Gordon Ramsay’s Food Is Flooded With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares

I'm sure you can predict his reaction here. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/thefword http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares More Gordon Ramsay: Website: http://www.gordonramsay.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GordonRamsay01 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GordonRamsay

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Is Flooded With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares sentiment_very_dissatisfied 697

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I'm sure you can predict his reaction here. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/thefword http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares More Gordon Ramsay: Website: http://www.gordonramsay.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GordonRamsay01 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GordonRamsay

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for Gordon Ramsay’s Food Is Flooded With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares

Walton Gaming
Walton Gaming - 6 months ago
Shut the fuck up Gordon who fucking cares
mug mug
mug mug - 6 months ago
Haha the oil on top is actually common/must on mezze platters.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley - 6 months ago
Bubbles_ - 6 months ago
That lady sounds like Consuela from family guy
Music is Love
Music is Love - 6 months ago
That guy is creepy
The Maknae
The Maknae - 6 months ago
Hello, my name is

UGH IT'S JOE - 6 months ago
Chef Ramsey, I’m inviting you to try my famous bread, peanut butter, and turtle sandwich.
Joshua Cisneros
Joshua Cisneros - 6 months ago
The server is really sweet. It must suck for her to work there.
Charbel Youssef
Charbel Youssef - 6 months ago
Actually this is how we eat the mezze. We always put more olive oil.

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Lonely Journey
Lonely Journey - 6 months ago
Nino where is the RAW lamb sauce
ShuAarmauFan - 6 months ago
That guy is very creepy
mocha - 6 months ago
that nino at the end lmaooo
M W - 6 months ago
Damn it does look like vomit
Ajaws2414 - 6 months ago
Overly T h i c c
Destiny Perez
Destiny Perez - 6 months ago
He says wow so much
Maria McGeary
Maria McGeary - 6 months ago
I love how he is like tell him to stop staring at me he’s creeping me out
Twentyønes!nnercrybabiesalsokindofadirectionet. - 6 months ago
In Arabic food we put that amount of oil in it and it’s fine. As long as it’s olive oil it would be gross if it’s cooking oil
Emhani Jackson
Emhani Jackson - 6 months ago
1:00 “I always feel like somebody’s watchin me”
Lexy Holmes
Lexy Holmes - 6 months ago
"Really, we're gonna start blaming a fucking bean for the hummus?" Hahaha killed me right there.

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hawkmunRa - 7 months ago
The "Z" on the Fava Beans has me thibking that the kitchen staff is in league with either Lord Zedd or Emperor Zurg. Which is it?
Jazzie Huggins
Jazzie Huggins - 7 months ago
My only problem with this channel. They don't put the episode in the description.
Mike Davidson
Mike Davidson - 7 months ago
HUmmus is the bomb
AwesomeJackify - 7 months ago
This is coming from the guy who's famous lines include
"Hot pan, olive oil" lmao
Quantumax - 7 months ago
Give me, the butter

Anyone know that reference?

It's pumpkin world
James X
James X - 7 months ago
That guy is staring at Ramsay like you better like the damn good
OptimusProwlGirl - 7 months ago
Mark looks like that guy that eats puppies
Nabinani 777
Nabinani 777 - 7 months ago
0:40 to 0:56
OsamaBinLaden - 7 months ago
I can't be the only one who hates people that keep staring at you
big daddy Salvia
big daddy Salvia - 7 months ago
the waitresses are always so nice and sweet

30. comment for Gordon Ramsay’s Food Is Flooded With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares

Ahmed Amin
Ahmed Amin - 7 months ago
Who is his real darling like really so many
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith - 7 months ago
I had diarrhoea just looking at this
EJMonster - 7 months ago
Try Lebanese food in fucking Lebanon ya english tea wanker
احمد رباح
احمد رباح - 7 months ago
Hummus and some other Arabic foods are supposed to have puddles of oil, idk why but that's how its always been in my experience as an Arab whether it be family meals or at resteraunts
Mycel - 7 months ago
hummus is made from chick peas, not beans. and the water content is obviously dictated by how much water you add to the dried chick peas or how long you let them soak as the first step of preparation.
•Paragra •
•Paragra • - 7 months ago
the fuck is all the sound effects it’s like i’m going to a fucking war
Donna - 7 months ago
I love humus and flat naan bread
night crow
night crow - 7 months ago
Is anybody going to stop with the Nino and comment about the stalker 0_-
Journey awaits
Journey awaits - 7 months ago
That last thing actually looked like vomit
camila Anderson
camila Anderson - 7 months ago
Majestic Fire
Majestic Fire - 7 months ago
Since I'm Arab and Gordon try's our traditional food and saying it looks like what's inside a diaper is really offensive
ali ahmad
ali ahmad - 7 months ago
This isnt lebanese
Stacey Steinbach
Stacey Steinbach - 7 months ago
Ani Memer
Ani Memer - 7 months ago
Nino wouldn't have put too much oil on it
Zhepard - 7 months ago
Such a sweet waitress
backup marmot
backup marmot - 7 months ago
Wtf all the plates dont go straight in to the dish washer they should just throw it in the bin the idiot sandwiches
eolhc - 7 months ago
2:20 have u eat HK traditional restaurants it's disgusting but then we're so used to it
Evil Smile 邪惡之笑
Evil Smile 邪惡之笑 - 7 months ago
im eating when i saw gordon drink that puke up
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory - 7 months ago
TheLastNation - 7 months ago
the guy that was looking at Ramsay seemed like a nice guy tbh

50. comment for Gordon Ramsay’s Food Is Flooded With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares

KarkyDoesGaming - 7 months ago
Thicc 1:42
Riglees epic channell
Riglees epic channell - 7 months ago
There's so much oil on that plate, the Americans and Saudis are at war over it!
Massad YZ
Massad YZ - 7 months ago
its fucking supposed to be with that much oil !
akiraman26 - 7 months ago
Stop starting at me fucktart
cloudybrain - 7 months ago
Looks like Gordon doesn't know how to serve hummus traditionally.. You actually HAVE to serve it like that... I dunno how it tasted... But the oil has to pool up around. The restaurant cooks were actually right with the oil. No joke.
Anna Goodwin
Anna Goodwin - 7 months ago
the waitress as the say in usa server this is BAD
its ya boy skinny penis
its ya boy skinny penis - 7 months ago
why the hell is he eating it with a fork your supposed to eat it with that piece of bread
//killah// - 7 months ago
Nick _
Nick _ - 7 months ago

Daniela Pinto
Daniela Pinto - 7 months ago
"Can you ask Mark, very kindly, to stop staring at me?"
Cmxnrose The Rose
Cmxnrose The Rose - 7 months ago
Ever notice that Gordon compares a lot of things to diapers! Luv it
robitussin - 7 months ago
The servers are always loveable.
amanda b
amanda b - 7 months ago
the waiters are always my favorite because they always say “the food is gross” or some shit like that. lmao they are just so honest. me as a waiter, would say “you’re going to fucking die”.
Emad Ahmed
Emad Ahmed - 7 months ago
0:56 he is so creepy
bean - 7 months ago
the noises when the server guy lurks omfgg
Fishman 321- Clash Royale
Fishman 321- Clash Royale - 7 months ago
It wasnt a Z on the beans

It was an N for NINO
akadodo - 8 months ago
What u expect its arab food if theres a hummus its oil in it like that! i eaten they should as an arab guy to try that cause he know nothing about other culture food
PrincessLuLu - 8 months ago
3:14 i think he's actually gagging. I'm gagging just looking at that garbage
Calvin - 8 months ago
Wanna hear a Nino joke?

Read more
Calvin - 8 months ago
You are complaining about that being a drizzle. BRUHHH. Have you watched your own cooking videos. “A touch of oil” Proceeds to pour in a gallon
Heil Cheesecakes!
Heil Cheesecakes! - 8 months ago
I'm Lebanese and this is how much we actually put oil in our hummus
Obviously Emily
Obviously Emily - 8 months ago
• Gordon drinks water•
Katya M.
Katya M. - 8 months ago
I have to say as a middle eastern person who eats hummus like nobody's business all the time, hummus should have that much oil. It is gross, I as a middle eastern do NOT like it myself, but she was correct. It is tradition, and Ramsay should have known that, I'm actually kind of shocked.
Cris Yiyo
Cris Yiyo - 8 months ago
I'm thinking the only person doing good is the dishwasher dude
Crisalsera - 8 months ago
I respect Gordon Ramsey, however he never understood or will how Mediterranean food works. We LIKE lots of oil. We eat OILY food because we dip bread in the oil. In Greece, where I come from, if food is not cooked with oil around it then it's considered badly cooked. We even have a specific food range called ''Ladera'' (oiled) which is meals mainly cooked in lots of oil and tomato sauce. That's how we eat. We like oil, Mediterranean food is dipped in oil. Get over it or order a flipping British roast.
Skip To My Lou
Skip To My Lou - 8 months ago
Arab food is fucking disgusting. WHO THE FUCK EATS THIS SHIT?
Chowdhury1000 - 7 months ago
Skip To My Lou. Better than western garbage. Ramsay should stick with the French and English cuisine, he has no clue about others and how they are properly served. Look up when he cooked pad Thai. An actual Thai chef tried it and was disgusted by it
Catrick Okie
Catrick Okie - 8 months ago
I got an ad for motor oil tips
Selina Lee
Selina Lee - 8 months ago
Gordon’s forehead wrinkles are so good
Stephanie Nicole
Stephanie Nicole - 8 months ago
I wonder how bad this food is.. Like bad bad or Gordon Ramsey bad? I mean I'll eat anything and those beans didn't look half bad
Danny Flo
Danny Flo - 8 months ago
Was it TEALLY that much oil?, I have to ask. I didn't get a good enough look at it.
Jenn K
Jenn K - 8 months ago
OMG THAT IS NOT HOW YOU EAT A MEZZA PLATE BAHAHAHAHA!! And we Lebs drizzle everything in Olive Oil. That's just how our dipping plates are supposed to be.
joshua rios
joshua rios - 8 months ago
"It looks like the inside of a diaper" im fuckin dead lmaooo
PleaseDoNothingToTheCook - 8 months ago
I mean that's how beans just look dumbass ahahah
Lechuga 12
Lechuga 12 - 8 months ago
MLG Potato
MLG Potato - 8 months ago
Gordan likes his Hummus just the way he likes his woman

JunYooRin - 8 months ago
are most chef like this? very stubborn, ignorant & too arrogant to listen to their waiter?
kevin k
kevin k - 8 months ago
Agent 47, i mean mark, Ramsey is your next target
Dillon Evans
Dillon Evans - 8 months ago
I would give her the dick
Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice - 8 months ago
A lot of the waiters/ waitress really need an award.
emablue54 - 8 months ago
lmao stop staring at me I was crying
MessJustJessica - 8 months ago
the guy fuckin staring at him is hilarious
xexew - 8 months ago
houmous baba ghanouj and even labneh is traditionally with a lot of olive oil , and you don't eat it with a fork but with bread....
Shelbi Nicole
Shelbi Nicole - 8 months ago
At least he does what most customers don't, and that's respect the waitress
tornadomanatwork - 8 months ago
looks like a t.v. dinner.
Melody - 8 months ago
Jay Dave
Jay Dave - 8 months ago
In Lebanon it's pretty common to serve hummus with quite a lot of olive oil on top
Theo K
Theo K - 8 months ago
Didn’t know drake worked for that restaurant
Music & Lyrics
Music & Lyrics - 8 months ago
When he told the waiter about how mark was staring at him I died
Eina Mendiola
Eina Mendiola - 8 months ago
I'm sitting here reading comments that are like "IT IS TRADITIONAL TO PUT OLIVE OIL ON HUMMUS" and others like "NINNNOOOOOOOOOO"

ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴇʟsᴇ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ ɪs
Skipping lunatic
Skipping lunatic - 8 months ago
Hummus and baba ghanouj are supposed to have oil on them

100. comment for Gordon Ramsay’s Food Is Flooded With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares

Skipping lunatic
Skipping lunatic - 8 months ago
William Akiu
William Akiu - 8 months ago
Waitress is super sweet she needs get a better job.
William Akiu
William Akiu - 8 months ago
Fucking creeper looks like a sex offender... Or he looks like he would be on dateline catch a predator lol
DySIS: voidz
DySIS: voidz - 8 months ago
The food looks like it was meant to hold a swimming pool of oil
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez - 8 months ago
What episode is this for what season?
p h a n g i r l
p h a n g i r l - 8 months ago
I freaking love the editor
Lizzie Jackson
Lizzie Jackson - 8 months ago
The reason he didn't like having oil on his hummus is because he's a human
Xxlee leexX
Xxlee leexX - 8 months ago
0:41 satans spawn has arrived...
Jeremy Kohl
Jeremy Kohl - 8 months ago
that moment when you hear Gordon complain about the oil being a drizzle, watch his cooking videos, when he says a little bit of something, like salt and pepper, he adds like a mountain of it... xDD
Green Gamer
Green Gamer - 8 months ago
All those sound effects
Melik Sh
Melik Sh - 8 months ago
that doesn't even look like TOO much oil. haha. I've felt this before, Ramsay's not that familiar with middle eastern food.
Reuven L
Reuven L - 8 months ago
Why the damn sound effects it's making me feel silly
Mel - 8 months ago
Max Castor
Max Castor - 8 months ago
boi this is on the street i live on
Hazera Afiya
Hazera Afiya - 8 months ago
0.41 anyone notice the scary music they added to the man walking cross??
Sarah ahmed Anis el kassaby
Sarah ahmed Anis el kassaby - 8 months ago
I’m from Egypt where we traditionally eat hummus and tehina and fava beans for breakfast and there’s nothing wrong with the appearance of the food ramsay was served... seems like he just doesn’t know it
Cesar Arratia
Cesar Arratia - 8 months ago
She is very pretty
Leonardo Swagart
Leonardo Swagart - 8 months ago
I would kiss that girl shes sooo cute ❤
Its Vocaloid my dudes
Its Vocaloid my dudes - 8 months ago
The sound effects are killing me
IAKoolaa - 8 months ago
They have some funny ass voices.
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed - 8 months ago
I ugly ugly noob
That is world famous Arabic starter.
How the fuck would u not like it....
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed - 8 months ago
It is normal all Arabs put that much olive oil on it.
samanasa a
samanasa a - 8 months ago
Actually I'm arab and in the middle East that amount of olive oil is so normal and people actually tend to put more on when they eat -_- , and the more you put oil the more rich and generous you are (in traditions) , i don't know about the comments below saying "Omg we put oil but not flooded!!" Shut the fudge up ,no it's flooded and we put more and it's freaking delicious i don't care what ramsy and other people think.
[ I N S E R T N A M E H E R E ]
[ I N S E R T N A M E H E R E ] - 8 months ago
More oily than my face after waking up
Michael WolF
Michael WolF - 8 months ago
Waitress is cute asf
jonnysaintsrugby - 8 months ago
I used to bone that server lol her name is Amel lmao crazy
Maryberry - 8 months ago
When he told that guy to stop staring
Tripple-R - 8 months ago
That guy with the glasses looks like the guy from spongebob with like 4 of the pickles that are alive and he's the leader with the glasses
Madito Productions!
Madito Productions! - 8 months ago
Gordon: i'l have a New York strip steak

-5 minutes later-

Hot waitress: Here u go sir

Gordon: thank you, -35 secs later- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?

Hot waitress: what s wrong sir?

Gordon: It s too oily

Hot waitress: I'm so sorry I will tell the chef about that

2 mins later

Gordon: thanks dear, -23 seconds later- SWEET MOTHER OF BUTTFUCKING TITS!! What s that?!

Hot waitress: That's your Steak sir

Gordon: it s too dry why does it not have oil on it? U know what, get me a simple chocolate cake.

Hot waitress: ok sir

Gordon: FUCK! It's too sweet

Hot waitress: ok
Tiffunicornz Gaming
Tiffunicornz Gaming - 8 months ago
I think Gordon Ramsey will rather eat School's lunch
AB EH - 8 months ago
Brenda is right, it is actually tradition.. And its a sign of generosity
Zahra Alawad
Zahra Alawad - 8 months ago
This what happens when people who dont know what they're doing try to make arab food its not just a burger where you slap beef and lettus on a bun its complicated with alot i mean ALOT of spices
Chiliba Mat
Chiliba Mat - 8 months ago
It is supposed to be drizzled in extra olive oil. This is what Mediterranean mood looks like.
Tilly Gulliford
Tilly Gulliford - 8 months ago
I always feel sorry for the waitress
Christie Angelie
Christie Angelie - 8 months ago
Just saying that’s how you surve humus and babaganoush in Lebanon.....
Moe 123
Moe 123 - 8 months ago
Christie Angelie it just shows how Gordon doesn't have that much knowledge of middle eastern food and the way he ate it was cringe worthy.
poods fan
poods fan - 8 months ago
Gordon : 3 words say them and i'm yours
CJN NUIC - 8 months ago
You have to stop blaming the beans hahahahahahhahaa
Look up
Look up - 8 months ago

ODD!SSYUS - 8 months ago
0:52 the guy editing the music is a fucking savage
Bambi - 8 months ago
neil hamilton
neil hamilton - 8 months ago
How dare they serve chef Ramsay that, have they no shame?
Faye's Food
Faye's Food - 8 months ago
That's how much oil belongs on Hummus. Ramsey is wrong for once.
Flipper57 - 8 months ago
Eating hummus with a fork-_-
Rockoll - 8 months ago
Too much lamb sauce.
SAY10 Pug
SAY10 Pug - 9 months ago
Beware of Bald Glasses man, Last seen in the restaurant where chef ramsey took a shit from those food.
Chris Denio
Chris Denio - 9 months ago
lol if gordon ramsey were to ever come to my house he'd be getting a muhfukin hotpocket
Mathilde M
Mathilde M - 9 months ago
This is not even drowning the plate in oil. Obviously Ramsay never ate an authentic hummus, baba ghannouj etc.. in Lebanon we put a lot of oil and this is in fact "tradition" and how we think it should be eaten (same as how Italians think their pizzas should be eaten for example).. you should take a look at our "fool medammas" and other bean-things if this is too much oil... I do agree however that since not only Arabs eat in that Middle-Eastern restaurant, they probably should have a bottle of oil on each table and let the guests decide for the amount they want, but Ramsay's reaction was too exaggerated and a little too disrespectful.
Mathilde M
Mathilde M - 6 months ago
Riddic - 6 months ago
Mathilde M just because you like a ton of oil in your lard filled mongrel belly doesn't mean that it's authentic. Authentic hummus does not taste good because of the oil, it tastes good because of how the chef makes it with perfect balance, the oil just helps elevate it. No authentic restaurant would go through the trouble of making it delicious just to drain it in oil jizz. You might not be able to see but the video definitely had way more oil than any good restaurant that's makes hummus.
Mathilde M
Mathilde M - 6 months ago
Even if he was a 100 Michelin star I still wouldn't think he is being professional enough to call someone's authentic food "shit". If he doesn't like what a certain culture offers him as food, then he should have invented his own version, oil-free or whatever-free, if that must please him (and you). The other thing is that I did not comment on the food of this restaurant, and it might as well be terrible (probably it is), but I don't care; I commented on his reaction to the amount of oil, which again doesn't make sense when you know how is the authentic food prepared and served. Next time you're in Lebanon, just ask for an oil-free hummus and let me know if they grant you Michelin stars for your Ramsayish sophisticated tongue ;)
Riddic - 6 months ago
Mathilde M he has eaten authentic Lebanese food. Just because the 'authentic' food you eat is as shit as this restaurant's doesn't mean that a 15 Michelin star chef doesn't know what he's doing.
Brendan Clement
Brendan Clement - 9 months ago
That guy that was staring at Ramsay remains me of Anakin in Attack of the Clones! lol
Roan Martin
Roan Martin - 9 months ago
Speaking of thick, you can't deny that the mom from Coraline is thicc
Bam Bam
Bam Bam - 9 months ago
we eat hummus with bread dummy
Ahmed saif
Ahmed saif - 9 months ago
Those dishes looked exactly how they should...
ang itinakda
ang itinakda - 9 months ago
Nino can eat it
Clinton Le
Clinton Le - 9 months ago
The food there looks awful
Opre Roma
Opre Roma - 9 months ago
I don't think it was that disgusting. White people wouldn't know what real middle eastern food is supposed to taste like.
Drank in my cup
Drank in my cup - 9 months ago
Rhapbus1 - 9 months ago
"tell him very carefully to stop staring at me"
"hey stop staring at him you're creeping him out lel"

"lets pander to the nino memes by ending all our videos with that guy making fun of nino"
balistic gamer
balistic gamer - 9 months ago
gordan it is supposed to be like that
Anger Assasin
Anger Assasin - 9 months ago
JessDubz Official
JessDubz Official - 9 months ago
"Iceland, the power of frozen."
Lps Sprinkles
Lps Sprinkles - 9 months ago
iiKween - 9 months ago
The staring too much for me
blow me
blow me - 9 months ago
Theres so much oil on you greasy commenters' foreheads that the US wants to invade it.
TheCephalon - 9 months ago
Lol every place is like it's "traditional" to do something. Just because it's traditional doesn't mean it's right. There are a lot of marriage practices or cultural stipulations in countries that are traditional but aren't right. The same goes with food.
Moe 123
Moe 123 - 8 months ago
TheCephalon its not just traditional its normal you can go to any top chef that cooks middle eastern food and he would say its normal.
Blaxk Cherry
Blaxk Cherry - 9 months ago
0:41 why are they making that guy with glasses seem like a serial killer
Casey D
Casey D - 9 months ago
Lmfao, ask him to stop starring at me. He's creeping me out.
ワブダシュ - 9 months ago
That girl has a sweet voice it’s so cute
Ara Krajian
Ara Krajian - 9 months ago
why u staring at scumbag
Mada Rashad
Mada Rashad - 9 months ago
The dude with the BAWLD head is so creepy
Maximum Max
Maximum Max - 9 months ago
0:41 creepy ass that music doe!!!!
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie - 9 months ago
Thats not as bad as me burning my instant noodles
Maddie Wags
Maddie Wags - 9 months ago
It’s not a Z on his plate! It's as n N... for NINNNNOOOO
Kiwi Meep
Kiwi Meep - 9 months ago
"Does that look appetizing to you?"
Gordon's look: Bish I will stab you with the fork
Jason Keovilaysack
Jason Keovilaysack - 9 months ago
They said put a good amount that is a fucking flood
Wang Yc
Wang Yc - 9 months ago
Is no one going to mention that Gordon floods everything with oil himself? 'Touch of olive oil' Drowns in olive oil
Remixer_ God
Remixer_ God - 9 months ago
Why they serve Arabic food if they are not arabic?! That is not okay they cant copy our food and do it wrong !
Dan Bam
Dan Bam - 9 months ago
Okay I’m Lebanese, I have no clue why she would puré the fava beans. We serve them boiled, with cumin, tahini sauce, parsley, chopped tomatoes, and olive oil and pita to scoop it. No clue why she would mush them into that thing. The whole point of the dish is the different textures not soup
AnimeTeen23 !
AnimeTeen23 ! - 9 months ago
"Really were gonna start blaming the fuckin beans now" Gordon you fucking kill me that's hilarious
X-ray Nation
X-ray Nation - 9 months ago
The waitress is really pretty but ik this is not about this topic so I’ll not talk about it
Sarah Ortiz
Sarah Ortiz - 9 months ago
N i n o o o
Noly CS
Noly CS - 9 months ago
i can't get over 0:41 i just can't, the tension of that man passing by, i'm screaming!
Ameerah Dobashi
Ameerah Dobashi - 9 months ago
im arab we dont put that on hummas what type of shit is that
Faysal Gaming
Faysal Gaming - 9 months ago
i wasnt paying attention at the slowmotion NINOOO at the end and i pissed myself laughing, fuck you
salma alsuhail
salma alsuhail - 9 months ago
That’s not how you eat the apatizer you dip the bread
Apple Pie
Apple Pie - 9 months ago
Isn't that amount of oil on hummus fine?? I've seen that much at most places
SirGangsterOreo - 9 months ago
the food is oily it's fucking canada
witchвlαdєѕ - 9 months ago
That man staring at Gordon looks like a younger Drake
Hannah Fitzpatrick
Hannah Fitzpatrick - 9 months ago
I got a chef Ramsey ad before this
Barto Amer
Barto Amer - 9 months ago
Hummus is ate using bread you btw
No Name
No Name - 9 months ago
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget - 9 months ago
CC Crespi
CC Crespi - 9 months ago
1:01 - 1:04 is the creepiest shit I have seen someone state st
senna reacts
senna reacts - 9 months ago
Gordon: Is this joke original?

Waiter: No it's Frozen.

Gordon:Fucking hell.
Fishy Fisch
Fishy Fisch - 9 months ago
Now look how much olive oil Gordon Ramsay puts in his food
WeAreClearNow - 9 months ago
Traditional hummus is supposed to be like that.
Dol _
Dol _ - 9 months ago
Gordon you are supposed to eat it with bread not a fork or spoon ew. Rule number one while eating middle eastern food: always eat with your hands (clean of course) and bread. Rule number two: There's always olive oil in almost every ME dish, because olive oil is excellent for your health and body. It's also delicious and adds flavor to the food.
adoree char
adoree char - 9 months ago
sidra! - 9 months ago
LMAOKAKAKAKKA the staring part
Manus Savage
Manus Savage - 9 months ago
erykah - 9 months ago
the jungle music though
BioSpider - 9 months ago
It was so flooded with oil, America is preparing an invasion
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez - 9 months ago
That's how Drake was looking at xs flow
It's everyday bro with my Dicksucking flow
It's everyday bro with my Dicksucking flow - 9 months ago
Ok I am Arabic and Ramsey should really shut tf up because your supposed too put oil in it and a lottttt
icesk8 grl
icesk8 grl - 9 months ago
People say chef Ramsay is a bad person he only yells when people are idiots
Audrey Ortman
Audrey Ortman - 9 months ago
that one guy staring demolished me omg im dying
Anna Macra
Anna Macra - 9 months ago
Well for people like Gordon who don't know what this kind of food is like, it IS tradition to put a good amount of oil on hummus. And I'm not saying Gordon was completely wrong, because he wasn't. The rest of the food looked like sh*t, but the hummus IS supposed to have oil on it.
Dry Fruit
Dry Fruit - 9 months ago
gets served ice cream for dessert

Gordon: pokes fork at it
Gordon: it's frozen

Gordon: fuck me
adrianna - 9 months ago
i love gordan but i'm middle eastern and we always put oil on our hummus it's gr8
Your Ass
Your Ass - 9 months ago
That is Arabic food on the first meal
Yacobatze - 9 months ago
One redeeming characteristic about Ramsay that I've noticed (aside from the fact that he's always in the right when it comes to kitchen practices) is that he is nice to the waiter/server in every video I've watched.
Patrick W
Patrick W - 9 months ago
I like the slow motion Nino at the very end "ninoooooo"
Jason Genova
Jason Genova - 9 months ago
Very cute waitress and sweet voice
Julia Elmosa
Julia Elmosa - 9 months ago
Usually when I watch this Ramsey is right but Hummus has a lot of olive oil
Keeps XzX
Keeps XzX - 9 months ago
I love how Ramsay always says "thank you my darling" to the servers
Rex Evan
Rex Evan - 9 months ago
steve the trooper
steve the trooper - 9 months ago
nino could have slurped all that oil right up
Alonzo Filho
Alonzo Filho - 9 months ago
Kid moans at ice cream man
Kid moans at ice cream man - 9 months ago
I watch you every day I love these Ramsey videos
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver - 9 months ago
2:57 the troll brought him a plate of shit!
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver - 9 months ago
0:54 troll
ThisIsIt - 9 months ago
All these ramsay videos and i still cant find the bloody lamb sauce
Meadow Perkins
Meadow Perkins - 9 months ago
The waitress is so sweet.
stormin norman
stormin norman - 9 months ago
there's so much oil that arabs are gonna start living on that plate
Simon0 - 9 months ago
i would serve Gordon Ramsay a real golf ball and see how he likes that.
YOUR GIRL DIANA true friend not fake
YOUR GIRL DIANA true friend not fake - 9 months ago
He got me done while he eating he like hes staring me its scaring me can you tell him to stop
Storm Trooper #33
Storm Trooper #33 - 9 months ago
Nino at the end of the vid
Paulina Perucka
Paulina Perucka - 10 months ago
Someone can tell me which episode is that?
rubberwoody - 10 months ago
jesus greek food is like even worse mexican food
lottsalasagna - 10 months ago
LOL Inside of a diaper
Archer - 10 months ago
anyone else getting iceland ads , "freezing the freshness", on a Gordon Ramsay vid.. the irony.
thorin king under the mountain
thorin king under the mountain - 10 months ago
Brilan Taylor
Brilan Taylor - 10 months ago
Amel Tho
Averagebum Bum
Averagebum Bum - 10 months ago
"It looks like the inside of a diaper." Hahahahahha...
Jeanpierre Maalouf
Jeanpierre Maalouf - 10 months ago
savage level 9999999
Fernando Salas
Fernando Salas - 10 months ago
Gordon: was the ice frozen?
Cook: uh... yeah
Gordon: fuck me
Hustle Town713
Hustle Town713 - 10 months ago
The music in the background tho it does fit in when they're staring at each other lol.
flourel mansion
flourel mansion - 10 months ago
Why do I enjoy watching people getting yelled at so much?

Domain Admin
Domain Admin - 10 months ago
the sound effects when mark walks in another camera shot lol
Meg Trang
Meg Trang - 10 months ago
A dish flooded with oil will not be good for me,,,
Master Melee
Master Melee - 10 months ago
Louis Mendez
Louis Mendez - 10 months ago
This dude must really like people staring at him eat
WF - 10 months ago
Whys the music so dramatic
Insanity Wolf
Insanity Wolf - 10 months ago
A "good ammount" of fail?I can fucking drown you with that.
Kuro Kun
Kuro Kun - 10 months ago
In every Chef Ramsay's video

Male Waiter: Super Shitty Attitude | Female Waiter: Super Cute Attitude
Female Chef/Owner: Fucking RAW Attitude | Male Chef/Owner: Cool/Relaxed Attitude
SneakyHashbrown - 10 months ago
Joy the Ghost Rider
Joy the Ghost Rider - 10 months ago
Fava isnt supposed to look like that jesus christ
Porglit - 10 months ago
I LOVE how the editor puts small audio clips saying "NINOOOOOOO" as the prompt for the next video...
GirlFox Gaming
GirlFox Gaming - 10 months ago
Don't worry Ramsay they probably get the drizzle a little oil on it from your cooking videos
Carlos Zambrana
Carlos Zambrana - 10 months ago
And Gordon hiding the bread so they don't see him eating it
Carlos Zambrana
Carlos Zambrana - 10 months ago
I love the creep moments
dark_cloud - 10 months ago
Everything that is brown is either puked or bent over according to ramsay
Hayan_KR - 10 months ago
All these "Arabians" calling out Chef Ramsey with "you're supoosed to put a lot of oil on hummas" makes me understand why it's not common to find an Arabian restaurant around.

Keep it that way.
Moe 123
Moe 123 - 8 months ago
Hayan_KR. Its an Arab dish of course they will defend it and also olive oil on your hummus is as normal as cheese on your burger.
TheOneThatHungers - 10 months ago
Naveendamachine - 10 months ago
God so many people getting triggered over the hummus and oil thing...I understand it's traditional to do it but take it this way. Maybe Gordon Ramsey never had authentic hummus per say and hadn't seen this much oil on it. But guess what the food was shit anyways, not just because of your precious olive oil so it doesn't even matter tbh
Shania Saliba
Shania Saliba - 10 months ago
1:42 T H I C C
Connor Hudson
Connor Hudson - 10 months ago
At least he seemed to be OK with the tortilla or whatever it was that he was eating while he was waiting.
Mous - 10 months ago
Ramsay is always cool with the waitresses lol
SleepyDoopy Gaming
SleepyDoopy Gaming - 10 months ago
Bruhh they call that hummos? shame on them
The Rap Game
The Rap Game - 10 months ago
"Drizzle or flood"
Cool Dart YT
Cool Dart YT - 10 months ago
Gordon does know a lot of cuisine but Hummus always has a lot of oil. It's normal
Aleksandra Kovalchuk
Aleksandra Kovalchuk - 10 months ago
Since 0:48 music like its thriller movie))
Dale Rozario
Dale Rozario - 10 months ago
Do a shot for everytime he says "Thank you my darling"
The Trendy Games
The Trendy Games - 10 months ago
BigDirector1151 - 10 months ago
I like how at the very end the sound cuts off then you just hear in slow motion

a girl with a goat head
a girl with a goat head - 10 months ago
Humas should be liquidy ang oily!
Hasoon nine
Hasoon nine - 10 months ago
Your supposed to put a lot of oil in hummus that's how it's done in the Arab countries
Harvey Specter
Harvey Specter - 10 months ago
holy freakin crap the waitress is cute
Jared Barton
Jared Barton - 11 months ago
Gordon goes to Athens.
"Look at all this Greece. Disgusting."
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - 11 months ago
Mark looks like a pedo
ROFL TURKEY - 11 months ago
Mark stop staring you crazy fuck!
Yehya Koussa
Yehya Koussa - 11 months ago
Dnt mess with the Hummus nd olive oil you nagging bitch
Revanth - 11 months ago
Guy pisses olive oil, still complains about oil on plate.
Dragonix0514 龙战士
Dragonix0514 龙战士 - 11 months ago
0:41 - 0:57 this is how my teacher staring at us when we doing exam
Mc T-T
Mc T-T - 11 months ago
0:50 me at lunch eats wile looking around
Jim Giant
Jim Giant - 11 months ago
This food isn't loyal, this food is ooooil!
Delaney Happy
Delaney Happy - 11 months ago
I love love love this show but I CANT STAND WHEN HE HITS HIS TEETH OFF THE FORK
EndlessFunctionality - 11 months ago
That looks like the inside of a diaper! LOL!
Shamaila Jalil
Shamaila Jalil - 11 months ago
You're supposed to put that much oil on hummus tho...
nageeb saleh
nageeb saleh - 11 months ago
"it looks like an inside of a diaper "
TheRandomToaster™ - 11 months ago
Well I did see him cook a steak with oil everywhere.
BerserkBeast - 11 months ago
"overly thicc"
EdStead - 11 months ago
Although he meets some right dicks on this show he does also meet so many genuinely really lovely waiters and waitresses stuck dealing with shit xD
King - 11 months ago
Gordon ramsey "really were going to start blaming a fucking bean for the humus"
Gordon ramsey "yea well its not the beans fault"
richie playz
richie playz - 11 months ago
0:55 hes having vietnamese flashbacks
Tia's Channel
Tia's Channel - 11 months ago
What is the restaurant called?
XxJakeyyxX - 11 months ago
I always feel bad for the waiters in this show.
Kyoudou Maya
Kyoudou Maya - 11 months ago
at least the bread
Nigel Saw
Nigel Saw - 11 months ago
Logen Nitz
Logen Nitz - 11 months ago
Why is nobody talking about how nice the waitress was
Nikblor - 11 months ago
Rayen _the_buzzybee
Rayen _the_buzzybee - 11 months ago
i usually feel sorry for the waiters
theyre the ones that know everything wrong with the restaurant and they cant do anything about it
Nina Khanbijian
Nina Khanbijian - 11 months ago
I'm Arabic and I can say yes putting a lot of oil on top of the hummus is a legit thing, so for those Americans commenting saying "Well they need to cater to where they are and put the oil on the side" don't fucking go into a middle eastern restaurant if you don't want to eat middle eastern prepared dishes LOL
Moe 123
Moe 123 - 8 months ago
Nina Khanbijian Thank You, seriously they make it seem like we don't know our dishes I'm trying to tell trolls lol that Chef Ramsey probably didn't know that much of middle eastern food.
Bleed Like Me
Bleed Like Me - 11 months ago
Gordon says Zed... Instead of Zee... I love it that's the first time I've heard someone say that.
rufy kennis
rufy kennis - 11 months ago
Kyle Plante
Kyle Plante - 11 months ago
I wouldn't mind flooding the waitress with my oil
jeffw1267 - 11 months ago
The food presentation is good and the place looks clean. I'd definitely give it a shot whether Ramsay likes it or not.
EnderGirlHD - 11 months ago
0:47 hey V-LAMBSAUCE. Michael here
steve marquez
steve marquez - 11 months ago
Gordon: this fooooodd is RAW
hash tag
hash tag - 11 months ago
hummus is a traditional food in middle east. I tried hummus including bunch of other middle eastern foods and I like them. Same as ramsay some of my friends don't like the them that much. Their deserts specially because they are extremely sweet.
But the thing is you don't have the right to judge something based on your own taste. These are traditional because people been eating these for decades because they like them. And I believe he needs to judge this type of traditional food with an open mind.
Jade C
Jade C - 11 months ago
Repost to three other kitchen Nightmare videos or Mike will show up outside ur house
OH MY GOD - 11 months ago
I thought hummus only looked disgusting but now I'm learning it has to be submerged into olive oil to be eaten...That just sounds so disgusting to me, maybe that's why Gordon found it odd. To drink olive oil with some humus floating around in it.

(I'm joking btw, I've never had humus before but it still sounds disgrossting to me, oil or no oil)
Damon Humble
Damon Humble - 11 months ago
Usually I agree with him but he's just stupid for acting like he's never seen hummus with oil on it... it's how it's served, hummus is literally made mostly of oil and garbanzo beans itself
Aqqle - 11 months ago
What's wrong with being Overly T H I C C
William Chirciu
William Chirciu - 11 months ago
LOL at 0:40 when the dude walks past the camera. Well done.
tana love
tana love - 11 months ago
Serve him a glass of water . He will say " disgusting ! Its so liquified"
Playa 3
Playa 3 - 11 months ago
yo nobody is going to talk about the waitress she so cute
L Lawliet
L Lawliet - 11 months ago
0:41 just like a ghost passed by.. thanks to the music too
popstarfromhel - 11 months ago
This is the first time Gordon thinks there is to much oil on his food lol.
Ripley - 11 months ago
I love the woman's bandana
Ahmsd Kaks
Ahmsd Kaks - 11 months ago
Shame on you making yourself a professional Arab food chief
Queen Semiramis
Queen Semiramis - 11 months ago
He looks so scared 0:50
Nilssön Åkerlund
Nilssön Åkerlund - 11 months ago
What's with the idiotic cartoon music?
Maya Smith
Maya Smith - 11 months ago
"Stop staring at him your creeping him out" wow I'm dead
Kawi - 11 months ago
Poor waiter
Efren Chen
Efren Chen - 11 months ago
Fava beans in auto captions was slobber beans and then Marvin means...
Joshua Ramirez
Joshua Ramirez - 11 months ago
Y'all think your food masters yet ramsay is the one with 3 Michelin stars...
Ryan Airsoft_
Ryan Airsoft_ - 11 months ago
Was that Consuela??
Jermaine Porter
Jermaine Porter - 11 months ago
Gordon: why is there oil on top of my burger

Waiter: we like to drizzle olive oil on top of our dishes

Gordon: Fuck me!!!
MSU Bulldog
MSU Bulldog - 11 months ago
I'm sure these places are horrible but I like my parents food and I have a feeling that he would say it's horrible too.
Soaad Ashraf
Soaad Ashraf - 11 months ago
I just want to clear that the first appetizer is usually served with olive oil this is how arabs serve it
Lavinia leybovich
Lavinia leybovich - 11 months ago
i'm from israel and hummus is supposed to have a lot of oil on it
nano15j - 11 months ago
Actually Arabic meza dishes are supposed to have little pools of oil in the middle.
HDawg Supreme
HDawg Supreme - 11 months ago
Listen, I'm sure it didn't taste great, but how is that Brown dish supposed to look? It's not their fault the beans are the color they are, it's just insane nitpicking.
César González uwu
César González uwu - 11 months ago
The SFX killed me lmao
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs - 11 months ago
Woah. Is...the elderly lady the...the Mexican Cleaning grandma in Family Guy?
Impelled - 11 months ago
it is tradition to put oil on the hummus, and you could argue depending what type of food the restaurant is making.
David Ericson
David Ericson - 11 months ago
Niiinnnooo 3:48
the classy cuber
the classy cuber - 11 months ago
Listen carefully at 3:50 lol
ILuv Islam
ILuv Islam - 11 months ago
Oh jeez Ramsey.. you're complaining about olive oil?! Have you eaten anywhere around the world??
URLUKS CAPTEEN - 11 months ago
How can u fuck up hummus also hummus is supposed to have that much oil lmao
Lit Luther
Lit Luther - 11 months ago
Gordon Ramsay takes a sip of water and says "my god... it's liquid"
CRO Gamer FZ 11
CRO Gamer FZ 11 - 11 months ago
1:04 Am I the only one who laughed rly hard when that guy was starring at gordon
TheMinato707 - 11 months ago
"oh hi we sell beans, mashed beans, and fucken beans"
David Canamar
David Canamar - 11 months ago
scrim before suicide
Bitoy Skii
Bitoy Skii - 11 months ago
Them Fava beans looking like a military compound.
Blake Sands
Blake Sands - 11 months ago
He started chewing gum lmao
2Fat4FlyTrash YT
2Fat4FlyTrash YT - 11 months ago
3:08 n for nnnnnNNNNNINIO
2Fat4FlyTrash YT
2Fat4FlyTrash YT - 11 months ago
Bruh he goes to a restourant says everythings shit and get 2.5mil views

Has his own restourant and is a celebrity

Is world famous

Fucking hell hes one of a fresh, not frozen guy
Sex maniac
Sex maniac - 1 year ago
Im surprised ramsay hasnt gotten food poisoning yet
nowonder 1
nowonder 1 - 1 year ago
I want start my own gastrobusiness as well .. so I too could hire only the cutest blonde waitesses to work for me.
im not gay
im not gay - 1 year ago
"a good amount of oil"
laca zette
laca zette - 1 year ago
You fucking Arabs always opening your damn mouths. Sit down, shut up and listen to Ramsey he's the chef, not your mother or nanny.
areeb ahmad
areeb ahmad - 1 year ago
Omg seriously Gordon ramsay doesn't know that the amount of olive oil put was the right amount...... Seriously ramsay does not understand shit about Arabic food
David The only Endಠ_ಠ
David The only Endಠ_ಠ - 6 months ago
areeb ahmad oil is fine but you don't have to drown out the normal dish
georgiepieproductions - 1 year ago
Tiger Octopus Kwando
Tiger Octopus Kwando - 1 year ago
anyone not hear the "my name is NiNoooooooooooooooOOOoooooooooOo" at the end? lmao tbh i was kinda expecting it
goodDrummerman - 1 year ago
Never thought I'd see the day when Gordon doesn't want olive oil. Haha
TaseTheRainbowxXAJ - 1 year ago
Every time I go to a restaurant, I wonder how Gordon would review it.
Eka Thor
Eka Thor - 1 year ago
I've noticed that everytime I watch this, whenever its a female waitress they ALWAYS say they never listen to them.
Boi If You Dont
Boi If You Dont - 1 year ago
"Is this Nino frozen?" "Yes" "Fuck me"
자넽 x
자넽 x - 1 year ago
being lebanese it's normal to have alot of olive oil in the hummous.
PixeLexiP - 1 year ago
I bet NINOOOO can clean that oil off...
Alfie Moon
Alfie Moon - 1 year ago
Gordon has been wearing that same watch since he came out of the womb.
DziadaPlays - 1 year ago
When you scared to go to a restaurant cuz you've been watching too many of these...
Axe Polariz
Axe Polariz - 1 year ago
creepy yet funny Nino at the very end
Depressed Grandpa
Depressed Grandpa - 1 year ago
why the fuck does the lady and this bald guy have the same voice
Appele1o1 - 1 year ago
every single time ninoooo scares me
Cayde 6
Cayde 6 - 1 year ago
Cross Shaped Hammer
Cross Shaped Hammer - 1 year ago
Jumpscare at 0:40
LpsRoseProductions - 1 year ago
Who wouldn't stare at Chef Ramsay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
fabfran99 - 1 year ago
I came here from Jaiden's vid about the sound effects (Why I Love/Hate Reality TV)

I'm definitely watching the American version...
Remco Kroon
Remco Kroon - 1 year ago
2:02 is actually true.. ive eatn it in 1 of the most ranked resaurant and it looks axactly the same.. All othrr things he was totally right
Angry Ape
Angry Ape - 1 year ago
I have some terrible news......you have bug eyes!!!! Jk you have cancer
Linda Apple
Linda Apple - 1 year ago
which episode is this ? i wanna watch the whole thing
Shrek - 1 year ago
O.M tech
O.M tech - 1 year ago
why the waitress is always nice and the chef is always a jerk but the owner is a demon
FUCK OFF!! - 1 year ago
wow the only thing good coming out this restaurant was the waitress.
Saherk - 1 year ago
its fking arabic food why the fk you dont like it i love this food all arabic people love it you just eat it wrong
zegrated - 1 year ago
Lol this restaurant is just a few minutes away from my house. It's still open, never been there though.
Ashim Baral
Ashim Baral - 1 year ago
"Eye sudhab maydh eat forr himm"" that lady's accent...
DatOneH3r0 Growtopia, BlockStrike and More!
DatOneH3r0 Growtopia, BlockStrike and More! - 1 year ago
0:40 he's coming for you, don't go to sleep
Marth 'BuGG3r'
Marth 'BuGG3r' - 1 year ago
you used so much oil, the U.S. want to fucking invade it
Bissan - 1 year ago
It's actually a tradition to put olive oil in the middle of hummus and sometimes a sour cream arabs make that's called Labaneh, especially in the olive oil season when it's fresh and ready to be eaten with a hot piece of Peeta bread, the combination of the oil and hummus is sensational when done right. Ramsay is quick to judge because he goes by what he knows. (No hate just an observation)
Moe 123
Moe 123 - 8 months ago
Bissan ya I think he should visit Arab countries and learn the different dishes that's over there like he does with other world countries.
Fahad Ayaz
Fahad Ayaz - 1 year ago
I love how he says Z (zed) and then realises it's for an American audience and changes it to a zee
The Anthropologist M
The Anthropologist M - 1 year ago
I wont lie... That first plate and hummus look awesome
Elizabeth Lestrad
Elizabeth Lestrad - 1 year ago
"Can you tell Mark very carefully to stop staring at me, please?" -> "Hey Mark, Gordon wants you to stop staring at him. You're creeping him out."

I always feel so bad for the servers watching these shows...
ĶĮŁĽŔ-X / X-ÇŁÅŇ - 1 year ago
Don't hrt meee
ValcorTheConqueror - 1 year ago
Omg enough with the fucking "my name's Ninoooo" shit. its getting old!
ahmed mido
ahmed mido - 1 year ago
OMG they embarrassed the arabic cuisine !!!
APM11 - 1 year ago
hes clearly never had good middle eastern food. its tradition to drown it in olive oil especially in syria and lebanon.
Md B
Md B - 6 months ago
*Jordan and Palestine too
Bladenight 1999
Bladenight 1999 - 1 year ago
what episode is this i want to watch it
BYA Gamer
BYA Gamer - 1 year ago
i know its a traddition gordon in palestine they flood the circle and leave an island like space in middle
Pirate Labs
Pirate Labs - 1 year ago
Who put the 10W-30 on my plate? Bloody hell!
Jelly Layup
Jelly Layup - 1 year ago
He was staring Gordon down like Durant to rihanna
Teresa Brush
Teresa Brush - 1 year ago
Somebody throw that food a life preserver, eh amirite?
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - 1 year ago
Ramsay:Hey son what's your favorite movie?
Ramsay:Oh go fuck yourself.
R Z - 1 year ago
Ramsey has some really vivid metaphors. Inside a diaper, almost puked.
Isy Is Weird
Isy Is Weird - 1 year ago
Who is here cause if jadien animation
Alexander Mamulaishvili
Alexander Mamulaishvili - 1 year ago
Gordon be like :
- Is this ice frozen?
- yes Chef!
- Shut the restoran fucking down
Orthope - 1 year ago
dat waitress cute doe
Irtaza Azam
Irtaza Azam - 1 year ago
There's so much oil on it, the US military is about to start an invasion on that plate.
TheReal ADUB
TheReal ADUB - 1 year ago
at least it's not RAW!!!!!!!.......
hernan meza
hernan meza - 1 year ago
0:41 made me laugh
itzqasim 005
itzqasim 005 - 1 year ago
you put so much oil that the US want to invade that plate
BSkates - 1 year ago
you know something's gone wrong when Gordon starts shoving the rolls in his face
Brandon Tom
Brandon Tom - 1 year ago
What would ninoooooo say?
Toxic - 1 year ago
overly thicc
Platinum Rage
Platinum Rage - 1 year ago
How you gonna stare straight at Gordon and see him looking back and still stare at him
Zfeyos Zukslz
Zfeyos Zukslz - 1 year ago
nigga on a segway 0:41
john - 1 year ago
"That looks like the inside of a diapa" lmfaooooo
gookin. - 1 year ago
awhhh amel so cute lemme get her # and eat her ass
TudasJudas - 1 year ago
Anyone else annoyed by always the same generic sound effect they add on every plate pickup and setdown? Its like the wilhelm scream of plates.
Akiva Elkin
Akiva Elkin - 1 year ago
So am I the i only one that feels bad for the waitress??
Metaphysicalkid Gaming
Metaphysicalkid Gaming - 1 year ago
i love this guy he has huge balls to do stuff like this if i tried to do this i would get so embarrassed
BigDaddyFoodReviews - 1 year ago
The editing in this show is award-worthy
Dank Boi
Dank Boi - 1 year ago
1:42 ~ T H I C C ~
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 1 year ago
0:40 Brillant editing ^^
Crasheki - 1 year ago
Why can't chefs just leave Ramsay alone when he eats
Smorkster - 1 year ago
The plate is so flooded with oil, the US tried to invade the fking plate!
Friendly Cordyceps
Friendly Cordyceps - 1 year ago
Whoever did the fucking music for the Mike staring section is my goddamn hero
Fawn Kongsiri
Fawn Kongsiri - 1 year ago
the fucking sound effects when they show the chef is killing me XD
Undyne - 1 year ago
The blonde waitress is lovely.
jordan cox
jordan cox - 1 year ago
this guy uses half the world's supply of olive oil when he cooks, but hey, that's none of my business.
James French
James French - 1 year ago
Yunfei Liang
Yunfei Liang - 1 year ago
This guy uses a lot of olive oil in his recipes himself.
GD LiamPlaysnSkits
GD LiamPlaysnSkits - 1 year ago
Da appetiser ez reddy
Tran CKT
Tran CKT - 1 year ago
I feel that the servers are the only ones in the restaurant that works there that is kind and honest...
Aman Merchant
Aman Merchant - 1 year ago
The waitress is so cute
CRAZYWILDMAN49 - 1 year ago
fucking dirty dishes right there in the open in front of all the patrons? what the fuck?
Estreya Rojas
Estreya Rojas - 1 year ago
"it looks like the inside of a diaper"
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe - 1 year ago
I like how sweet he is to the wait staff in this show. He really is a respectful guy. He just gets angry because he is passionate about the industry.
Michael916Velasquez - 1 year ago
I'll credut Ramsey for not blowing up on the waiters/servers. If the food sicks it isnxt their fault and they're usually just following orders. Mangement and the chefs are usually to blame and he knows it. Classy.
Prince XVII
Prince XVII - 1 year ago
You can tell of his real character in the way he treats the wait staff. Unless they're screwing something up that's under their control, it's very respectful as it should be.
Daniel Yii
Daniel Yii - 1 year ago
Let's just say Feye is a bitch
Were Wolf
Were Wolf - 1 year ago
Walking up to Gordon Ramsay is like walking up to your strict teacher in elementary school, when your teacher ask for homework when you didn't do it.
Ak Penguin
Ak Penguin - 1 year ago
Looks like a diaper
crazyperson_emily - 1 year ago
I feel so bad for the waitress
Loren Cambridge
Loren Cambridge - 1 year ago
If I ate those fava beans, I would've puked right away.
ViolinMusic - 1 year ago
3:39 - I waited the whole video for him to say it.. but i was like "this time he didnt say it" and he said it...... Dreadful
TheDynamicContinuity - 1 year ago
I always get hungry when watching these, and when I make food in the microwave I pretend I'm Gorden and say, "Bloody Hell This Is Phenomenal!!".
Johanna Medina
Johanna Medina - 1 year ago
CGNgamer - 1 year ago
fuck I hear the cops coming NINNOOO NINNOOO NINNOOO
CeekSolo - 1 year ago
Good sound-effects when he walked by hah
DerGremlin - 1 year ago
the beans looks like the thing i puke out abfter a night of heavy drinking and eating kebab
scoot - 1 year ago
bloody dreadful
Andrew Aguilar
Andrew Aguilar - 1 year ago
Jesus! The guy with the glasses is freaking me out!
Alicia Malave
Alicia Malave - 1 year ago
"You're gonna start blaming a fucking bean." hahahahahah
J.P. Roulet
J.P. Roulet - 1 year ago
What is up with creepy Drake?
Starlight Michelle
Starlight Michelle - 1 year ago
0:39 that was so dramatic
Chres Ramos69
Chres Ramos69 - 1 year ago
Nino penetrates meh asshole every night
asdf - 1 year ago
I'm going in RAW
ウサギ白い - 1 year ago
Bloddy hell what is this? A clip from Kitchen Nightmares that i haven't seen yet. Let's watch this one. ...3 hours later...someone save me i can't stop watching gordon.
End Boss Eleven
End Boss Eleven - 1 year ago
I thought he loves oil but he hated it on this one
cirit3 - 1 year ago
0:41 that guy act like a ghost. Suddenly

He say hi to gordon
Ha got u
Ma5ter Zer0
Ma5ter Zer0 - 1 year ago
Someone should call a lifeguard not Gordon
Emo Pete screaming in the distance
Emo Pete screaming in the distance - 1 year ago
Does someone else hear the "Ninooooo" at the very end?
ImLeo - 1 year ago
Pug's World
Pug's World - 1 year ago
Oil?! That can kill you !
Douche Pickle
Douche Pickle - 1 year ago
Eugene 0:54
SCP Gaming
SCP Gaming - 1 year ago
I feel so bad for the waiters/waitresses in all these. They get so much all the customer complaints when they really can't control it.
alejandro gonzalez
alejandro gonzalez - 1 year ago
That guy is a stalker
Sasuke Kun™
Sasuke Kun™ - 1 year ago
Loco Moco
Loco Moco - 1 year ago
what episode is this. I want to see this cocky owner get ripped to spreads by ramz.
krisxtinex - 1 year ago
James Suh
James Suh - 1 year ago
how come the comment section isnt obnoxious about gordon ramsay pouring olive oil on the pan for his food then complaining about this food being too "olive oily"
LordDonutz - 1 year ago
I've lived in two Middle Eastern countries, and heavy oil on the hummus is very common. To the locals it's not drowning it at all, it's normal, and they love it, I love it. This is one of the only times I would disagree with Chef Ramsay.
Ten Thousand fists in my arse
Ten Thousand fists in my arse - 1 year ago
Fucking jews can't even make hummus
Matthew Hale
Matthew Hale - 1 year ago
Gordon: Is this joke original?


Kareem Ayas
Kareem Ayas - 1 year ago
As a Lebanese I have to say that it is tradition to put a lot of oil on the hummus. However, the hummus looked fucking disgusting to start with. Also I wanna bang those two Americanized Arab girls and make them my wives.
Luna Johnson
Luna Johnson - 1 year ago
who's here from Jaiden Animations?
JESUS IS LORD - 1 year ago
They should get a new show where Gordon dresses up and goes to different resteraunts and sees how they treat a customer
Danielle Reid
Danielle Reid - 1 year ago
Cheek Clapper
Cheek Clapper - 1 year ago
Fuck mark lol
Spanish Dumbass
Spanish Dumbass - 1 year ago
Jaiden took a clip from this video
Koolkid05 - 1 year ago

Gordan Ramsay is served oil!
The Yak
The Yak - 1 year ago
i went to a place like this and on the hummus they did the same thing and it tasted amazing!
Jun123 - 1 year ago
The dude staring at Gordon and the music that goes with it is perfect.
Edit: Forgot this -
aaaaammmmmyyyyyy - 1 year ago
second dish looked like straight up vomit
Jessica Ley
Jessica Ley - 1 year ago
He should rotate the fava beans 90 degrees to make an N for NINOOOOO
MisterBurger2 - 1 year ago
dont see the problem here Gordon drizzles everything with oil himself don't see why he doesnt like it
IMadeYou Backwards
IMadeYou Backwards - 1 year ago
0:06 like another day with these ninos
Breanna Gonzalez
Breanna Gonzalez - 1 year ago
The funny part is that my name is Brenda toooo
LittleArmyNut - 1 year ago
I'm dying of laughter after he was staring at him.
Travis J I Corcoran
Travis J I Corcoran - 1 year ago
Ramsey's a dock here. That is how hummus is served in the MidEast.
Churles Jenkins
Churles Jenkins - 1 year ago
hello my names nino

is the ice fresh no its frozen Gordon: fuck me

nino again

so much oil the us wants to invade plate


lamb sauce

its raw (implying that it shouldn't be but talking about a human or baby)

comet9325 - 1 year ago
thats how my nana cooks and its disgusting. found hair in it too but dont want to hurt her feelings.
Sammy Gorilla
Sammy Gorilla - 1 year ago
Audra Eshelman
Audra Eshelman - 1 year ago
I have so much respect for Gordon Ramsay if I'm being honest
ReFLeKz - 1 year ago

Béla Okruch
Béla Okruch - 1 year ago
its tradition to put oil on the humus
A Plug
A Plug - 1 year ago
I thought he liked olive oil
Marley Frost
Marley Frost - 1 year ago
If my hummus wasn't flooded in oil I'd be disappointed.
Spot Q8
Spot Q8 - 1 year ago
Trae Murphy
Trae Murphy - 1 year ago
Who da fuck is thaaat guy?! @nino
Level Cap
Level Cap - 1 year ago
i think the oil was adequate...maybe you overreacted on this one..
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - 1 year ago
this food has so much oil in it,america might as well invade the entire fucking plate
月夜 - 1 year ago
It is tradition to put a crap ton of oil in hummus. Middle-Eastern stepmom,
Eriel Bagsit
Eriel Bagsit - 1 year ago
hahahahahahahahahagahaha!!!! i laugh every moment when gordon commented on the foods xD
Moe - 1 year ago
"Tell him enjoy your meal"
Reader - 1 year ago
Mike looks and acts like my Uncle.
All he does is stare from a distance and is an idiot to think that that shit is appetizing. Or a liar, like my said uncle.
Take some BubbleJuic
Take some BubbleJuic - 1 year ago
Gordon-Eats hummus then looks around

Puts paper in his mouth
Kodie Jc
Kodie Jc - 1 year ago
what type of food is this? it looks disgusting.
tlorenson - 1 year ago
2:27 that face tho
Jose Noh
Jose Noh - 1 year ago
The humus is sometimes
stopdropandroll - 1 year ago
Funny that Gordon complains about too much oil but pisses olive oil in his cooking videos.
LakeNipissing - 1 year ago
0:53 . . . I would have been out of there!!
Felixly - 1 year ago
gordons daddy af
Adam - 1 year ago
Tradition where? Lmao
Saeed Diab
Saeed Diab - 1 year ago
actually where i come from we put lots of olive oil on hummus
but yet again we put a bottle of oil on the table and dont put any on the plate for the customers
sara wallscetti
sara wallscetti - 1 year ago
I was waiting for the "that's dreadful"
warriorsfan10000 - 1 year ago
That poor little server girl was such a sweetheart
goggles guy
goggles guy - 1 year ago
well it should be traditional to do what the nice chef Tells you and shove that olive oil so far up your ass you will be crying it for a month
Blackcat 43031
Blackcat 43031 - 1 year ago
I love the staring thing xD
Brynneeo - 1 year ago

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