah blah. Do not waste your money! Do not kiss any girl! Have you prepared all your clothes? PLEASE DO NOT DIE!!!!!)
Gabriela Dolan
Gabriela Dolan - 5 months ago
Roblox Girl9010
Roblox Girl9010 - 5 months ago
My grandma talks so loud on the phone and when I'm on the phone I'm like Hello hello helloooooo!! Then I said sorry my grandma is shouting on the phone my grandpa names Ricardo and people thins he's Mexican but he's Italian
It's Andrew boi
It's Andrew boi - 5 months ago
I wish I was Italian
Pussy Destroyer
Pussy Destroyer - 5 months ago
I’m Italian American and the only thing that’s off about this is that every single male flexes in the mirror
ela_rees01 - 5 months ago
“Oh my god, this is eggplant”
Iqra Ghafoor
Iqra Ghafoor - 5 months ago
I’m Italian but not American ❤️❤️❤️
Cc 03
Cc 03 - 5 months ago
100% accurate. Accept don't live in America live in England.
Hafsa Ahmed
Hafsa Ahmed - 5 months ago
that older lady was so funny and sweet i luv italians and Italy
xxdragonloverxx potterhead
xxdragonloverxx potterhead - 5 months ago
Am I the only Italian here with no Italian heritage?
Vickie Cortner
Vickie Cortner - 5 months ago
I just thought of HALSEY ( calm down)
Shaina Grodi
Shaina Grodi - 5 months ago
This grandma is so cute
ch - 5 months ago
aHAHAH i never have to worry about getting burned!!
Vayona Narekuli
Vayona Narekuli - 5 months ago
All the answer to the food is yes. Its always yes. Gimme dat lasagna.
Kiku no Honda
Kiku no Honda - 5 months ago
so one part of my family is Irish and talk about having loud relatives they are on the same level of loudness as Italians
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum - 5 months ago
I have lived one year in the following countries
Los Angeles currently
And I am a Italian
angie z.
angie z. - 5 months ago
“I don’t want you to drown, please don’t go” lmao I died
Pupper - 5 months ago
im like obssesed (curse my awful spelling) with ravioli and also this is really random
PanicAtDaBombNatalia - 5 months ago
This is honestly SO accurate
Snow Ale
Snow Ale - 5 months ago
Whispers "mafia"
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 5 months ago
Signs you grew up Italian-American: You're a mobster and your dad is the godfather.
PromiseSpecialThings MSP
PromiseSpecialThings MSP - 5 months ago
Why am I watching this, I'm British.
Tianna Black
Tianna Black - 5 months ago
Ok I’m aussie and I deal with his from my nonna
BrokenKindness - 5 months ago
The first one, that's the running gag in our group. I can't even say a word without my hands moving a little!!!
môönlïtê wôlf
môönlïtê wôlf - 5 months ago
Am i the only one who love their grandma
matt k.
matt k. - 5 months ago
also having a party of 17 every time you go to a restaurant because you grandma's sisters and their children wanted to tag along.
matt k.
matt k. - 5 months ago
saying "no" to food? in an italian household? nope. nonexistent.
Narayanni Maldonado
Narayanni Maldonado - 5 months ago
Asteroid - 5 months ago
Yup that’s pretty much accurate
Skip the Day
Skip the Day - 5 months ago
Ok. For everyone who isn’t Italian. These ARE NOT Italians. These are Italian Americans.
Heidi Moore
Heidi Moore - 5 months ago
I don’t get the sunscreen one
Spicy Señorita144
Spicy Señorita144 - 5 months ago
Im portuguese and we do very similiar things as well, i think italian grandmas are awesome, cant go wrong with good food lol
Lucas Bossio
Lucas Bossio - 5 months ago
At least it isn't just me
Dylan Rawr
Dylan Rawr - 5 months ago
you don't love me anymore?
lmao how accurate that is. it's freaking hilarious
Karina Jones
Karina Jones - 5 months ago
So accurate
belle garcia
belle garcia - 5 months ago
I'm half Italian and this is my family
monstergalpri - 5 months ago
This is exactly how Indian grandmothers areeee
MT tt
MT tt - 5 months ago
100% true..that's real Italians.
Clementine Anzalone
Clementine Anzalone - 5 months ago
Amanda Toong
Amanda Toong - 5 months ago
I always have a little dream to marry an Italian guy or a Spanish guy
Unicorn Angie
Unicorn Angie - 5 months ago
I relate to this SOOOOO Much!!!
Lan Bay
Lan Bay - 5 months ago
I think is an european thing
ChefBoyardee - 5 months ago
It's like a lot of people claim they're Italian when they're not.
Alice Collignon
Alice Collignon - 5 months ago
The famous Italian grandma line: "you don't like my cooking??" Or "eat more, eat more"
•벨라 95•
•벨라 95• - 5 months ago
Ruby Alam
Ruby Alam - 5 months ago
The grandma is so cute!!
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster - 5 months ago
I'm italian :D but Aussie-Italian
goddamn door
goddamn door - 5 months ago
Saying no to food is the same with Asians
Elizabeth Varda
Elizabeth Varda - 6 months ago
This is just like my Italian, Austrian, polish family
Danijela P
Danijela P - 6 months ago
I'm not even Italian, yet this is so relatable.
Izzy - 6 months ago
She should have said Nonna it is grandma in Italian
Everlynn Falawaath
Everlynn Falawaath - 6 months ago
Mafia gasps
Brissia Olvera
Brissia Olvera - 6 months ago
Almost every buzzfeed video is stereotype
Sofia Zighighi
Sofia Zighighi - 6 months ago
I'm Italian ALL of this is truuuue
Noneim - 6 months ago
Ma andate a fare in c**o
Brooke Guthrie
Brooke Guthrie - 6 months ago
Giuly Bonuss
Giuly Bonuss - 6 months ago
The mafia joke is not funny... I'm Italian. But the rest is pretty accurate
Sofii Walker
Sofii Walker - 6 months ago
This can also aply for Argentinians who are half Italian
nightwishfan06 - 6 months ago
lmao the sunscreen thing same
MysticalJapanana - 6 months ago
I’m not Italian (I think) but my family is a lot like this! XD
Vanessa's Crazy Life
Vanessa's Crazy Life - 6 months ago
The endless food also goes for Mexican grandmas
Zerek Daimonas
Zerek Daimonas - 6 months ago
That's the sweetest "please do gooo " EVER !
Oka Ruto
Oka Ruto - 6 months ago
My name is semi Italian. My last name couldn't be more Italian. Being Italian American is pretty fun though.
SEÑORITA Guava - 6 months ago
Mancini=mafia practically the same me and my hundreds of cousins all mafia... It is ok though we won't even care anymore :') CALABRIAAAAAS WOHOO!!!
SEÑORITA Guava - 6 months ago
Chris D
Chris D - 6 months ago
The last one is a worse sin than murder and necrophilia in a single sitting.
Francisca Acuña
Francisca Acuña - 6 months ago
Italian grandmas are like latina grandmas
Bethany Marshall
Bethany Marshall - 6 months ago
I relate
Ashlei Murphy
Ashlei Murphy - 6 months ago
Fatima Albash
Fatima Albash - 6 months ago
My grandma is Arab and she does all those things as well my whole family
Qwixx Games
Qwixx Games - 6 months ago
I mean they forgot all the fights over boardgames
Abigail Lee
Abigail Lee - 6 months ago
If I grew up Italian-American my parents would’ve told me.
SDG 91
SDG 91 - 6 months ago
Just like Greeks!
imagine music
imagine music - 6 months ago
So true for my family
Anna Banana
Anna Banana - 6 months ago
Lee Dent
Lee Dent - 5 months ago
Anna Banana right down to the loud as uncles
Leah Girl
Leah Girl - 6 months ago
I knew they would put in the hand movements of an Italian. Everyone in my family is Italian and they do it all the time
Breanna Joseph
Breanna Joseph - 6 months ago
My grandmas are Haitian and they BOTH act like this?
Guilliani & Kaylyne
Guilliani & Kaylyne - 6 months ago
So true
The Lonely Shipper :D
The Lonely Shipper :D - 6 months ago
i miss my nani(grandma) now
Anne Castle
Anne Castle - 6 months ago
I'm an Australian/Italian and this is soooooo accurate
monster tomato
monster tomato - 6 months ago
this reminds me of Nico De Angelo
bxby girl
bxby girl - 6 months ago
**M A F I A**
Sol Stylinson
Sol Stylinson - 6 months ago
im half italian and half argentinian and i just realize that most people from Argentina are like this
Unholy Angels
Unholy Angels - 6 months ago
W H Y I S T H I S A C C U R A T E ?
Minekat 22
Minekat 22 - 6 months ago
I dont have an italian grandma, but i have an italian papa. You can CLEARLY tell.
Marc Robson
Marc Robson - 6 months ago
tony the Finneser
tony the Finneser - 6 months ago
Anybody else wishing they were Italian ? Lmao
Krystal Sweatman
Krystal Sweatman - 6 months ago
So accurate
Crybaby LPS
Crybaby LPS - 6 months ago
Too accurate
Sponge - 6 months ago
i feel personally attacked
Melanie Emma
Melanie Emma - 6 months ago
omg yes my grandma does ALL of these especially the last one
Not Mr T
Not Mr T - 6 months ago
Yep, accurate jeez
Awkward Ness
Awkward Ness - 6 months ago
I am Croatian and my grandmas acts EXACTLY like this.
Violet O'Leary
Violet O'Leary - 6 months ago
Signs you grew up Russian-American? (My moms side of the family is Russian)
Where the freaks Go
Where the freaks Go - 6 months ago
grandmothers are the heart of each family from latino to Italian
Matt La Rocco
Matt La Rocco - 6 months ago
This is so accurate i didnt know i did some of these until i saw this
Daughter Of Ares
Daughter Of Ares - 6 months ago
That grandma is so cute
siobhan connors
siobhan connors - 6 months ago
A K - 6 months ago
Do french!!
4 ohm
4 ohm - 6 months ago
As an Italian I agree
xxsimply elliexx
xxsimply elliexx - 6 months ago
ooo you want some lasagna
Onyx Helena Ember-Graves
Onyx Helena Ember-Graves - 6 months ago
I wish i had an Italian Grandma... my grandfather was Italian but we dont speak of that bastard.
Betzua Sarah  Huerta
Betzua Sarah Huerta - 6 months ago
Talking with hands is sooo true. I love when Grandma's pull the "You no love me anymore?" card when you are full.
Lea Copple
Lea Copple - 6 months ago
Chloe Macaluso
Chloe Macaluso - 6 months ago
Every second with my Italian grandma:
Bella Davison
Bella Davison - 6 months ago
i think it’s funny when they say this is stereotyping but anything in this video is soooo truuu
Bella Davison
Bella Davison - 6 months ago
this is literally my nonna in a video i’m laughing so hard i made her watch this
Bina G
Bina G - 6 months ago
Grace Majda
Grace Majda - 6 months ago
I grew up with my mom's side italian and my fathers's side polish and all of this is so real it's not even funny.
Tezzy Tops
Tezzy Tops - 6 months ago
My great great great grandpa got killed by the mafia
Bob Duncan
Bob Duncan - 6 months ago
Grace Grape
Grace Grape - 6 months ago
My dads brothers wife’s mom is Italian and she is so sweet. And she always makes lasagna and pasta for holidays. Love my nana(grandma)
Choir Fandom Cooking Rants and Random Channel
Choir Fandom Cooking Rants and Random Channel - 6 months ago
Well I'm part Italian
Alan Romero
Alan Romero - 6 months ago
Im Mexican, and i relate
Davide Damiani
Davide Damiani - 6 months ago
Im italian i spent 8 years in italy and these are just stereotypes.Not accurate
Charli Kerr
Charli Kerr - 6 months ago
I'm Scottish, but I'm in love with this video so much
Leila Maddox
Leila Maddox - 6 months ago
OMG THIS IS SO TRUE my nana is full Italian and this is what she does everyday hahaha I cracked up so hard when they made the joke about the mafia
Lemon Lps
Lemon Lps - 6 months ago
Me. My dad is Italian and my grandma is too. I used to talk Italian when I was little lol
Chespin907 - 6 months ago
Switch loud relatives to loud, swearing relatives
Katie Mascardo
Katie Mascardo - 6 months ago
I bet Filipinos can relate
Sophia Aiello
Sophia Aiello - 6 months ago
Also a typical thanksgiving has at least 17 to 20 people. I once had 38 people over for thanksgiving and that wasn't even my entire family.
galaxy icecream
galaxy icecream - 6 months ago
Im half italian
saltyspirit - 6 months ago
I am Italian :D
Alexa Cardente
Alexa Cardente - 6 months ago
Samantha Alvarado
Samantha Alvarado - 6 months ago
I'm not even Italian, why am I watching this? It's 1:28am I should be asleep
Mikailah Dreams
Mikailah Dreams - 7 months ago
I’m Jamaican and I can relate to this on another level
Morgan Luisi
Morgan Luisi - 7 months ago
Ma sono scemi questi se dovete fare stereotipi almeno informativi sul paese w l'italia
Emily Hopkins
Emily Hopkins - 7 months ago
Please please please make more italian videos i beg of you
Greg York
Greg York - 7 months ago
That’s a really cute grandma like omg
Momo Johnson
Momo Johnson - 7 months ago
I’m crying this is literally my family
Marilou _ioviero_
Marilou _ioviero_ - 7 months ago
OMG sooo relatable!!!
RainieLove - 7 months ago
The grandma❤️❤️❤️
Laura Tenney
Laura Tenney - 7 months ago
Italian grandmother culture and Jewish grandmother culture has a lot of overlap I think.
Leo Gordon
Leo Gordon - 7 months ago
The talking one is so true omg
Colin Preston
Colin Preston - 7 months ago
My grandmother is Italian, and I can never say no to her food.
the ghost force ita
the ghost force ita - 7 months ago
Ma questa è un'offesa alla nostra patria!
You have my shares
You have my shares - 7 months ago
Chicken parmigiana isn’t Italian. It’s traditionally made with eggplant and westerners changed it to chicken
GodDamn Preacher
GodDamn Preacher - 7 months ago
Dude thats legit my gran tho
Morgiemoo 222
Morgiemoo 222 - 7 months ago
Sadie S
Sadie S - 7 months ago
Adina Sosa
Adina Sosa - 7 months ago
Boss 777
Boss 777 - 7 months ago
Omg the gran is SOO CUTE ❤️❤️
Tay Bell
Tay Bell - 7 months ago
This kinda relates to Brazilian families
aaa aaa
aaa aaa - 7 months ago
A popular Italian folk song called "The American"
Emilia Peschina
Emilia Peschina - 7 months ago
Whenever I see my nonno he is so worried about me freezing to death, or just getting cold in general, and dying. I'm from Canada, and one time when I was staying at my nonno's house in Bologna (in the height of summer) I took a shower and didn't dry my hair afterwards. When he saw me with wet hair he got upset about the possibly of me dying from a cold, and my dad had to calm him down. It didn't help when my dad told him that nobody in Canada worries about getting a cold and freezing to death, even in winter because of wet hair, and they're not dead yet. Lol
Danitza Rodriguez Jimenez
Danitza Rodriguez Jimenez - 7 months ago
Same exact thing for Mexicans
Lucy Ann O'Neill
Lucy Ann O'Neill - 7 months ago
Ava Tornetta
Ava Tornetta - 7 months ago
The best is “why are you wearing a chili pepper?”
Kayla - 7 months ago
Dude my grandma’s Hispanic but she still acts like that
ToastyDoasty - 7 months ago
I'm Italian
Ellie McHale
Ellie McHale - 7 months ago
Irish families, too.
Alex Gaudino
Alex Gaudino - 7 months ago
i love my italian family
Sophia Jones
Sophia Jones - 7 months ago
Accurate. Like, scary accurate
Edoardo Bucci
Edoardo Bucci - 7 months ago
Ma vaffanculo
Katharine Keo
Katharine Keo - 7 months ago
“I don’t want you to drown please don’t go” oh my gosh that was so cute
Kate Steventon
Kate Steventon - 7 months ago
Would have been better titled “things elderly people from the old country say to their American grandchildren “
Melody Unikittyqueen
Melody Unikittyqueen - 7 months ago
I'm Pakistani
The place of Dannyboy vlogs
The place of Dannyboy vlogs - 7 months ago
I'm brazilian and we got a lot of stuff from the italian immigration. So, some of the things in this video are very relatable
Ashleigh Hernandez
Ashleigh Hernandez - 7 months ago
90% the same as Portuguese
Sara Felker
Sara Felker - 7 months ago
Can you guys do more Italian American videos? Or maybe more specific ones. You guys have so many about being Latino and like 3 on being Italian.
badgalmaz QUEEN
badgalmaz QUEEN - 7 months ago
I'm half somali and half Italian so I can relate my grandma is sooooooo cute
Sofia Jasmine
Sofia Jasmine - 7 months ago
I'm Italian and this is rubbish
Sofia Jasmine
Sofia Jasmine - 7 months ago
lol I'm half Italian and Spanish they are exactly the same!!!
Róisín Grant
Róisín Grant - 7 months ago
this is so me except im irish. we always talk loudly in my family and if you leave anything on your plate my ma gets real offended!
Delfina Garcia
Delfina Garcia - 7 months ago
I’m Latina and my friend told me “why do you move your hands so much when you talk?” and I was like “because I have like 80% of Italian ancestors”
Daisy Bee
Daisy Bee - 7 months ago
My gram on my moms side is Italian and my dads side is all Latin lol
Emily Quesnel
Emily Quesnel - 7 months ago
They could do a whole video about female grooming
Brianna Elizabeth
Brianna Elizabeth - 7 months ago
Most of the comments are saying this is stereotyping, but is my family the only family that’s actually like this?
I cant relate to the tanning part, all of my family can tan so easily but I can’t tan, I only burn
Minekat 22
Minekat 22 - 7 months ago
Im not even a complete half italian, and i can relate to most of this
Anime SweetHeart
Anime SweetHeart - 7 months ago
I want an Italian Grandma now
Midori Gurinu
Midori Gurinu - 7 months ago
Yep...I’m definitely American-Italian
Paradise Games
Paradise Games - 7 months ago
Yeah uhhm... I just-
Sylvia Moragne
Sylvia Moragne - 7 months ago
I don't get it
Kat_N17 KPOP
Kat_N17 KPOP - 7 months ago
Lol the grandma’s voice is vey cutee
Italia - 7 months ago
Godfather is playing in the backround lmao
weird art lover person
weird art lover person - 7 months ago
One of my best friends is Italian . I went to her house for Easter once. I haven't eaten since.
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez - 7 months ago
Like all of this is accurate for me except the tanning part =P
Hannah G
Hannah G - 7 months ago
Like I know some of these aren’t true , like the mafia joke and all that but some of the things in this video I laughed so hard at
Hannah G
Hannah G - 7 months ago
Omg I’ve never related more to a video
Natalia Derylo
Natalia Derylo - 7 months ago
can you do polish american???
Danielle Bailey
Danielle Bailey - 7 months ago
My fam
Marcus Bryan
Marcus Bryan - 7 months ago
Sooo ladies, hello beautys :)
I have a question I have always been curious about. That being said do Italian girls show different signs when they like a guy or are thinking of wanting more?
Currently there is this half Italian and half Puerto Rican that is incredible. I really want to be with here. I would appreciate the advice and help from you fine beautiful ladies. Blessings.
Giorgio Taglianini
Giorgio Taglianini - 7 months ago
Giulia Marengo
Giulia Marengo - 7 months ago
This video is funny, but being Italian I have to say that something was true like the grandma's part, but something was not. Also my grandma always says to me:"You should eat, you're 15, you're still grewing up and you're skinny..." Well, she isn't so dramatic like the one in the video, but close. Some of the things you showed were true, like the fact of the loud voice, but some were half true or false. Like the stereotype of the mafia. Yes, mafia exist but that doesn't mean we're all mafiosi. I know that this video was made for fun, so don't start with comments like:"They were just joking and bla bla bla...". I have a question for Americans: why you call Italian food what is not? Pizza is italian and also pasta but "pollo alla parmigiana" doesn't exist in Italy. It's an American invention like Fettuccine Alfredo.
Sofia Iulianetti
Sofia Iulianetti - 7 months ago
They also forgot that almost everyone is named either sofia, Marco, Luca, caterina or josi
Viola Belingheri
Viola Belingheri - 7 months ago
"Mafia" ...ahahah oddio, chissenefrega lo stereotipo, sono morta
RightWingQueen - 7 months ago
Also mafia stereotypes
Bandy Brown
Bandy Brown - 7 months ago
That awkward moment when you're watching and you're not Italian
Mia Moo :3
Mia Moo :3 - 7 months ago
ANA Aubry
ANA Aubry - 7 months ago
Lol...''signs you grew up in an Italian family, anywhere. :)
Babette Porceddu
Babette Porceddu - 7 months ago
I hate male grooming it’s so annoying like hurry up!! We should have left the house like 30 minutes ago!
Liv and Essy
Liv and Essy - 7 months ago
1:10 What was that?
Lina Tay
Lina Tay - 7 months ago
This is 100% TRUE
Brae Alnett
Brae Alnett - 7 months ago
IDontMakeVideos - 7 months ago
Chicken parm? I’m out not italian nope nope nope bye bye bye byeeeee
Angeloof Q.E.K
Angeloof Q.E.K - 7 months ago
Mi just a regular 14 year old italian boy
Melody Romano
Melody Romano - 7 months ago
Also eating spaghetti with a spoon and fork
Tori Bracco
Tori Bracco - 7 months ago
my grandma literally said the thing about walking down the aisle to me VERBATIM
WavyJokes - 7 months ago
Im offensive and I find this italian. I loved it cause so much is actually true as a second generation Italian American
awkward dan
awkward dan - 7 months ago
Italian grandma is the closest person to Asian grandma
Synystr7 - 7 months ago
True story: Back in the old country, we were staying with my Zia for a couple days in Vicenza. We got back from a long drive late at night and we were exhausted. We must've got in at 1am. My Zia got up and sat us down at the kitchen table and made us vegetable soup with the little pastina stars in there. We each received probably close to 2 litres of it lmao. Ita wazzah ah-so gooodeh.
tess2626 - 5 months ago
Aw, I love those little stars!
gabbysmakeupp - 7 months ago
Ablue Banaenae
Ablue Banaenae - 7 months ago
Please don't go.
Shane Williams
Shane Williams - 7 months ago
I don't want you to drown please don't go
ProPiano - 7 months ago
Vabbè certo che ci sono certe situazioni dove il momento sembra essere di un film italiano degli anni 60 però non è che si mangia la pizza tutto il giorno (diciamo tutti i giorni però
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover - 7 months ago
THIS IS SO TRUE!!! I’m Italian, and I got it from my grandma!
Ariok - 7 months ago
Italian immigrants*
Theo Avgeropoulos
Theo Avgeropoulos - 7 months ago
I’m greek but this is exactly how my family acts
Awkwardly. Annie
Awkwardly. Annie - 7 months ago
TiffyLynn - 7 months ago
My life, summed up in less than 3 minutes haha
Smart Flame
Smart Flame - 7 months ago
I am an Italian American and all of these are so true
Adequately Aniya
Adequately Aniya - 7 months ago
DONT FORGET THE WOODEN SPOON #woodenspoonsurvivor
Sidney Fedell
Sidney Fedell - 7 months ago
I’m Italian American and this is very accurate for me
Thyng - 7 months ago
The one at 1:29 that is my mom she's like once you get out of college I'm ready
ghiligoliana 1990
ghiligoliana 1990 - 7 months ago
victoria clark
victoria clark - 7 months ago
Yep that’s my family
The Singing Doodler
The Singing Doodler - 8 months ago
I think the fact they called their Nonna "grandma" pissed me off more than anything.
Dominique Stevenson-Pope
Dominique Stevenson-Pope - 8 months ago
I relate too much to the grandma
Zyad Music
Zyad Music - 8 months ago
George744 - 8 months ago
My family is mostly part Asians and they’re super loud when it comes to meeting family; we are also white but we are not sure if we know our white race and also everywhere my mom goes, people always say to her that she has beautiful skin!
Julius Klein
Julius Klein - 8 months ago
do belgian or French american
Kazzacorn - 8 months ago
That Grandma is my favourite
Michelle Hannan
Michelle Hannan - 8 months ago
That grandma is so cutte!
emily alsop
emily alsop - 8 months ago
Oh my god yes
DamonGamingTv - 8 months ago
Sir Party 2.0
Sir Party 2.0 - 8 months ago
my family in a nut shell
Jman and Doggodude
Jman and Doggodude - 8 months ago
That grandma is so cute ugh my heart is melting
awkward charlie
awkward charlie - 8 months ago
German Italian very different but very loud and proud people
Keisha Sen
Keisha Sen - 8 months ago
I’m only quarter Italian but me and my family can relate to this wayyyy too much
Mariagiulia Raeli
Mariagiulia Raeli - 8 months ago
Italians DO NOT EAT fuckin CHICKEN PARMIGIANA!!! A true italian grandma would be disgusted
Sydney R
Sydney R - 8 months ago
Omg the grooming thing is so true my friend Santino (who is Italian like me) walks into class everyday looks into the tv screen and fixes his hair
Twenty one Panicking pilots
Twenty one Panicking pilots - 8 months ago
this is exactly how my family is and me i have the loudest family
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 8 months ago
To the Gambino Family! The Mafia!
Infamous Empire
Infamous Empire - 8 months ago
Im italian american and this is not true bunch of italian streotypes the real italian americans are normal americans
Taylor Q
Taylor Q - 8 months ago
I'm Italian American and I was raised that way but I'm so light-skinned LOL get that from my other side of family who are English
Dead Røse
Dead Røse - 8 months ago
I love being italian
camilla barbiero
camilla barbiero - 8 months ago
Kendra and Calleigh
Kendra and Calleigh - 8 months ago
Finally I can relate
Millie Edgar
Millie Edgar - 8 months ago
Why is this grandma so cute
Jana Amy
Jana Amy - 8 months ago
This is completely nothing like my nanna (for all you non Italian ppl that’s grandma in italian) but she and my Nonno always make us eat EVERYTHING they give is us! Do you want some more? No no no I’m full thank you nana. TAKE IT HAVE MORE I MADE MORE YOU MUST EAT YES?!
t theamzinggamer
t theamzinggamer - 8 months ago
That mafia part killed me it’s so true though
The Amazing Haley
The Amazing Haley - 8 months ago
My friends are convinced that im Italian because I sound Italian but im actually belgium but when I tell them this there like "nah your Italian"........... TRIGGERED
Alexandra Baker
Alexandra Baker - 8 months ago
Well fuk im screwed because thats exactly my life
I'm washing me in my clothes Bitch
I'm washing me in my clothes Bitch - 8 months ago
I'm jot even Italian or American and I can relate to this so much
R Cervantes
R Cervantes - 8 months ago
This is so similar to latino culture
Zachary Alexander
Zachary Alexander - 8 months ago
I would love to marry an Italian wahhh
geo gordu
geo gordu - 8 months ago
I'M italian yet my Nonna doesn't cook. Don't worry though, my last name, Romani, literally means romans in italian
Trinity Armstrong
Trinity Armstrong - 8 months ago
OMG my gma makes thought cookies all the time!!
Zoey Emma
Zoey Emma - 8 months ago
My grandma also asks me if “I don’t love her anymore”if I don’t eat my food, but we are german
kpopper for life
kpopper for life - 8 months ago
Aren't all Americans Italian (cuz that what they say)
Safi A
Safi A - 8 months ago
My name is Safiya and my brother's name is Safwan but I'm not Italian.... (I'm Bangla)
That one Girl
That one Girl - 8 months ago
I don't want you to drown please don't go
LUCA CHARALAMBOUS - 8 months ago
Very true of Greek people to
Panic! At the 21 Crybaby Chemical Discos
Panic! At the 21 Crybaby Chemical Discos - 8 months ago
She's like my grandma
Sophia O
Sophia O - 8 months ago
I'm American-German
Turklarisha - 8 months ago
what was the girl using for sunscreen
louis ff
louis ff - 8 months ago
Hermione Poirot
Hermione Poirot - 8 months ago
The grandma could be Indian. It would be exactly the same.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 8 months ago
Italians RULE!
Frangiosa Chiara
Frangiosa Chiara - 8 months ago
Italy is the best country I'm Italian
alien - 8 months ago
"i don't want you to drown, please don't go" how sweet
Bleach Master
Bleach Master - 8 months ago
“I don’t want you to drown please don’t go”
My heart
Hannah Schichler
Hannah Schichler - 8 months ago
I relate to like half of these, but the others are just stereotypes
Hannah Schichler
Hannah Schichler - 8 months ago
Lmao that awkward moment when ur related to al Capone and the mafia joke is a huge joke in my family because of it
ShoogleShadow - 8 months ago
Endless food? I WISH
space panda
space panda - 8 months ago
My step-grandpa is itallian- so so relatable now my grandma is lie this too
Cupcakke's Stan
Cupcakke's Stan - 8 months ago
OMG. Italian nonnas remind me of my Latina abuelas.
Helena Loaiza
Helena Loaiza - 6 months ago
Nonne *
Alicemudgarden90 - 8 months ago
Very similar culture.
Violet plays MSP
Violet plays MSP - 8 months ago
I'm italian and i live in america and i related to all of this lmao
Nickolas Mpzs
Nickolas Mpzs - 8 months ago
Buzz Feed is the biggest stereotype promoter
F.W. M.
F.W. M. - 8 months ago
I feel like this is also applicable to Romanian households. It's a crime to say no to food lmao.

Also, every time I would go get pizza with my friends, my Romanian grandpa would say it's not real and make me dinner anyway.
Katelyn Nash
Katelyn Nash - 8 months ago
After dinner I gain about a million pounds
vito Montanaez
vito Montanaez - 8 months ago
Pretty accurate
Annie Be
Annie Be - 8 months ago
she looks like Sandra Bullock in the thumbnail

but I use hand gestures too and knock over things so do I have Italian ancestry too? larger parts of my family look Italian
Tony Saitta
Tony Saitta - 8 months ago
ahahah True !
Martinez. Twins
Martinez. Twins - 8 months ago
Omg (ignore my username i can't change it) but all my family's names are like joeseph nick and other Italian names lmao
Helena Loaiza
Helena Loaiza - 6 months ago
Martinez. Twins not italian names
E.K. Perez
E.K. Perez - 8 months ago
Sono italianaaaaa
hayden bolcato
hayden bolcato - 8 months ago
its me in a nutshell
Nataly 2969
Nataly 2969 - 8 months ago
I'm Italian my uncle was part of the mafia...
Peppermint Mocha
Peppermint Mocha - 8 months ago
I have pasta at lest 5 times a week
And my grandmother make me wear sunscreen every morning
Francesca Kramer
Francesca Kramer - 8 months ago
Literally all my friends make fun of when I talk with my hands
TheStrangeGurl - 8 months ago
This is so me and my family....
Lucia Scarrone
Lucia Scarrone - 8 months ago
yaass!! growing up italian everywhere is the same basically! my nonna is not happy when I say I don't want a second round of my food she's like "what? you don't like my cooking? next time you can make dinner"
get paid 01
get paid 01 - 8 months ago
#1 sign u grew up italian: ur cousins all look Arab and gypsy lol
milmillionaire - 8 months ago
I want nana like this
brennabot5 - 8 months ago
Love my nona
Sarah !
Sarah ! - 8 months ago
Signs you grew up Italian American, you’re Italian and grew up in America
robby fitzgibbon
robby fitzgibbon - 8 months ago
0:19 he is mouthing the words
kaitlyn Crowley
kaitlyn Crowley - 8 months ago
everything about the grandmother is 100% TRUE my great aunt who is like my grandmother to me says pretty much all of this to me, and my cousins' grandmother says this to me too
Marleigh Sigler
Marleigh Sigler - 8 months ago
My grammie is German and Italian and this is so true
loki - 8 months ago
no, just no.
get paid 01
get paid 01 - 8 months ago
Italian=grew up 10 in one room lol. bunch of low class wogs
Clay Mermaid
Clay Mermaid - 8 months ago
Where did that money come from? MAFIA! Grandma stairs dead center into the camera
Sabine D. Maloney
Sabine D. Maloney - 8 months ago
Geez. I'm only 1/8 southern Italian but I don't think I have ever seen a video about families more relatable than this one.
Sabine D. Maloney
Sabine D. Maloney - 8 months ago
And unfortunately, while my entire Italian side of my family tans like crazy, also being Irish, I burn like heck.
Lily Rose Peterson
Lily Rose Peterson - 8 months ago
Saying no to food:

You don't, you will eat it and like it. (Being an Italian)
Portia Farah
Portia Farah - 8 months ago
Literally my life.
Celeste Pereira
Celeste Pereira - 8 months ago
i'm from south america, and the only names are basically ;
- juan & juanita
- mario & maria

Caitlinxx - 8 months ago
Please make a Russian or Slavic video, show us some love! (Though in a way, bubbies can be similar to Italian nonnas)
Diego Gätjens
Diego Gätjens - 8 months ago
Despite my last name Im more siccilian than german, and regular non italian/siccilian folks think we are always mad or that we have a very bad temper, and fail to understand that this is how we express our feelings, oh and loud voice and wide hand gestures for anything. Oh and we can start a heated discussion about the most insignificant things, such as bad cooking, oh boy! you just have to learn how to cook like a boss like it or not if you are italian XD
Morgana Condorelli
Morgana Condorelli - 9 months ago
I grew up Italian bc I was born in Italy
Nina Jacuzzi
Nina Jacuzzi - 9 months ago
imagine growing up Mexican-Italian
Nan Chevelon
Nan Chevelon - 9 months ago
Signs you grew up Italian-American
1. You grew up Italian-American
Sweet Magic
Sweet Magic - 9 months ago
I'm Italian Australian...
Gina M
Gina M - 9 months ago
Ava Geiger
Ava Geiger - 9 months ago
Yep that's my life
Amy H
Amy H - 9 months ago
Ik im Italian. But im like this and my family. Sooo relatable lmao
Dead Røse
Dead Røse - 9 months ago
I love being Italian... it's so fun saying merde and people being like "what?"
DJ SUPERNOVA - 9 months ago
I'm Greek and I can relate to all of them except the one with the Mafia
Lanooshy Tube
Lanooshy Tube - 9 months ago
AAAAWWWWWWW Her grandma is the sweetest when she talked about the gym
Riley Castle
Riley Castle - 9 months ago
it's so real! my grandma died a few years ago and seeing this video reminds me of her. the tanning thing: HILARIOUS
Allison Ama
Allison Ama - 9 months ago
The loud family one is true I can't go anywhere with my family
Ben Mogensen
Ben Mogensen - 9 months ago
I grew up American American
Infamous Empire
Infamous Empire - 9 months ago
Italian American passing through here
Kitz Katz!
Kitz Katz! - 9 months ago
I'm Scottish-Irish-Canadian.. #hybridlife
Quidditch Gymnast
Quidditch Gymnast - 9 months ago
Omg sooo true
Bofa Deeznawtz
Bofa Deeznawtz - 9 months ago
You aint a real italian until you go home and get your fuckin shinebox
Lil Pingu
Lil Pingu - 9 months ago
I may not be Italian, but I understand the hand movements and knocking things over xD
Its just how I express what I'm saying :3
MaxMartell - 9 months ago
Dude, I am Spanish and I can 100% relate to this lmao
Anthony LaPiana
Anthony LaPiana - 9 months ago
I'm of Italian descent and all I experience 90% of these thing in my home
Star OrecuL
Star OrecuL - 9 months ago
There's always a bag of money.

Shaddup and you say niente!
Deanna Cronin
Deanna Cronin - 9 months ago
The family "secret" - my grandma almost married a german soldier bc she was at gun point
Blade A L
Blade A L - 9 months ago
Miss you, Grandma.... :'(
Kate Crist
Kate Crist - 9 months ago
My Nonna's food is THE best
Klay Thompson's Toaster
Klay Thompson's Toaster - 9 months ago
Whos the young Woman? Shes gorgeous!
video TO VIEW
video TO VIEW - 9 months ago
This is not stereotypical, we are really like that, not excuses
carlee DeCroce
carlee DeCroce - 9 months ago
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 9 months ago
Well see here my dad is like 20% german and my mom and grandma are a little italian but my grandma a bit more so my dad will tell me to do something but then my mom tells me it but differently and i get confused. Im also mexican and a little australian but for some reason speak with a australian accent but love tacos and i hate spaghetti but how i cant eat it anymore so thank god for giving bad heartburn when i eat it
Aurora Zanini
Aurora Zanini - 9 months ago
American people will never understand italian people. This is the point #proudtobeitalian
Eric Daniel Giordano
Eric Daniel Giordano - 9 months ago
Italian thank you God for making me Italian
Kyla Cruz
Kyla Cruz - 9 months ago
Hahaha, I'm Philippino-Italian and I have everyone in my family constantly yelling at me that I'm too skinny
Raven Knight
Raven Knight - 9 months ago
I have all that now and im cuban and irish ugh the struggle but we love them.
_MYLIFEASADRI_ _ - 9 months ago
This makes me realize how alike Italians and Latinos are.
Blood Squad
Blood Squad - 5 months ago
+PancakeWeek 90 They are europeans you idiot.
_Snakeyyy _
_Snakeyyy _ - 5 months ago
most of these things apply to me and im latino XDD
KingTut - 5 months ago
Italians have Middle Eastern ancestry due to the economic trades that occurred
_camille_camila _
_camille_camila _ - 5 months ago
PancakeWeek90 I think we r Mediterranean
PancakeWeek90 - 5 months ago
I still have the thought to this day if Italians are actually Latin/Hispanic or Middle Eastern.
Michael Haley
Michael Haley - 9 months ago
My family is like this, and were British.
Pol Dávila Salmerón
Pol Dávila Salmerón - 9 months ago
I'm Spanish and most of it could also be used to describe my country
Erik Godal
Erik Godal - 9 months ago
Sooo true
Tall_ Rachrach
Tall_ Rachrach - 9 months ago
THIS IS ME EVERYDAY LOL well my mom speaks Italiano to me not ingles
Slimey panda slimey4life
Slimey panda slimey4life - 9 months ago
Why is this so true
Moi - 9 months ago
I'm Italian and my grandma now just hate me because I don't eat what she cook (I'm vegan)
WateverWatever04 - 9 months ago
LMAO at the ending.
Also happens if your mom/grandma is giving you a plate of pasta and you say "oh that's enough" and then they add one more spoonful just to be safe
zs Xie
zs Xie - 9 months ago
That last spoon is kill secure. Hahahah true af.
WateverWatever04 - 9 months ago
My older brother used to have this Bath & Body Works at that I wasn't allowed to touch and he would take two hour showers every. damn. day.
Ariana Orlic
Ariana Orlic - 9 months ago
Not about this video, but I hate when Americans relate to being Italian because their greatgrandparent was Italian or something. Can you tell me a sentence in Italian? Do you know anything about culture instead of stereotypes? Yea thought so.
Tiny Grass
Tiny Grass - 9 months ago
"I don't want you to drown please don't go."
That Grandma is the sweetest!!!
Alex Marcakis
Alex Marcakis - 9 months ago
Come to Argentina, you'll find 30 million people like these :D
Selin Kahyaoglu
Selin Kahyaoglu - 9 months ago
That is so me and plus my nonna lives with me
Ava Tornetta
Ava Tornetta - 9 months ago
I can relate to this entire video. My Nonna in a nutshell. Love her.
Van Dogs
Van Dogs - 9 months ago
Omg yesssss
Laila Nicana
Laila Nicana - 9 months ago
I love the grandma
Panna Johns
Panna Johns - 9 months ago
Me: Hey Grandma!
Grandma: Did you eat today!?
Me: Yeah but not a lot
Grandma: gasp What would you like!?!?!
Me: Just a sandwich
Grandma: Hmmmmmm...... Ok
20 minutes later.......
Me: GRANDMAAAA! Where's my sandwich?!?!
Grandma: It's here I'm coming!
Brings enough food to feed Italy
Me: Grandma! It's like you prepared a last meal before execution.
Grandma: What no! It's just a little treat...
Me: Yeahhh..... little
Yoanna -
Yoanna - - 9 months ago
omg give me the food !!!! feed me with italian food whole life pleaseed
Madison Luke
Madison Luke - 9 months ago
That last one is how my grandma got me fat lol.
You have my shares
You have my shares - 9 months ago
It wasn't accurate, she said Grandma instead of Nonna
Adrien  Shore
Adrien Shore - 9 months ago
Vintage Couture
Vintage Couture - 9 months ago
Saying no to granny's cooking is a death wish
Who? - 9 months ago
Spanish Italian?
lidia - 9 months ago
this reminds me of my Hispanic grandma :)
John Croall
John Croall - 9 months ago
Dude... I'm 50% Italy and this is soooo true. I'm laughing my butt of how true it is.
SHINIGAMI RYUK - 9 months ago
*insert Edgy/emo band names here* *
*insert Edgy/emo band names here* * - 9 months ago
I am not American or Italian, why am I here?
Usa Kosova
Usa Kosova - 9 months ago
Don't forget about the Albanian mafia
Anna Lindaver
Anna Lindaver - 9 months ago
italian, never have of have heard of chicken parmigiana. parmigiana is made with eggplants...
Ccrdjl Lowe
Ccrdjl Lowe - 9 months ago
Holly Dance
Holly Dance - 9 months ago
Where that money came from? M A F I A.
It's sad that most of the mafia are italians.
Dark Matt
Dark Matt - 9 months ago
I lose my grandmother last week....and this video make me sad.... :,)
laurstar18 - 9 months ago
The Nonna is the most accurate thing about this video!
Shut up Tanya
Shut up Tanya - 9 months ago
The grandma is so cute!!!
ella is here
ella is here - 9 months ago
Yes,I'm Italian-American
SÄMI NÄMI - 9 months ago
Hahaa i feel my life in this Video (Im half italian )
GreekIn2Space - 9 months ago
Some of them are so true in greece too! (especially the grandma)
Mireya Naldi
Mireya Naldi - 9 months ago
Avete stancato con questi luoghi comuni sugli italiani...
Simone anx
Simone anx - 9 months ago
I'm Italian, born and raised in Italy, and I'm from south, the most traditional part, and most of these are annoying stereotypes, except for the food, my grandma has the need to feed me like there's no tomorrow, and my other grandma think that, if I stay alone at home, someone will come in and stab me (actual words)
Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto - 9 months ago
Reminds me of my Aunt, but we’re Mexican
Kirby Fan and Queen Fanatic
Kirby Fan and Queen Fanatic - 9 months ago
my mom grew up like this
rachele. - 9 months ago
the last thing is the realest one, "saying no to food" is very common in the south and in elders in general
Ivan L
Ivan L - 9 months ago
Hahah you Italians are asome, i love your food, i love the grandfather and the sopranos =)
Nxs Hurricane
Nxs Hurricane - 9 months ago
how are you going to say grandma and say this is an italian video??? Its Nana or Nonna! PERCHE?!?!
Occidental79er - 9 months ago
"You don like my cooking, eah?" You know she's actually said that.
Ratnerdrums - 9 months ago
There is a reason why we can naturally project in my family. You can get a words edge way if you don't.
I have slapped people multiple times while talking. I'm no longer allowed to talk whilst holding knives.
Hana - 9 months ago
this is so stereotypical ? this is not us at all. I am a REAL italian-american and this video is just a lie. The grandma is the only truth lol
Van Dogs
Van Dogs - 10 months ago
awww yes I love being an Italian American
Lety midnight23
Lety midnight23 - 10 months ago
Io vedo solo la parte americana che stereotipa e basta... Poi non so voi
Livia Pezzino
Livia Pezzino - 10 months ago
stop with the cliché of mafia. please.
Audy Rodz
Audy Rodz - 10 months ago
This reminds me of Mexicans
chaska mena
chaska mena - 10 months ago
OMG I´m peruvian but this grandma is so like my grandma´s sweet, and always worrrying that something bad will happen to me if I put a foot out of the house, so adorable grandma´s
Holy heck
Holy heck - 10 months ago
There's pasta every night with my family
Drink bleach and die
Drink bleach and die - 10 months ago
the grandma is so adorable... she reminds me of mine who is faraway from me now :)
Gel B
Gel B - 10 months ago
Coming from a Mexican-Sicilian family, it's so much worse
Daenerys Flamel
Daenerys Flamel - 10 months ago
Ma andate a cagare voi e questi stereotipi

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