Watch iptv live television from usa, uk, canada and around the world with this new apk for android phones, tablets, android boxes, fire tv sticks, nvidia shields, etc. Download apk from here: Best VPN on the market: My Twitter: My Facebook:


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Watch iptv live television from usa, uk, canada and around the world with this new apk for android phones, tablets, android boxes, fire tv sticks, nvidia shields, etc. Download apk from here: Best VPN on the market: My Twitter: My Facebook:

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faranduleando Y mas
faranduleando Y mas - 1 week ago
@soloman bro qué aplicaciones me recomiendas descargar para un Samsung smart tv con tizen?
George K
George K - 2 weeks ago
Hi Soloman
I like Nitro STB! I installed it on MXQ 4k Android. Box !!
But lately if I turn it off and re- turn it on starts slow or fast motion until I turn it completly off and unplug its electricity to re work normaly..!!!
I'm really disappointed..!!! But I like the Nitro STB interface..!!
Larry Blake
Larry Blake - 2 weeks ago
Unless you read and speak a half dozen languages.......forget it!
LucKie - 4 weeks ago
Is it on UDP or TCP?
Crístóvão André Basi Efes
Crístóvão André Basi Efes - 1 month ago
I don't understand... do I have to buy the full version to get British or American channels? Everything is either German or Eastern European.
JOMANI - 1 month ago
TVingo Online Live TV
TVingo Online Live TV - 2 months ago
try tvingo live tv apk at
PEDRO ESPINOSA R - 2 months ago
Nombre de la apk
Solo Man
Solo Man - 2 months ago
Toda la informacion siempre esta en la description de mis videos incluyendo nombres, el archivo de descarga, etc.
victor sanchez
victor sanchez - 2 months ago
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Chontelle  Hersey
Chontelle Hersey - 2 months ago
Hiw do i get cable in my home with nothing i had direct tv last
Appau Getrich
Appau Getrich - 3 months ago
What is the name for this TV APK
ignite export
ignite export - 3 months ago
Anything this guy does is for hits. And when he does find something all these hundreds of thousands of people jump on it and kill it
Zippy Tv
Zippy Tv - 3 months ago
Best Live Tv app for Android Phones.
Play channels in HD. Download from here
Mike Yamat
Mike Yamat - 3 months ago
Is there a good and working apk to watch filipino movies for free?
eagle tech
eagle tech - 4 months ago
How can I watch my dishtv cable channels available locally in Android TV without using internet.
In my Android TV there is an app called tv setting which opens that rf signal channel section. I need to know that is there any other apps available like that. Please help me
Philscbx - 4 months ago
Boy, darn good thing we have Techno Gurus ready at the helm - steering the ship past the rocks.
Great Job Captain @!
Now the part I may have missed -
My Samsung Tv about 5 yrs old, is this even doable?
Dan Chandler
Dan Chandler - 4 months ago
Disney channel only available in rushen
Kevin Wong Yi Chen
Kevin Wong Yi Chen - 4 months ago
Why does mine said "EPG for this Channel"
fighter hitman
fighter hitman - 4 months ago
I downloaded it but the streams weren't really live


daniel rajkumar
daniel rajkumar - 4 months ago
hi ill like a good apk for movies and tv show as you know terriaum giveing some trouble theses days so if yuh have and with the latest movies and tv shows
daniel rajkumar
daniel rajkumar - 4 months ago
show box not running on android 7.1
Justin G
Justin G - 4 months ago
daniel rajkumar try show box if you haven't already
Junior Garcia
Junior Garcia - 5 months ago
What i want u to do is explain how to add them up. How to do videos ,not only show the app but show how to install it to
KINTOSOL007 - 5 months ago
What's the name of the wireless remote keyboard and where you got it thank you
MrFuriousX - 5 months ago
need to update your link to the new version
louie depalma
louie depalma - 6 months ago
Awesome if you speak RUSSIAN or ARABIC !!!!! JUNK .... CRAP
Acard312 - 6 months ago
Hey soloman, I have it now but they all play with Arabic sound over. How do I remove that?
E Mukes
E Mukes - 6 months ago
Do you know of anything for UK live T.V. My wife is from Germany and she misses the drama shows, news and all the other channels. Thanks. You have some great vid's, been following you for sometime and made great changes to my kodi set up for the wife and kids. Thanks for the effort you put into your work. I hope you can help me with this, for my wife.
Niv_roz 33
Niv_roz 33 - 6 months ago
Is it free?
Edsel Clemensia
Edsel Clemensia - 6 months ago
Soloman buenas dia es fantastico loke tu hase por nosotros vale ami enseja Mucho
nietolkj - 6 months ago
What is the best iptv for the price you pay? Im new to this and i want to get into this but im sceptical about this iptv/apk


AMINE iptv
AMINE iptv - 7 months ago
Si apk amine iptv
Whatssab 00212680624945
Chris Balak
Chris Balak - 7 months ago
Looks good but on installing you need to give permission to this "find accounts on the device" - that is a bit of a red flag for me! so I didn't install it on my device
Salman Ahmad
Salman Ahmad - 7 months ago
Great video
Solo Man
Solo Man - 7 months ago
Thank you!
papito 1225
papito 1225 - 7 months ago
Hey soloman wat is the best app to watch TV on Android especial sports
coolnegative - 8 months ago
Don't know if I did something wrong, but it would not let me use mx player. To change from es media player to any other player as default you have to purchase full version. The few channels I could get to play with es media player (I'm assuming it is a codec support issue) only had audio and all in languages foreign to me. It seemed to work fine for you solo man, but it was a waste of time for me. But I still appreciate all your efforts to help cable cutters (or in my case, cable can't afforder).
Prophet Atah
Prophet Atah - 8 months ago
wow bro really good. thanks very much. I have been looking for something like this . thanks much love
Enrique Gonzales
Enrique Gonzales - 8 months ago
Soloman Enrique Gonzalez wishie you and you entire family to all be fine in God's protection..You know i also live in south florida...My friends and family came thru the hurricane. un touch...But for you god bless you remember materials thing can be fix repair or replace..Life in other hands can't...If you need a professional Lic Plumber please be free to call my number..or email i am at your doorstep sir Soloman..Love honor respect loyalty...Is hard to find..But i am all of the above old school New yorker from the bronx..Making florida home for now...Good luck god bless..Hope to see you soon...Richie the plumber..
melody collette
melody collette - 8 months ago
What is the link you only have the Torrent
melody collette
melody collette - 8 months ago
Link doesn't work
Mic B
Mic B - 8 months ago
My m3u playlist player app not working doesn't play any of my channels
BigFootBox - 8 months ago
Wooooh.... Those permissions
Tecnologia Digital
Tecnologia Digital - 8 months ago
Bom dia esse app é FREE ? Estou no Brasil
anakey mohr
anakey mohr - 8 months ago
All shows are in Russian
Michael Crippen
Michael Crippen - 9 months ago
i really love all your vedio please keep it up
Kirk Thomas
Kirk Thomas - 9 months ago
Tried to download, it downloaded then said there was an update, did the update then went to install and it said file was corrupt.
Helen - 9 months ago
do yu need the MX player to play anything on the nitro tv apk?
Dream Bot
Dream Bot - 9 months ago
Host your files at and earn money for every download.
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia - 9 months ago
Can't watch anything I need to purchase channels, and interface looks nothing like what you have
Joe Morales
Joe Morales - 9 months ago
i am looking for t.v channeles around the world for my computer. I have a line that go's from my computer to see on my t.v. So i need to have channels for my computer around the world.
kirt Redburn
kirt Redburn - 9 months ago
How do I get rid of the Russian voice over in every channel I try


comp pack
comp pack - 9 months ago
no english language channel
What is Freedom
What is Freedom - 9 months ago
Sux no good. Don't waste your time. Wants money..
Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio - 4 months ago
If they wants money fuck them i pay to my country legal provider.
Edeline St Preux
Edeline St Preux - 9 months ago
Why are all the channels in spanish?
crazy chris
crazy chris - 10 months ago
how do you download this apk
Jose Azeite
Jose Azeite - 9 months ago
They are not free
mark gibson
mark gibson - 10 months ago
Hello Solo Man I brought paid apk after your video yesterday 12/7/17 but when I installed it onto my fire stick it askes for codec but its not on the amazon store can you help please man
jay vila
jay vila - 10 months ago
is espn on this app??
Sabastion Pelka
Sabastion Pelka - 10 months ago
I personally thank you, you are a very hard worker and wonderful at the videos you make.
abeski777 - 10 months ago
how can I do this on Kodi, I got kodi on my Fire stick?
Tim Wines
Tim Wines - 10 months ago
Is this apk installed outside of Kodi?
The General
The General - 11 months ago
Won't install & what's with creating a account with ace stream engine ? This APK or any APK asking 2 create an account is fishy, in honesty I think you're trying 2 help people out (2nd time tried installing a apk from ur videos & twice struck out(1st was droid buddy no apps)) it could be here today gone tomorrow ! No reply needed!
Ziggy - 11 months ago
why are both kobra and droid buddy malfunctioning? neither app installer is working. anyone k.ow why?
Vane Simu
Vane Simu - 11 months ago
Sir i have problem with my kodi can you help me ?
miller atkinson
miller atkinson - 11 months ago
You are a legend my friend. I have Philips 50put 6400 series android TV and until joining your channel I never had a clue what to do. I have now managed to install this and droid buddy, along with ES file explorer, drop box etc. thanks to you I'm leaning.
Jonathan Munoz
Jonathan Munoz - 11 months ago
Hi solo man do you have video tutorial how to watch philippine channel live on MYGICA ATV 1900 PRO for free?? I Would really appreciate your help,
Tom Thompson
Tom Thompson - 8 months ago
Jonathan Munoz hi Johnathan, search for " swift streams apk " I believe it's an Indian app but it has lots of other stuff on there too and the Philippines selection is pretty damn good..
Gary Smith
Gary Smith - 11 months ago
iv got a m8s box old one 4.4.2 model since using virgin media for my Internet iv had nothing but problem's I dont no weather it's my box or virgin media it will say no server no parse error carnt install or stream or download or open add ons iv tride all the different ways iv deleted kodi jarva 16.1 all I can get is Megabox HD cartoon HD and utube goggle and chrome work playstore some apps work I try downloading kodi it will say my box isant capable ov downloading kodi 17.1 the only way I can get jarva bk is by reseting my box but I still have the same problem isit my box or my Internet service?
Gary Smith
Gary Smith - 11 months ago
alot ov them dont work
Terry McKee
Terry McKee - 1 year ago
I have downloaded several APK's on my android box thanks to you. After several have been added and show up on the home screen, there doesn't seem to be enough boxes to show all the apk's. then  I have to go to app installer and reinstall again. Is there a way to increase the number of boxes under my apps in homescreen?
Matheus Aguiar
Matheus Aguiar - 1 year ago
I'm a friend, I'm here from Brazil, this app takes Brazilian channels with espn Brazil and etc ...
Vince Bowling
Vince Bowling - 1 year ago
Thanks so much Solo Man...I'm in the process of trying an Android TV box. You're video was very informative and helped a lot...newly subscribed and now a dedicated watcher....thanks again!!!
cano166 - 1 year ago
does it have Spanish channels?
Muana Fahnbulleh
Muana Fahnbulleh - 1 year ago
can someone please show me how to download it?
Brett Cole
Brett Cole - 1 year ago
mine was all in russian or somthing noting on was in english
Dongyang Sun
Dongyang Sun - 1 year ago
Hi ask a question, I have a android box that does' have BBC iPlayer app. If I search directly from google play it is not compatible with remote control ( basically you can't play it). Without using kodi do you have an idea to download a BBC iPlayer app that compatible with tv box and remote control? Thanks
Alexander Miller
Alexander Miller - 6 months ago
Dongyang Sun m .uk
Mike Perez
Mike Perez - 1 year ago
Hello! I really like your channel. I am in Vegas, How can I get local news? I just got an android "App Box".
Hector Medina
Hector Medina - 1 year ago
Hola senor uno tiene que pagar la subscription para que trabaje la applicacion
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
No pagues nada Hector, hay otras gratis hermano
Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs - 1 year ago
Thanks Soloman keep up the great apk work
prince Thomas
prince Thomas - 1 year ago
I want sex TV Android mobiles APK
Azher Iqbal
Azher Iqbal - 1 year ago
why i should use vpn how it can help me to watch live straming?
Ruperto Cabán
Ruperto Cabán - 1 year ago
How about a Apk for local tv channels by state?
Jomel quizon
Jomel quizon - 1 year ago
hello need help! i download the apk but saying can't open file
Grover Propst
Grover Propst - 1 year ago
this sucks can you please find something with only usa channels with no other languages I'm all American and that's all I watch is stuff from usa
Icequeentt - 7 months ago
Grover Propst then pay for fcking cable and support your american cable company smh
Riyaz Hyder
Riyaz Hyder - 1 year ago
This is good.. thanks a lot or sharing this.. My only issue is that all the channels are in Russian how can I get the English versions? Thanks
P3G4SUS - 1 year ago
Nitro or SetTVNow?
don't wanna pay for an inferior product.
thank again solo man
Alex SD 619
Alex SD 619 - 1 year ago
great info. by the way have you try tv portal?
Michael Morris
Michael Morris - 1 year ago
+Solo man I have a cyclone android X4 bt box and it's running 4.4.2 how can I update it to 5.0 as my box is not rooted and I want to update my kodi to 17 can anyone help ?
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy - 1 year ago
where is the usa channels?
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy - 1 year ago
i guess i use ipvanish
cfw21 - 1 year ago
thank you so much, you have opened up a whole new world for me and I'm not very smart with this stuff and I love how you don't talk down 2 people. I just got abox-1 trying to figure out how to use a mouse with it? would appreciate any help , thank you
James Cameron
James Cameron - 1 year ago
could you do video on saving kodi, builds or addons on android box to flash drive?
Smart phone
Smart phone - 1 year ago
vlao to bhai
Robert Madden
Robert Madden - 1 year ago
Thanks Soloman but does this still stand? Is there a better one out there now? Its been 6 months
Ricardo Lazcano Primo
Ricardo Lazcano Primo - 1 year ago
ya descargue el torrent pero no me deja reproducirlo, descargo el ace stream pero al momento de darle clic al canal me sale fotos o reproductor de video del cel y no me reproduce el canal. que reproductor debo descargar para ver los canales
Donald Willis
Donald Willis - 1 year ago
can i use kodi and this on the same device
Glen Cassells
Glen Cassells - 1 year ago
also how do u get full version
Glen Cassells
Glen Cassells - 1 year ago
hi soul nan it runs great but it asks me compete action useing i put mx player and hit always and it dose nothing i hit just once and it plays but it pops up every time i go to use it ???
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
It should remember your player preference Glen, don't know why is doing that
dessappy - 1 year ago
all the channels i wanna watch are russian dubbed. WTF
KnightSaber31 - 1 year ago
no solo english channes
dedalos99 - 1 year ago
Once you install this device, the folders instead the channels they is folders said solo man is scam? please advice this links no longer working?
Enrique Velez
Enrique Velez - 1 year ago
does this apk still works? it wont download on my M8 Pro box....
Edgar Rivera
Edgar Rivera - 1 year ago
Buenas noches Solo Man y buenas noches para todos..Que aplicación me recomiendan para ver TV por Android, canales de Puerto Rico y de Estados Unidos???


Malcolm Ross
Malcolm Ross - 1 year ago
It would be much more convenient to have an 'always' choice when selecting player. One less step but looks great otherwise.
joseph barzani
joseph barzani - 1 year ago
my friend , when i watch its stop to much
Mike Jimenez
Mike Jimenez - 1 year ago
Can you show me how to install Fire stick ??
Fran Mcardle
Fran Mcardle - 1 year ago
This here app is dead. As of yesterday the site is gone and app force closes
TaFaZzAl HoSsAiN
TaFaZzAl HoSsAiN - 1 year ago
How can I watch adult channels free?
dad i
dad i - 1 year ago
thanks alot. gooood job
J - 1 year ago
weak app always freezes or streams don't work
Kuldeep Kumar
Kuldeep Kumar - 1 year ago
RENTV tv app
Kuldeep Kumar
Kuldeep Kumar - 1 year ago
djewie rogers
djewie rogers - 1 year ago
thanks great
Danielle Davis
Danielle Davis - 1 year ago
how do you get cloud tv and freedom on roku
TiffanieNL - 1 year ago
when I go to stream a channel it gets stuck at 11%. It is not my internet as I have a decent connect (100mbs)
Jenny kedi
Jenny kedi - 1 year ago
Torrent player works but there is a lot of buffering which makes it unwatchable.
Betty Polasky
Betty Polasky - 1 year ago
how do I connect my Samsung smart TV to my internet using wifi
Jacub3D - 1 year ago
How to download mx player to firestick?
Bob Koncius
Bob Koncius - 1 year ago
This sounds very interesting to me Solo (the) Man! I downloaded by way of PC put it on a thumb drive. The Media box sees the Kodi Temp folder I placed it in on thumb drive and will not open the file. I would like to add this to my Android Media Box X-96, sir!
andre Saintp
andre Saintp - 1 year ago
Fat Tony
Fat Tony - 1 year ago
Never click on any link posted by anyone. Only download from original source.Don't trust anyone.
Daniel Franceschi
Daniel Franceschi - 1 year ago
it is Russian
Nicolae - 1 year ago
Join Internacional whatsaap group of "Android TV / IPTV / Filmes APP"
stealthieOne - 1 year ago
These channels arent in English?
Rafael Santana
Rafael Santana - 1 year ago
does it work on the new fire stick
Darian Tyndale
Darian Tyndale - 1 year ago
solo man how I can download the on my android device . ..send me the link
Adam Tang
Adam Tang - 1 year ago
P Rodrigo Fierro Page
P Rodrigo Fierro Page - 1 year ago
Puede ser en español por favor?
Jenny kedi
Jenny kedi - 1 year ago
How do you install torrent stream controller on a fire stick?
Sergio Bolaños/Sergiob466
Sergio Bolaños/Sergiob466 - 1 year ago
what's the app called
Kelly Love Hearts
Kelly Love Hearts - 1 year ago
what apple tv 4
Sj Rush
Sj Rush - 1 year ago
shouldnt we just get sling tv for this or no?
Rain ouchen
Rain ouchen - 1 year ago
you look like a drop
sophie el
sophie el - 1 year ago
The best application that allows to save battery energy !!
Now available on google play :
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson - 1 year ago
Awesome video! If you like live sports you can play live with this app along with sports celebrities
Roni Rialms
Roni Rialms - 1 year ago
hi solo...
I am using Android marshmallow. So, your app on that link is not installed on my phone. So, Its very helpful to me if u give me the play store link
jesus martinez
jesus martinez - 1 year ago
por lo menos da el nombre de la aplicacion vato
Juan Pablo Carabez
Juan Pablo Carabez - 1 year ago
gracias amigo
Richard Powell
Richard Powell - 1 year ago
What's the best tv box? I saw the shield. I want something 4k. That's able to get kodi.
Mo Raps
Mo Raps - 1 year ago
I want iOS
stone cold lance
stone cold lance - 1 year ago
most channels aren't even in English
Robert Milanesio
Robert Milanesio - 1 year ago
HI Solomon can you show us how to install this live apk, for me as a first timer I'm a little confused?
William Angeles
William Angeles - 1 year ago
sorry I ment if you want all the good stuff you need to pay . like using your own media player.. good find thanks for the help
William Angeles
William Angeles - 1 year ago
dude this is not free
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
I didn't pay a dime
Ramon Valentino
Ramon Valentino - 1 year ago
Thanks for the Video!
Stickii - 1 year ago
on permissions before installing it has permission to find accounts on device! Why does it need such permission?
mikeys4u - 1 year ago
it stopped me installing it too...
Firestick User
Firestick User - 1 year ago
This site SUCKS and you know it. Stick with Kodi, Movies HD or Mobdro. Even Terrarum is better than this.
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
I have a better solution. Why don't you create your own youtube channel and that way you can upload whatever the heck you want. This is my show and i run it the way i choose fit. Sorry if i'm slamming the door on your face but i'm sick and tired of such negativity.
kon -sama
kon -sama - 1 year ago
eres tu pelón de brazzer :v
GeneralTan - 1 year ago
You have something for a chromecast?
Barca Kurdi
Barca Kurdi - 1 year ago
I don't trust this. I'd rather stick with kodi. I test watch a channel and it asked me to download ace stream or something and it gets to see all your privacy like contacts pictures sd card
Nigel Bain
Nigel Bain - 1 year ago
Why would I want Roku if I have Android and Kodi? Are you being paid to promote Roku?
shaz iqah
shaz iqah - 1 year ago
it needs to purchase to watch the channels..
Rana nadeem
Rana nadeem - 1 year ago
dear solo man I want an andriod aap that show all entertainment channls of india
Shafii Sigera
Shafii Sigera - 1 year ago
solo went mainstream, i see, ..its pay now,.
Teresa Davis
Teresa Davis - 1 year ago
Why shouldn't Solo get paid the man works for all of us . And as we know most of us dont pay a dime to help him with the financial ability he needs in order to continue to help us with our systems..............So Solo get paid how ever you can, so you can keep providing us with Great info.
Nicholas Yiatrusis
Nicholas Yiatrusis - 1 year ago
OMG thank you
E Giwre
E Giwre - 1 year ago
thanks , good video
Legendary Chucky
Legendary Chucky - 1 year ago
U r gd solo man!
Jerra Turn
Jerra Turn - 1 year ago
No active peers; update channels list
bobby hustle
bobby hustle - 1 year ago
Works like a champ good stuff. I may consider buying full version
Arch Bn
Arch Bn - 1 year ago
Any help please?
Arch Bn
Arch Bn - 1 year ago
cant download says there is a problem with parsing
Harry Groves
Harry Groves - 1 year ago
You make a lot of good videos but I notice you never actually show how to install any of these great APK's etc.
pedro Hernandez
pedro Hernandez - 1 year ago
pedro Hernandez
pedro Hernandez - 1 year ago
can somebody help me install code for this apk
Thomas Glenn Barnwell
Thomas Glenn Barnwell - 1 year ago
hey solo, how risky is a torrent stream??? can you please explain or make a video on how safe it is? and or what android live tv is safe without VPN. Or are tv apps a safe way to stream in general?? I really like this one, but am kinda worried!
thanks in advance
Ajay Jose
Ajay Jose - 1 year ago
Is there a way for me to cast it on my tv because that would be great!
Zach Sciortino
Zach Sciortino - 1 year ago
Ajay Jose you must be new to chrome cast. Google Chrome cast app has a option to screen mirror.
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones - 1 year ago
Never mind, I read further. But I am new to this and not really sure what I'm doing, but I'm trying.
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones - 1 year ago
What is the app I get from my play store
Ricky Rod
Ricky Rod - 1 year ago
Siempre muy agradecido por tu colaboracion!!!
Litos Garcia
Litos Garcia - 1 year ago
thank you so much!!!
Carlos Moreira
Carlos Moreira - 1 year ago
hola soloman. tengo un problema con mi caja de kodi. resulra q cada vez que apago la kaja de kodi, al encenderla nuevamente la fecha cambia a la fecha original de la caja. como puedo hacer para q permanezca con la fecha actualizada.
Kal Jak
Kal Jak - 1 year ago
also on this exact one parse error buddy that means file is corrupted during download tried on galaxy 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7 same problem bro
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
It's not meant to be downloaded directly on your device. Download it on a computer and transfer it using one of many programs available.
Kal Jak
Kal Jak - 1 year ago
doesn't work, yet another video promising free live and pay tv, basically nothing works and those that did not for long.
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Easy fix, pay for cable !!!
Mironda Canty
Mironda Canty - 1 year ago
solo does this one have the own channel?
pace maker
pace maker - 1 year ago
Should I pay.. I thought that it is free app
Orlando comments
Orlando comments - 1 year ago
Solo man i bought the one year subscription and the 1 month ace stream engine and i still cant watch the channels help Please
pace maker
pace maker - 1 year ago
I want to see adult channels but it's not free
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
All free
miguel angel almada
miguel angel almada - 1 year ago
TRADUCIR AL Español...please
mircea danila
mircea danila - 1 year ago
Bla ...bla...?
miguel martinez
miguel martinez - 1 year ago
how do I get it to speak English
Perry Tan
Perry Tan - 1 year ago
Hey Solo, I m getting all dialog in russian. Can it be change to english?
joe king
joe king - 1 year ago
the stations are rubbish the whole 3 of them .
Nevena Kmezic
Nevena Kmezic - 1 year ago
Hello Is there any possibility to watch online DIGI SPORT 3 ? Thanks
jason Acevedo
jason Acevedo - 1 year ago
for roku?
jason Acevedo
jason Acevedo - 1 year ago
for roku?
Ǥāgā ŁƗttŁē moƞƨƭēƦ
Ǥāgā ŁƗttŁē moƞƨƭēƦ - 1 year ago
thanks bro! working perfectly!
Enrique Gonzales
Enrique Gonzales - 1 year ago
Solo man another nice add on you are doing a great job.
Thank you so much..Can't do without you.....
Carl Fraser
Carl Fraser - 1 year ago
no sound.
Richie Tan
Richie Tan - 1 year ago
Hi are you using a pc or tv box?
mick schnabel
mick schnabel - 1 year ago
exactly what device are you using to send it to your tv in this video? I plan on putting the apk on my phone then sending it to my Fire Tv,hopefully it will be remote-friendly (as in fire tv remote)
kimoiye minley
kimoiye minley - 1 year ago
its all in spanish
Hector Castro
Hector Castro - 1 year ago
Solo, saludos,! what was the player you mention, MX or MF Player? Congratulations for your videos, very good.
Greg Bogdanis
Greg Bogdanis - 4 months ago
he said kodi hehe
Jay Colon
Jay Colon - 4 months ago
What is the better speed of internet for can watch live tv or movies in 4K? Are 8M enough for a 4K tv box?
iqbal kassam
iqbal kassam - 1 year ago
Solo Man need help....solid streamz was working fine till few weeks back...working fine on 3g but as soon as i connect to wifi it tells me i have no internet connection...please help as ive exhausted all options and got nothing
BuiltOnStoke - 1 year ago
Hector Castro why couldn't you just rewind the video and find out yourself... some people are so hopeless.
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
taxivid - 1 year ago
I bought the paid subscription for like $10 for the year because I thought I would be able to switch channels well watching another channel but that's not the case I cannot find out how to do that and I don't think my connection is strong enough I only have a one megabyte per second connection and it doesn't cut it because it's always freezing. Super high-quality channels though I wish they would make another one grandson Russians always on top of things
Basem El shayeb
Basem El shayeb - 1 year ago
Hi is it Russian or I just installed the wrong apk
trevor svandrlik
trevor svandrlik - 1 year ago
the box I have doesn't let me open the internet or the play store... how can I unlock these?
mattmartinolc - 1 year ago
I would caution everyone to know before trying this that it's a peer to peer style of streaming. This requires you to upload/share parts of what you are downloading like a torrent file which the law in most places will interpret as distribution of copyright content. Most places, like here where I live it's ok to download/stream so long as you are not sharing it back out to the world. If you do wish to use this service, I recommend using a VPN.
Freddie Morales
Freddie Morales - 1 year ago
se puede instalar en televisores smart samsung ?
Basem El shayeb
Basem El shayeb - 1 year ago
I want working apk or addons for french channels mainly children shows or cartoon thanks in advance i really enjoyed your effort
Guys InBlack
Guys InBlack - 1 year ago
I agree with dess duvell, paid for premium and most stations are none English channels...Solo, really? Thanks for all you provide but for American subscribers, this one's a dude.
Teejay Manes
Teejay Manes - 1 year ago
Dude talk too much...
TheGman9259 - 1 year ago
Hello to everyone!

Soloman thanks for all the work you do providing so many things Kodi. I tried the Android app mentioned here and many other kodi addons you recommend.

I am asking that you check out these android device free IPTV live apps. They are much easier to install and do not require any additional players be installed

Personally, I think these apps are better than anything you or any other youtuber has reviewed and recommended. so here they are: ( everyone got on that bandwagon several weeks ago) awesome and works flawlessly right out of the gate, the same can be said for: Very similar user interface to Mobdro

and here is one right out of the google play store: Filmon Has EPG built in

I have all three on my android phone, tablet and tv box

I also found this really good FREE VPN called TouchVPN which you can download out of play store. It is free, unlimited, no trial period, is super easy setup and connection and all these apps mentioned here will have everyone hitting the ground running with no problem.

I have grown more disappointed in kodi with each passing day. The free IPTV generally sux there are a few exceptions like CCloud, Stallion and Goodfellas. Good fellas was down for a few weeks and so was Vidtime. For VOD, which, in IMO is all kodi is really good for any more. Anyway for the in VOD: It is Exodus; and they are still the king of the VOD Hill.

Thanks to you Soloman for providing the platform and to the visitors for reading my post
pradip dkl
pradip dkl - 1 year ago
hello solo man also do for samsung smart tv
Phil Dawson
Phil Dawson - 1 year ago
if your lying I'll be back
Aa Abl
Aa Abl - 1 year ago
yeah download it only plays in Russian and Spanish.
Oscar Veras
Oscar Veras - 1 year ago
Solo, saludos y gracias por su videos.
Solo, como puedo installar kodi, o otra app como Kodi en fire stick?
cuando intente hacer la instalation no pude debido a que no podia bajar e installar ES file xplorer y seguir el proceso viejo. si me puede guiar a la nueva forma por favor.
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Puedes hacerlo con otros programas como mobomarket, wondershare, teamviewer quick support, apps to fire, adb fire companion, etc, etc
testerdennis67 - 1 year ago
Thanks SOLO MAN also works with CHROMECAST !!!!!!
Dj Spida
Dj Spida - 1 year ago
why you did tell us to how pay for this some of us will like to pay for it you how do you pay for the full version?
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Who said anything about paying? i have not paid to use it and neither should you.
david boudreau
david boudreau - 1 year ago
can we change the language.most are not in English
Crosscut Barber
Crosscut Barber - 1 year ago
Can this app work on my fire stick?
JohnnyNines - 1 year ago
Sorry. $20 a month when I use the link provided.
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Johnny you are confused, this is totally free, machtv plus is something different.
Chinsue Qwenga
Chinsue Qwenga - 1 year ago
please can you make a tv app for samsung smart tv 2015 version or a working ssiptv playlist?plz n thanks
Sue Oscar
Sue Oscar - 1 year ago
Thank you this works great but the VPN you posted is not free :(
sam v
sam v - 1 year ago
how do I get mx player on the fire stick to watch torrent stream? all I'm able to use is kodi to stream it.
Gustavo De Jesus
Gustavo De Jesus - 1 year ago
Great job, thanks for the info.
noybiznatch - 1 year ago
Please cover remote options for Android TV
Ross Dunne
Ross Dunne - 1 year ago
Yo Soloman, i'm new to this kind of tv streaming and kodi so i'm watching a lot of your vids to gain info. i'm learning an awful lot from you. cheers mate keep up the good work.
Deney - 1 year ago
Once again informative and to the point.....Cheers
jude Godwin
jude Godwin - 1 year ago
thank you solo man
Alonso Lopez Viquez
Alonso Lopez Viquez - 1 year ago
Jesus Gines
Jesus Gines - 1 year ago
I have the Mx Player installed but showing on the Torrent stream
Jesus Gines
Jesus Gines - 1 year ago
will this program will give you local channels like ABC NBC CBS New York and i can't seem to get My Mx player to mirror on Torrent stream
Russell Pitts
Russell Pitts - 1 year ago
So late
Isabella Rascon
Isabella Rascon - 1 year ago
can u do a vedio showing us how the download step by step and programming them? i have a andriod box and firesticks
Lynj J
Lynj J - 1 year ago
this is no good where the hell are the English versions. they keep wanting you to buy. Then you have to use your space to install 3apps!!! keeps buffering. may be good for some not me too much work.
Alex Becerra
Alex Becerra - 1 year ago
I want to know how to get or where to get the Link code for the Roku stick
Bandu Six
Bandu Six - 1 year ago
Roku is not a android system media player.
Elsie Valentin
Elsie Valentin - 1 year ago
can u see telemundo, univision?
NINO NUNEZ - 1 year ago
solo man. pero como lo pongo en English y espanol
Jose Morales
Jose Morales - 1 year ago
Solo man can you review Omega IPTV services please thanks
John Gonzalez
John Gonzalez - 1 year ago
B4 Anything thanks for the time and great work. Now I just installed the APK but everything I click on is  international language. So its worthless at least for me.
ExcessInModeration - 1 year ago
Solo, I downloaded to android phone, and I have MX player, but when I go to choose a channel it says I need an ACE streamer, and asks if I want to download it now or choose another. Choosing another only has ACE streaming options, and in settings there are only ACE choices and MX player not showing as an option. Any Ideas how to get it to use MX player on the phone, or should I just go ahead and download the ACE streamer?
ExcessInModeration - 1 year ago
ok thanks, I will
Isabella Rascon
Isabella Rascon - 1 year ago
i belive in his vedios u do jave to download ace streamers
Barry Kirwan
Barry Kirwan - 1 year ago
very help full man thank you
Drizo Waters
Drizo Waters - 1 year ago
how do u get that to ur tv
Darcy Barnes
Darcy Barnes - 1 year ago
Hey when i try n play a stream on my phone it doesn't give option for nx player just es file explorer media then it fails to play, any idea on why?
Gr@ssoft - 1 year ago
thank you, gracias, grazie, merci :-)
ya se arreglo, funciona super, alguna opcion para canales latinos?
javier caraballo
javier caraballo - 1 year ago
would they have ppv like boxing and ufc flights comes on in ppv?
junksterization - 1 year ago
Free Torrent streaming TV sucks ass.....I'd rather pay my few $$$ and have stable reliable streams from a private server which rarely go down.
Abl Rou
Abl Rou - 1 year ago
What is the name of app. I cannot find it.
does not work...
yardygalkeepitreal - 1 year ago
I swear your the only 1 that comes up with good stuff on YouTube
kenmerloo - 1 year ago
You don't show how to get it into Kodi. I installed it ok, but now can't find it !

Also, Stream Controller is asking for a password ?
Stanley Medina
Stanley Medina - 1 year ago
the new iptv you just posted people don't need to go back just press ok on the remote and the channels come up on the left of the screen on the kodi box using MY PLAYER
albulushikhalid - 1 year ago
it's amazing man. great job. keep it up
poppy56 - 1 year ago
hello out there I bought a new mxq android tv box and am having no luck at installing live tv and guide the only apps that I can get to work is the tvaddons   iam not that up to date on android boxes tech and would appreciate if some one could email me at with a step by step instructions iam just a old fart out of touch I try following videos but no luck thans for all the help I can get bill
Joshua Paakaula
Joshua Paakaula - 1 year ago
Since this runs off torrents, shouldn't a VPN be highly recommended? It looks like it works great, I'm just always nervous using torrents.
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Rodrigo Gonzalez - 10 months ago
I wonder why , most of the time to find your information. Torrent stream. When you go to the play store there are few. Rrrrgghh !!!
Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith - 1 year ago
ReerBaadia not if your using a paid one like ipvanish
ReerBaadia - 1 year ago
Joshua Paakaula
problem with VPN is it makes your Internet really slow which will result in alot of buffering when watching live TV.
anthony ervin
anthony ervin - 1 year ago
Paul Misner Q
Paul Misner
Paul Misner - 1 year ago
If I was going to even touch this, I would consider using a VPN.
yardygalkeepitreal - 1 year ago
I almost got my cable terminated once because they claim I stream and download from torrent
Royston Descartes
Royston Descartes - 1 year ago
i loved the Roku videos, keep them coming
James Dunn
James Dunn - 1 year ago
soloman you never showed us the EPG . can you do a video please as I definitely interested in this one and how much is it to upgrade for it . thanks .
Christopher Snead
Christopher Snead - 1 year ago
Does it has ESPN AND ESPN2 Solo Man?
Houston George
Houston George - 1 year ago
I try installing the app and it didn't install.
sean sandals
sean sandals - 1 year ago
Just egnore ,click later
JOHN ADELBERGER - 1 year ago
your latest posting has left me clueless, i can normally find what your talking about not not so on this one. where to find the apk? Thanks
Tony Haboush
Tony Haboush - 1 year ago
yeah I wouldn't pay for it because as you know my friend these channels and up going down it's a waste of money but this is just my opinion. If there was any IPTV services that actually cost money that don't go down and last I would be more than willing to pay if the question if you know any let me know
Zakariye Adan
Zakariye Adan - 1 year ago
Tony Haboush sling tv, or playstation vue!
junksterization - 1 year ago
Check out something like "Saturn streams" on Facebook.... Sounds like something you're looking for
Firestream - 1 year ago
not free
Firestream - 1 year ago
good vid though.
Jim Cicchitti
Jim Cicchitti - 1 year ago
Thanks nice one
Chad Marucci
Chad Marucci - 1 year ago
i downloaded the tv app and got russian. how do i change the language.
patricio varas
patricio varas - 1 year ago
how do I get this IPTV
Lin B
Lin B - 1 year ago
good day Solo Man can you please do a video on HomeScreen Launcher Replacements if not satisfied with default launcher on an Android TV Box reason for this request after placing new Home Screen Launcher after device is started android OS keeps requesting the decision "Just Once or Always" between "original launcher" or "new launcher" device is rooted but cannot find any clarity how to keep new launcher as permanent launcher forever :/
chad mortensen
chad mortensen - 1 year ago
Hey solo man..... Which setting do you use for the engine type? Local engine or Remote engine?
JEYCO ONE - 1 year ago
thanks soloman is a good apk
F VU - 1 year ago
anyone get this to work on firetv? the MX player is not a compatible app with firetv
vee groove
vee groove - 1 year ago
like your wireless kboard which one do you use.
vee groove
vee groove - 1 year ago
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
The wireless keyboard and mouse combo is this one
Jorge Velasquez
Jorge Velasquez - 1 year ago
Gracias Solo! Por todo qué haces por la comunidad! Yo lo estoy siguiendo por un rato pero nunca he comentado. También sigo a Touchtone. Y el canal que tiene los dos! Una pregunta. Yo busco un llama TeleMicro puedes dirigir adonde lo puedo conseguir? Y que trabaje consistente? Gracias por todo!
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Disculpa Jorge, no recuerdo haber visto ese canal. Te agradezco sinceramente que me sigas, significa mucho para mi.
John Beck
John Beck - 1 year ago
Hey Soloman, I installed the torrentsteamcontroller and it's in Russian. Any suggestions?
John Beck
John Beck - 1 year ago
I did
TheXclusiveRican - 1 year ago
F VU - 1 year ago
change settings to english
Nevado Paul
Nevado Paul - 1 year ago
Solo what android box do you recommend? im looking at the AKASO M8S android box is that a good one?
Nevado Paul
Nevado Paul - 1 year ago
ok thanks for your feedback on that. It has very good reviews on amazon. i will check out pro and cons channel and do some research
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
To me all Chinese made boxes are mediocre to say the least. I always advise going with a solid machine like nvidia shield or amazon fire box. Just my opinion. Pros N Cons channel have a couple of good videos explaining the differences.
Nevado Paul
Nevado Paul - 1 year ago
i didn't like this one. but keep up the good work solo man
benny v.
benny v. - 1 year ago
hi... solo man  where is the description of the APK for android
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
In my video description
Ben John
Ben John - 1 year ago
you didn't show us the epg like you said
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
You are right, i didn't and i chose not to because it's a paid feature and i was only interested in showing the free side of the apk.
Harambe - 1 year ago
I thought this was uktv at first until you said the name
sean sandals
sean sandals - 1 year ago
Its good and its free.There are English channels.Many thanks
Tony Haboush
Tony Haboush - 1 year ago
people do not complain about what he does. he does a good job regardless not everything that he does for work for everybody but when he does do is awesome thank you for your hard work
Firestream - 1 year ago
keeps asking me to buy the full version
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall - 1 year ago
nice one soloman nice apk keep the good work that u do for kodi and keep the videos coming thanks mate tar
glenn auflick
glenn auflick - 1 year ago
thanks soloman. its great!!
Terrance - 1 year ago
Does it work with chromecast?
Tony P.
Tony P. - 1 year ago
I know you said Android devices, but is there a way to get it on Roku devices, great video by the way, if it can be done let it be known, have a great day.
Tony everything
Tony everything - 1 year ago
spam apk. doesn't work do not install.
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
How is it spam? it's hosted on an official spam free media fire site.
Ben John
Ben John - 1 year ago
Tony everything
Tony everything - 1 year ago
spam apk, doesn't work do not install
donald piper
donald piper - 1 year ago
I would like to know is it MX player from the fire stick go to the ER the App Store or search engine could you tell me how to do it because this is my first time doing anything like this I just need your help because I want something good alright I appreciate it thank you
nancy carrasco
nancy carrasco - 1 year ago
Shy dont you review iptv services and show how they work even paid ones
Free FreeBSD
Free FreeBSD - 1 year ago
probably very nice, but 75% is russian and with my 500/500Mbit/s on fibre optics still going reasonable ok
Nathan Reynolds
Nathan Reynolds - 1 year ago
Can you download without a pc
Nazeer Shaw
Nazeer Shaw - 1 year ago
so u have to pay for full version. and asking for pay .
Nazeer Shaw
Nazeer Shaw - 1 year ago
so u have to pay for full version. and asking for pay .
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
I haven't paid a dime and it's still working fine.
Hector jimenez
Hector jimenez - 1 year ago
spanish channel?
KatrinaGustavRuled - 1 year ago
what's this app called??
John Doe
John Doe - 1 year ago
It doesn't seem to have a lot of U.S. channels. Is there anything else that you would recommend?
tdbnz - 1 year ago
top quality video buddy
thanks so much for video
Sangre Azul Tv
Sangre Azul Tv - 1 year ago
Excelente,muchas gracias Soloman,ahorita lo instalo.
Jonah Restrick
Jonah Restrick - 1 year ago
Mostly Spanish can't find English channels pal
jim - 1 year ago
90%of what I'm getting I'd Russian and some are saying audio format not supported other then that plays pretty well... to bad I don't speak Russian lol
David Monson
David Monson - 1 year ago
please do more Roku reviews
Tony P.
Tony P. - 1 year ago
You and I both have the same idea, more about Roku.
eddiethc - 1 year ago
thank you solo for giving us options instead of just kodi that seems to be going in the wrong direction keep up the good work
Mohamed Moalin
Mohamed Moalin - 1 year ago
how do you install apk
lastmoonchild - 1 year ago
Hi mansolo. I'll test this free version thoroughly on my Nvidia shield android tv os now and get back to you all. I'm on 30Mbps up and 10 down. Be right back with update..
Greg Armour
Greg Armour - 1 year ago
Thank you so much!! I have found your videos very helpful! I know I never have seen you do one, but do you think you could ever do an IOS device for live tv?
dess Duvont
dess Duvont - 1 year ago
this app not much cop its mostly non english channels and there no main premieum channels plus it eats the bandwith up streaming torrents is not very good never has been theres so many apps out there loads better runs on 1 meg or less not all your
Ignacio Medina
Ignacio Medina - 1 year ago
hey my friend . anything for iphones?
yardygalkeepitreal - 1 year ago
I just tried this on my phone it wouldn't play, but it works great on my android box
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Android is more versatile and opened to 3rd party stuff, apple is way too proprietary
Ignacio Medina
Ignacio Medina - 1 year ago
It's cause my cousins. Asks me every day . I told them they need to come to android family
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
I don't own any apple products sorry
Zamil Zaruck
Zamil Zaruck - 1 year ago
Hi Soloman,

How to get this thing working on a Fire Tv stick.?
pete smartt
pete smartt - 1 year ago
When using torrents, you will have to have a VPN.
Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs - 1 year ago
Hey huckstep he gives a vpn in the description.. Read it - Anyone who streams torrents should know to use a vpn or else they should not be streaming in the first place.. So please Huckoff lol -- keep up the great work soloman..
Josh Huckstep
Josh Huckstep - 1 year ago
soloman, this is reckless and negligent information you are spreading to these people. streaming is not illegal. that is correct. but this particular app uses torrents for the streams, hence the name of the app. you're going to get a lot of people's Internet shut off because you aren't persuading them to use a VPN with this software. very stupid on your part.
pete smartt
pete smartt - 1 year ago
Ok, thanks
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
You don't have to, streaming is not illegal, it's up to you to get one.
clauserg - 1 year ago
Thanks so much Soloman... I woul dlike to know if that APK is not geo limited... in my case I live in Venezuela so I can´t watch some of the current live channels on KODI due to the geo limitations. Also I have notices that cCloud and Phoenix can´t stream VEVO TV anymore... do you have any information about that? I can´t use the VEVO TV app or addon because that one also is geo limited but when cCloud had it I was watching all 3 Vevo tv HD channels perfectly
Bandu Six
Bandu Six - 1 year ago
+clauserg you're welcome
clauserg - 1 year ago
Thanks for the tip Bandu Six
Bandu Six
Bandu Six - 1 year ago
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Do a quick test to confirm if stuff are geo blocked in Venezuela with a free vpn, if it works with a vpn then you will know it is in fact being blocked by your isp provider.
Jc Chavar
Jc Chavar - 1 year ago
Can you do a spanish only apk please sir!! my wife will love it!!!
rubski 1978
rubski 1978 - 1 year ago
you tv player
Ignacio Medina
Ignacio Medina - 1 year ago
thanks Soloman
Matt Wennerstrom
Matt Wennerstrom - 1 year ago
I don't think your link is working just shows a blank page when you click on the link.
Christopher Snead
Christopher Snead - 1 year ago
it work for me and I'm on a firestick
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
It works on my end, maybe since i'm using a pc
slevin kelevra
slevin kelevra - 1 year ago
Ok ? ?
all the channels I see are in Russian or do not play . I am in louisiana .. I may need the other player you suggested to use so It would be more versatile
magalo m
magalo m - 1 year ago
hay soloman I have to ask this do I need to use VPN for this app.?
Game Tropics
Game Tropics - 1 year ago
Hi Soloman. Great work, keep it up. If you would please make a video reviewing all the paid tv suscriptions like stalker it would be nice. The reason is that I just have stalker and I'm having some issues and quality is not the best, so I woul like to have information about all other different services. Thank you.
dakidsbac777 - 1 year ago
U and touchtone are my go to guys for kodi stuff.
Thank u guys
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
No thank YOU sir for your kind words and for following us !
slevin kelevra
slevin kelevra - 1 year ago
Hey solo . help me please . I have a nvidia shield . and I got this iptv . and all of it is in Russian ? ?
I must be a noob. because I cannot figure out how to get it switched to English
.. Thanks brudda
Andrew Paturzo
Andrew Paturzo - 1 year ago
Come on solo. I had this before your video and it's made by Russians for Russians. Pisda you.
Mo Raps
Mo Raps - 1 year ago
slevin kelevra free
Tim DuArte
Tim DuArte - 1 year ago
I guess my is opposite a lot of the channels are Russian. I was expecting more English tho, I'm experiencing some buffering for the most part very clear channels. Thanks for the video Solo Man
Gamen Watch
Gamen Watch - 1 year ago
90% Russian language, 10% English. Not worth the time or effort. Damn Solo, is the money that good to sell out like that? I used to be a fan but you've been slipping lately amigo. Deja esa mierda papa.
Fred Cano
Fred Cano - 1 year ago
maybe the link u shared is different. If your seeing 90% English, thats a big difference. 90% of mine are Russian.
Fred Cano
Fred Cano - 1 year ago
same here.. all russian.
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Oh wow i get 90% of the channels in English, have not seen one in Russian yet. I will play more channels and see
slevin kelevra
slevin kelevra - 1 year ago
Torrent stream controller
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Most of the time you can't switch it to English if the channels are native Russian but have no idea which iptv you're referring to so i couldn't tell you.
Vincent Rose
Vincent Rose - 1 year ago
SoloMan, I am an admirer of your videos and your method of presentation. You seem to have the gift of getting information over in a very simple, but effective way to your viewers. Thanks once again for this informative presentation.
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
I sincerely appreciate your viewership and support Winston !
Dr. Arnold Benitez
Dr. Arnold Benitez - 1 year ago
Yes Soloman Spanish channels please
Dr. Arnold Benitez
Dr. Arnold Benitez - 1 year ago
Solo Man how can I get Univision Deportes, All Canal de Mexico
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Hare varios videos en español que les gustara mucho
tgre82 - 1 year ago
no descarga
Big-G - 1 year ago
Hi solo man great job that your doing for all of us I was wondering if can fine Spanish channels apk of us please thank you .
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
I have one that works great, i will make a video about it tomorrow.
Moncho Grande
Moncho Grande - 1 year ago
love it
reg83ny - 1 year ago
parsing error with the apk when installing
Trader*benz - 1 year ago
just installed it. no channels in english
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
Most channels are in english
Super Moderador
Super Moderador - 1 year ago
Cómo siempre gracias por tus aportes y tutoriales, y si te voy a dar mi opinión. voy a bajarla. y espero que cuando salga el anuncio de supcripcion y yo diga que no. siga funcionando. eso me huele a los proyectos de husham memar. que es el que trae muchas aplicaciones de esas. y que en realidad es el mismo perro con diferentes collares. ..gracias
Solo Man
Solo Man - 1 year ago
No creo que es de Husham pero el costo son solo 7 de por vida o 3 por mes, creo que inclusive pagandolo vale la pena. Solo mi opinion.
Roberto Bobby Anglero
Roberto Bobby Anglero - 1 year ago
will check and let u know brother
Enrique Pizano
Enrique Pizano - 1 year ago
awesome video! !!!
tommydoh - 1 year ago
ok earlier i mentioned what about nvidia shield, this time, what about windows? thanks
sotos zipo
sotos zipo - 1 year ago
your Lin
gs doest work

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download my app -...

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Sixaxis & DualShock 3 on Android

2,286 likes 2,561,288 views 6 years ago

Introducing Sixaxis Controller 0.1 for Android mobile phones and tablets. In this video I show a Sixaxis playstation...

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Como Conectar Tu Movil Android A La Tv Por HDMI...

12,696 likes 2,392,663 views 3 years ago

Aqui les muestro como conectar su celular android a la tv HDMI, Ojo no todos los celulares con compatibles busca en...

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24,910 likes 2,347,897 views 1 year ago

This is how to play ps4 games on your phone/tablet! It works with ANY android and ios devices. All you need to do is...

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The UNBREAKABLE Fast iPhone (Lightning) and...

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BUY YOURS NOW: The VOLTA charger is a singular charging system that will work with just...

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Use Android device as Graphics tablet for Linux...

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Hello everyone... Today's video is about how to use an Android tablet as a Drawing tablet for graphics designing on...

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How to Mirror Your Android Screen On PC using...

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Download link: Screen Mirror to pc...

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Follow with me guys how to fix terrarium tv streaming, on your amazon fire stick, android tv box, in the video am...

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How to Watch Cable TV for FREE on ANY Android...

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friend I won't show you How to Watch Cable TV for FREE on ANY Android Device ALL Channels watch live TV channel free...


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