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Joseph Hanna
Joseph Hanna - 5 months ago
This need to be more longer
Nika the cat-bat
Nika the cat-bat - 5 months ago
I love this song
Because i hate when someone shuts me in a locker
Caitlin Wheatstone
Caitlin Wheatstone - 5 months ago
I. Sub
Kai Kulha
Kai Kulha - 5 months ago
Gives me a headache
Kryptt - 5 months ago
Legend has it he is still raping your little sister
Nathan medina
Nathan medina - 5 months ago
This kid can't rap
Genesis Solis
Genesis Solis - 5 months ago
Why is there a baby crying in the back round xD
R.l custom/ Bricks
R.l custom/ Bricks - 5 months ago
Isn't this that jack ass that said he is going to rape some girl
Skyler Greenman
Skyler Greenman - 5 months ago
Fuck lil T he so rood

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Isaac Revans
Isaac Revans - 5 months ago
This is sick
sonikkill - 5 months ago
Those 4 words could stop bullying ahaha
QiBlox - 5 months ago
stap bullyin ya?
iz reely knot nyce
Cameron Montgomery
Cameron Montgomery - 5 months ago
"Oh yeah, yeah," come on mate say something besides yeah
Keeley Jay
Keeley Jay - 5 months ago
Keep making song and keep rapping lol little t your the king of rapping lol
typical live streamer
typical live streamer - 5 months ago
little t buly himself
Simone Stevenson
Simone Stevenson - 5 months ago
can't mate this kid who is probably only 8 has the audacity to call his mum a twat and also im not gonna stop bullying if this kid doesn't stop being a racist little prick. i bet if he sees me in london or newcastle wherever this knob is from he would probably say: "big up fam you twat lemme call my doods." a twelve year old with an inflatable base ball bat approaches
i would literally bust out a nerf gun mate proper twats would run like i did when i saw your dead nan goodbye kid
Hamaad Khan
Hamaad Khan - 5 months ago
He acctually has some truth behind the cheeky ness
awesome toxic
awesome toxic - 5 months ago
You dont no that girl
awesome toxic
awesome toxic - 5 months ago
The one song where he said i will leave you on the fool dead

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awesome toxic
awesome toxic - 5 months ago
Lil t is the worst rapper ever
Andrew Starr
Andrew Starr - 5 months ago
why is he on facebook and he looks like a five year old
Nathan Toast
Nathan Toast - 5 months ago
Keep in mind this is coming from a kid who said he'd rape someone's sister
Caleb Griner
Caleb Griner - 5 months ago
Coming from the guy who said he'd rape.ur little sister
PlayinAndGamin - 5 months ago
voice crack 0:03
PlayinAndGamin - 5 months ago
oops voice crack 0:06
PlayinAndGamin - 5 months ago
voice crack 6
PlayinAndGamin - 5 months ago
kid im sorry but lets look at some other songs - [road rage] ( im gonna rape your little sister) and we are not done, later in the song (your moms a whore) and there is to much more to talk about i will let your other raps tell the rest
Blue Moon
Blue Moon - 5 months ago
that one gamer
that one gamer - 5 months ago
logan - 5 months ago
he threatened to rape someones lil sister,break there mum's spine and then get political with allahu akbar type shit like somebody explain

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Bro Duck
Bro Duck - 5 months ago
Is this shit on Spotify
Skull bibe face 010
Skull bibe face 010 - 5 months ago
Skull bibe face 010
Skull bibe face 010 - 5 months ago
Cat Gomes
Cat Gomes - 5 months ago
I'm going to black pool
Skull bibe face 010
Skull bibe face 010 - 5 months ago
watch this
Skull bibe face 010
Skull bibe face 010 - 5 months ago
Skull bibe face 010
Skull bibe face 010 - 5 months ago
after you said I raped your sister and your a retard but every one else is a bully and my sister gets raped okay make better stuff your the bully here
Patrick Pegram
Patrick Pegram - 5 months ago
Who nows what the beat is called and this tune is sick hold tight t
PolakSlav - 5 months ago
Why do people like this shit..
Jakern Kap
Jakern Kap - 5 months ago
This kid sux like bad I know most of the new guys aren’t any better but leave this shit to the pros Jesus Christ
Master Pingu
Master Pingu - 5 months ago
Chubbs? Anyone else
Zack The Gamer
Zack The Gamer - 5 months ago
Hello new Jake Paul
Rory - 5 months ago
Lol didn’t this ninja say he was gonna rape my sister
Player MK20.04
Player MK20.04 - 5 months ago
Just watched the road rage one... comments...

What a gigantic git
lonely mimikyu smith
lonely mimikyu smith - 5 months ago
Who's here bc of chubbs
AXOPLAYZ - 5 months ago
in the vidoe the girl who was getting beat up is from my school and she got excluded permo for fighting
Premier League
Premier League - 5 months ago
the girl is in y school
Andrea Fulton
Andrea Fulton - 5 months ago
Do some more vids
Thomas Ashton
Thomas Ashton - 5 months ago
Reece Robertson
Reece Robertson - 5 months ago
Little t good at sing man

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SHARONA STALEY - 5 months ago
This song was done for me and thanks so much I text you on facebooks
Rudi - 5 months ago
Don’t spirt it just say it
Dank meme the Llama
Dank meme the Llama - 5 months ago
5k dislikes, why?
seåsøns - 5 months ago
Very... Um... Strange coming from little t. Just.
LightZz™ - 5 months ago
Lel cunt
Infiltrator Imperator
Infiltrator Imperator - 5 months ago
belen bix
belen bix - 5 months ago
Da Boss
Da Boss - 5 months ago
Big up Jack Wilkinson on the cam
ABI HD - 5 months ago
yo yeh start de biftah‘o im gonna rape yo little sistaa
Keishawna Chaney
Keishawna Chaney - 5 months ago
It's even worse in America
Purple Cobra TV
Purple Cobra TV - 5 months ago
Inpration anyoying voise good lyrics and people don't get bullied anymore
Kiirrito - 5 months ago
Isnt that same kid that said he would rape my little sister
Nintenda - 5 months ago
"Stop bullying yeah. It's really not nice" one of his other raps "I'M GONNA RAPE YOU'RE LIL SISTER"
Joshua Nash
Joshua Nash - 5 months ago
Millie Howsam
Millie Howsam - 5 months ago
And you stop bullying Sophie aspin
Stitches Gaming
Stitches Gaming - 5 months ago
Is he still gonna rape my little sister?
Francesca Lane
Francesca Lane - 5 months ago
so he threatens to rape young children and this is all he comes up with for bullying? cmon m8
ThoughtlessDirector - 5 months ago
Who came from chubbs or memelous?
brick man
brick man - 5 months ago
Mobs Sule
Mobs Sule - 5 months ago
yisela Emmanuelle viera
yisela Emmanuelle viera - 5 months ago
Soph H
Soph H - 5 months ago
This song make me cry
Soph H
Soph H - 5 months ago
I know her dad
Carmen Lupiongomez
Carmen Lupiongomez - 5 months ago
Amy Mcfc Xxxx
Amy Mcfc Xxxx - 5 months ago
This song actually help me when I got bullied
x rpg god x
x rpg god x - 5 months ago
"Stop bulling yeah little t" a couple vids ago " I'm going to rape your little sister"- little t. I don't find that very nice
Augustus Bromley
Augustus Bromley - 5 months ago
It’s really not nice
Game Cubers
Game Cubers - 5 months ago
inspirational lyrics from someone who threatened to rape your little sister

give this boi an award
CringeDD - 5 months ago
Sadly your mum wants her camera back
Big Kittay
Big Kittay - 6 months ago
Mr.duckingtin quack quack
Mr.duckingtin quack quack - 6 months ago
"yo yeh start the bifta I'm gonna rape yo little sister" -Little T

"Stop Bullying" -Little T

But fr he's trying to send a good message.
MrPenguinisbeast - 6 months ago
We came because chubbs
kimberly buckman
kimberly buckman - 6 months ago
From the kid that said ''im gonna rape your little sister''
Lamar Carrigan
Lamar Carrigan - 6 months ago
You fucking BTC I f your mom and BTC im make a remix about you hoe
Luke Osborne
Luke Osborne - 6 months ago
What a hypocrite
iispy - 6 months ago
this is just a disgrace for england
Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 6 months ago
I love it when a woman hits a man and a man hits back
Genesis Solis
Genesis Solis - 6 months ago
No hating but this is cringe
Elegance Modz
Elegance Modz - 6 months ago
Little T:”It’s really not nice”
Me:”ohhh I thought it was nice to bully people I will stop because you said that”
Vatasan Zoro
Vatasan Zoro - 6 months ago
That's my boy be nice
Wheelie Bros
Wheelie Bros - 6 months ago
He said he was gonna rape your little sister now he’s making a video about bullying
Marina And the illuminati
Marina And the illuminati - 6 months ago
Stop bullyin ya it's really not nice- lil T
Hhh Hhhh
Hhh Hhhh - 6 months ago
I don't like that song but he is a beautiful
Brian Huezo
Brian Huezo - 6 months ago
Who here from chubbs
Bob Carson
Bob Carson - 6 months ago
I not nice
Bob Carson
Bob Carson - 6 months ago
kek kekkek
kek kekkek - 6 months ago
im gonna rape ur little sister
Raeni Dyke
Raeni Dyke - 6 months ago
Im getting bullied and it really isnt easy and this song has helped me through it so much thanks little t
Raditz qq
Raditz qq - 6 months ago
"Visuals by Jack wilkinson" - 4 words that ended bullying.
nykhia Hunter
nykhia Hunter - 6 months ago
I didn't know you want to stop bullying

100. comment for BGMedia | Little T - #STOPBULLYING

Reece Isherwood
Reece Isherwood - 6 months ago
This made me so happy and made me man up about my bully and tell someone and now it’s all sorted and I live a happy life little t I live u so much u changed my life ❤️
AnimeConversation - 6 months ago
Did I just find GOLD LMAO
Infinite Studios
Infinite Studios - 6 months ago
I hope his mum gave him his lightning McQueen shoes and Lynch box and maybe even a poster!
Queen Leone reid
Queen Leone reid - 6 months ago
Callum vlogs Arnold
Callum vlogs Arnold - 6 months ago
Big up little t
Harry Hambly
Harry Hambly - 6 months ago
Hes talking about bullying when he said that he would rape my little sister
Tomass Der Tomass
Tomass Der Tomass - 6 months ago
Wait why do you have a song where you say "im gonna rape your little sister" and this is a video for no bullying and you bully bitch btw the song is called Road Rage
Antimations - 6 months ago
yeh stop bullying yeh

is rly no nise
Lola kemp Kemp
Lola kemp Kemp - 6 months ago
You are right not to bull ey
empress thec
empress thec - 6 months ago
yo wassup
empress thec
empress thec - 6 months ago
you are bad
txxf : R E T R A S
txxf : R E T R A S - 6 months ago
man weak faggots get bullied go get yourself some biceps workout.
Abied Ullah
Abied Ullah - 6 months ago
Hi little t
Your are the best singer and it your voice is cool and rap
Jk Studios
Jk Studios - 6 months ago
Little t more like little D that stands for little dick
Jk Studios
Jk Studios - 6 months ago
Sorry but....this was trash.....
Wilo Scout
Wilo Scout - 6 months ago
Stop bullying yeh. It's relly not nice.
Dakotah Whitman
Dakotah Whitman - 6 months ago
That is the right thing to do and that shocked
Amelia Rendall
Amelia Rendall - 6 months ago
Hello bezzy remember me
Aiden Dr
Aiden Dr - 6 months ago
but didn't you completely bully people in your other songs?
Allan Benitez
Allan Benitez - 6 months ago
Daniel Smith Roberts
Daniel Smith Roberts - 6 months ago
i wanna be in BGM I live in berkhead
yummy bleach123
yummy bleach123 - 6 months ago
Congrats on actually being considerate because all of your over song are just the opposite of this
Raeni Dyke
Raeni Dyke - 6 months ago
So true
Tori Redmond
Tori Redmond - 6 months ago
Dogeismy name
Dogeismy name - 6 months ago
This is the first little t song without curse words
Dogeismy name
Dogeismy name - 6 months ago
Can i get a pick with Little t yeah why just why yeah
God Core
God Core - 6 months ago
not gonna lie yeh but why are you giving him hate, he might of done some shit in the past but It looks like he has matured and moved on. this video is spreading positive vibes and it is pure tallent, not many people have this. Big up little T
Lil Something
Lil Something - 6 months ago
This gave me cancer
Charli D
Charli D - 6 months ago
Kingdiamond Ace
Kingdiamond Ace - 6 months ago
stop bullying say the kid whos going t o rape someones sister
Ivey DAMAGE - 6 months ago
Sophie we know who you are you're that girl that copy's my bars your that girl who is a retard. 5 minutes later stop bullying it's not nice Me:Ok Timmy
Laurencegaudet26 - 6 months ago
yeh stop bullying yeh

its really not nice
Damo Coaster!
Damo Coaster! - 6 months ago
Better than MattyB
Deeznut guy
Deeznut guy - 6 months ago
He made this song because HIS mom didnt buy heim Minecraft
Frëya Maris
Frëya Maris - 6 months ago
The girl on that video Is from levenmouth academy
Michael DUFFY
Michael DUFFY - 6 months ago
He will have money and fame wen he grows a pair
Anonim - 6 months ago
this is my fucking jam
Tom Alexander
Tom Alexander - 6 months ago
This is coming from the kid who said "I'm gonna rape your little sister. Had your nan on all fours or some crap like that
Callum Tromans
Callum Tromans - 6 months ago
This is a fat song Joshua Tate
Storm Cooper
Storm Cooper - 6 months ago
Dumb kid he’s gunna get fuckin dropped
Jayden Songhurst
Jayden Songhurst - 6 months ago
So u go in Ali ways and say I will r*** ur little sister now don't bully this makes sence
Galactic KillerSquad_YT
Galactic KillerSquad_YT - 6 months ago
You look like the young Jake Paul.
Emojilegend - 6 months ago
I just saw this and immediately hated plus why the hell does he say he’ll rape my sister I don’t have he’s so British so here’s 3 reasons it should get age restricted
Pigsir 2468
Pigsir 2468 - 6 months ago
He’s only swearing because his mom is at the store buying him fucking cherry Kool-aid
Chayward vlogs
Chayward vlogs - 6 months ago
You still gonna rape my little sister you fuckin fag?
Toppenny - 6 months ago
I bully people because they wont stop being cunts to me.
I dont want a person who is an asshole to me get a better job than me and become a millionare.
So i insult them about their forheads and shit.
Dev - 6 months ago
This is literally retarded, "stop bullying" but doesn't this kid talk shit about people in almost every song he releases?
Gold Beanie
Gold Beanie - 6 months ago
I like that this song is from the same person who said he was gonna rape my sister
Bomber - 6 months ago
OliverM22 - 6 months ago
Coming from the kid that said I’m gonna rape your little sister
Ryan Lucas
Ryan Lucas - 6 months ago
Your good
TBG :D - 6 months ago
Yeah stop bullying yeah
Zeeko Jay Vlogz
Zeeko Jay Vlogz - 6 months ago
MY DISSTRACK ON ALL JOSHS HATERS ------- Yo yea im mini jay one and only you think better than me and little t your like four im about to split your jaw ------ the whole rap will come out when josh dms me on twitter
Tyromic - 6 months ago
I died when he said "Stop bullyen yeh? is realleh not nice"
Christina Terenti
Christina Terenti - 6 months ago
u look like 7 bro!
leah may
leah may - 6 months ago
Colin Dyck
Colin Dyck - 6 months ago
Lol, he’s telling ppl to stop bullying, but he’s saying stop like “I stab u in the eye” and stabbing Nan’s.
NUKE ROS - 6 months ago
Just baad
Kacie Smith
Kacie Smith - 6 months ago
Love ❤️ this song.
leah may
leah may - 6 months ago
Kacie Smith same
ultimate Raven
ultimate Raven - 6 months ago
Uuuu ... ROAD RAGE
Dank Trump
Dank Trump - 6 months ago
the kid that said i’m gonna rape ur little sister is telling people to stop bullying
hoi :D
hoi :D - 6 months ago
ye stop bulliyng ye its rlly not noice.
jonathan bradmich
jonathan bradmich - 6 months ago
Are you still gonna rape my sister
Apocalypz - 6 months ago
Boom bang in the bifter im gonna rape your little sister
kerensa jackson
kerensa jackson - 6 months ago
Can I get a pic with little t
weed nation
weed nation - 6 months ago
man lil t shut yo gay ass up
shaheem stewart
shaheem stewart - 6 months ago
nice rap
vonna longmore
vonna longmore - 6 months ago
killa kayon hates you but im a big fan
Archie Amor
Archie Amor - 6 months ago
You are a bully
Kyron Williams
Kyron Williams - 6 months ago
Stop bullying them
landyn Vickers
landyn Vickers - 6 months ago
I live
landyn Vickers
landyn Vickers - 6 months ago
How did i find this rapper iblive in the usa
**WORK IN PROGRESS** - 6 months ago
Soo I got sent this video by my mate on roblox (no joke)
Fizzy 1517
Fizzy 1517 - 6 months ago
Pussy boy
Eminem Cheap
Eminem Cheap - 6 months ago
It's funny he wants to turn back time but there's no point he's only kid A hahaha
Jendanovy1 - 6 months ago
Holy shit this song is cringe
Kamyar Tavalla
Kamyar Tavalla - 6 months ago
Says he has been bullied then procceds to say this: "I going to rape your little sister" Just makes sense
Aimee Etheridge
Aimee Etheridge - 6 months ago
Bless his heart I think this rap is something to be proud of
Kimbillie Thistlewood
Kimbillie Thistlewood - 6 months ago
This is best song Littlet has done so far
Jabbers - 6 months ago
When you threaten to rape someones sister but then tell everyone to stop bullying
ODD child
ODD child - 6 months ago
He is a fucking bully.
affect12 - 6 months ago
So m8 are you still gonna rape my lil sister
Alex - 6 months ago
This is really dope!
Брат Блэкс
Брат Блэкс - 6 months ago
I used to bully, but this song made me stop...
some guy
some guy - 6 months ago
i'll go get the bleach
smithyboy 08
smithyboy 08 - 6 months ago
give you respect lad well said
smithyboy 08
smithyboy 08 - 6 months ago
yer all that he says is right this kid has real good future ahead of him wish the best for you lad !
Lmao XD
Lmao XD - 6 months ago
so p o w e r f u l
Darcy Arnold
Darcy Arnold - 6 months ago
Your super i love your raps
Joe Lloyd
Joe Lloyd - 6 months ago
One of my favorite songs from little t listned to it at least 100 times
Nathan Marr
Nathan Marr - 6 months ago
Little faggot more like
JJTrains12_FTW - 6 months ago
People bully because:

They show off in front of their mates

They have been bullied before

They are forced by other bullies

They are spoiled

They have anger problems

There is ALWAYS a reason for someone to bully.
Never accept being bullied.
How to stop being bullied:

Tell a teacher.

Tell the principal

If non of them care LEGIT hit them, don’t be scared of getting In trouble! What’s worse bullying someone that bad they want to commit suicide or standing up for yourself and giving them a smack on the face?
JJTrains12_FTW - 6 months ago
And they done care about them bullying you so they won’t care about you hitting them back
Supreme Leader Porg
Supreme Leader Porg - 6 months ago
who's still watching
Temper Edits
Temper Edits - 6 months ago
then don't bully Sophie aspin :)
PortElm31 - 6 months ago
why ist the category music?
Angela Burns
Angela Burns - 6 months ago
Alfie Bulman
Alfie Bulman - 6 months ago
Little is the person I look up to
Chris Doyle
Chris Doyle - 6 months ago
It’s really not nice Jesus Christ
chiily83 - 6 months ago
Why do you start your music with yo
That Australian hobo
That Australian hobo - 6 months ago
Rape ya lil sista
the gamer monster Finnerty
the gamer monster Finnerty - 6 months ago
I love you little t
the gamer monster Finnerty
the gamer monster Finnerty - 6 months ago
When little t was on bellied I seen him and me and my big brother toke a picture with him and little t even new that we did♥♡
Josh O'Brien
Josh O'Brien - 6 months ago
Cringe at its best
Rachel Mayes
Rachel Mayes - 6 months ago
Nobody walks around with a knife or a gun
Chloe Arundel
Chloe Arundel - 6 months ago
You're ugly intact so ugly actually super ugly joking tell them to back of and ignore them
Catgames -MC
Catgames -MC - 6 months ago
Your gone to get bullied more for this
Jayden gallacher
Jayden gallacher - 6 months ago
And also like if your here from memeulous ahah
Jayden gallacher
Jayden gallacher - 6 months ago
If I'm being honest it's a good message to send to people that acc get bullied
Vexcolme - 6 months ago
tbh this is touching
OmegaSmurfy - 6 months ago
Touching your sister or heart
Cory in the house starring Kyle Massey
Cory in the house starring Kyle Massey - 6 months ago
Omg so inspiring this stopped my bullies from attacking me after they thought that I was gay from listening to this song
Pam Joseph
Pam Joseph - 6 months ago
At tithe same time
Pam Joseph
Pam Joseph - 6 months ago
Your good and bad
DarkDrill Exeel-Roblox
DarkDrill Exeel-Roblox - 6 months ago
Anyone memeulous made to came here?
CONNAH PLAYZ - 6 months ago
I don't hate
ITZ ALPHA - 6 months ago
This kid is saying at the start the kid looked like 11 m8 you look like 6
mees baudoin
mees baudoin - 6 months ago
I bet that he cried a lot because he got bullied
Calum Kirkwood
Calum Kirkwood - 6 months ago
Coming from the guy who raped my little sister
Introvert Outside
Introvert Outside - 6 months ago
Why’s everyone tryna turn things against him and pick on little things in the song, this song was obviously real and heartfelt so leave him the fuck alone.. smh .. just cos ur stupid dumb fucks who don’t understand the fucking obvious meaning.
UniPug XXX
UniPug XXX - 6 months ago
This was an amazing song I love when people use their fame to make the world a better place xx
Bandana 224
Bandana 224 - 6 months ago
Yeah stop bullying yeah, it's really not nice.
Name - 6 months ago
Guess what this is

kennie meepy
kennie meepy - 6 months ago
0:16 if she was getting beaten up why not help her?
WBAAL BoingBoing
WBAAL BoingBoing - 6 months ago
Just a little annoying but cmon credit where it's due this kid has not given up! I saw him a few years back and the hate was unreal. Keep grinding do you tingg .
Kenzo Maskery-clarke
Kenzo Maskery-clarke - 6 months ago
you're not so little to stop good one mate
It's ya boii
It's ya boii - 6 months ago
You're bullying my ears by making this music
Anas Zraidi
Anas Zraidi - 6 months ago
oh dear
Jesse Wild-McGaw
Jesse Wild-McGaw - 6 months ago
little T is a faget
Juzzy Gaming And Vlogs
Juzzy Gaming And Vlogs - 6 months ago
"If it wasnt for my fans he wouldnt be me" HE HAS FANS????
Bandana 224
Bandana 224 - 6 months ago
So little T- responsible for road rage makes anatomy bullying PSAs
InvAsian - 6 months ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Since you saw this video
you want to bully him too. (I do also)
Aaron Syrovatka
Aaron Syrovatka - 6 months ago
that beat sounds like the bully’s little sister getting raped
Winners be game lmfao
Winners be game lmfao - 6 months ago
Suit rap
Master Playz
Master Playz - 6 months ago
Stop it
Jessthetic - 6 months ago
turn on subtitles
World Of Neruru
World Of Neruru - 6 months ago
Kian Anderson
Kian Anderson - 6 months ago
Love you
Alex Pritchard
Alex Pritchard - 6 months ago
your all townheads
ELECTRO - 6 months ago
u probably bully people your a yobbo
Jeffrey John
Jeffrey John - 6 months ago
Dude Guy Gaming
Dude Guy Gaming - 6 months ago
the blood of war
the blood of war - 6 months ago
danm is he singing or cringe
UltGamer76 - 6 months ago
Makes a song about raping your little sister
Mom whoops his ass and tells him to make a song about stopping bullying
Kieran Williams
Kieran Williams - 6 months ago
Your cringe
GrimeGangMedia - 6 months ago
I Deny
I Deny - 6 months ago
Same dude that said he’s gonna rape someone’s sister
JustToffieHere - 6 months ago
love it
Pegi 55
Pegi 55 - 6 months ago
I died when he said 0:03

3 months earlier IM GONNA RAPE UR LITTLE SISTER!!!!
Anonymous - 6 months ago
“Come to Blackpool we have the tower, the beach and the sun” Tower yes Beach yes Sun definitely not
sofialea simpson
sofialea simpson - 6 months ago
It's probably the best song you done but stop swaring in songs because I can't sing it in front of my bullies
sofialea simpson
sofialea simpson - 6 months ago
You were bulling Sophie aspin
Brandon Bryant
Brandon Bryant - 6 months ago
You are just bad
Sinead Darby
Sinead Darby - 6 months ago
u mom is a
Charleen Lou Coulson
Charleen Lou Coulson - 6 months ago
Lexxie Ingram
Lexxie Ingram - 6 months ago
Love this song soooo much
Jonathan Riley
Jonathan Riley - 6 months ago
lital t
Pablo de madrio
Pablo de madrio - 6 months ago
Am Scots wain an am comin fir this wee jake
Hu Post
Hu Post - 6 months ago
From the minds that brought you “ima rape ya little sista”
Anna McMahon
Anna McMahon - 6 months ago
Everyone leave him alone he’s doing something and trying to send out a message instead of taking the mick actually listen to what he’s saying
Ćevapi Na prodaju
Ćevapi Na prodaju - 6 months ago
Rape ma' sis' and you'l end up being shot in the face twice
this could be a youtube channel
this could be a youtube channel - 6 months ago
#stop bullying yeah
SnappedBack 69
SnappedBack 69 - 6 months ago
Go fuck ur self
Riqu5 - 6 months ago
Yoy guys really need to try to bass boost this.. Sounds absolutely eargasmic.
Dylan Booth
Dylan Booth - 6 months ago
One minute your bout to rape my little sister now your making an anti bullying video where will it end
Rand0mEntity_ - 6 months ago
The one who threatened to rape your little sisters is now making anti bullying songs
cod master
cod master - 6 months ago
I got bullied at my old school Codsall middle in year 5
New Phone Who Dis?
New Phone Who Dis? - 6 months ago
yeah stop bullying yeah.

ItS rEaLlY nOt nIcE
tacostudios812 - 6 months ago
Ponchos and pashminas _
Ponchos and pashminas _ - 6 months ago
Gracie Murphy
Gracie Murphy - 6 months ago
Gabriel Licka
Gabriel Licka - 6 months ago
you're dead you gremlin
T5 Flakey
T5 Flakey - 6 months ago
Cyber bullying is not real why the fac do cyber bully vids always end up someone killing them selves cause they got called fat
T5 Flakey
T5 Flakey - 6 months ago
T5 Flakey
T5 Flakey - 6 months ago
Raping peoples little sister did not help my bully case
bobobs the original
bobobs the original - 6 months ago
0:07 that face when you realize bullying is not nice
LyNc life
LyNc life - 6 months ago
turn on captions lmao
CocoAnimates - 6 months ago
Orlando Jackson
Orlando Jackson - 6 months ago
And rockers say this music is shit

Not a fan of Little T but im impressed with this song :)

Keep it up lad :)
Joseph Mccaffer
Joseph Mccaffer - 6 months ago
Actually decent for little t
wwe moves
wwe moves - 6 months ago
He bullies other grime artists
Artturi Laaksonen
Artturi Laaksonen - 6 months ago
omfg saved my life
Surreality - 6 months ago
Yeah guys stop bullying or he’ll rape your little sister
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - 6 months ago
Kitteninjagamer - 6 months ago
This coming from the kid who said: “I’m gunna rape your little sister”
Fyniccus - 6 months ago
Yeah stop bullying it's really not nice I want that on my tombstone
Sub2Lux - 5 months ago
Fyniccus haha legend same bro
Mr Sage
Mr Sage - 6 months ago
Little t is right
XXXswagmasterXXX 69
XXXswagmasterXXX 69 - 6 months ago
Yeah nah yeah nah yeah nah
CrazyOuse YT
CrazyOuse YT - 6 months ago
"Stop bullying yeah. It's really not nice"

"I'm gonna rape your little sister"
noah Osgood
noah Osgood - 6 months ago
Like little T gonna end bullying
ilhan 11c
ilhan 11c - 6 months ago
Stoppppp bulying
hey iamgod
hey iamgod - 6 months ago
I like the message however from being in class with little t at Blackpool aspire he can't say stop bullying without apologizing to the people he has bullied if he does that or has already then I have no problems with him
Machine gun Korok
Machine gun Korok - 6 months ago
This video...
It’s so powerful...
I’m holding back tears
Sidpleb - 6 months ago
"Bullying isn't nice but I'll rape your little sister"
ticci toby
ticci toby - 6 months ago
Ye he said dumb shit and I took the piss out of him but fam don't give him shit it ain't anyone's place to judge him
TheArrow PvP
TheArrow PvP - 6 months ago
its not ok to bully so stick with raping little sisters guys,.
Haydn Edwards
Haydn Edwards - 6 months ago
I’m gonna rape your little sister, #stopbullying
snee bop
snee bop - 6 months ago
so touching im in tears
Fire x Bladezzz
Fire x Bladezzz - 6 months ago
Is it me or does anyone think this is really ironic because he says I'm going to rape ur little sister
Seren_Awesome 999
Seren_Awesome 999 - 6 months ago
How could Little T , the kid that makes fun of others makes an antibullying video.

This is Inspirational
Bella Mai xox
Bella Mai xox - 6 months ago
I swear all the good singers and rapers have been bullied
Aaron Leahy06
Aaron Leahy06 - 6 months ago
Da fuc
Elektronic Vevo
Elektronic Vevo - 6 months ago
You bully tho wtf?
IRONCORE GAMING - 6 months ago
Stop bullying you caused fucking bully by saying I'll rape your little sister you are now classed as the most retardest rapist ever fuck your song little twat
SonOfNewTruth - 6 months ago
I was about to get bullied and I said YO STOP BULLYING YEA ....... He instantly ran away
Daddy Long
Daddy Long - 6 months ago
Rafaqat Liaqat
Rafaqat Liaqat - 6 months ago
Y are people hating it isn’t even bad
Taylor Games
Taylor Games - 6 months ago
That's my mate sister
World Gamer
World Gamer - 6 months ago
he looks 11 you look like you are 9 you fuckboy and your voice Is so wrong
Grace Lofthouse
Grace Lofthouse - 6 months ago
Don't bully he's right I have be bullyed
PassiveDexV5 - 6 months ago
God song bro soo good so addicted to you
Africa hearts
Africa hearts - 6 months ago
I was gonna a cry cause when I got bullied I felt so alone. I used to cry everyday. Have u been bullied? My friend show me this #STOPBULLYING
StuntManTy - 6 months ago
It's so ironic
Arleigh Hollingworth
Arleigh Hollingworth - 6 months ago
yair stop bulng
the tarantula den
the tarantula den - 6 months ago
Tis fake shit
WhoaDude! - 6 months ago
Beautiful bars. If this doesn’t stop bullying I don’t know what will
Itz Horto
Itz Horto - 6 months ago
He made this song to stop bulling but in his otjer video he talking about sleeping with relitives and rapping peoples little sisters. Just saying it weird thays all
Maxime Pelletier
Maxime Pelletier - 6 months ago
chubbs anyone
Chloe and Ruby
Chloe and Ruby - 6 months ago
Sorry little t you made a song about bullying and next think Aron McCabe is punching Alex aspin and your cheering him on wtf
Killer Dan1321
Killer Dan1321 - 6 months ago
I m going to jump o f a brige by world dislike please
trainboy 24
trainboy 24 - 6 months ago
i got bullied and got so depressed I wanted to comit suicide
sam123 p
sam123 p - 6 months ago
stop bullying yea it's really not nice like wtg
JustJPGaming - 6 months ago
I'm crying this video is so emotional.
BEAST101 o
BEAST101 o - 6 months ago
Go back to your older vids
stacie reeve
stacie reeve - 6 months ago
“Walk in the dark night see that car with a bright light scared cuz the bullies aren’t nice parents don’t believe her they think she’s out of her mind
MTN DREW - 6 months ago
Lil tl
Despaired Archangel
Despaired Archangel - 6 months ago
0:03 meme
Hype. Ap
Hype. Ap - 6 months ago
Wonder why you know what it's like
Life as Herm
Life as Herm - 6 months ago
"Stop bullying yeah, It's really not nice"
You're not wrong there mate.
Katnip - 5 months ago
CringeKid - 5 months ago
Life as Herm *there
I know that you're gay
I know that you're gay - 6 months ago
Megan - 6 months ago
EpicGamer388 - 6 months ago
He came from I am gonna rape ur little to stop bullying
All the swag Does nerf
All the swag Does nerf - 6 months ago
Chloe Thompson
Chloe Thompson - 6 months ago
Little t has just spit some truth
Richard Hawkins
Richard Hawkins - 6 months ago
Yeah he's young & spits in a lanky accent but my gosh he's got talent
The Legend 27
The Legend 27 - 6 months ago
When the beat sounds like the crying little girl he raped
Imperial Dragon
Imperial Dragon - 6 months ago
Little T
Kiwi Eater ROBLOX
Kiwi Eater ROBLOX - 6 months ago
Ur so ironic
purplemonkey 1315
purplemonkey 1315 - 6 months ago
Everyone should listen to little t
Nurelle's Life
Nurelle's Life - 6 months ago
Little Lee 123
Little Lee 123 - 6 months ago
fell sans
fell sans - 6 months ago
Im not hateing but this is the kid that said that he would break ur mums spine and rob cars
Phantom Itachi
Phantom Itachi - 6 months ago
ok so this grime artist has gone from rapping about soph aspin to stopping bullying XD
NO WALKING ON MY BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO WALKING ON MY BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 6 months ago
he can't say stop bullying because he said he was going to rape your little sister
Rynver X
Rynver X - 6 months ago
He says stop bullying he’s one who I’m going to rape your little sister and calling people sluts and saying I’m going to kill your nan little t is just an prick and I hope he dies soon
Rynver X
Rynver X - 6 months ago
I really want to stab that fucker such little cunt
Mcdaddy Vlogs
Mcdaddy Vlogs - 6 months ago
is that a baby crying in the back ground?
Mcdaddy Vlogs
Mcdaddy Vlogs - 6 months ago
everyone needs to smoke a g before watching this and it becomes amazing
KH28 InSAniyY
KH28 InSAniyY - 6 months ago
0:03 -0:06 "and those were the words that ended bullying"-memeulous
Miss AngelCake
Miss AngelCake - 6 months ago
rhys wellington
rhys wellington - 6 months ago
love that coment
rhys wellington
rhys wellington - 6 months ago
such a fannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love songs wish i could be u
Bradley Bancroft
Bradley Bancroft - 6 months ago
Well said josh
Matthew Highams Keeley
Matthew Highams Keeley - 6 months ago
Thank you little t
Y Soup
Y Soup - 6 months ago
Brett Smy
Brett Smy - 6 months ago
Your so cute love u use the #stop bullying
Master Dan9
Master Dan9 - 6 months ago
That girl who was getting beat up I know her.She goes to the same school as me
sue smith
sue smith - 6 months ago
Little t is so cute
MlgToast :D
MlgToast :D - 6 months ago
But overall its a great video
MlgToast :D
MlgToast :D - 6 months ago
Yes, while you make a video about anti-bullying you say "I'm gonna rape your little sister" is a threat which again is a bullying term or quote
Cloat Meal
Cloat Meal - 6 months ago
Put the captions on, you’ll thank me
Mary Gibiliru
Mary Gibiliru - 6 months ago
Live with them word's
soviet russian picachu
soviet russian picachu - 6 months ago
They should show this at schools
Theo Lenton
Theo Lenton - 6 months ago
This is coming from a guy that threatens to rape your little sister
SA hockey
SA hockey - 6 months ago
Emily smith
Emily smith - 6 months ago
I love you little t xx
DJ 3lectrical
DJ 3lectrical - 6 months ago
Then: “I’m gonna rape yo little sister.”
Now: “Yeah, stop bullying yeah.... It’s really not nice.”
Ivo Hopkins
Ivo Hopkins - 6 months ago
To be honest I think more people comitted suicide because of this video than because of bullying
shuhaan2006. - 6 months ago
just rape their little sister ;)
Kaycee Sabin-Smith
Kaycee Sabin-Smith - 6 months ago
Yes little T
Viperous terror
Viperous terror - 6 months ago
SkyCore - 6 months ago
And you say you’ll drop kick someone
SkyCore - 6 months ago
David Leisten
David Leisten - 6 months ago
A year ago
Craig Barnes
Craig Barnes - 6 months ago
This helped I was getting bullied but then I raped his little sister and everything was fine
Hashi Gaming
Hashi Gaming - 6 months ago
Finally a casual song not saying I’m gonna rape ur sister
linda pemberton
linda pemberton - 6 months ago
I'm a traveller an if I get bulled I wil twat um
Little Lucy
Little Lucy - 6 months ago
Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen - 6 months ago
This song is my quote
Viperous terror
Viperous terror - 6 months ago
Viperous terror
Viperous terror - 6 months ago
Janine Letts
Janine Letts - 6 months ago
He put am going to rayp your little sister
Rachel Barton
Rachel Barton - 6 months ago
girl BGM said your a twa
ryan da boss
ryan da boss - 6 months ago
He is bulling people on internet
White 112
White 112 - 6 months ago
You are the best YouTuber
Vsauce 4
Vsauce 4 - 6 months ago
Okay lets just put down that beer
Banana Daily
Banana Daily - 6 months ago
stop bullying? stop rapeing our little sisters
Rikidiki Now
Rikidiki Now - 6 months ago
memeboi420 - 6 months ago
death 2 america
sue smith
sue smith - 6 months ago
It not nice to bully
Alex Paiosu
Alex Paiosu - 6 months ago
I love you kid, let me kiss you for this video
Charles Burhans
Charles Burhans - 6 months ago
that 2:00 cringe though
Piffting - 6 months ago
Shouting out aaron mccabew
Harry Stockle
Harry Stockle - 6 months ago
I remember the time
WolfNightingtale - 6 months ago
Stop bullying yeah it's not nice. Stop raping yeah it's not nice
Jayden Murch
Jayden Murch - 6 months ago
You are getting trashed sophie
Finj Boy
Finj Boy - 6 months ago
oliver coyne
oliver coyne - 6 months ago
Yeah stop bullying
A Stale Meme
A Stale Meme - 6 months ago
Does anyone actually think this is good?
Banana Daily
Banana Daily - 6 months ago
A Stale Meme probaly some jakepaulers only his road rage is good
Hero Gamer
Hero Gamer - 6 months ago
Wanna kill yourself? Imagine this. You come home from school one day. You’ve had yet another horrible day. You’re just ready to give up. So you go to your room, close the door, and take out that suicide note you’ve written and rewritten over and over and over You take out those razor blades, and cut for the very last time. You grab that bottle of pills and take them all. Laying down, holding the letter to your chest, you close your eyes for the very last time. A few hours later, your little brother knocks on your door to come tell you dinners ready. You don’t answer, so he walks in. All he sees is you laying on your bed, so he thinks you’re asleep. He tells your mom this. Your mom goes to your room to wake you up. She notices something is odd. She grabs the paper in your hand and reads it. Sobbing, she tries to wake you up. She’s screaming your name. Your brother, so confused, runs to go tell Dad that “Mommy is crying nd brother won’t wake up.” Your dad runs to your room. He looks at your mom, crying, holding the letter to her chest, sitting next to your lifeless body. It hits him, what’s going on, and he screams. He screams and throws something at the wall. And then, falling to his knees, he starts to cry. Your mom crawls over to him, and they sit there, holding each other, crying. The next day at college , there’s an announcement. The principal tells everyone about your suicide. It takes a few seconds for it to sink in, and once it does, everyone goes silent. Everyone blames themselves. Your teachers think they were too hard on you. Those mean popular girls, they think of all the things they’ve said to you. That boy that used to tease you and call you names, he can’t help but hate himself for never telling you how good you really are. Your ex girlfriend, the one that you told everything to, that broke up with you.. shee can’t handle it. shee breaks down and starts crying, and blames herself . Your friends? They’re sobbing too, wondering how they could never see that anything was wrong, wishing they could have helped you before it was too late. And your best friend? He’s in shock. He can’t believe it. He knew what you were going through, but he never thought it would get that bad… Bad enough for you to end it. He can’t cry, He can’t feel anything. He stands up, walks out of the classroom, and just sinks to the floor. Shaking, screaming, but no tears coming out. It’s a few days later, at your funeral. The whole town came. Everyone knew you, that boy with the bright smile and bubbly personality. The one that was always there for them, the shoulder to cry on. Lots of people talk about all the good memories they had with you, there were a lot. Everyone’s crying, your little brother still doesn’t know you killed yourself, he’s too young. Your parents just said you died. It hurts him, a lot. You were his big brother , you were supposed to always be there for him. Your best friend, he stays strong through the entire service, but as soon as they start lowering your casket into the ground,he just loses it. He cries and cries and doesn’t stop for days. It’s two years later. Your teachers all quit their job. Those mean girls have eating disorders now. That boy that used to tease you cuts himself. Your ex girlfriend doesn’t know how to love anymore and just sleeps around with boys . Your friends all go into depression. Your best friend? He tried to kill herself. He didn’t succeed like you did, but He tried…your brother? He finally found out the truth about your death. He self harms, he cries at night, he does exactly what you did for years leading up to your suicide. Your parents? Their marriage fell apart. Your dad became a workaholic to distract himself from your death. Your mom got diagnosed with depression and just lays in bed all day. People care. You may not think so, but they do. Your choices don’t just affect you. They affect everyone. Don’t end your life, you have so much to live for. Things can’t get better if you give up. I’m here for absolutely anyone that needs to talk, no matter who you are. Even if we’ve NEVER talked before, I’m here for you. Copy and paste this as your status to show people there are people out there that care.let's see who actually read all of it.
For anyone that feels this way
Could 1 friend, please copy and repost (not share)? We are trying to demonstrate that someone's always listening.
TNTYOD - 6 months ago
These videos are huge because of WillNE and Memeulous and they got big because of BGM (Maybe certainly was there material) so why did they stop :'(
risingserenity - 6 months ago
like, as much hate as he gets from people who just don't understand that this kid can rap, he is actually good. Fam he should release an album or some shit.
Connor the Boss
Connor the Boss - 6 months ago
Keep it up
Frenzy - 6 months ago
Offical DarkDestroyer
Offical DarkDestroyer - 6 months ago
Mess with me your face will be hahaha f*ck bullys
Liz Rutherford
Liz Rutherford - 6 months ago
at 00:55 little t looking for his fans
JS. S - 6 months ago
Maybe I'm missing something here, but from what I can see, it's a kid is trying to send out a positive message against bullying, yet it seems a majority of the response is to shit on it act like assholes about it. I really can't understand why this is getting such a negative response, it's sad world we live in.
Freddie Watson Pheasant shooting life
Freddie Watson Pheasant shooting life - 6 months ago
In the title pic he looked like Gordon Ramsay
Eoin McGowan
Eoin McGowan - 6 months ago
Finally not a diss
The Golden Gamer
The Golden Gamer - 6 months ago
B-doggvlog S
B-doggvlog S - 6 months ago
My brother got bullied for 5 years
Philip Weir
Philip Weir - 6 months ago
Yh stop the bullying I've been bullied all my life
Coolguycruze - 6 months ago
The beat is from cersa
Dylan At YouTube
Dylan At YouTube - 6 months ago
I don’t want to go to school anymore because of these comments I don’t want to get chased home by someone with a knife
Jasmine MSP
Jasmine MSP - 6 months ago
Hey little T. Wasup. Its holly's sister. We live in blackpool. We spoke to you a few times.
Stacey carthy
Stacey carthy - 6 months ago
Your sick man
PartyDan - 6 months ago
Wasn’t he making rap videos before that were saying I’ll rape your sister
Core X
Core X - 6 months ago
Worst rapping ever
Footballfrankiegamer 99
Footballfrankiegamer 99 - 6 months ago
Who ever is bullying little t come see me
Rachel Booth
Rachel Booth - 6 months ago
It’s really not nice
Pastel Roblox & more!
Pastel Roblox & more! - 6 months ago
Lyrics-Stop Bullying-Little T

Little T
Yeah, stop bullying yeah
It's really not nice
Yo, shouting out Harry McCabe yeah

I was scrolling through Facebook
Saw a kid that was getting beat up
And she only looked about 11, how could you do that?
Hit her in the face when you had about 20 at the back
Been bullied and I know what it's like
That feeling inside
That shit in your mind
I wish I could turn back time when it all were fine

Yeah and all that shit
Getting bullied for not the right hair
And not the right kit
And not being fit
And these kids walking 'round with guns and knives and it ain't right
Bully on kids because they can't fight
They walk around in the dark night
And see that car with the bright light
Scared cause the bullies aren't nice
Her parents don't believe her they think she's out of her mind
Come to Blackpool and you will see

We've got the Blackpool tower, the sun, the sand and the sea
If it wasn't for my fans yeah I wouldn't be me
My slang word is Little T
Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Yo, yeah
And the stars so bright
Not saying that we do not fight
People saying that my grime's not nice
But I'm getting filmed by Noisey and Vice

And it's hard to be me
People like 'can I get a little pic with Little T?'
'Can I get a pic with Little T?'
All these people sending for me
You're not worth my time
You're not worth of thinking the bars in my mind
Gotta be cruel to be kind,just like my nan and shes blind
Yo, look, and yeah, yeah

Why do you bully them just for a little bit of rep
Why do you bully them just for a little bit of rep
Yeah, but when the rep's gone
You're going to have no friends
You're going to have no one
Stop bullying, yeah
Little T
Sean and Frankie's Chanel 123
Sean and Frankie's Chanel 123 - 6 months ago
My ghee
Jayden Dwyer
Jayden Dwyer - 6 months ago
Guys Dont worry Little T never made road rage.
SCGalaxy Cookie
SCGalaxy Cookie - 6 months ago
This actually changed my mind about little t by this song even though road rage and other songs but I'll leave them out
SCGalaxy Cookie
SCGalaxy Cookie - 6 months ago
Stop bullying yeah it's really not nice is a word of god
Lil Latke
Lil Latke - 7 months ago
I used to bully but this song inspired me
Unstoppable Gam3r
Unstoppable Gam3r - 7 months ago
I don’t think my phone pet dog need a music video about it
Fluffy - 7 months ago
"yeah, stop bullying, yeah. It's really not nice"


Unseeableninja - 7 months ago
When you drop your 4 pack Morrisons beer
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson - 7 months ago
She was the bully can it's right !
SCGalaxy Cookie
SCGalaxy Cookie - 7 months ago
No offence to others but I am getting bullied doin nothin bout it but this is true stop bullying even tho I hate little t
Laurie Morgan
Laurie Morgan - 7 months ago
"I'm gonna rape your little sister"
Now he's going on about anti-bullying
Toyah Brazier
Toyah Brazier - 7 months ago
ItsMohit - 7 months ago
Get a life from my new webshop could
KWAME AMPONSAH - 7 months ago
cool song well done
Youtuber Edits
Youtuber Edits - 7 months ago
“Yeah, stop bullying yeah. It’s really not nice”-little t
Josh, we get you
Karl Marx
Karl Marx - 7 months ago
Thanks for the free chromosomes.
KerrMC HD745
KerrMC HD745 - 7 months ago
Do you honestly think bullying is ment to be nice
ItzTragic - 7 months ago
Omg she goes to my school it called Outwood the hole uniform is the same
Admial Doge
Admial Doge - 7 months ago
'And those 4 words stopped bullying forever'- Memeulous 1346
Holy words indeed
LootCrashed - 7 months ago
This is coming from the person who talks about raping your little sister.
Matilde Conceicao
Matilde Conceicao - 7 months ago
well done
DanTDM Mclaughlin
DanTDM Mclaughlin - 7 months ago
I fell that your my cousin
WAH - 7 months ago
I would personally come to UK to bully you
Top Tens
Top Tens - 7 months ago
Who came here cuz of memeulous
quest creator
quest creator - 5 months ago
Top Tens me
Meli8123 - 5 months ago
Came here from Chubbs
Scratch Wiz
Scratch Wiz - 5 months ago
Uzi7 123
Uzi7 123 - 6 months ago
Top Tens me
BurgerStupr - 7 months ago
The retard who edited this video needs to learn what resample is, and disable it.
fryguy - 7 months ago
Littel dick
B Fost
B Fost - 7 months ago
Im gonna rape your little sistet
Naxan Blob
Naxan Blob - 7 months ago
guys yet he acts hard someone has watched try not to cry
Yasin Ahmed
Yasin Ahmed - 7 months ago
AJHAHAHAHAH i wish i was in america or england were they bully in my age (13). I would beat the crap out of someone who bullys in front of me and when i see it i will literly just fucking beat the living crap out of the bully
GTA5 Gaming
GTA5 Gaming - 7 months ago
Stop bullying yeh it's really not nice
Zara Black
Zara Black - 7 months ago
ur shit as well
Zara Black
Zara Black - 7 months ago
ur fucked up u bully sophie then u do this fucking hell
Jökull Smárason
Jökull Smárason - 7 months ago
Nice one little t. Good message
I Hate 2D animation profiles
I Hate 2D animation profiles - 7 months ago
Someone Punch this Kid...
comment etiquette
IOS gaming chris
IOS gaming chris - 7 months ago
IOS gaming chris
IOS gaming chris - 7 months ago
I will fuck you
IOS gaming chris
IOS gaming chris - 7 months ago
Little fagy
Jack Vassiliou
Jack Vassiliou - 7 months ago
The most savage robloxian
The most savage robloxian - 7 months ago
“Stop bullying yea It’s not nice”. Some powerful words said by the legend who said yo yea start the biffta I’m going to rape yo little sister
yaboiraviolii - 7 months ago
why is this actually so good
Trevor Yue
Trevor Yue - 7 months ago
Trevor Yue
Trevor Yue - 7 months ago
Officer Baxter
Officer Baxter - 7 months ago
Stop bullying. It’s really not nice. Says you saying your going to rape people sisters
Deacon Vlogs
Deacon Vlogs - 7 months ago
Yo yeah I’m little t i made this song after I just insulted milly b,shut up my mums a rich bitch I can do whatever cyber bulling just don’t look at the screen but really dont
kingfaz07 - 7 months ago
Septicc - 7 months ago
Why the fuck does this prick tell people to stop bullying when all he does is make fun of other grime rappers by spitting insults at them??????!!!!
Animal Apex
Animal Apex - 7 months ago
Guns and knifes really guns GUNS!!!!!!
Speed of light
Speed of light - 7 months ago
But you raped my lil sister
UnknownBmx - 7 months ago
Lol bruh wtf is this like im against bullying but this is shitty
Noah the Slender Boa
Noah the Slender Boa - 7 months ago
Little twat
Ksi - 7 months ago
Pre school kid can't speak
Sidebs - 7 months ago
As soon as he says his rap name in the beginning I instantly shouted shut the fuck up Harold Hutchins
Ryan The lion
Ryan The lion - 7 months ago
The only reason you got bullied was because the music you make saying your smash someone’s teeth in
Seapizza Games
Seapizza Games - 7 months ago
“Yeah stop bullying yeah” - said the guy who’s going to rape my little sister
Youcef Kallouche
Youcef Kallouche - 7 months ago
U were bullying so u stop bullying
Donna  Behan
Donna Behan - 7 months ago
this song is so good and it's really not nice to bully so stop
George Arthur
George Arthur - 7 months ago
well done
Simone Stevenson
Simone Stevenson - 7 months ago
hell i hate british kids 9 years shouldn't have facebook
- SleDG3GaMer-
- SleDG3GaMer- - 7 months ago
ginger fock
Leon mcnichol
Leon mcnichol - 7 months ago
Yea I mam
DinosCanFly - 7 months ago
If this doesn't stop bullying I don't know what will.
CosmicFrog - 7 months ago
Tbh, Little t is a really nice guy, ppl think of him as a chav who's a fucking retard when he's actually a good person.

nice Vid
Itz Rizzeo
Itz Rizzeo - 7 months ago
All bullies stop plz dnt bully
S0da Games
S0da Games - 7 months ago
People are f*cked up
DecoDa Savage
DecoDa Savage - 7 months ago
#stopbullying I love this song
KittenPrime TFTF
KittenPrime TFTF - 7 months ago
Henry Sumpter
Henry Sumpter - 7 months ago
From the guy who raped my little sister
action aura
action aura - 7 months ago
Nice song this is the best song so far! :-)
Madmaddox 076
Madmaddox 076 - 7 months ago
This what you do to bullies lamp them fukin batter them
RED FOX - 7 months ago
Yeah, stop bullying it's not nice. XD last time u said o rape my non existent sister XD
RED FOX - 7 months ago
If your being bullied get up and smack him
JACKO - 7 months ago
Bitch that staircase give him tetanus
Juzzy Gaming And Vlogs
Juzzy Gaming And Vlogs - 7 months ago
he knows what bullyings like oh

and why would that be?
Coreyjay2007 YT
Coreyjay2007 YT - 7 months ago
Ya little t your the bully saying ‘I’m gunna rape your little sister yo your the bully
Aidan Duffy
Aidan Duffy - 7 months ago
From the guy that gave u roadrage , stop bullying
FRANC THE SAVAGE - 7 months ago
why does he have a beard on his head
Leo Wiles
Leo Wiles - 7 months ago
Good music video
Lennon Carr
Lennon Carr - 7 months ago
This song should stop BULLYING
TxF Games
TxF Games - 7 months ago
Yeah it might be retarded but think of it, bullying is been a terrible thing for many many years and just as we speak the world is just gonna change and get worse and worse just like bullying will from all over the world.
Vincent Half life
Vincent Half life - 7 months ago
It's not funny
Denley Blake
Denley Blake - 7 months ago
Your such a good raper
Wubb Music
Wubb Music - 7 months ago
My school friend was stabbed 3 times by a year 9 today. I went to visit them in hospital and he will be back in school soon
Emma Martin
Emma Martin - 7 months ago
Little t you're a good song.
Emma Martin
Emma Martin - 7 months ago
stop bullying it's really not nice
Cynix - 7 months ago
When you say stop bullying but also say im going to rape your little sister

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