Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

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Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1842

Italian food 2 years ago 9,168,842 views

Who the f*ck made this? Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Markets Of Naples Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Made by BFMP + Maria Alfano Carmela Funiciellio Igea Fabrocino Flora Neiviller Carmela Spinose Kay Argento Pearl Bottfeld GET MORE BUZZFEED BUZZFEED YELLOW More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! Subscribe for more BuzzFeedYellow!

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for Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Jazlyn Ibarra
Jazlyn Ibarra - 5 months ago
I like how all the grandmas hated the food except for those 2 ladies that liked everything
John McQue
John McQue - 5 months ago
No matter what country one is from, they all have regions that do and don't do things the same way. Sicily makes a lot of Italian food much different from main land foods. It's not the country, it's the region's. The bread rolls at OG tastes like it has to yeast.
Jehnny Cleus
Jehnny Cleus - 5 months ago
The woman in the blue shirt is hard and spicy
Cody Guzman
Cody Guzman - 5 months ago
The real Italians are the ones who think olive garden is not good. And to the ones who do like it areN't really Italians.
Chiara - 5 months ago
merda means shit
matilde ramolini
matilde ramolini - 5 months ago
Nonna: It tastes like merda, you know what merda means? Terrible....mmm nonna you're lying and you know it
Maria K
Maria K - 5 months ago
Grandma in the blue shirt is savage
mia micelii
mia micelii - 5 months ago
as a former italian who grew up in italy i can say , that the lady in the blue shirt is definitely my nonne
HalseySocio 17
HalseySocio 17 - 5 months ago
“It’s A Sin That They Call This Lasagna” Can She Be My Grandmother??

10. comment for Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Sophia Chrisco
Sophia Chrisco - 5 months ago
I don't remember olive garden looking this gross
Triggered Gamer
Triggered Gamer - 5 months ago
I think those two grandmas are just there for the free food
ItzSilas - 5 months ago
Wow, that lady needs to calm down...
Uggy - 5 months ago
You know they're not truly Italian when they say everything tastes good
Alexandra Blake
Alexandra Blake - 5 months ago
lmaooo some of the women love it and the others act like it's poison
Maximilian Nguyen
Maximilian Nguyen - 5 months ago
0:35 she is so hilarious to the breadstick. LOL
John Osorno
John Osorno - 5 months ago
Idgaf what anyone says I love Olive Garden
FABIAN ESCAJEDA - 5 months ago
Merda =shit
Mike Morbuk
Mike Morbuk - 5 months ago
Any italian woman, who attempts to speak English, sounds like an Angel.
Kriptonyte 94
Kriptonyte 94 - 5 months ago
When she says "no that no ravioli"... omg tim burton's penguin is real!

20. comment for Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Harris Azlan
Harris Azlan - 5 months ago
The blonde and wearing a blue shirt grandma is me when I describe someone I hate
E 23
E 23 - 5 months ago
I love Olive Garden ❤️❤️❤️
Jose Maria Torres
Jose Maria Torres - 5 months ago
Janik Bollh von horst
Janik Bollh von horst - 5 months ago
Latin American and Southern European grandmas don't play.
Crystal Reed
Crystal Reed - 5 months ago
And i thought Mexican grandmothers where tough
Shannon Ruder
Shannon Ruder - 5 months ago
Cidi Huia
Cidi Huia - 5 months ago
chinese invented pasta
Carmela The Italian
Carmela The Italian - 5 months ago
Omg my dad my mom and me consider Olive Garden a sin to our Italian culture. My whole family does. Olive Garden is not real Italian and any Italian would know.
Kåil_4751 - 5 months ago
Anyone else Italian here or just me
Asmr E. Jorden Brooks
Asmr E. Jorden Brooks - 5 months ago
I'm not even Italian and I don't like Olive Garden It tastes bland to me

30. comment for Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Dsp _Spankme
Dsp _Spankme - 5 months ago
That grandma who cusses looks like her family is the in the mob lmao
Miroslava Rodriguez
Miroslava Rodriguez - 6 months ago
The grandma with blue shir and necklace is so mean I don't want her to be my grandma (no hate) she curses so much omg
Sam Cook
Sam Cook - 6 months ago
That intro tho
Felicia Caruana
Felicia Caruana - 6 months ago
it's nonna not grandma
brenley woodard
brenley woodard - 6 months ago
I love the two grandmas who love everything hahaha they are so funny
Sahara Knapp
Sahara Knapp - 6 months ago
Those 2 grandmas who just love everything everyone else hates it’s all
Cake is for WINNERS
Cake is for WINNERS - 6 months ago
This is Simon Cowell 2:25 grandma
werido - 6 months ago
o mamma mia!
Mars Parker
Mars Parker - 6 months ago
1:54-1:56 is me when my parents cook dinner. I'm so picky
The Awesome Unicorn Brooklyn
The Awesome Unicorn Brooklyn - 6 months ago
That beginning
Lena Moldavan
Lena Moldavan - 6 months ago
I only trust the grandmas with accents.
Angie's Traveling Vlogs!
Angie's Traveling Vlogs! - 6 months ago
Some of them: It tastes great!

The others: Who the f*ck made this?!
Diana Perez
Diana Perez - 6 months ago
The lady with the blue shirt would be me if it was Mexicans try Taco Bell or chipotle lol
Crazy Random Weirdo
Crazy Random Weirdo - 6 months ago
I’ve never had Olive Garden
Jessica Ibarreta
Jessica Ibarreta - 6 months ago
I think a general guideline for all food is that if you want Italian food, get it from actual Italians. Also, for Filipino food, go befriend someone’s Lola (grandma).
Joana Costa
Joana Costa - 6 months ago
You know what ‘merda’ is? “Terrible!”...if they only knew...
Tengie_ 808
Tengie_ 808 - 6 months ago
Bowen Wang
Bowen Wang - 6 months ago
Awwwh the lady with the black hair is so precious, she's amazing.
Anisha Baptiste
Anisha Baptiste - 6 months ago
The blonde lady was my favorite. She kept it real af
meka C
meka C - 6 months ago
To funny

50. comment for Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Rebecca Arias
Rebecca Arias - 6 months ago
“It tastes like MERDA” I SCREAMED
Mak TV
Mak TV - 6 months ago
The grandmas that were so nice and loved everything were so cute!!!! The sweetest ❤️❤️
takku 88
takku 88 - 6 months ago
I don't get it mozzarella.. I have taste real one and others and still it doesn't taste like anything... People like to be fancy and order mozzarella or goat cheese salad, and still it's not taste anything or smell/taste like wet woolen stocking..
Fernando GP97
Fernando GP97 - 6 months ago
Merda lmaoooo
Maximilian Nguyen
Maximilian Nguyen - 5 months ago
Fernando GP97 I would say that in Public so everyone can think I’m so funny. Lol
gabriela cruz
gabriela cruz - 6 months ago
Those two brown headed "everything is amazing"
name changer
name changer - 6 months ago
They should have tried chicken Alfredo.
Danica Douglas
Danica Douglas - 6 months ago
The two lovely ladies sitting next to each other are absolutely adorable
Shay - 6 months ago
Those other two women thought EVERYTHING was good
Alessia Kyra
Alessia Kyra - 6 months ago
nonono this is not "ravioli" ! brava nonna!!!!! Fai vedere chi comanda !°°°°°
happy chaop
happy chaop - 6 months ago
Every one makes it different and likes it different that’s why everyone is different here
Mariagiulia Raeli
Mariagiulia Raeli - 6 months ago
4/6 are fake italian grandmas
Noneim - 6 months ago
I laughed when i saw that sort of "lasagna"
Fatmah Dell'Aglio
Fatmah Dell'Aglio - 6 months ago
Hhhhhh i loved all of them
Piper Awai
Piper Awai - 6 months ago
grandma in blue shirt vs. trump in an argument. Who would win?

trump would get roasted just like that breadstick #skinnyd*ck
jade galloway
jade galloway - 6 months ago
Seq Fernández
Seq Fernández - 6 months ago
Grandma with blue denim shirt looks an old Lady Gaga ❤
Milly 03
Milly 03 - 6 months ago
I'm Italian.
This food is merda.
Sorry American people.
REI DECEMBER - 6 months ago
Jeeze, does Olive Garden not think about presentation when serving their food?...
S W - 6 months ago
The blonde grandma is 100% fake Italian
Giovanni Maldonado
Giovanni Maldonado - 6 months ago
I love the grandmas that love Olive Garden.
FloridagatorBCS2014 - 6 months ago
Sadly what they didn't realize is Olive Gardens food is frozen...
Alyssa Matsuoka
Alyssa Matsuoka - 6 months ago
They should do Mexicans taste Tex-mex
James blackstone
James blackstone - 6 months ago
That's my grandma
Ana Morel
Ana Morel - 6 months ago
T H E A C C E N T ❤❤
Tasty Cake
Tasty Cake - 6 months ago
Gaby Moore
Gaby Moore - 6 months ago
The grandma in the blue shirt is either from Brooklyn or she's Gordon Ramsey's mom
Rares Leonte
Rares Leonte - 6 months ago
I'm sure that the lady in the blue shirt is Gordon Ramsey's long lost great grandmother
Rosanocas França
Rosanocas França - 6 months ago
The woman said "Merda" and that it means terrible ... well it means sh*t haha
Brogan Romano
Brogan Romano - 6 months ago
The way buzzfeed edited it omdsss
Rob Lo
Rob Lo - 6 months ago
I love it
Ugly MF
Ugly MF - 6 months ago
These ladies got to be related to Gordon Ramsay
ggg - 6 months ago
Stupid old farts, southern Europe received tomatoes from the Americas specifically mexico. So how is your food more authentic? It's not
YeszCore - 6 months ago
i️m a waiter at olive garden, i’m half italian and i️ self loathe every time i️ tell people i️ work there
Xavier Lomnicki
Xavier Lomnicki - 6 months ago
When grandma says something isn’t ravioli, it’s not ravioli.
Jigzaw - 6 months ago
Sucka my dicka
KittyKatSize - 6 months ago
this is exactly how my grandmother was. i love this. XD
Debbie Ferrer
Debbie Ferrer - 6 months ago
2:23 that lady was literaly triggered by that ravioli
Eleonora Fava
Eleonora Fava - 6 months ago
Real Italian nonne don't speak English.
Mythical Factory
Mythical Factory - 6 months ago
ahahah this is great
Mary Lova
Mary Lova - 6 months ago
I love the grandmas that liked everything they're just there for the free food and honestly life goals
Mix Me
Mix Me - 6 months ago
The 2 women at 1:38 can't be Italian...they like all those plates
Mix Me
Mix Me - 6 months ago
JFLD8 - 6 months ago
She wants to put more salt on the breadsticks?! Those breadsticks are salty AF!
BlueSoulDragon Destructor
BlueSoulDragon Destructor - 6 months ago
I’m going to be honest I love eggplant Parmesan
Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez - 6 months ago
Calamari is rubbery
rataphi legacy
rataphi legacy - 6 months ago
The Grandma with black hair and white and black shirt is NOT ITALIAN
Manuαlfa - 6 months ago
"You know what Merda is?"
"What does that mean?!”

OneRustyMachineJR - 6 months ago
Italian equivalent of salsa saltsa
the Pink Kitty
the Pink Kitty - 6 months ago
I love the one grandma in the white and black blouse. She has good constructive criticism
Cyril Arielle Guarin
Cyril Arielle Guarin - 6 months ago
“Maybe a little more salt” “A little more salt”

100. comment for Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Stardoll & Nightcore101
Stardoll & Nightcore101 - 6 months ago
The two ladies at 1:40 are so cute x
Smokey Rook main
Smokey Rook main - 6 months ago
Oh my god the little mean looking old lady that was wearing the dark blue shirt is so savage
The Kathleen Show
The Kathleen Show - 6 months ago
Those two people they really like it and the other people are like spitting it out. Lol.
[ Shade ]
[ Shade ] - 6 months ago
The real thing is sooooooooooooooo much better
Kati e
Kati e - 6 months ago
The woman with the black pixie cut and the woman in the blue shirt perfectly showcase the difference between Italians and Italian Americans.
Eric Smith
Eric Smith - 6 months ago
Too funny. All over the place from love it to hate it. The first lady wasn't mixing any words.
Aphmau is life
Aphmau is life - 6 months ago
I'm not taking my grandma to Olive Garden then ;-;
Aphmau is life
Aphmau is life - 6 months ago
My dad doesn't like it either but I like it
Paradise Games
Paradise Games - 6 months ago
i love the 2 grandma's That loved every food.
Maya B
Maya B - 6 months ago
There’s such a difference between actual Italians and the American Italians
KᑌᗰOᖇᗩ - 6 months ago
Im the two ladies who complemented everything
KᑌᗰOᖇᗩ - 6 months ago
I love Italian grandmas
Michelle Shao
Michelle Shao - 6 months ago
We need these women in other videos too!
Alana's vlogs
Alana's vlogs - 6 months ago
These granny's are gangster
Kenzie Duncan
Kenzie Duncan - 6 months ago
The two grandmas who are just lovin it
Nicholas the gamer
Nicholas the gamer - 6 months ago
I feel bad being a American
Anroop Chandi
Anroop Chandi - 6 months ago
The grandma at 0:43 is my favourite
james fender
james fender - 6 months ago
we cook what are you thinking
Paradise Games
Paradise Games - 6 months ago
I Just died when One girl Said ` ` This is just horrible, ` ` To the breadsticks. Im Offended. I love their breadsticks so freaking much.
Millsy Kooksy
Millsy Kooksy - 6 months ago
absolutely hilarious
I am Alicia
I am Alicia - 6 months ago
I love how the two grandmas absolutely loved every food but everyone else hated it
Jessica And Charlie
Jessica And Charlie - 6 months ago
I cannot even imagine going to Olive Garden, perché è una merda senza offesa per le persone che in realtà mangia questo tipo di merda.
Nephilim - 6 months ago
Why does that pair of grandmas love everything?
My life As Anna
My life As Anna - 6 months ago
It’s funny how some Americans find Olive Garden breadsticks so flavorful, and these older Italian women are like “there’s no flavor, no seasoning” and dumping Italian oil all over it!!!
Alxson - 6 months ago
Those two ladies could have a dead cat and love it
Kartik Ashok
Kartik Ashok - 6 months ago
The old woman in the blue shirt is definitely Tony Cipriani's mom in GTA 4 Liberty City Stories.
Itz Luka
Itz Luka - 6 months ago
I love the grandma with the bun
Lilibeth Ramírez
Lilibeth Ramírez - 6 months ago
The pink and blue t-shirt nonnas are like mine
Lilibeth Ramírez
Lilibeth Ramírez - 6 months ago
In Italy we don’t call them grandma we called them nonna
unknown - 5 months ago
Mason Brooks Spanish and Italian names and surnames are quite similar
Mason Brooks
Mason Brooks - 6 months ago
Lilibeth Ramírez y your last name ramirez of your ITALIAN
Anya M
Anya M - 6 months ago
These grandmas are savage
Skyline 34
Skyline 34 - 6 months ago
Damn , that one lady sure does love her salt
Skyline 34
Skyline 34 - 6 months ago
How to make the grandma with the Pink button up shirt suffer:

Lock her in a room with nothing but food from olive garden
Edward  Reyes
Edward Reyes - 6 months ago
Lady in the blue shirt is my new spirit animal
Lydia Honerkamp
Lydia Honerkamp - 6 months ago
The two people who said it was good every time tho
Lydia Honerkamp
Lydia Honerkamp - 6 months ago
Eliya ya haha
Eliya - 6 months ago
Lydia Honerkamp "just the way I like it!"
Madi Zimmerman
Madi Zimmerman - 6 months ago
Well American food is better so you old grandmas can shhhhh
Evila - 6 months ago
A A - 6 months ago
bruh those grandmas just wanted a free meal smh
too many cooks
too many cooks - 6 months ago
I'm surprised my grandmas don't act like this because it would explain a lot...
Raycheetah - 6 months ago
Unfortunately,. most of us don't have an Italian grandma to cook for us. =-[.]-=
housecoon - 6 months ago
Wait, merda, is that mierda?
Raven Motionless
Raven Motionless - 6 months ago
lmao i love how one pair of old ladies was loving everything and the other pair wanted to trash it all
Train Man
Train Man - 6 months ago
I love Olive garden
Giulia Lazzi
Giulia Lazzi - 6 months ago
I'm italian and... i miss my grandma. She always cooked to me parmigiana and lasagna. I'm so nostalgic
Jack LaMore
Jack LaMore - 6 months ago
America just steals food from other countries
Amazingamer 1.0
Amazingamer 1.0 - 6 months ago
Gordon Ramsey in a nutshell 1:56
HotSauce753 - 6 months ago
My grandmother is hardcore Sicilian and for some reason she loves Olive garden...
Cookie Crumbz
Cookie Crumbz - 6 months ago
Only one granny loves the food the others hate it XD
Joseph Meh
Joseph Meh - 6 months ago
2 of the grandmas that love it
David Garcia
David Garcia - 6 months ago
the lady in the blue shirt definitly feels that olive garden failed!
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton - 6 months ago
That one at the beginning is my grandma
Daisy Bee
Daisy Bee - 6 months ago
My Italian grandmother sounds just like these ladys and along with my Latina gramother
Ellie Avila
Ellie Avila - 6 months ago
the one with the black hair is the only legit one.
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez - 6 months ago
Mr. King Kitty
Mr. King Kitty - 6 months ago
Olive garden in one tier above fast food.
Mia Moo :3
Mia Moo :3 - 6 months ago
You know it’s serious when an Italian Grandma refuses to eat the rest of the food on her plate...
Harmony Lewis
Harmony Lewis - 6 months ago
The grandma w/ the black hair and black & white shirt was so precious
Lina Gomez
Lina Gomez - 6 months ago
Hey that grandma in the white and black flower? Dress I think should be a judge on chopped I like how she put the flause and the right
Alexandra Pincay
Alexandra Pincay - 6 months ago
LOL! The intro thoo
JL00 - 6 months ago
come on down to the olive garden and get yo free breadstick
paintball360 - 6 months ago
i swear italian grandmas are the best. hands down
Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden - 6 months ago
I didn't know Italians had Brooklyn accents. I wonder what people from Italy and Ireland think when Americans say they are Italian or Irish but they are 6th generation Yankee and the furthest they have been from home is the next state over.
Bloody Blue
Bloody Blue - 6 months ago
Eat your heart out peach, I think mario already hooked up with theses ladies.
Rosalina 27
Rosalina 27 - 6 months ago
I love how one grandma was nice and was like "oh yeah, I just wish it had more flavor" and the other one was like "IT LOOKS LIKE A SKINNY D***"
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez - 6 months ago
Well she's right though.....that is not a ravioli it's a shell!
baby girl
baby girl - 6 months ago
Christina Zagoriti
Christina Zagoriti - 6 months ago
Blue shirt lady vs Gordon Ramsay on who swears the most. Who wins?
It'sMaeMae - 6 months ago
bremenfan29 - 6 months ago
I like the blonde lady! She’s got the Gordon Ramsay personality!
TheMyth Gamer11
TheMyth Gamer11 - 6 months ago
Y'all should've gave them the shrimp alfredo
Butterjeffery - 6 months ago
Two of those grandmas aren't Italian, the ones who are liking the food, they might be Jewish
Joey Gaft
Joey Gaft - 6 months ago
It's funny how the two grandmas like every thing while everyone else doesn't
David C.
David C. - 6 months ago
Olive garden be watching this and be like
Mischa Blair
Mischa Blair - 6 months ago
I wish I had an Italian grandma!
Ravenheart - 6 months ago
More videos bout Italyyy I love them
Jeevu Anand
Jeevu Anand - 6 months ago
The two grandmas were just eating everything like the way they like. '
Donnie Hales
Donnie Hales - 6 months ago
Olive Garden is disgusting
k8tlyn ¿
k8tlyn ¿ - 6 months ago
Ashley Bowles
Ashley Bowles - 6 months ago
You know what merda means? pauses terrible
Sapphire The Rain-Wing
Sapphire The Rain-Wing - 6 months ago
These Grandma's are #triggered
sumaya shueib
sumaya shueib - 6 months ago
" mwah, just the way I like it." heheheh
Mrs. Bieber
Mrs. Bieber - 6 months ago
My grandma can‘t even See American „italian“ Food

And it isn’t actually real italian Food but whatever haha
Mohd Haddad
Mohd Haddad - 6 months ago
I love that granny in the blue denim shirt.She needs to pair up with Gordon Ramsey.
Beast Omana
Beast Omana - 6 months ago
only saw three Italian grandmas
Fortunate Corgi
Fortunate Corgi - 6 months ago
I am italian, and olive garden is horrible
Anthony Rando
Anthony Rando - 6 months ago
My nonna
897 - 6 months ago
I love how two grandmas like everything and every other hate it
victoria contreras
victoria contreras - 6 months ago
3:26 they like everything
Grace Sconzo
Grace Sconzo - 6 months ago
The lady in the blue shirt by herself is funny. She reminds me of Gordon Ramsay. It's amazing.
HipsterGeek - 6 months ago
I love this because it has my two favorite things: Food and the elderly. Old people are cute. Don't make it weird.
Gabby DAwson
Gabby DAwson - 6 months ago
They should of tried the salad...That's the best
Ava's vlogs And challenges
Ava's vlogs And challenges - 6 months ago
Haha the girl with the blue shirt and then her bff I’m the pink shirt are soooo funny! Everyone’s like EWW NOO then there like Omg this is so good
Panicatthe21chemicalcrybaby Paskinski
Panicatthe21chemicalcrybaby Paskinski - 6 months ago
"I don't want anymore" You look like my granny, so I sympathize. Not Italian tho. Sicilian
BeastModeBros - 7 months ago
this is really raw

just the way I like it
Jeannie Pilling
Jeannie Pilling - 7 months ago
I love them
Helena Ravenclaw
Helena Ravenclaw - 7 months ago
Somethings fishy...

Read More
icampbellsoup - 7 months ago
There's something so satisfying watching Italians talk about food.
Zeronite - 7 months ago
you can tell the level of italian in each grandma.
Bailey Wood
Bailey Wood - 7 months ago
Is merda the same thing and mierda in spanish?
artsyy leenaa
artsyy leenaa - 7 months ago
My favourite one was the lady in the pink

"No no this is not a ravioli!"
"This tastes like a merde!"
"Oh mamma mia"
Gabriella Cruz
Gabriella Cruz - 7 months ago
Bruh those 2 grandmas that liked everything had me dying
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares - 7 months ago
I liked the very first young lady. By the way. When you take out from a restaurant the food loses its freshness and heat. That's why you see mixed reactions.
Emily M
Emily M - 7 months ago
Can you do hispanics try chipotle?
{} {}
{} {} - 7 months ago
I didn't know gordon ramsey had that many Grandmothers
Karleigh Maiden
Karleigh Maiden - 7 months ago
the little lady in the blue shirt and blonde hair is my spirit animal
Sagie Yoyo's Jones
Sagie Yoyo's Jones - 7 months ago
The lady's who said our resale is good thank you god bless you
Urchin - 7 months ago
gotta love those two in the pink and blue who are just loving the free meal XD
Anika Karody
Anika Karody - 7 months ago
the grandma comparing...
GomiHiko - 7 months ago
tldr white people aint season they food
username147 - 7 months ago
I hate olive garden it tastes so bad I'm not even italian either I'm irish/EU portuguese/ french canadian/german/japanese
IH N - 7 months ago
When I get old imma be that one grammy cursing her a** off
Emi Holo
Emi Holo - 7 months ago
Those two ladies are hilarious, the other grandmas had thick Italian accents and they didn’t have any and they said everything was “delicious and amazing” all the other grandmas thought I was gross
berniebeth burns
berniebeth burns - 7 months ago
That Badass grandma tho
P La
P La - 7 months ago
I luv that lady that keep on cussing
Olabisi O
Olabisi O - 7 months ago
I LOVE the grandma that curses, why can’t she be my grandma
Winne A.
Winne A. - 7 months ago
So there sayin that spaghetti is not Italian it’s been an American recipe this whole time!!

Edit: ik I sound stupid
ChristianR - 7 months ago
These are all of Gordon Ramsey's aunties lmao
Oz R
Oz R - 7 months ago
Ita teizts laik a meld iu no wat melde iz (what is it) T E L I B L E
Aurora Aprea
Aurora Aprea - 7 months ago
"this taste like merda" HAHAHAHAHA E VI HA CHIUSO.
aly suks
aly suks - 7 months ago
That one lady. She is amazing.
Faze Asian
Faze Asian - 7 months ago
I want the first grandma to be the next Kevin Hart
Artsy Slytherin
Artsy Slytherin - 7 months ago
the ones that sound more American are the ones that like the food the most
Claudia asdfgh
Claudia asdfgh - 7 months ago
i'm italian lol
Nadia Neziri
Nadia Neziri - 7 months ago
Omfg the lady that was like 'no this is not ravioli' made me laugh soooooo hard. And I'm, like, emotionless but damn she needs her own TV show or something
Jkawesome - 7 months ago
Starts watching

Aww there all so sweet
0:34 I was wrong but she’s savage af
Tiffany Esmond
Tiffany Esmond - 7 months ago
1:21 those grandmas seem like there not real Italians
나를죽이다 - 7 months ago
povera nonna! la donna anziana del rosa non poteva più prendersi!
Bulldog Mom
Bulldog Mom - 7 months ago
Italians don't eat this crap.
Monique Guerrero
Monique Guerrero - 7 months ago
Olive Garden better check their facts
Captain Doomsday
Captain Doomsday - 7 months ago
I like how they had a chance with the eggplant dish and then that abomination of lasagna ingredients repulsed everyone.
Italian grannies don't care.
CloudQueen :3
CloudQueen :3 - 7 months ago
grandma is swearing up a storm here holy
Giselle Ortega
Giselle Ortega - 7 months ago
I love it how they perfected every single one. Also i love the blonde granny with the blue sweater
xXLove_SkatingXx - 7 months ago
Are these people Gordon Ramsey’s aunties?
Cwrig Anime
Cwrig Anime - 7 months ago
That one girl little more salt for this a little more salt for that
yourgirlarii forever
yourgirlarii forever - 7 months ago
The one with the blond hair and blue shirt and her hair is up is kinds scary
ShAdOw - 7 months ago
These are all Gordan ramsey's aunties lmao
Eugene Tunney
Eugene Tunney - 7 months ago
Non sono neanche italiane, bugiardi
Diego Casta
Diego Casta - 7 months ago
00:33 LOL
Unique Slimes forever
Unique Slimes forever - 7 months ago
Landen Cruz
Landen Cruz - 7 months ago
None of this is authentic
Slimer Guy
Slimer Guy - 7 months ago
If I have gave the two lady's that look alike I swear I could feed them a rotten cheese and the would like it.
Anime SweetHeart
Anime SweetHeart - 7 months ago
I want a Italian Grandma.... I need some good food.... my grandma is Irish
Sophia Parini
Sophia Parini - 7 months ago
My great grandmother when I order pizza is this entire video
Diya Asnani
Diya Asnani - 7 months ago
" that's ravioli"
NO NO das not ravioli
datchiman 09
datchiman 09 - 7 months ago
Italians are savage
bremenfan29 - 7 months ago
Hahahaha! I️ love this!
Sara K
Sara K - 7 months ago
The one blonde lady with the pony tail is my spirit animal
Rachael Lee
Rachael Lee - 7 months ago
Ariel S. Estrada
Ariel S. Estrada - 7 months ago
Rick Grassi
Rick Grassi - 7 months ago
They were overly criticizing the bread sticks, the saddest thing, that’s probably the best part about Olive Garden
Rick Grassi
Rick Grassi - 7 months ago
0:36 that’s my fucken grandma
Lisa Duchi
Lisa Duchi - 7 months ago
Merda actually means sh**
Youtube Central
Youtube Central - 7 months ago
The grandma in the blue by herself was my favorite lmao
Marcos Anchondo
Marcos Anchondo - 7 months ago
Me looking at my grades
Stefan Stately
Stefan Stately - 7 months ago
Rayven Koong
Rayven Koong - 7 months ago
The two grandmas who liked everything probably just came for a free meal.
Ava Bartels
Ava Bartels - 7 months ago
These grandmas are badass
Sarah Hendricks
Sarah Hendricks - 7 months ago
I love the lady in black and white. She’s so sweet
Antonio Manzella
Antonio Manzella - 7 months ago
All but two liked all of the dishes, probably not Italian
ur mom
ur mom - 7 months ago
I want Ariana Grandes nonna to come out and eat this
Musiclover KeKe
Musiclover KeKe - 7 months ago
Marceline Chan
Marceline Chan - 7 months ago
The ladies wearing pink and purple cannot be Italian
Just Twinning!
Just Twinning! - 7 months ago
Katie Hofmann
Katie Hofmann - 7 months ago
My nonna told me I need to marry her friends nephews son because he is italian and I’m only 49-50% I’m only 14
Wilfried BEUGRE
Wilfried BEUGRE - 7 months ago
I think that staying for more than 10 years in Italy has made me even pickier (if possible) than all of these Grandmas. I really feel the first one and the other with the pink blouse using Italian terms often
TEYEMEMATON - 7 months ago
Most Italian intro ever.... WHO THE F*CK MADE THIS!!!!
Caca_ Fangirl
Caca_ Fangirl - 7 months ago
0:34 I spit out my drink
Italia - 7 months ago
Real italians dont curse, we are all very nice and generous people, i can also tell these grandmas are fake, i have never heard an italian woman curse, my grandma makes better food than olive garden and these grandmas, and thats saying something. And if they really were italian then i wouldn't be surprised if they tried the wine atleast once.
Italia - 7 months ago
Well 3 times atleast, or maybe the whole cup, come on.
Derek Tillman
Derek Tillman - 7 months ago
I have never had olive garden so I am seeing their reaction.
Steffany A.
Steffany A. - 7 months ago
"Who cooked this ? Cause they didn't cook it right."
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi - 7 months ago
Lolol that one lady who is trying to be polite reminds me of my nonna
Extended NCS And More Music
Extended NCS And More Music - 7 months ago
this is so spicy
Arantxa Mendez
Arantxa Mendez - 7 months ago
lmao damn they ain’t holding back
dc caws l
dc caws l - 7 months ago
These are the real food critics Olive Garden should have let come in when they first opened up the restaurant cuz these b**** are fine Cooks seems like
carmen Ramirez
carmen Ramirez - 7 months ago
Ava M
Ava M - 7 months ago
my grandma is the blue-eyed one honestly
Sammy P
Sammy P - 7 months ago
I love the gangster grandma.
Jerald Collins
Jerald Collins - 7 months ago
I've been to Italy many times.  Italians do not understand and will not eat bad food.  The best Italian dishes are simple but made with the best ingredients available.  They also eat things in season, and food varies a lot by region.  Even airport food is good in Italy; you can get a freshly made risotto at Malpensa (near Milan).
Lexie Robinson
Lexie Robinson - 7 months ago
I like how one grandma says it is gross and cooked wrong and the next says it is cooked perfectly and delicious.
AsylumThundr - 7 months ago
Half hate it, one has commentary, and two like it
Mario Haase
Mario Haase - 7 months ago
these people are not even Italian
L. Lawliet
L. Lawliet - 7 months ago
Le Nonne sono tristi perché non c'era tanta roba,ce ne dovevano essere almeno 7 di piatti!!
Claire Treftlin
Claire Treftlin - 7 months ago
They are all like “EWWWW” then the two are like “YASSSSS”
Riccardo De Stefano
Riccardo De Stefano - 7 months ago
Si vede che non sono italiane
ride time
ride time - 7 months ago
hahaha sono d'accordo con il grande giardino di oliva su
Planet J
Planet J - 7 months ago
This is why I want to be Italian
Snoopy Khan
Snoopy Khan - 7 months ago
The one grandma that hated everything could be Gordon Ramsey's mom
Sarabear409 - 7 months ago
The only reason I go to Olive Garden is for the salad, and its not even THAT good
softnpeachyg - 7 months ago
are you serious? im Italian and if you had my nonna try this she would probably cry, this place should be illegal that breadstick should be a grissino? TI PREGO! unbelievable
harry pot
harry pot - 7 months ago
Italian food is not ancient at all.
The main ingredient in many classic Italian dishes is the tomato.Most Italians never tasted a tomato until the second half of the nineteenth century.
Some of the best Italian dishes were actually created in the "new country" after Italians emigrated out of Italy,and then brought their recipes back to Italy upon their return.
Joelina Cuello
Joelina Cuello - 7 months ago
i love her oh no no thats not ravioli.
Vicki lee
Vicki lee - 7 months ago
never screw with a Italian nonna's lol
Alan Loran
Alan Loran - 7 months ago
0:00 god I love her
sandy.cheekys koech
sandy.cheekys koech - 7 months ago
The granny with blonde hair is such a savage
vengo dall Illinois io sono con lui
vengo dall Illinois io sono con lui - 7 months ago
only respect for italian grandmas ...
Icefreak - 7 months ago
the beginning though XD
VON DYLAN - 7 months ago
I started crying when she dipped the fork into the sauce and tasted it very little by little LMFAO
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson - 7 months ago
I swear, those two grandmas were there for the free food.
Yen Shu Liao
Yen Shu Liao - 7 months ago
Oh lol! Precious Nonnas XD Also it's kinda funny how they get the wine and a massive bottle of olive oil, and pepper and candle.
Cristian Nuques
Cristian Nuques - 7 months ago
Most overrated cuisine.
Sarah White
Sarah White - 7 months ago
Binge watching food videos makes me hungry
The Gallifreyan Lord
The Gallifreyan Lord - 7 months ago
I love how they like everything
Idk if they're just trying to be nice or they actually like them
THANH Huynh Thien
THANH Huynh Thien - 7 months ago
oh mamamia!
C Dawg21
C Dawg21 - 7 months ago
Those two grandmas weren’t picky at all
Shima james
Shima james - 7 months ago
Those people who liked the food were Jewish for sure
Taylor Lane
Taylor Lane - 7 months ago
The grandmother in the black and white was so nice. Even though you could tell when she didn't like something she just made suggestions on it.
Ayush Patel
Ayush Patel - 7 months ago
One of the grandma's says it needs more salt, one says It's just the way I like it and the other says it tastes like sh*t. For literally EVERYTHING
Deimos Phob
Deimos Phob - 7 months ago
Olive garden sucks.
giorgia's channel
giorgia's channel - 7 months ago
Megan Izzy
Megan Izzy - 7 months ago
That blonde lady
Big Dreams
Big Dreams - 7 months ago
That 1 grandma. Bread sticks this is like a little .....
Triggered Gamer
Triggered Gamer - 7 months ago
My Nonna would throw the plate and go make her own version of the food
Liana Trock
Liana Trock - 7 months ago
The difference between the women with the black and white shirt and the women with the blue shirt.... lol
aposslex - 7 months ago
These are all the same whether it's Chinese or Mexican or whatever. It shows an individuals attitude and personality rather than reaching any conclusions. You're either a positive, open minded person or a cynical snobby c***
Letizia di Angelo
Letizia di Angelo - 7 months ago
"is like merda" hahahahaha
Chip - 7 months ago
I'm American I thought Olive Garden was the best Italian restaurant ever well apparently not ;-;
Jethro Lara
Jethro Lara - 7 months ago
id like to see them try lunchables
XHAMADXGAMERX MC Lover - 7 months ago
I thought I was the only one that hates Olive Garden!
Aesthetic Asshole
Aesthetic Asshole - 7 months ago
God I love these
Bread Senpai
Bread Senpai - 7 months ago
I have never eaten Olive Garden in my entire life because my father half-Italian father says it’s “fake Italian food.”
Lizzie Lieb
Lizzie Lieb - 7 months ago
That one woman who refused to eat it killed me
Elle - 7 months ago
I love how most of them remind me of my Nonna:)
John - 7 months ago
so three Italians and the rest are Italian/Americans it's an important distinction...
amarah lmao
amarah lmao - 7 months ago
that lasagna looked like cat vomit
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez - 7 months ago
These are chongas
Janelle Jobson On Instagram
Janelle Jobson On Instagram - 7 months ago
That old woman lmao
Tamira Bennett Volk
Tamira Bennett Volk - 7 months ago
There's Italian food and then there's American Italian food. Both are great!
Brealaja Barber
Brealaja Barber - 7 months ago
They need southern food
Brealaja Barber
Brealaja Barber - 7 months ago
The grandma that was cussing was funny
kayla okay hehe
kayla okay hehe - 7 months ago
I t l o o k s l i k e a s k i n n y d ! c k
Sasha Eaton x
Sasha Eaton x - 7 months ago
What is this ?
No this is no ravioli
This is a ravioli
No not ravioli ❤️
BlaussThe Root
BlaussThe Root - 7 months ago
What kind of sh*t is this
Straight Face
Straight Face - 7 months ago
Two words...SO FUNNY!!!
Adan Alcala
Adan Alcala - 7 months ago
Betty RowdyDark
Betty RowdyDark - 7 months ago
“it’s ravioli”
“No not a ravioli”
“It’s a ravioli”
“NONO not a ravioli
Tor i
Tor i - 7 months ago
1:35 is me when my mom makes something new
Livvy H
Livvy H - 7 months ago
This looks like a skinny di*k to me
I'M dead
Cristian lop
Cristian lop - 7 months ago
The one at 0:23 looks racist
Pietro Perotto
Pietro Perotto - 7 months ago
i cant't watch. These aren't even italian grandmas
Firmly Pepe
Firmly Pepe - 7 months ago
The blonde grandma is a savage
Snigdha Garikaparthi
Snigdha Garikaparthi - 7 months ago
The blond woman gives me life
Lobsters Pasta
Lobsters Pasta - 7 months ago
Tiffani Montoya
Tiffani Montoya - 7 months ago
Making us look bad
Chavi Rules
Chavi Rules - 7 months ago
Elliotdoesntknowhowtoyoutube - 7 months ago
There’s the Gordon Ramsay grandma, and then there are the grandmas that just love everything.
Gaia De Pietro
Gaia De Pietro - 7 months ago
I’m Italian and my parents are like this when I cook food
Prank Nation
Prank Nation - 7 months ago
You can tell that the grandma who was swearing is the Mum to a Mafia boss
Ashley Kang
Ashley Kang - 6 months ago
Prank Nation Gordon Ramsey
Supreme Uploads
Supreme Uploads - 7 months ago
Those two ladies lied. They aren't Italian. They did it for the food, "I like it, it's the way I like it".
Sho Nuff
Sho Nuff - 6 months ago
Supreme Uploads how do u know
julia azevedo
julia azevedo - 7 months ago
u know what merda means??? terrible LMFAOOOOOOOO
k c
k c - 7 months ago
No gouda
evergreen - 7 months ago
Those two with the red hair were digging it and the rest were just like nah fam
Gia lybarger
Gia lybarger - 7 months ago
the blonde woman with her hair up is me
Teo Castro Santiago
Teo Castro Santiago - 7 months ago
Two of them are not Italian, they are there for the free food
Christian Fuggirai
Christian Fuggirai - 7 months ago
Ao se sta roba la spacciate per cibo italiano mia nonna si girando nella tomba manco al mio cane la darei sta roba
Sheridan Burns
Sheridan Burns - 7 months ago
I love the two positive grandmas, they are so cute!
Skyline 34
Skyline 34 - 7 months ago
The 2 "positive" granny's aren't real Italians
Filippo Reale
Filippo Reale - 7 months ago
you can tell 3:25 aint italian
Danielle Torres
Danielle Torres - 7 months ago
When they tried the breadsticks
"It looks like a skinny d*ck to me"
I'm dead
Liv_ hoang88
Liv_ hoang88 - 7 months ago
I love how most of the comments are about Gorden Ramsey
Nyah Taylor
Nyah Taylor - 7 months ago
The Nonna with the blue shirt is just like my mom
Lexus Keepin it REAL
Lexus Keepin it REAL - 7 months ago
Omg italians are savages lol
TheOrthodoxAlbanian - 7 months ago
No no no no diz a nota ravioli
jøhnny boy
jøhnny boy - 7 months ago
GemmaDex -
GemmaDex - - 6 months ago
jøhnny boy Ahahahahau
Alex San
Alex San - 7 months ago
0:00 oh look, old lady gaga right here
Camila L
Camila L - 7 months ago
omg they DO talk with their hands
Resident Potato
Resident Potato - 7 months ago
the readhead grandma and her sister were sooo nice lmfao
//cloudy skies//
//cloudy skies// - 7 months ago
Why is Gordon Ramsay's mother here?
Leonardo Moiin
Leonardo Moiin - 7 months ago
come on they are italo americans not italians
Tarlia Jaench
Tarlia Jaench - 7 months ago
i want to see a 5 star chef cook up some food for exsemple italin food. italians taste it and are told that its from a cheaper non athentic restront
Charles Schwartz
Charles Schwartz - 7 months ago
Isn't it funny the Italian Americans LOVE everything and the REAL Italians hate most of it?
QFitty ,
QFitty , - 7 months ago
"I wonder what tomatoes they use its very good"
i have one word for you

Niff - 7 months ago
The one that kept swearing is AMAZING
Jojo TAco
Jojo TAco - 7 months ago
Mama mia
Único Lugar
Único Lugar - 7 months ago
Star Kittens
Star Kittens - 7 months ago
I love their accent so much
Noemi Bonvicini
Noemi Bonvicini - 7 months ago
Go nonna go
Elle Furtado
Elle Furtado - 7 months ago
As I am born from Italy, this food is a disgrace. About 9-10 times there is ricotta and gravy (sauce) in the foods.
an 8th dimentional being
an 8th dimentional being - 7 months ago
I miss my grandma
Pusheen - 7 months ago
The black haired one tries to be nice.. “uhhhh it needs a little more garlic flavor, and uhh maybe a bit more salt on top?”
Super MTM
Super MTM - 7 months ago
If I was in that show, I would bring my Nonna streight from Italy
Princess Coby and Sam
Princess Coby and Sam - 7 months ago
These grandmas made me laugh hecka harddd
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 7 months ago
I love those two (im assuming) twin grandmas and how they just love everything, while all the others are cursing a pointing out everything wrong. Reminds me of myself, and how I just eat anything thats edible
Salty_Potato - 7 months ago
Merda= mierda
Mierda= sh*t
Mishka - 7 months ago
lol the 2 grandmas who loved everything i love them XD
Nora Marie
Nora Marie - 7 months ago
The grandma in the blue is so fuggin savage
Alois - 7 months ago
-You know what merda means?
-what does that mean?

Snowkit and Flame do stuff
Snowkit and Flame do stuff - 7 months ago
The blonde in the blue shirt though
Kenna Jensen
Kenna Jensen - 8 months ago
Those 2 women are so so so thankful i love them so mucjh
_flower_ Kinz_
_flower_ Kinz_ - 8 months ago
I'm American how is Olive Garden bad :((((((
_flower_ Kinz_
_flower_ Kinz_ - 8 months ago
0:34 she's mean I love Olive Garden
Natalie Mandile
Natalie Mandile - 8 months ago
Merda Italian means sh*t
LPSPuppyproductions - 8 months ago
I love that grandma who was like it needs more salt
Tabitha Howlter
Tabitha Howlter - 8 months ago
Why is this an exact represent of my Nonna
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 8 months ago
You know those two with the puffy hair just came to eat lmao
Victurd Fuentits
Victurd Fuentits - 8 months ago
Clorox Bleach ikr
StingingRodgerMate - 8 months ago
I've never had Olive Garden because I'm from England and from the looks of this food I don't think I'll ever WANT to have it
Abi Alston
Abi Alston - 8 months ago
This is hilarious to me
Lil Skype
Lil Skype - 8 months ago
i put it on mute and i could still hear them.
Nashell Gregory
Nashell Gregory - 8 months ago
lmaooooo omg
Nicki Nick
Nicki Nick - 8 months ago
DolanSwiftie - 8 months ago
I LOVE Italian food
Threezll The Weasel
Threezll The Weasel - 8 months ago
Some of these women are real Italian women, the rest are just old lady guidos.
Robby Taylor
Robby Taylor - 8 months ago
The one in the blue shirt is my favorite
Shadow being
Shadow being - 8 months ago
That ain't Olive Garden. Thats poor food from the north U.S.
Michael davtyan
Michael davtyan - 8 months ago
I want to watch the sopranos now.
Kallie Roman
Kallie Roman - 8 months ago
My Nonna came from Italy
Chris??? - 8 months ago
I swear to god that lady who looks like a crack head is not Italian, she came here just eat the food.
Micaella Dungan
Micaella Dungan - 8 months ago
Amo queste nonne. Ma mi sento come uno di loro è legato a Gordon Ramsay.
Richard A
Richard A - 8 months ago
Those grandmas enjoying are not Italian at all
Zoey Prime
Zoey Prime - 8 months ago
My favourite was the one in the pink shirt by herself
Bëãvęr - 8 months ago
I'm a tiny bit Italian, if you bring a Olive Garden there. Ya probably arrested
IanSweater22 - 8 months ago
I like those two Grandma’s that liked almost everything
Artist_Shubha L
Artist_Shubha L - 8 months ago
lilly o'erda
lilly o'erda - 8 months ago
maybe lill more um... maybe lill more SALT
AnnaGraceMusicOfficial - 8 months ago
Ahahahah yes as an Italian American I find Olive Garden offensive
ali hudson
ali hudson - 8 months ago
the lady with the short brunette hair and black and white clothing was so cute :D she has a very soft and calming voice i love it
Jenny Li
Jenny Li - 8 months ago
If you put any more salt, you’re gonna get kidney problems.............
kameron graves
kameron graves - 8 months ago
Y'all should have done fettuccine Alfredo it's the best
buried 27
buried 27 - 8 months ago
Saw Italian Grandmas had to be good
Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou - 8 months ago
Those 2 grandmas that hates the food are they related to Gordon Ramsey?
Joni Taylor dawson
Joni Taylor dawson - 8 months ago
Those two that said everything was good was sooo funny, they liked everything, I personally love Olive Garden
The Minecraft Queen// TMQ
The Minecraft Queen// TMQ - 8 months ago
My grandmother is Italian and she would always put olive oil on her bread! And now I do it
Eve Can
Eve Can - 8 months ago
Literally my nonna
BigRD TV - 8 months ago
My grandma would be all over this, she is Italian but my grandpa would say “EHH! WHAT THW F00K IS DIS CRAP!!!”
Alex Mercado
Alex Mercado - 8 months ago
I like the lady with the black white shirt
Mark E Kar
Mark E Kar - 8 months ago
a lot of over exaggerations.... they were just doing it for the laughs
Snowflakes In July
Snowflakes In July - 5 months ago
Mark E Kar
You clearly have never encountered an Italian nonna
Bread Senpai
Bread Senpai - 7 months ago
Naw fam, that was pride in its purest form
PieceOfPersia - 8 months ago
Spoiler: "merda" does not mean "terrible".
ToastyDoasty - 8 months ago
I found out not so long ago I have a ancestor who's buried in the capuchin catacombs in Palermo Sicily Italy and his name is Monsignor Franco D'Agostino
Real Sup114
Real Sup114 - 8 months ago
like si hablas español
Grey Givens
Grey Givens - 8 months ago
"Maybe more salt"
jair hugues
jair hugues - 8 months ago
That lasagna is a crime to milan fashion week
Madelyn McCormick
Madelyn McCormick - 8 months ago
Ok but that lasagna looked awful
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee - 8 months ago
Some of the grandmas who hated the food was me when I first tasted Olive Garden
TedHatty - 8 months ago
"The smell have to be *sniff* ahh..."
Bhumika Mewati
Bhumika Mewati - 8 months ago
The two grannies that like everything is me in next 20 years for sure.
Twenty one Panicking pilots
Twenty one Panicking pilots - 8 months ago
this is literally my nana
Atomic Apple
Atomic Apple - 8 months ago
The nagging woman sounds like a Mafia mother.
Kate Zen Giordano
Kate Zen Giordano - 8 months ago
mike jones
mike jones - 8 months ago
Italians are some of my favorite people the passion for every ingredient must be done the right way or no way
Protogent's backup OOF
Protogent's backup OOF - 8 months ago
Dis is not ravioli
Meghan McCrary
Meghan McCrary - 8 months ago
Buzzfeed do something about German food you have 0 things about German food
King Gabe Gomes
King Gabe Gomes - 8 months ago
I like the swearing grandma
Newcastle drains and urban exploration
Newcastle drains and urban exploration - 8 months ago
You guys do realise that all of these Nonnas will outlive us by at least 60 years
Bchompoo - 8 months ago
I just love grandma who wears blue shirt!! What a straightforward comment! Lol
malika wright
malika wright - 8 months ago
"No no this is not ravioli"
noodlepandaz - 8 months ago
This video needs maybe a little bit of salt.
N Lux
N Lux - 8 months ago
You can tell who the northern and southern Italians are
Elizabeth Goforth
Elizabeth Goforth - 8 months ago
I don’t even like Olive Garden and I am not Italian but they have good drinks
Greg P
Greg P - 8 months ago
Never been to Italy but been to a couple of Italian restaurants in Jersey. After eating there I can't even go inside an Olive Garden. It's like saying Taco Bell or Del Taco is Mexican food. Merda is right!
Idk 123
Idk 123 - 8 months ago
Im sorry but some of them kinda sound like my korean grandma
Kerrigan Beth
Kerrigan Beth - 8 months ago
I'm not Italian, I'm Irish, but even I know that the spaghetti in America isn't the same in Italy. It doesn't have the red meat sauce. Sad.
Lemon Lps
Lemon Lps - 8 months ago
My dad was born there and I went to Italy and it was awesome. Then I went to Olive Garden and I never want to go back
Aleaha Wilkins
Aleaha Wilkins - 8 months ago
The grandmas that loved everything are me
Lois B
Lois B - 8 months ago
I love all the grandmas. Especially the little blond one. The one in the black and white shirt was most informative
Jared Bowhay-Pringle
Jared Bowhay-Pringle - 8 months ago
Definitely all but three of those grandmas are American, not Italian. They probably haven't had real Italian food in their life.
Aoibhe O'Donovan
Aoibhe O'Donovan - 8 months ago
The blonde one in the blue blouse is like Gordon Ramsay’s grandma
L Bryson
L Bryson - 8 months ago
Them two bullshitin
Kassie Lynn-Marie
Kassie Lynn-Marie - 8 months ago
Greek grandmas taste opa?
emma - 8 months ago
Allie Levings
Allie Levings - 8 months ago
Omg those two ladies together are ADORABLE they just ate EVERYTHING
VaPr Boogy
VaPr Boogy - 8 months ago
1:35 she’s saying it sucks and her player is almost clean and her mouth is stuffed.
Dead Røse
Dead Røse - 8 months ago
these grandmas remind me of my grandma XD.
Arabia Moon
Arabia Moon - 8 months ago
Oh mio Dio! Quei ravioli sono veramente assurdi!
Susan Doglas
Susan Doglas - 8 months ago
1:11 “it tastes like it just came from the garden” ya, the Olive Garden...
The loud house best of best XDD
The loud house best of best XDD - 8 months ago
0 - 8 months ago
"no this is not ravioli"
Akeno - 8 months ago
i love how the 2 nonnas were just enjoying eating free food
Nino C.
Nino C. - 8 months ago
Thank you Nonnas for the advice never eating at OV...
Kaitlyn Jin
Kaitlyn Jin - 8 months ago
That blonde one
Colin Sheehan
Colin Sheehan - 8 months ago
I love Italian food
adiksadiatabs - 8 months ago
stuff that first woman's pie hole with a tray of jollibee spaghetti
GreedoTheMantisBagger - 8 months ago
I found Gordon Ramsey's grandmas great grandmas etc
Aleena Garcia
Aleena Garcia - 8 months ago
I'm not a chef, I'm not Italian either, but the food doesn't look appetizing. Yes, I ate from Olive Garden before in my country, the Philippines, but it didn't look like crap. It just surprised me. America is much more progressive but their food is not really good. Same to other well-known places.
youtube_myspace_and_i_will_google_your_yahoo - 8 months ago
they always seem to have someone who extremely hates everything lol
Cps.416 - 8 months ago
Olive Garden is grosss
Cps.416 - 8 months ago
Olive Garden is for mangia cakesssss
_._Queenkay 123
_._Queenkay 123 - 8 months ago
I’m soooo deadd☠️☠️☠️at the intro
DarkBeforeLight - 8 months ago
The positivity twins are either Jews or polskis
Sabrina Urb
Sabrina Urb - 8 months ago
Ahhahahahah le nonne
Ashley Escalante
Ashley Escalante - 8 months ago
I like the blond grandma #grandmagoals✌✌✌
It's Called A.M.O.R
It's Called A.M.O.R - 8 months ago
The grandmother with the dark blue shirt had me dying the whole time lol
WarriorAuranae - 8 months ago
A big problem with getting a group of Italians together to critique food, is that if they came from different areas of Italy or even just different towns they could have a completely different set of traditional recipes and/or preferences.
"They don't make this in Italy" or "we don't make it like this" is highly subjective.
Jolie Edwards
Jolie Edwards - 8 months ago
Jackhammer Plays
Jackhammer Plays - 8 months ago
The one with the black and white shirt is very kind
OREO Chloe
OREO Chloe - 8 months ago
Gordan swapped gender?!
Jo Margaret
Jo Margaret - 8 months ago
The two grandma's who like everything are probably up for anything.
Malthe Rud Andersen
Malthe Rud Andersen - 8 months ago
When i went the U.S i got the lasagne and that was f***ing terrible and there was 70% cheese. f***ing disgusting!!
Paradox - 8 months ago
Olive Garden is trash compared to The Italian Oven.
BygTYMELUVR2Dance - 8 months ago
Olive Garden,try again!!!
MarloSimmer - 8 months ago
i swear to god the two grandmas sitting together are me and my best friend at olive garden.
ploknight171717 - 8 months ago
Italian food that i eat in Olive Garden I drink soda but not wine
Iron Souls Gaming TV
Iron Souls Gaming TV - 8 months ago
Breh Olive Garden sucks their pasta ain't even Aladente
Nick Nathu
Nick Nathu - 8 months ago
It's the same for everyone, I'm west Caribbean and when I go to restaurants that are Guyanese or Trinidadian everyone else loves the food but I don't because I know what it's supposed to taste like. I'm sure that Indians try curries and cringe, and Mexicans try chipotle and throw up a little, it's because you know how it's supposed to taste
Nick Nathu
Nick Nathu - 8 months ago
RevolverOcelot2008 yeah I live in kew gardens Queens right next to Richmond hills which has a very high Caribbean population, and they make really good food but in forest hills Manhattan and and practically anywhere else in ny besides maybe mt Vernon and Jackson Heights the food is terrible
RevolverOcelot2008 - 8 months ago
I suppose

Are you going to chain Caribbean restaurants like Bahama Breeze(sorry that is the only chain I know of for "Carribean" food)

I would assume family owned places are more authentic especially if it is run by immigrants or their children just like when it comes to Italian food.

Olive Garden is terrible even when it comes to Italian-American food standards
Manuel Peru
Manuel Peru - 8 months ago
The blonde grandma with the blue clothes is funny
MusicRose 91
MusicRose 91 - 8 months ago
These ladies are nonnas! :D

And I love them all!
Tyrone Jones
Tyrone Jones - 8 months ago
Ooh just the way I like it
CROW - 8 months ago
lol imagine "US soldiers review nerf guns"
space panda
space panda - 8 months ago
The lady alone in the pink at 3:17 is just too funny
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez - 8 months ago
She needs to stop cusing
ItsRDR - 8 months ago
Grandma: What is this?
Buzzfeed: It's a Ravioli
Grandma: No ravioli
Buzzfeed: It's a ravioli
Rachel Leach
Rachel Leach - 5 months ago
ItsRDR not buzzfeed... lol
Alessia Kyra
Alessia Kyra - 6 months ago
our grandma are devils... You can touch all u want But don't try to touch food!
Mar Gf
Mar Gf - 8 months ago
You should try one with Peruvian food!
Glitter Special
Glitter Special - 8 months ago
Olive garden's fettuccine Alfredo is bomb
Hello It's Lili
Hello It's Lili - 8 months ago
They're all so funny and beautiful. I love Italians
Infinx - 8 months ago
why does that one grandma swear so much??

its also pretty funny not gonna lie

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