Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo

Sponsored by Bertolli. Everyone loves this classic Italian dish and Gennaro has a version you’ll want to make again and again. Cubes of pan-fried pancetta tossed through spaghetti with eggs, parmesan and butter give this dish a delicious rich, creaminess without the need for cream. Pasta perfection. To find out more about Bertolli with butter, click here http://www.bertolli.co.uk/product/bertolli-with-butter For more classic Italian recipes subscribe to Gennaro’s channel: http://jamieol.com/IrxaBv Links from the video: Four Cheese Pasta | http://jamieol.com/tu6xwX More Food Tube videos | http://jamieol.com/JgCP03 For more nutrition info, click here: http://jamieol.com/D3JimM Jamie Oliver's Food Tube | http://jamieol.com/M2xkcF Subscribe to Food Tube | http://jamieol.com/kLO4Xo Twitter: http://jamieol.com/wY1ZTB Jamie's Recipes App | http://jamieol.com/E0TVBd Tumblr: http://jamieol.com/6BR1lT Facebook | http://jamieol.com/sZmG6S More great recipes | http://www.jamieoliver.com #FOODTUBE x

Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo sentiment_very_dissatisfied 3002

Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo

sentiment_very_dissatisfied 3002

Italian food 2 years ago 4,072,023 views

Sponsored by Bertolli. Everyone loves this classic Italian dish and Gennaro has a version you’ll want to make again and again. Cubes of pan-fried pancetta tossed through spaghetti with eggs, parmesan and butter give this dish a delicious rich, creaminess without the need for cream. Pasta perfection. To find out more about Bertolli with butter, click here http://www.bertolli.co.uk/product/bertolli-with-butter For more classic Italian recipes subscribe to Gennaro’s channel: http://jamieol.com/IrxaBv Links from the video: Four Cheese Pasta | http://jamieol.com/tu6xwX More Food Tube videos | http://jamieol.com/JgCP03 For more nutrition info, click here: http://jamieol.com/D3JimM Jamie Oliver's Food Tube | http://jamieol.com/M2xkcF Subscribe to Food Tube | http://jamieol.com/kLO4Xo Twitter: http://jamieol.com/wY1ZTB Jamie's Recipes App | http://jamieol.com/E0TVBd Tumblr: http://jamieol.com/6BR1lT Facebook | http://jamieol.com/sZmG6S More great recipes | http://www.jamieoliver.com #FOODTUBE x

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for Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo

Saphire - 5 months ago
Does every Italian act like that? I seriously want to know.
Ed 2402
Ed 2402 - 5 months ago
Recipe for a heart attack
Marco Scozzafava
Marco Scozzafava - 5 months ago
3:58 'oh yeah'
vic farol
vic farol - 5 months ago
I love Gennaro...so natural and real...the recipe is perfect and enjoy all the calories within basted with love!
Dreadlock - 5 months ago
I like your splendid recipe of spaghetti carbonara
monkey butt
monkey butt - 5 months ago
Having a little pasta with your butter?
SuPrEm GoGgLeS
SuPrEm GoGgLeS - 5 months ago
Alessandro Z
Alessandro Z - 5 months ago
Garlic, bacon, butter... it's not an italian carbonara
Thanex - 5 months ago
Watching this while eating makes me enjoy my food more.

10. comment for Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo

Kadelly Man
Kadelly Man - 5 months ago
It looks delicious but I think it just needs a few more scoops of butter.! :-)
Elizabeth Bird
Elizabeth Bird - 5 months ago
Woahhhhhh...the eggs he's using are gooorgeous...
xXt0x1c-sl1m3Xx - 5 months ago
I've never made Carbonara before and I tried this a few months ago. It came out perfectly.

I used a lot less butter and olive oil though.
Diane Kaull
Diane Kaull - 5 months ago
fun to watch! Like a male Lidia!
Ильяс А
Ильяс А - 5 months ago
It's a amazing! Thank's!
McSwagical ._.
McSwagical ._. - 5 months ago
多 多
多 多 - 5 months ago
太讚了! 訂閱訂閱~
Peter DerPanda
Peter DerPanda - 5 months ago
He shows more emotion when throwing the pancetta into the pan than me, when I ruined the last christmas dinner.
TheIsreale - 5 months ago
Only pecorino
carforumwanker - 5 months ago
Parmesan in Carbonara ? i dont think so !

20. comment for Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo

Guest Dar
Guest Dar - 5 months ago
For those who don’t eat pork can it the same technique be replaced with chicken?
Iva Brusić
Iva Brusić - 5 months ago
Savršen recept!!!
Stank Planks
Stank Planks - 5 months ago
Who else loves sundried tomatoes in their pasta? I always cook with them.
Nexxo - 5 months ago
Gennaro´s favourite ingredient: Pasta Water!
Guido Pertusati
Guido Pertusati - 5 months ago
Oh my god. I am italian, and after 10 years travelling worldwide i have never seen such a disgusting carbonara. Everything is wrong i hope not see a thing like tike this in my life again
Ronald Kool
Ronald Kool - 5 months ago
Butter... The horror!
So You
So You - 5 months ago
Eggs with an orange yolk. Hm.
games i'm shit at
games i'm shit at - 5 months ago
the mix between english and italian accent is so strange.
1990Thunderbolt - 5 months ago
This is pure Italian quality right there in one video! Of course it can't be complete without the pure quality Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo! What a legend!!!!
Mikey A
Mikey A - 5 months ago
Ma che cazzo sta a fa. 1) ce serve il Pecorino romano 2) ci vuole il guanciale non la pancetta (e no bacon non va bene) 3) non si mette ne burro ne aglio.

that is not how you make a carbonara. 1) you use pecorino romano not parmigiano 2) you use guanciale not pancetta (especially not bacon) 3) you dont put any butter or garlic.

30. comment for Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo

Romeo Rossigno
Romeo Rossigno - 5 months ago
Romeo Rossigno
Romeo Rossigno - 5 months ago
ma per favoreeeee
Amirah Ibrahim
Amirah Ibrahim - 5 months ago
I'm him at 5:41 when i successfully make scrambled eggs
Irene Adler
Irene Adler - 5 months ago
waaay too much butter, no?
adrian thomas
adrian thomas - 5 months ago
Perfect recipe for heart ❤️ attack
Teresa Azman
Teresa Azman - 5 months ago
I tried to cooked this pasta and i love it
TWICE SHAKE MY HEART - 5 months ago
This is so beautiful. My favourite food
Curious Mutia
Curious Mutia - 5 months ago
I don't think my stomach can stand the eggs. But I'd like to try making it without them.
cock merchant
cock merchant - 5 months ago
This guy is so italian, I love him
lbj 4cavs
lbj 4cavs - 5 months ago
Fam needs to calm down
Chris Dinham
Chris Dinham - 5 months ago
this guy is the best "WHY I COOKING SO GOOD!!!"
Rey187 - 5 months ago
"Now I need a nice little plate." - takes a bigger plate than any plate I have in my entire kitchen. Gotta love Gennaro.
And yes, I hate it when people put cream or milk in carbonara. This is authentic, but better with guanciale and less/no butter.
Henryk Wincentak
Henryk Wincentak - 5 months ago
o yes, this is good! i make in my kitchen, exactly with in this receipe :)
GrayNeko - 6 months ago
I think I posted this once before, but it needs to be said once again. This really is as simple as he's showing you. And the best goddamn pasta I've ever made. TO THE DEATH!
Protos Telos
Protos Telos - 6 months ago
Lol clearly the focus is on cardiovascular health.
Yuriy Petrusenko
Yuriy Petrusenko - 6 months ago
He id GoOD!
Fiehl Arcillas
Fiehl Arcillas - 6 months ago
Little pinch of paper hahahahahaha
Elizabeth Mermaid
Elizabeth Mermaid - 6 months ago
Haha, wow, I was cracking up throughout the entire video. I love how passionate he is about food, but damn, lmfao.
Bischlarbo69 - 6 months ago
What pan is that
Ashley Sinani
Ashley Sinani - 6 months ago
I don't think you made the bertolli product placement obvious enough guys....

50. comment for Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo

TipsTricks1 - 6 months ago
1:57 - I never heard using paper in the food..
Jai Vardhan Gulati
Jai Vardhan Gulati - 6 months ago
I came for pasta stayed for"look at dat"(in Italian accent)
TADufine - 6 months ago
CenrionPrime - 6 months ago
5000 calories
rozy w.z
rozy w.z - 6 months ago
I just discovered this guy and now i want him as a grandpa
merv1618 - 6 months ago
"just a tablespoon of butter"
**puts in a gallon
Animus Miles-Militis
Animus Miles-Militis - 6 months ago
I love this guys cockalian accent.
Niels Zeuner
Niels Zeuner - 6 months ago
Nice Video but, DEFINETLY NOT sponsored by butter and olive oil hahahaha, watch the Video again and you´ll notice
Lupin III
Lupin III - 6 months ago
Gennaro...vai a letto..la tua carbonara con il burro bertolli fa cagareeeeeeeeee
Maurizio P.
Maurizio P. - 6 months ago
Ue' , Genna' ,
Di cognome fai come mia madre di Nocera inferiore, non è che siamo parenti??
Statt' accuort.
Giorgio Ferri
Giorgio Ferri - 6 months ago
ErFrappa94 - 6 months ago
Slisification 101
Slisification 101 - 6 months ago
MMM.... how much are Bertolli paying him not for me this recipe
parker hatter
parker hatter - 6 months ago
Don't forget the broccoli
Valor LTD
Valor LTD - 6 months ago
So simple and delicious! He's so funny
Warped - 6 months ago
What can I substitute butter with?
Joshua Roberts
Joshua Roberts - 6 months ago
I literally just made this. First time I've ever made or eaten carbonara, and this is amazing. :D
SeanyD - 6 months ago
4:55 come have a look this creamy... COME HAVE A LOOK THIS CREAMY AZIZAMBALEVABUL
Aaron Merkel
Aaron Merkel - 6 months ago
Today gonna show you how to make tortured animal on a plate
filippo bevini
filippo bevini - 6 months ago
mark hine
mark hine - 6 months ago
Duc Duy Jean Bui
Duc Duy Jean Bui - 6 months ago
Butter = cream...
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 6 months ago
Livia Popp
Livia Popp - 6 months ago
most annoying tvc hef ever
Andrea Camagna
Andrea Camagna - 6 months ago
no butter no garlic no pancetta!!!!! this is not carbonara sorry come in italy and u can learn !! ahahahh but funny
SHETAKUARILLA24 - 6 months ago
I wonder if the leading cause of death in italians is high cholesterol and blood pressure...
C J - 6 months ago
Tom bryan
Tom bryan - 6 months ago
Unhealthy, no need for the butter, it's supposed to give life, not take it.
limeykl - 6 months ago
Love the Italian with a cockney accent;) gorgeous food!!!
Sr Nigromante
Sr Nigromante - 6 months ago
I love this guy
K. G.
K. G. - 6 months ago
Albanians make it better. Italians took it from the Albanians.
Lily Vuong
Lily Vuong - 6 months ago
For the more authentic non-butter recipe of Gennaro Contaldo's https://youtu.be/BmnoGc1fxew

You're welcome.
Sumadin Herzeleid
Sumadin Herzeleid - 6 months ago
5:45 now i need nice "little" plate lol. looks like a satellite dish
Adrian Orrego
Adrian Orrego - 6 months ago
Danilo - 6 months ago
Why i am cooking so good! Why are you so cringe????
KennyGames - 6 months ago
Bertolli though??? No thanks. Great video other than that, Gennaro>>>
Ivan Clarke
Ivan Clarke - 6 months ago
completely sold out to the butter/olive oil company
Moraco Mole
Moraco Mole - 6 months ago
Always get the last portion of carbonara from the pan ;)
new world shortly
new world shortly - 6 months ago
Ti voglio bene gennaro bravo cuocho
Ajus Prihandono
Ajus Prihandono - 6 months ago
Xe bello
MM pdg
MM pdg - 6 months ago
Foodgasms !!!!
Mi俊 都
Mi俊 都 - 6 months ago
So much butter mannn
Raw egg?
Alisdair - 6 months ago
Like the butter at the end Gennaro
Kai Siang
Kai Siang - 6 months ago
Hurts me to see gennaro constantly scraping the nonstick pan with a metal spoon
Flea0880 - 6 months ago
Butter and garlic in the Carbonara? You kidding right?
1xrayalfa1 - 7 months ago
86palcut - 7 months ago
Thank you so much... I followed the instructions and the results were amazing... I wish I can send you a picture
Harmaakarhu - 6 months ago
picture of.... what? :D
Rob 56
Rob 56 - 7 months ago
This guy is doing a fake accent right??
minimouse0285 - 7 months ago
its 1am and im making myself hungry by watching it. id better go to sleep

100. comment for Easy Spaghetti Carbonara | Gennaro Contaldo

Geeno Peeno
Geeno Peeno - 7 months ago
criminale non sei italiano
Geeno Peeno
Geeno Peeno - 7 months ago
ma porco dio
Andy S
Andy S - 7 months ago
What a degenerate
Andrea Farrugia
Andrea Farrugia - 7 months ago
If he used Guanciale and Peccorino, 3 yolks, alot of black pepper, no salt, no oil no butter...he would have nailed it. But the Brits don't know any better
Sam MAI - 7 months ago
I swear he's gonna get hungover from too much pasta water!
Sam MAI - 7 months ago
There's too many Carbonara videos on this channel I don't even know which one is legit anymore!
Rob Jackson
Rob Jackson - 7 months ago
Heart attack waiting to happen
Josh Neville
Josh Neville - 7 months ago
This is my girlfriend's absolute favourite thing, other than my quick Red Pesto Pasta (check out www.thesimplelifeblog.net for the recipe). I love making it too, and watching the tiny bit of egg and cheese turn into a creamy sauce! Thank you Genaro for a) this recipe and b) introducing me to Bertolli with butter, which I have found is an extremely useful ingredient.
Kris Leacharoen
Kris Leacharoen - 7 months ago
His hand look very dirty
Bakardadean - 7 months ago
ew.. thats full butter food..
Markus - 7 months ago
wow, kind of rich version. just ad a "little" more butter...
SupremoDon - 7 months ago
The butter in the carbonara? Pancetta? He should use the Guanciale. And what about Pecorino Romano? Jesus Christ...
Lildoc911 - 7 months ago
That butter shot...lol
acrophobe - 7 months ago
Hami Chahal
Hami Chahal - 7 months ago
he remind me of soprano
Fablehound - 7 months ago
"nice little plate" pulls out a platter
Sick Bale
Sick Bale - 7 months ago
SS10121618 - 7 months ago
Gennaros clitoris is located somewhere on his lip
Pig Shitse
Pig Shitse - 7 months ago
This is why you should never give an Italian man cocaine
Doubtin Thomas
Doubtin Thomas - 7 months ago
Needs some single cream.
Sharina Adriano
Sharina Adriano - 7 months ago
i love his mumblings
Jordan Rage
Jordan Rage - 7 months ago
Absolutely Beautiful!
thephatlander - 7 months ago
Too much butter..
Tracy Rufenia Ahearne
Tracy Rufenia Ahearne - 7 months ago
One word - butter!!
Shining Knight
Shining Knight - 7 months ago
Not the oils an starch that give the creamy taste its the eggs.... ffs
martinolsen007 - 7 months ago
isnt the meat raw? :(
dharmdevil - 7 months ago
thx for the recipe. will never use cream for carbonara again
Taamz Heart
Taamz Heart - 7 months ago
Taamz Heart
Taamz Heart - 7 months ago
Freaking hungry
downthestreetteam - 7 months ago
But WHY the metal spoon on the pan
WhereTheyAre - 7 months ago
I assume the butter was just product placement, as it is completely unnecessary for carbonara.
Chris G
Chris G - 7 months ago
Anyone think adding garlic makes a difference? I have never added garlic before.
N C - 7 months ago
Why I'm cooking so gooooood!!!!
suu j
suu j - 7 months ago
지리네요?? 번역누구냐
Douglas Bichard
Douglas Bichard - 7 months ago
I love this guy
Winnie the Rapist
Winnie the Rapist - 7 months ago
1:56 little pinch of paper
Chiara Simeoni
Chiara Simeoni - 7 months ago
Maybe you had forgot to use guanciale insead of pancetta!
_Arisdex_ - 7 months ago
... Why ...
Pablo Cavieres
Pablo Cavieres - 7 months ago
Scusa Gennaro ma tu lo sai che mai si mette il burro nella carbonara.
Brian Perrett
Brian Perrett - 7 months ago
4:35 is too funny
melania cuellar
melania cuellar - 7 months ago
al fin se como se hace ese plato ahah vamos a ver que me sale
vermeulen robin
vermeulen robin - 7 months ago
cocaine is a hell of a drug :p
Harry CHEUNG - 7 months ago
Harry CHEUNG - 7 months ago
grampa? is that you?
just saying 17
just saying 17 - 7 months ago
sorry Gennaro..way too fatty..no butter please it is not original!! sorry..but way too fatty..bad enough the Pancetta!! please pass me a Glycerine pill!! I do not know wher Yoiu've got this recepie from..but is defenately not from Italy..trust me!! In Rome they will shoot you You  if you even suggest this recepie..maybe it is good for the North American  Burger Jing Mac Donals crowd..but not for the real Italian..sorry Gennaro my vote is FAIL!!!
Franky Giuffrida
Franky Giuffrida - 7 months ago
why do people think they have to act like a clown to get views
Kajal Hinduja
Kajal Hinduja - 7 months ago
I love how passionate he is about the food he makes
Lac - 7 months ago
Hahaha, how passionate he is, it's almost like a little wonder!
Elisabetta Cardinali
Elisabetta Cardinali - 7 months ago
Butter, garlic, pancetta???? Jesus Christ this is not italian carbonara!
Alexandre Gareau
Alexandre Gareau - 7 months ago
that screams heart disease and diabetes.
SenseiKai - 7 months ago
That's a meal for one right?
xSpartacus - 7 months ago
Porca Madonna Gennaro, porca Madonna
er palox
er palox - 7 months ago
Ma che cazzo fai col burro genna'!
__ElizaLemon - 7 months ago
i love how enthusiastic he is..wanna spend the day in the kitchen learning how to cook like this
hilt m
hilt m - 7 months ago
It was tasty but too much egg for me.
Fregan456 - 7 months ago
i am muslim and love food and of course cant eat pork.. what is the best protein to substitute pork ?
Gabriel Sim
Gabriel Sim - 8 months ago
He's so passionate
PipSaSqeak - 8 months ago
Wats the bet that this zio is from Napoli
CANALE OLIMPICO - 8 months ago
with butter.... seriously??
Michael Teixeira
Michael Teixeira - 8 months ago
"Large tablespoon" my favourite measurement of butter.
Queenvivtt - 8 months ago
Little pinch of "paper"
DAN HUTANU - 8 months ago
This carbonara is a far cry from the original recipe. Stop claiming that you know how to do it when it's obviously you don't.
JoxPeaches - 8 months ago
I know you're here cause you got nothing to do.
박신후 - 8 months ago
음식하는데 뭘 지려 지리긴ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ자막 지리네
N - 8 months ago
Camera man: "Okay okay, this is really heavy, my lens will blur from the heat, please don't kill me."
evert anders
evert anders - 8 months ago
Michal Uhrin
Michal Uhrin - 8 months ago
Antonio is better ;)
kookymunster75 - 8 months ago
How do you crush a clove of garlic with just the palm of your hand?!?!
MD SHAHID KHAN RONY - 8 months ago
i like antonio carluccio more than him
MD SHAHID KHAN RONY - 8 months ago
he is by born joker ;)
Khaled Khogia
Khaled Khogia - 8 months ago
Not the original at all. Many mistakes in this video
Khaled Khogia
Khaled Khogia - 8 months ago
Big mistakes for a Carbonara
Tomasz M
Tomasz M - 8 months ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AAdKl1UYZs this is a better recipe ! butter tragedy ?
claudine alvarez
claudine alvarez - 8 months ago
Thanks for this <3 And you're a super cool and fun teacher! Haha :D
Aurelio - 8 months ago
Accidenti! No parmisan, no garlic, no pancetta bacon, NO NO NO BUTTER, only pecorino romano and guanciale!
Lee EightiesBaby
Lee EightiesBaby - 8 months ago
@4:56 "Come have a look this creamy ass is unbelievable"
Jay Quek
Jay Quek - 8 months ago
i think he is secretly Australian
Jandro Juji
Jandro Juji - 8 months ago
Marta Krawczyk
Marta Krawczyk - 8 months ago
mówimy odcinku a nie odciku - n, n
Ailenna Thipong
Ailenna Thipong - 8 months ago
Foodgasms lel hahahaha
Clayton Delaney
Clayton Delaney - 8 months ago
If Gennaro would do ASMR videos, I would love it! Would listen to it every evening to fall asleep.
Elizabeth Bartley
Elizabeth Bartley - 8 months ago
Come look at creamy
J Rogers
J Rogers - 8 months ago
why would you add so much butter....??
Giacomo Pigretti
Giacomo Pigretti - 8 months ago
Non si fa così la carbonara!!!non puoi farla te,finto italiano
Mrs Oxxx
Mrs Oxxx - 8 months ago
I love him he is so funny and he makes look so easy
Lara Tan
Lara Tan - 8 months ago
I think I love this chef more than I love this dish.
dana pat
dana pat - 8 months ago
That egg is so orange
Walter Rizzuto
Walter Rizzuto - 8 months ago
Real italians just don't put fuckin' butter in the real carbonara.
MariposAngélique - 8 months ago
ShxToKilljoy - 8 months ago
I feel the fear radiating off the cameraman
Vera_L - 8 months ago
От души просто
BubuSnow93 - 9 months ago
The recipe and procedure from Antonio Carluccio on this same channel is definitely better and more correct
Ray BoB
Ray BoB - 9 months ago
It's not halal
vincent gitiva
vincent gitiva - 9 months ago
Love you grandpa, you make cooking easy
Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha - 9 months ago
Why the man who is cooking is crazy in the video
minglee7294 - 9 months ago
I like listening to what he says than the food itself
crackerjackbund - 9 months ago
You know hes guna cream you if u slip....
Queen Batac
Queen Batac - 9 months ago
I am loving the chef so much :)
Amirin Daniel
Amirin Daniel - 9 months ago
I'm new to Italian cuisine,so sorry if this is a dumb question but wouldnt it tastes funny with the raw eggs?
Mari Rodriguez
Mari Rodriguez - 9 months ago
Beautiful Carbonara pasta...Looks delicious...Thank you very much Gennaro. :))
Srimanti Chatterjee
Srimanti Chatterjee - 9 months ago
This is the best recipe EVA!
Darien George
Darien George - 9 months ago
Chef :by the way this is for about 4 people
Me(scoffing):we'll see about that
columbiars - 9 months ago
When I click over the facebook link, it takes me to the aliexpress facebook page
R S Simpson
R S Simpson - 9 months ago
Just made this! So excited, the creamy part was pretty exciting, I will say lol. I LOVE this channel!
Lubna Yusof
Lubna Yusof - 9 months ago
I wanted dinner, so I watched this guy cook carbonara and decided to follow the recipe.
It was delicious. It was divine.
The next day, I gained 2kg.
Ciudadize - 9 months ago
Genaro is someone I would really like to meet
J C - 9 months ago
Love this guy
Stefan Gils
Stefan Gils - 9 months ago
Don't try this at home!!!
Francine Scott
Francine Scott - 9 months ago
Awesome job! Reminded me I need to make my spreadable butter for the week!
Alessandro Fadda
Alessandro Fadda - 9 months ago
I'm Italian and.... why butter why parmesan and and why bacon
Cassie - 9 months ago
what is this guy on and can I have some
Mango - 9 months ago
Giada Bho
Giada Bho - 9 months ago
Hai pure un nome italiano e non ti vergogni a fare certe porcherie e spacciarle per italiane?! Nella carbonara ci vuole il guanciale e non la pancetta, il pecorino e non il parmigiano, niente aglio e soprattutto niente burro!!!! Vergognati e impara a cucinare!!! All'estero bisogna portare il VERO cibo italiano e non bisogna abusare del proprio nome italiano!!!
LondonEats - 9 months ago
Hey everyone! :)
Make sure to check out my review of Jamie Oliver's restaurant on my channel
Love & Kisses
London Eats
SpicyC - 9 months ago
RanFeiwell - 9 months ago
Rose Flynn
Rose Flynn - 9 months ago
Do you even know what animal pancetta is?
Rose Flynn
Rose Flynn - 9 months ago
you suck
Habanaweegie - 9 months ago
Butter! Garlic! You don't use those in Carbonana.
hu li
hu li - 9 months ago
Come you mamalook ! Come you mamalook! It's so creamy and skanky!!
Victoria Mcguinness
Victoria Mcguinness - 9 months ago
I love this guy
Sebastian Masquelier
Sebastian Masquelier - 9 months ago
to much butter
John Hooper
John Hooper - 9 months ago
Yes.. it is already very fatty..
Paolo Settimelli
Paolo Settimelli - 9 months ago
6161kenong - 9 months ago
Good recipe, but just Shut Up, stop the Over-Reactions, and simply show us how to cook.
SQUP - 9 months ago
FreeMist - 9 months ago
The definition of an itallian stereotype
Adrián Dóra
Adrián Dóra - 9 months ago
Thats what i call passion
Amandeep Kaur
Amandeep Kaur - 9 months ago
He is enjoying.... hahaha love this
Thomas Ziemer
Thomas Ziemer - 9 months ago
If its Carbonara you should use guanciali instead of panceta and pecorino romano instead of parmesan!!!! Use your fame to teach properly the recipes....
sirlillo - 9 months ago
I'm sorry but too much unnecessary butter, the one made by Jamie Oliver is better
Claudio Bellucci
Claudio Bellucci - 9 months ago
Mortacci tua ma che è 'sta merda?
4 ingredients: GUANCIALE (no pancetta and NO bacon), PECORINO ROMANO (no parmesan and NO butter), 1 EGG per person (just the yolk) and BLACK PEPPER. STOP. Everything else is totally wrong.
Antizzie32 - 9 months ago
the color of those yolks!! damn!!
Dupy, Dziary, Muscle Cary.
Dupy, Dziary, Muscle Cary. - 9 months ago
Damn, you're annoying..
ISAAC - 9 months ago
5:10 i just tought NOT AGAIN BUTTER!
dumplingdude - 9 months ago
can you use pork belly in carbonara? Or would it be better if I just used bacon
Ferch - 9 months ago
You forgot the salt in the boiling water!!
Furthermore, real carbonara doesn't have butter or garlic
Ismigul Assenov
Ismigul Assenov - 10 months ago
I just love how passionate he is :d
Glenn Rees
Glenn Rees - 10 months ago
I just want a Girl that looks at me, the same way Gennaro looks at Panchetta
Aaliyah Matthews
Aaliyah Matthews - 10 months ago
I love his personality and passion omg
Crymsoneyes :/
Crymsoneyes :/ - 10 months ago
Ma.... nella Carbonara ci va il guanciale.... :/ Gennaro ma che fai
Tala Tala
Tala Tala - 10 months ago
how to give yourself an heart attack...
Rob Jones
Rob Jones - 10 months ago
No double cream. A whole stick of butter, but no double cream :)
chandra singh
chandra singh - 10 months ago
its too tough for cameraman ...... he only feels water in his mouth hahahahahahahahaha
CherryJuli - 10 months ago
He's really freaking excited about his carbonara :D
Бойко Александр
Бойко Александр - 10 months ago
He is freakin crazy
Dome94 Dome94
Dome94 Dome94 - 10 months ago
Non si mette il burro sulla Carbonara coglione!!!
John Kim
John Kim - 10 months ago
why I am cooking so good!!!!!
Greta Belle
Greta Belle - 10 months ago
he talk like Dracula in Hotel Transylvania blah blah blah
Mobbelkotze7 - 10 months ago
It hurt me when he used a spoon in the pan
Magic.Am - 10 months ago
my fav dish to make
a_shio - 10 months ago
this man earfucks me so hard
Cameron Magrath
Cameron Magrath - 10 months ago
Is it just me or does his voice go super cockney every now and then?
R4PPATTANI - 10 months ago
why butteri???? Perché il burrooooo
nabin Kharel
nabin Kharel - 10 months ago
too much theatrics .
Max Corona
Max Corona - 10 months ago
Nice pasta dish, but carbonara is just something else... After so many years in the kitchen Gennaro can not make a carbonara, don't you think is time to lern. Stop mocking around.. The wors exponent of the italian cusine will vomit atbthe sight of this. Shame on you, with your age still fool people
Zara Laine
Zara Laine - 10 months ago
Help me.. i cant stop laughing
Pitchoo973 - 10 months ago
how to become obese
Spicy Spaghetti
Spicy Spaghetti - 10 months ago
Theo P
Theo P - 10 months ago
4 ppl lol I'd need 4 times that amount for me to say yeah I guess I'm full. 6 to be satisfied
ibec69 - 10 months ago
When you realise you've lost your dignity because you introduced such an unnecessary item like butter and a ton of it to a simple old recipe for a bit of cash.
Shiroe Log Horizon
Shiroe Log Horizon - 10 months ago
What did i do wrong? Once i transfer the pasta into a wok, stir it and i forgot i was making a pasta. It end up becoming stir fried pasta
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - 10 months ago
Would you like some spaghetti carbonara with your butter?
Gianpaolo Joseph Garrone
Gianpaolo Joseph Garrone - 10 months ago
Really nigga... You're Italian but eating pasta on a plate :(
Alexa Bee
Alexa Bee - 10 months ago
So which carbonara is the best after all? His or Antonio's??
FireFox*77* - 10 months ago
Good way to kill a recipe...Oh Gennarino...
x3n4_xoxo - 10 months ago
I love this guy
toniyada - 10 months ago
I kinda expecting something like this video would have such retarded comments.

I wasn't disappointed.
sylwiateam - 10 months ago
sam tłuszcz :/
Ginnie Polka
Ginnie Polka - 10 months ago
"can i say... can i? why im cooking so good?! whyyyy?!" lol
Littuccio Player
Littuccio Player - 10 months ago
mi stavi quasi a convincere finché non hai messo il burro. ciao fenomeno
Anja Avramovic
Anja Avramovic - 10 months ago
Oh my god this looks so damn good
Dario Zagarella
Dario Zagarella - 10 months ago
Säsch - 10 months ago
4persons never dude
Timothy Mahieu
Timothy Mahieu - 10 months ago
I prefer Antonio
쾌변의화신 - 10 months ago
he makes the grande cuisine with all of his body parts.
Abdullah Dokur
Abdullah Dokur - 10 months ago
you ruined it...
Jeffrey falls
Jeffrey falls - 10 months ago
You burn the eggs man
MrEl Tino
MrEl Tino - 10 months ago
Please don't believe this Guy..here in italy we don't use parmesan but pecorino..we don't use butter and we don't use garlic for the carbonara!! This so Call chef should be arrested...if you want to cook the carbonara please use real italian recipes Not the one that this fake chef gives you
Le Tran
Le Tran - 10 months ago
im about to swing
Le Tran
Le Tran - 10 months ago
clickbait. he didnt even twist the pasta but the picture showed that he twisted it
Derick Ng
Derick Ng - 10 months ago
Can I say it, can I..??

Haris Hadzovic
Haris Hadzovic - 10 months ago
Is it just me or does he have a british-italian accent? :/ Sure sounds like he's influenced by british english :)
luca argese
luca argese - 10 months ago
ao fermateloooo!!!!!! st'affà 'nmacello!!!
Wouter d.B.
Wouter d.B. - 10 months ago
COME HAVE LOOK stupido camera man! haha
stanglova86 - 10 months ago
im just watching for fun , while eating apple , im on my diet , look delicious or eat delicious
Quan - 10 months ago
I really love this guy's enthusiasm while cooking. makes me wanna cook too.
Kasp040G1 - 10 months ago

Luke N
Luke N - 10 months ago
alessandro tonin
alessandro tonin - 10 months ago
é il burro, porcoddì?????
Rok 27
Rok 27 - 10 months ago
Ma li mortacci tua,chiamala 'n artra volta carbonara 'sta merda e te do 'na pizza che te diventi bono a cucina'...
jessuptonx x
jessuptonx x - 10 months ago
Lol I love him
Thomas Sjöberg
Thomas Sjöberg - 10 months ago
I would just have put the pastas in the bowl and maybe little less butter but anyway that must be f delicious
Nurulhuda Md Nazar
Nurulhuda Md Nazar - 10 months ago
My second time coming here. A bit theatrical I must say but Gennaro is a funny guy. Makes me miss my grandpa a lot more.
Alk Lamp
Alk Lamp - 10 months ago
Gennaro is love <3 Such genuine person!! Bravoo!!!
larin barzan
larin barzan - 10 months ago
This man is full of energy and I love it
Joshua Olithao
Joshua Olithao - 10 months ago
pinch of paper?
Odyr - 10 months ago
Gennaro always makes me smile. And dear lord ! This Carbonara looks beautiful ! :D
Raafi - 10 months ago
Butter on the carbonara??????are you really italien?????
sarah notme
sarah notme - 10 months ago
I'm trying to look at this video at work and I have to mute the sound every 2 minutes because that guy keeps screaming while he cooks...
RYusela - 10 months ago
Guide Gaming
Guide Gaming - 10 months ago
So over reacting, not good
SwissCheddar81 - 10 months ago
what is he saying at 3:34? i only hear "it got bestless fingers" lol
singingpinkclover - 10 months ago
he looks like a mafia boss cooking for his beloved granddaughter and he also looks like he's going to take out a gun if you say "um aren't you not supposed to put butter in there"
BtotheDtotheF - 10 months ago
If Gennaro was a woman she'd still say: Just put it inside.
Captain Geno
Captain Geno - 10 months ago
Is he Italian? Cuz name is genaro with one "n" and I'm part Spanish lol
Raymond Pilotti
Raymond Pilotti - 10 months ago
Completely wrong
andrea mercatelli
andrea mercatelli - 10 months ago
nn si faa cosi ci vogliono 5 ingredienti : pancetta,vino rosso,uovo,pepe nero e parmigiano(due volte)
Marlonshow Jose
Marlonshow Jose - 10 months ago
Thank's Man ..... Bela receita irei fz aqui no Brasil!!!! Very Very good!!!
InAliensWeTrust - 10 months ago
This made me feel Joy again for the first time in 18 years
amazinng - 10 months ago
Interesting method to seperate the egg yolk ahahshah
Rui Nunes
Rui Nunes - 10 months ago
Sorry to much screaming
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh - 10 months ago
"Why am I cooking so good"?!!!
Fennec Besixdouze
Fennec Besixdouze - 10 months ago
Dear Jesus Christ Lord all that butter what the hell is going on here.
David  Ruiz
David Ruiz - 10 months ago
Te has comido un marrano entero cabrón , le has echado 1 kg de mantequilla hay que ser muy gilipollas para decir que ha salido bueno
rizki darmawan
rizki darmawan - 10 months ago
I love this guy
Gaming with Lion
Gaming with Lion - 10 months ago
Did he say paper
Summer Diggory
Summer Diggory - 10 months ago
is the egg well cooked? I really want this pasta carbonara but since I'm pregnant I should be careful with uncooked food. Geez that pasta must be delicious
MedusaMel - 10 months ago
Mihai-Iulian Istratuca
Mihai-Iulian Istratuca - 10 months ago
Can I say it ? Can I ? YOU, CRAZY ITALIAN, I LOVE YOU !!! :DDD
Doni Wirman
Doni Wirman - 10 months ago
besides the spaghetti, I love the way he cooked
MELA - 10 months ago
Made it today. Best I ever eat!!
Touromx - 10 months ago
that garlic trick was awesome :p
HaChNiBu - 10 months ago
This is the best video on YouTube.
Youcanlookme - 10 months ago
I doubt Bertolli is an Italian's choice...
The Special Broccoli
The Special Broccoli - 10 months ago
1:59 "A little pinch.. of paper
Emanuel EMA
Emanuel EMA - 10 months ago
I'm italian and this is not the real carbonara,actually the real carbonara is easier to do
Sandy velarde
Sandy velarde - 10 months ago
imagine having a grandfather like gennaro
bigmouse321 - 10 months ago
Can someone link me a version of this video with english audio?
MrCookie710 - 10 months ago
I love the italian cuisine! great video
Kym Moore
Kym Moore - 10 months ago
Made this, will NEVER eat a shitty carbonara made with cream again! This dish is AMAZING!
Lorenzo Capanni
Lorenzo Capanni - 10 months ago
cristo santo! che schifezza... real carbonara made with: Guanciale (no pancetta/bacon!), no butter (the grease is in guanciale!) or max two spoonful of extravirgin olive oil, Pecorino romano cheese, Eggs, salt e pepper... that's all!
TheWilderGirl - 11 months ago
Gennaro, a parte che parli come i cattivi nei film disney, la carbonara SE FA COR GUANCIALE (e senza burro)
Jermaine Jennings
Jermaine Jennings - 11 months ago
Mmmmmmmm butter.
francesco G g
francesco G g - 11 months ago
Questa carbonara non è una carbonara è una rivisitazione che piace agli inglesi,non ci si mette il burro
Zinnia Mcfardin
Zinnia Mcfardin - 11 months ago
Gotta love your cooking
Giulio Pisano
Giulio Pisano - 11 months ago
che sbratto....
Ning Zhang
Ning Zhang - 11 months ago
5:54 "From here, straight to here" you forgot to say "and right out of this ass"

Ahhh I'm so funny....ok can I kill my self now?
Ning Zhang
Ning Zhang - 11 months ago
0:04 alright people is confirmed, he just had sex
Kania Yusriani Amalia
Kania Yusriani Amalia - 11 months ago
I've tried it and it was so good
Arianna Marletta
Arianna Marletta - 11 months ago
Better use guanciale instead of pancetta, and olive oil instead of butter
mastacrx - 11 months ago
Pig, eggs, parmesan. That's the end of it! No unnecessary crap...
Anna Chiem
Anna Chiem - 11 months ago
Omg he is so funny
ZR Shadow
ZR Shadow - 11 months ago
this guy is cooking with his hart and soul :D i love ir :P
DrWakey - 11 months ago
Just love this dish.
Since i know Gennaro i am coooking sooo goooood :D
Love this crazy italian!
Alias m
Alias m - 11 months ago
so much love to you gennaro
Lorenzo Zagni
Lorenzo Zagni - 11 months ago
Shimarah Mitzuki
Shimarah Mitzuki - 11 months ago
I am dying i need this pasta. It looks amazing.
Elena Patti
Elena Patti - 11 months ago
not the butter!!!!!!! :(
Elena Patti
Elena Patti - 11 months ago
il guanciale ragà... IL GUANCIALE!!!
Adam - 11 months ago
He reminds me of my nonno
Gianna Shantall
Gianna Shantall - 11 months ago


Rudi Arntsen
Rudi Arntsen - 11 months ago
A liiiitle pinch of paper;)
Lewis YouTube
Lewis YouTube - 11 months ago
His enthusiasm is contagious
waqqodonkey - 11 months ago
he sounds like Max Hardcore at times
benyamin ecklesia
benyamin ecklesia - 11 months ago

Nonstopshop Mom
Nonstopshop Mom - 11 months ago
Thank you Gennaro. This was tried and true. Easy and deliciously good.
Ivan Talarico
Ivan Talarico - 11 months ago
tutto sbagliato....
guanciale e pecorino romano....ahhh questi finti italiani!!!!!
MooperRanger - 11 months ago
I'm new to this, I literally cannot tell wether he's Italian or British. It's uncanny how that's even possible, he seamlessly switches between accents.
accademia del talento 89
accademia del talento 89 - 11 months ago
a americano ritorna a fa Hood dog
accademia del talento 89
accademia del talento 89 - 11 months ago
1 non pancetta ma guanciale nnt burro ma olio no parmigiano ma pecorino pepe è l ovo lo devi gira de più de essere densa
accademia del talento 89
accademia del talento 89 - 11 months ago
ma come xazzo fate a carbonara
Joshia Pongsitanan
Joshia Pongsitanan - 11 months ago
Definitely the Grandfather that I want to be!!
Michael Christiaan D. P.
Michael Christiaan D. P. - 11 months ago
this is not a proper carbonara, nor will it taste good.

Just because you have a lousy accent, doesnt mean you're the carbonara expert.
Jian P
Jian P - 11 months ago
so he made this beautiful pasta just in 6 minutes?
it had been cut, right?
caramel - 11 months ago
enzo gangi
enzo gangi - 11 months ago
This guy is just so... Italian.
Sorin Vasile Bogdan
Sorin Vasile Bogdan - 11 months ago
Genaro should watch his other video on carbonara from the Citalia channel, that's the propper one. This is crap
nick star
nick star - 11 months ago
i wish i will have that much passion for my future proffesion as this man have towards his food
Joe Brunzo
Joe Brunzo - 11 months ago
I love that guy! Tale gioia che ha
Mona mcangel
Mona mcangel - 11 months ago
he's so extra lol
OSSUS MAXXIMUS - 11 months ago
italian food porn star
Enz Simando
Enz Simando - 11 months ago
So I tried making this for the first time, and I must say, I LOVE IT. It's definitely something worth trying, and it's very simple.
Colin A
Colin A - 11 months ago
Zetroc Rellik
Zetroc Rellik - 11 months ago
Mamma mia apples and pears innit.
Vic Costa
Vic Costa - 11 months ago
"Blak peppa" - G. Contaldo 2015
M Morales
M Morales - 11 months ago
Just made it for my date and I. It was a success! Thank you! :D
Dejan Bogdanovic
Dejan Bogdanovic - 11 months ago
I still prefer Antonio Carluccio version, and the way of talking also :D
Jayleno313 - 11 months ago
master of none omg
Chani Thompson
Chani Thompson - 11 months ago
F0SC0 - 11 months ago
Dax Aguilar
Dax Aguilar - 11 months ago
little pinch of paper
wiseandgreen - 11 months ago
Very nice job and presentation. Just a couple of suggestions, I never use the addition of any butter. The other one is, while learning to make this in Italy some years ago. A great idea came to me, mix your egg, cheese, and pepper in your serving bowl. Then you can just transfer a little pasta water to temper the eggs, add the rest of the cooked pasta and cooked pancetta. Stir and it's already to present! Thanks again, please don't take offense. Even in Italy, I saw 10 different chef's do it 10 different ways.
Little Si And Big Frank
Little Si And Big Frank - 5 months ago
He’s definitely getting paid to add that particular brand of butter
kwk31288 - 11 months ago
too much butter.
Chi Chuks
Chi Chuks - 11 months ago
You have so much energy. I will try this and yell just like you. yummy
Austin Heidenreich
Austin Heidenreich - 11 months ago
Italian plus cocaine
YouTube User
YouTube User - 11 months ago
Why am I watching a shouting man cooking carbonara at 1:04 AM?
Micah A.
Micah A. - 11 months ago
Richard Gray
Richard Gray - 11 months ago
one way to have a heart attack !
최석환 - 11 months ago
번역 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
John Tapper
John Tapper - 11 months ago
I like his energy
Renata Reis
Renata Reis - 11 months ago
Simple The Best! Love you both! Gennaro
E k
E k - 11 months ago
"never put oil in the pan" you sir you're an asshole
Who Knew
Who Knew - 6 months ago
E k takes one to know one.
mirko v
mirko v - 11 months ago
garlic in the carbonara.... oh jesus !
Phương B
Phương B - 11 months ago
This man is my spirit animal
Fangirlmodeee - 11 months ago
Is it me or do chefs like to whisper when they pepper their dishes?
Gragon 777
Gragon 777 - 11 months ago
Hes a clown
eettpuntoit - 11 months ago
con tutto il burro che ha messo, i sapori vengono fuori, ma la pesantezza aumenta
Tomdehua - 11 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks Gennaro is crazy?
Alessia Aresu
Alessia Aresu - 11 months ago
Claudio Cocimano
Claudio Cocimano - 11 months ago
you are a criminal, that carbona with all that butter would be 3 milion calories
Patricia Weitzel
Patricia Weitzel - 11 months ago
I just made this recipe and it was delicious! Thank you!
amrita sarkar
amrita sarkar - 11 months ago
oh Italian ppl
Cypher pt.V ft.V
Cypher pt.V ft.V - 11 months ago
/holds cubed pancetta as if they were gold ingots/ whispers "Look at this beauty."
I love how he treats each of his ingredients so preciously.
P V - 11 months ago
hahaha i found joker's dad (frm the way he shouts "y is my cookin soo gooooddd").....will share it wid batman over the bike cruise.......
Lucas Houghton
Lucas Houghton - 11 months ago
1:57 a pinch of paper
Stefano Aiello
Stefano Aiello - 11 months ago
no, no, no ...you can't do this to me...please don't put the butter in the carbonara..... OMG :'(
kristian ďurica
kristian ďurica - 11 months ago
ciao gennaro i'm right now on stage in italy and in restaurant where i work we use egg yolk black pepper grana padano and cream its all right or no ?
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 11 months ago
What a disaster of a recipe.
lola diaz cantoni
lola diaz cantoni - 11 months ago
I want you to be my grandpa, you are the best
Brik Haus
Brik Haus - 11 months ago
Cringing at the metal spoon in a nonstick pan.
Constantino Christoyannis
Constantino Christoyannis - 11 months ago
"... you can use bacon!..." sarebbe da togliergli la cittadinanza italiana dopo questa frase...
Trey Janice
Trey Janice - 11 months ago
Whos mans is this
mex herr
mex herr - 11 months ago
this guy just fuckin scared me
Sheldon Agius
Sheldon Agius - 11 months ago
If you dont know how to cook in Italy as a male its bad as a woman not knowing how to cook in certain countries
KetyBlack93 - 11 months ago
It is the real recipe but not with butter and garlic... U Wanna use only olive oil for doing it right <3 and the other ingredients he put of course. The original recipe is half parmesan cheese and half pecorino (another kind of italian cheese)
Graziano Pesce
Graziano Pesce - 11 months ago
I tink the butter is not enough...after eating you could have an heart attack!!!
Steven Lee
Steven Lee - 11 months ago
so. much. butter.
Sean Mcnicholas
Sean Mcnicholas - 11 months ago
This guy is everything
i rly wanna die
i rly wanna die - 11 months ago
whispers 'Straight inside'
Johnneh590 - 11 months ago
Made this dish yesterday. A true delight!
Adrian Papaluca
Adrian Papaluca - 11 months ago
butter, is this the English version?
Wade - 11 months ago
anyone know the song in the background?
Soma Orehóczki
Soma Orehóczki - 11 months ago
If i was a 40 year old lady i wanted him to be the father of my children.
mizumo - 11 months ago
This man is wonderful
Giutor 73
Giutor 73 - 11 months ago
Original carbonara with butter? Ah Genná ma che cazz' fai?
윤여훈 - 11 months ago
that is 'the Italian' i have imagined
Kobraman88 - 11 months ago
never heard of this maniac before and not sure why he's always yelling all the time.
Oh and his real name ain't Gennaro it's Barry and he's from the north end on London
D681ZVJ - 11 months ago
Like Frankenstein when his monster came to life.
Haxel Hazard
Haxel Hazard - 11 months ago
I love how he is so excited bout foods
donate donate me plsss
donate donate me plsss - 11 months ago
for milk you forget
RagingBlast2Fan - 11 months ago
"Don't touch until the water starts bubbling"
"Check the pasta occasionally"
Make up your mind, lol.
Khor Hooi Beng -
Khor Hooi Beng - - 11 months ago
he talk too much
Real Madrid
Real Madrid - 11 months ago
typical Italian foodie.looks like that carbonara gives him a orgasm.
Henrik Mathisen
Henrik Mathisen - 11 months ago
and here we see why italians rarely live past 60 :D
Κωνσταντίνος Γερακόπουλος
Κωνσταντίνος Γερακόπουλος - 1 year ago
too much butter , there are better receipes
Monika Stankovska
Monika Stankovska - 1 year ago
"Why am I cooking so good?" :D <3
Andrea Giorgio Milocco
Andrea Giorgio Milocco - 1 year ago
Garlic? Pancetta? Oil? Butter? What are you talking about???? THAT'S NOT A CARBONARA Gennaro...maybe you forgot our traditions... call it whatever you want , but that's not a CARBONARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Tat
Kevin Tat - 1 year ago
THEHOOKS GOD - 1 year ago
"You need the water really really boiling"
Karem Malaeb
Karem Malaeb - 1 year ago
why am i watching this when i have finals tom and i still didn't finish studying?
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver - 1 year ago
Good luck!
R 55
R 55 - 1 year ago
Giorgio Parisi
Giorgio Parisi - 1 year ago
che schifo
Genaro - 1 year ago
he put butter in carbonara, he should be killed
Holy Molly
Holy Molly - 1 year ago
So much butter
Antonio Brazzale
Antonio Brazzale - 1 year ago
No butter porco dio
Angmar - 1 year ago
Master of exaggeration
Euagna Ferreira
Euagna Ferreira - 1 year ago
The bacon are not crocant.
lit savage
lit savage - 1 year ago
thats like 10000 calories
Jap William
Jap William - 1 year ago
Just a little bit of paper. (?)
DanDy Lion
DanDy Lion - 1 year ago
question.. why would you add fats to fats ( pork belly is it ? to butter ) please enlight me
Koehnia - 1 year ago
Italiannies know their food.
Giuseppe d'aprile
Giuseppe d'aprile - 1 year ago
Marrence Baraquiel
Marrence Baraquiel - 1 year ago
So over reacting and annoyibg
Babba Doore
Babba Doore - 1 year ago
Hai fatto tutto tranne che la carbonara.. Sei pure Italiano.. Ma non ti vergogni... Ma lo sai perché il piatto si chiama carbonara?!
You did everything except the Carbonara.. You are also Italian.. But do not you be ashamed?! But do you know why the dish is called Carbonara?!
Lory mia
Lory mia - 1 year ago
why all this butter!??? noi italiani non mettiamo così tanto burro all'interno,è come se coprisse gli altri sapori
Joshua O'Neill
Joshua O'Neill - 1 year ago
This guy bleeds olive oil.
Mohamed ElKabbash
Mohamed ElKabbash - 1 year ago
I was really uncomfortable watching this :D looks great though
İsim Bulamıyom
İsim Bulamıyom - 1 year ago
my husband treats me like the way gennaro treats To his meal.
Diana Di meo
Diana Di meo - 1 year ago
Diana Di meo
Diana Di meo - 1 year ago
Diana Di meo
Diana Di meo - 1 year ago

Diana Di meo
Diana Di meo - 1 year ago
Tim Isenberger
Tim Isenberger - 1 year ago
Gennaro : "Okay, I need a nice little plate."
*grabs big ass plate
SloppyD_93 - 1 year ago
Amateur Baker
Amateur Baker - 1 year ago
Let's hope that's not a non stick pan xd
france savy
france savy - 1 year ago
this fucker uses a table spoon in a none stick pan !!
he is no cook
plus so weird nobody realises his bloody English tryin 2 pretend 2 b Italian!
he 4gts ever so often. fool !
Demi Alabi
Demi Alabi - 1 year ago
I love this guy! So passionate about his food, Its truly an art.
Anggi Titika
Anggi Titika - 1 year ago
ya allah, lg puasa nntn begini :') lapar wkwk
Joseph Valdivia
Joseph Valdivia - 1 year ago
Gennaro is the most passionate man alive.
Morris Bawit
Morris Bawit - 1 year ago
I'm broke and lazy so I used bacon instead
TheMatrix1776 - 1 year ago
looks great
BIZIO - 1 year ago
Genná il burro no !! No butter
Claudio Pellesi
Claudio Pellesi - 1 year ago
NO garlic !!! NO NO NO !!!
Massimo Signore
Massimo Signore - 1 year ago
ma che cazzo fai!!!!!
1.ce va il guanciale
2.non ce devi mette burro
黃駿 - 1 year ago
what is the name of bgm thz
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny - 1 year ago
Passionate cook!
Asphalt Ricky
Asphalt Ricky - 1 year ago
This guy made me happy
Gary Richards
Gary Richards - 1 year ago
This man has great enthusiasm
P Mil
P Mil - 1 year ago
fraska the best
fraska the best - 1 year ago
that's not a carbonara. i'm 11 years old, and i can cooking much better than you the carbonara. i'm an italian boy. and in the carbonara butter and garlic aren't on
M.L Gaming
M.L Gaming - 5 months ago
fraska the best boi
Deborah Rogers
Deborah Rogers - 5 months ago
fraska the best...check back with us when you grow up!
Soukaina - 1 year ago
What meat can you use instead of pork ?
BoxBeater - 1 year ago
Brought to you by Burtolli
Phaze13 UK
Phaze13 UK - 1 year ago
Grazie Mille Gennaro, I made this for my family tonight. 20 minutes and e bellissimo. Empty plates all round. Ciao ciao
chang jack
chang jack - 1 year ago
Butter pasta
István Tompa
István Tompa - 1 year ago
Gennaro! Where is the parsley and the Pecorino?
Ondrej Moro
Ondrej Moro - 1 year ago
ivd done that last week omg so nice but i put mushroom and a bit cream then the eg yummy
NormEatsRice - 1 year ago
Look at all that butter, yes lord give me strength.
AfterGlow's Clan
AfterGlow's Clan - 1 year ago
Non si usa la pancetta ma il guanciale ;).
David Ivan
David Ivan - 1 year ago
made this, really good
SpaceCow CUNT
SpaceCow CUNT - 1 year ago
he would be the world's best grandad.
D Pagne
D Pagne - 1 year ago
So over the top
Nash Avi
Nash Avi - 1 year ago
With all of that yelling, I hope spit isn't an ingredient.
thefairydream - 1 year ago
is there any written form of this recipe? I'm too stupid to find it...
Jeffrey Shao
Jeffrey Shao - 1 year ago
This guy is the bomb
Garin Muhammad
Garin Muhammad - 1 year ago
this guy like a psycho
Sára Čekanová
Sára Čekanová - 1 year ago
Amazing, love this man, can't wait to try this recept
Kristy Phanhsena
Kristy Phanhsena - 1 year ago
He's so adorable! Love him
caryl Sy
caryl Sy - 1 year ago
I usually hate carbonara but I think I might like this recipe
Andy Gershenzon
Andy Gershenzon - 1 year ago
When does he add the olive oil?!
Dan Villaruel Bello
Dan Villaruel Bello - 1 year ago
"I need a small little plate"

Pulls out a big ass fountain
blasbembi - 1 year ago
ahah se ti pigliano gli italiani ti sparano, tutto quel burro, aooo ma ndo cazzo vai!
Bla Blubbi
Bla Blubbi - 1 year ago
Am I the only one who notized the obtrusive Bertolli product placement?

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