The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

The age-old question has never been answered: what if SpongeBob was made by weeaboo trash? I was brought onto this Earth to answer such a question, and that answer is this video. Enjoy! Patreon: Watch the "true" version on newgrounds: Follow me on Newgrounds: Follow me on Twitter: Link to the cover of the song used in the video: *If you are planning to share or reupload this on other websites (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc.), PLEASE at least give credit where credit is due. I worked very hard on this and all of my animations, and like to be appreciated for the amazing piece of anus that I am.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 3821

SpongeBob 9 months ago 9,855,559 views

The age-old question has never been answered: what if SpongeBob was made by weeaboo trash? I was brought onto this Earth to answer such a question, and that answer is this video. Enjoy! Patreon: Watch the "true" version on newgrounds: Follow me on Newgrounds: Follow me on Twitter: Link to the cover of the song used in the video: *If you are planning to share or reupload this on other websites (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc.), PLEASE at least give credit where credit is due. I worked very hard on this and all of my animations, and like to be appreciated for the amazing piece of anus that I am.

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for The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

Narmak - 9 months ago
This is neat and all, but... WHERE'S ATTACK ON OGRE 3?!
Kevin Evasiuk
Kevin Evasiuk - 5 months ago
Tfw no Spongebob s2 for Spring. ;__; RIP
GoddessOfDestruction - 5 months ago
Narmak RIGHT?!
Roadblock501 MINIATURE WARGAMING - 5 months ago
Narmak what's the original
Generic Male
Generic Male - 5 months ago
Narmak You should continue the attack on ogre series after ep 3. H
ssj yuki
ssj yuki - 5 months ago
renzo cruz why you no look in description?!
renzo cruz
renzo cruz - 5 months ago
what is the song called?
Frie Guy
Frie Guy - 6 months ago
Narmak this should be a show
Ghost Crusher
Ghost Crusher - 6 months ago
U mad cause u can’t make something as good as this
shawn digeronimo
shawn digeronimo - 6 months ago
why you asking you made attack on ogre (Laughs sarcasticly)
Fox Destroyer
Fox Destroyer - 6 months ago
You tell me niga
Camren Armstrong JKE
Camren Armstrong JKE - 6 months ago
Narmak idk, •_•
ssj yuki
ssj yuki - 6 months ago
Kinda meta
Alonso Lupercio
Alonso Lupercio - 6 months ago
Narmak can you make anime loud house and add Sam so we can see the Samuna moment
San XD 聖人
San XD 聖人 - 6 months ago
Narmak Even better cuestion, wheres spongebob anime op 2?
CNA Games
CNA Games - 6 months ago
Narmak What the fuck does pika titan come from
Frie Guy
Frie Guy - 6 months ago
This should be a show
Bob Rob
Bob Rob - 6 months ago
The real question is, where the hell is Scooby's bizarre adventure 2?
kai crenshaw
kai crenshaw - 6 months ago
KeMusArt - 6 months ago
Bro this is beautiful!
What program did you use?

Bro esto es hermoso
Que programa usaste?
Alejandro Zapata
Alejandro Zapata - 6 months ago
WolfSnipe03 - 9 months ago
Narmak yee
Dan P
Dan P - 9 months ago
yo ur katakana says "fuponjibobu"
NyaaPanzer - 9 months ago
Episode 1: Life
AyeItzJuan - 9 months ago
DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO ME - 9 months ago
You've been hiding it the whole time!!??
The Hero
The Hero - 9 months ago
You should re-upload it in Spanish , because too many people is uploading this same video
Ma Naem Doggo
Ma Naem Doggo - 9 months ago
JDMMONSTER 364 - 9 months ago
The Japanese words in the top left... I was dead when I realised what I meant
Bimo Mahesa
Bimo Mahesa - 9 months ago
Now we need dora the explorer become an anime
Kiruna Yuuto
Kiruna Yuuto - 9 months ago
Yeah..I have been wondering that...WHERES THE ATTACK ON OGRE 3 I NEED IT XD
J U S T I N - 9 months ago
Narmak what do you use to make your animations pls reply it should help me (somehow) \_("-")_/
Facundo Moreno
Facundo Moreno - 9 months ago
Narmak No,the prefers to consume more of this danky sea weed ye just made
Katchy Nnonyelu
Katchy Nnonyelu - 9 months ago
Narmak when you ask for stuff on your own channel
Comedy and Animation Studios
Comedy and Animation Studios - 9 months ago
Narmak You predict your coments... just make more of this bad ass anime intros with epic music that can make your tears jump right out, or make an anime Spongebob series, it would be interesting.
life changer
life changer - 9 months ago
what program did you use for this.
Cloyster PLAYS
Cloyster PLAYS - 9 months ago
We need an anime send this to shoen like actually jesus pls
the gaming bandicoot
the gaming bandicoot - 9 months ago
Oh shit, I just noticed that
100 subscribers with 100 videos?
100 subscribers with 100 videos? - 9 months ago
This is neat and all, but... WHERE'S THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS ANIME - OP 2?!
PaperBag Man
PaperBag Man - 9 months ago
NekoBlackGem Knight Its Colors of the Heart by Uverworld
renz gregorio
renz gregorio - 9 months ago
pls make this a real anime im crying because it's not an real anime pls make freaking episodes plssssssssssssnake.

Raven Lockhart
Raven Lockhart - 9 months ago
Lestat Lioncourt That's. Gross.
Tiwundo Dias
Tiwundo Dias - 9 months ago
This should be a legit anime
Lestat Lioncourt
Lestat Lioncourt - 9 months ago
Raven Lockhart suck him off already
Raven Lockhart
Raven Lockhart - 9 months ago
Narmak this
This is fucking amazing. I love it. This is what SpongeBob shouldve been. I love the cartoon version always. My favorite sponge lol. But this. This is impressive af. Keep up the work. You should become an animator cause you clearly got talent. Yo bless you bro.
Joshua Seals
Joshua Seals - 9 months ago
NekoBlackGem Knight D-Technolife by Uverworld. Song may sound familiar since it was also used as an OP for Bleach flies away
King Knight
King Knight - 9 months ago
NekoBlackGem Knight I also want this song
Neko Gem
Neko Gem - 9 months ago
Narmak GIVE ME THE NAME OF THIS SONG! I've been chancing this down ever since the first time i saw it and also amazing job dude i love it
Rapid Motion
Rapid Motion - 9 months ago
Yeetle Thebeetle
Yeetle Thebeetle - 9 months ago
Narmak will u be releasing episodes for spongeboberu in the future?
chris the coolest
chris the coolest - 9 months ago
Remi Truman
Remi Truman - 9 months ago
Narmak hey Narmak do you know anything about the manga series that anyone is talking about because I'm very interested to read it
Alejandro C.
Alejandro C. - 9 months ago
XboxMLGProGamer Pretty sure this guy makes this videos for fun, not to please people like you who can't respect someone's hard work
lost Carbon
lost Carbon - 9 months ago
Narmak Where's scooby bizzare adeventure 2 ?
XboxMLGProGamer - 9 months ago
Right? Geez why can't Narmak just give us what we want for once and stop being a little bitch. Instead if something with quality like Attack on Ogre, he makes shit like Scoobys bizarre adventure and Spongebob Anime opening
Zero - 9 months ago
Narmak I can't wait for that.
donlim2010 - 9 months ago
Where's Scooby's revenge?
stay dawn
stay dawn - 9 months ago
Narmak I still want to see Mr crab VS Plankton animated though
No Cutzz
No Cutzz - 9 months ago
Guest _30748 yeah XD
Zero Kool
Zero Kool - 9 months ago
Narmak you rock! I'm happily waiting for attack on ogres 3
Guest _30748
Guest _30748 - 9 months ago
Narmak personally I would like a Jimmy Neutron anime opening
wilmyniga - 9 months ago
ShyGuyXl - 9 months ago
Just a sexy Baby excalty
Jampier Acosta
Jampier Acosta - 9 months ago
Bo Brown so wait 3 years?
Rich edebor
Rich edebor - 9 months ago
Where is Shrek has Swag 3 tho?
ShyGuyXl - 9 months ago
Make them wait as long as attack on titan did
Toxic Gerbal
Toxic Gerbal - 9 months ago
Narmak Wheres Scoobys Bizzare Adventure 2
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee - 9 months ago
Narmak attack on ogre 3 machine broke
Rock Lee
Rock Lee - 9 months ago
Narmak we want AOT plz ogre style
Eman 123
Eman 123 - 9 months ago
nah Id rather get another episode of this
Rojan Jalili
Rojan Jalili - 9 months ago
Wow, you asked before I could do it again XD I will do it nevertheless
CpXstudio - 9 months ago
Narmak yo needed more jojo
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor - 9 months ago
weres attack on onions
DankBoi'z - 9 months ago
Narmak i dont know wher IS attack on ogre 3 HMMMMMMMM!?
Jampier Acosta
Jampier Acosta - 9 months ago
I don't know, u tell me
Rogger 90
Rogger 90 - 9 months ago
Charles Ong
Charles Ong - 5 months ago
Papa HH, I want a hentai of this!
the smith army seventeen
the smith army seventeen - 5 months ago
Where's Mr crabs
Headless - 5 months ago
I love knowing Japanese
Dragon prince
Dragon prince - 5 months ago
Best vídeo of The world
iN4No - 5 months ago
0:24 I just realized its raining underwater...
Jαɗє - 5 months ago
Manga was better.
dray max
dray max - 5 months ago
Squidward rescue arc incoming.
andrei Enache
andrei Enache - 5 months ago
Spoiler:Patrick comes back in the Plankton arc because of his regeneration-no-jutsu and he has another him

10. comment for The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

Bryan Edward
Bryan Edward - 5 months ago
I dont think that they actually killed patrick in the opening bcs he is a starfish and would probably grow the head and limbs back it would be a nice twist in the anime
Daxzenj & Raven Coolers
Daxzenj & Raven Coolers - 5 months ago
like for patricks jumping junk...
gaming time11
gaming time11 - 5 months ago
Paul Mack
Paul Mack - 5 months ago
What's the actual anime music used?
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez - 5 months ago
Top 1 anime show
Purvis Amin
Purvis Amin - 5 months ago
>>>>>>>Spoiler Alert<<<<<<<<

In the next arc, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fight Man Ray and The Dirty Bubble but get severely injured. They kill Man Ray but The Dirty Bubble escapes. Plankton, after being stopped in the previous arc, eventually gets recruited by Spongebob's crew and teams up with them to fight The Dirty Bubble.
Jåxðñ †hê Våmþïrê
Jåxðñ †hê Våmþïrê - 5 months ago
This has to be a thing!
Josh Donny
Josh Donny - 5 months ago
Joey DahDirtySink
Joey DahDirtySink - 5 months ago
I need to watch this everyday in order to keep my sanity on check
TeknoCat - 5 months ago
omg im cringeing so bad lol

20. comment for The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

Charlene Galzote
Charlene Galzote - 5 months ago
Oh shit i rlly want to show this to my gf
Krillin157 - 5 months ago
Lol the Kristy krab is like the fairy tail guild house
Duck Bro
Duck Bro - 5 months ago
Squidward joined plankton which is what that contact was basically. then plankton amped up the power with an injection.
Tyler Ayers
Tyler Ayers - 5 months ago
Tell me why this looks like a good ass anime
Soundwave 84
Soundwave 84 - 5 months ago
Top 10 Strongest Spongebob Characters

1. King Neptune
2. Flying Ducthman
3. Spongebob
4. Squidward
5. Mr. Krabs
6. Sandy
7. Larry the Lobster
8. Patrick
9. Plankton
10. Mrs. Puff
Hugo Morales
Hugo Morales - 5 months ago
Duck Bro
Duck Bro - 5 months ago
I luv yu
Rayhaan - 5 months ago
1:19 How does Majin Buu die, can't he put his body back together?
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero - 5 months ago
Does anyone know who covered this. I know its colors of the heart but idk who the cover singer is.
Samantha Lane
Samantha Lane - 5 months ago

30. comment for The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master - 5 months ago
Spongebob just got more lit
detecтιve• ғιѕнoe•
detecтιve• ғιѕнoe• - 5 months ago
the animation is so good wow
Junwei Phang
Junwei Phang - 5 months ago
This is a classic
Poopa Troopa
Poopa Troopa - 5 months ago
Squidward is my waifu
zeth joplin
zeth joplin - 5 months ago
Narmak, I ask of you to make the most epic battle of sponge vs chumsquid!
Malik Daies
Malik Daies - 5 months ago
This is the absolute only reason humans were put on earth
Prince Dragonair
Prince Dragonair - 5 months ago
Okay But I'll only say this once. The Dime arc was unique. Actually seeing Spongebob care for a weak Squidward and then having their relationship grow as they train. God,it was brilliant, then having us see a portion of Krabs's power when he regains his Silver Dime. Powerful. And well written
Omar Basset
Omar Basset - 5 months ago
this is so f**cking good
EDJ60613 - 5 months ago
What anime is this song from???
joemancool - 5 months ago
Thats neat and all BUT WHERE IS SEASON 2 (or did the light novel get canceled and i didn't notice)
Avenging Catz Draws
Avenging Catz Draws - 5 months ago
Matthew Hedderwick
Matthew Hedderwick - 5 months ago
I busted a nut to this video
ROBLOX SAVAGE - 5 months ago
I want the name of that song DEADASS or or ima be T R I G G E R E D MY NIBBA
Matthew Hedderwick
Matthew Hedderwick - 5 months ago
ROBLOX SAVAGE coulor of the heart hope i helped
Godwin Macalalad
Godwin Macalalad - 5 months ago
Too much spoil in this op hahaha
Galaxian Fox
Galaxian Fox - 5 months ago
Omaigad it good it so sad that was perfect this this I see hope you make more animation of spongebob!! Love it the thing gonna say the kiss though Omaigad it fabuloss
antoinetteNeko Anime
antoinetteNeko Anime - 5 months ago
The vid is weird but the song is good tho.
Unknown Girl
Unknown Girl - 5 months ago
ThatBoyZay - 5 months ago
Squidward is way too OP
X X - 5 months ago
Can someone please make a full version of this with the same sound than the original where it sounds completely different than this one to which in my opinion is better than the original.
magueule 123
magueule 123 - 5 months ago
please make a full episode it doesn't matter if its only one episode just make on 45-minute episode I LOVE IT:):):):)

50. comment for The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

Franco Prieto
Franco Prieto - 5 months ago
Why is it structured as some Shounen anime..? Spongebob was a comedy at the heart, and must be treated as such. Only reason I disliked, but the production was good. And animations were legit.
ShadowBoltz - 5 months ago
0:51 - 0:54You know you see it.
Skymaster577 - 5 months ago
Jesus talk about killing off a supporting character right away
քձոժձ ৸
քձոժձ ৸ - 5 months ago
bro I want to watch this now
Gary III
Gary III - 5 months ago
almost at 10 million views lmao
-The_Editor- - 5 months ago
Omae Wa Shindeiru
Elsa Frost
Elsa Frost - 5 months ago
So squidward used fel magic
BluePhinnius - 5 months ago
Why did yt take the original down?
Eugenia Bukhman
Eugenia Bukhman - 5 months ago
Yay, it's back :D
Marth - 5 months ago
Oh hell naw I know they didn’t replace Patrick with squidward as spongebobs butt buddy
Keino but you can call me Kei.
Keino but you can call me Kei. - 5 months ago
This is so fucking accurate omfg -.-
Edit: why does Ao No Exorcist come to mind?
TheCoolPopcorn_ 3
TheCoolPopcorn_ 3 - 5 months ago
1:07 yaoi moment 7u7
Yenni Jane
Yenni Jane - 5 months ago
So whens the dub coming out?
Scorpio1447 - 5 months ago

patric has a sword
Gape Corner
Gape Corner - 5 months ago
Thank you.
James Kelly
James Kelly - 5 months ago
When did spongebob get so interesting
Jeremiah Ross
Jeremiah Ross - 5 months ago
There needs to be a manga
Mira Oscen
Mira Oscen - 5 months ago
MusZhamer 07
MusZhamer 07 - 5 months ago
cual eh la musica? :u
Burhan Oflu61
Burhan Oflu61 - 5 months ago
الحربي - AL-Fяaidi
الحربي - AL-Fяaidi - 5 months ago
المترجم وش يتعاطى
Dogekenza And The Maester Chronicles
Dogekenza And The Maester Chronicles - 5 months ago
1:15 - 1:20 when you do a successful parry and riposte on dark souls.
Catshow - 5 months ago
is that a motherfucking jojo reference
Monica Harmon
Monica Harmon - 5 months ago
Family guy think about it
Monica Harmon
Monica Harmon - 5 months ago
Make a anime opening version of family guy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spicy Memes
Spicy Memes - 5 months ago
i would acually watch this
Giulio Oh
Giulio Oh - 5 months ago
thesonic05 - 5 months ago
Where SpongeBob opeing 2
Guardian Triple Damage
Guardian Triple Damage - 5 months ago
Still better than the SAO openings
Austin Guzman
Austin Guzman - 5 months ago
i clicked on this video to lmao to how ridiculous this is.
Demas Ilham
Demas Ilham - 5 months ago
thank you anime creator
my life was so hard, i just wish my suffering would end
when i watched this anime i suddenly feel like im going......

no not it you dark minded kiddo this isnt like roblox kids
EwonKinobi - 5 months ago
When Patrick died, a piece of my soul died as well.
Bader Al hareb
Bader Al hareb - 5 months ago
Are you feeling it now mister crabs
John Proctor
John Proctor - 5 months ago
why is this actually good
Steven Hass
Steven Hass - 5 months ago
I just finished the employment ark. Up until the finale, the show has been filled with mindless filler and nothing to really affect the plot. Tbh the only good episodes were the ones that focused on Patrick and Princess Mindy's adventure to find Spongebob a new spatula. I am very disappointed with the show so far and right now questioning if I should even continue watching this anime, so can you guys tell me if it gets better in the next ark?
Cryted Shade
Cryted Shade - 5 months ago
What have i stumbled apon GOD DAMNET WHO STOLE THE DAMN BLEACH?!?!?!?
NeedsMoreMoe - 5 months ago
I only gave this video a like for that Blood+ opening.
FunWithRy - 5 months ago
So freakin’ good
Rathoputra Sangaji
Rathoputra Sangaji - 5 months ago
Duuude that was the greatest song ever make a 1 hour video of this please
danyalillo - 5 months ago
Unpopular opinion: i think SpongeBob is better than Cory in the House as an anime.
aspebb - 5 months ago
danyalillo I hope you die in a fire, because nothing beats Cory in the House!!1!1!1!1!1!
Ej's Cartoons HD
Ej's Cartoons HD - 5 months ago
What's you outro music? ALso, great video, i really am weeb trash
4P3X 0V3RDR1V3
4P3X 0V3RDR1V3 - 5 months ago
R.I.P. sandy and patrick
Ish nemo
Ish nemo - 5 months ago
Can’t wait till the full anime releases
Brandon Schreiber
Brandon Schreiber - 5 months ago
I swear to the king of all gods, if this was actually a 2 season show series....
PSI Miami
PSI Miami - 5 months ago
Please make a spoungebob anime op 2
doritomaster707 - 5 months ago
when you run low on crabby patties,
doritomaster707 - 5 months ago
shit it doesnt pause at the correct frame
WarNinG /!\
WarNinG /!\ - 5 months ago
Daxzenj & Raven Coolers
Daxzenj & Raven Coolers - 5 months ago
Great Jizzle
Great Jizzle - 5 months ago
What's the anime from
Memekid69 - 5 months ago
SpongeBob is my favorite anime
Cebi Kan
Cebi Kan - 5 months ago
I cant wait for Session 2

100. comment for The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 1 (Original Animation)

pianist Zombie
pianist Zombie - 5 months ago
Your Dad
Your Dad - 5 months ago
Better than D E S P A C I T O this is some real art
ANIZAGI - 5 months ago
Tom Parker
Tom Parker - 5 months ago
What is that opening?
SK 101
SK 101 - 5 months ago
Can't wait to watch the whole SEAson xddddd
Chad Warden
Chad Warden - 6 months ago
This is honestly an amazing plot
fatedunion - 6 months ago
is no one going to talk about patricks cod piece?
Goku TV32
Goku TV32 - 6 months ago
:v pinche capítulo cuando estoy flipando okno
TheRandomCarEnthusiast - 6 months ago
Why do I suddenly feel so nostalgic?...
Brenden Wright
Brenden Wright - 6 months ago
sees Squidward cut Patrick into pieces Uh...Patrick's a starfish, dude. He could grow back his limbs like Piccolo.
dyllanmushroom king
dyllanmushroom king - 6 months ago
Wat patrick no ded he star fish he regen ez and double to rekt squidward da hacker
Kian Bennett
Kian Bennett - 6 months ago
Is it just me, or do other people want to see the fight between spongebob and squidward?
Foxy 0404
Foxy 0404 - 6 months ago
PLEASE DO A REAL ANIME ! i will pay 20$ for just 1epsisode if there was episodes
Spongebob-X-gamer - 6 months ago
will there be a part 2?
Matt Duncan
Matt Duncan - 6 months ago
I was right!!,spongebob is the best anime!
Oisin Browne
Oisin Browne - 6 months ago
0:37 google translate says the text translates to "Someone help me" 0_0
Captain Chicken
Captain Chicken - 6 months ago
Captain Chicken
Captain Chicken - 6 months ago
Sasazuka DeVil
Sasazuka DeVil - 6 months ago
From what anine is this op?
_Dotty - 6 months ago
Noooo not patrickkkk
Scholarly Mage
Scholarly Mage - 6 months ago
Poetry in motion
Just Ivan
Just Ivan - 6 months ago
The PlankWard arc was pretty good, but I wasn't a fan of the whole Space Dolphin saga. It dragged on forever and took too long and lacked the same impactful endings of previous plots.
Bon Bon
Bon Bon - 6 months ago
Patrick is a sea star . He can regenerate
Билимжан Тудахунов
Билимжан Тудахунов - 6 months ago
Mikhail Tan
Mikhail Tan - 6 months ago
Meh the manga is better
super ultra gamer
super ultra gamer - 6 months ago
This incorrect because Patrick’s body can grow back and they referenced that in the Manga so the Mangas better
Kabu Amv & fights
Kabu Amv & fights - 6 months ago
Potato Slices
Potato Slices - 6 months ago
Please make this a series
GoldenBuckets - 6 months ago
d e l e t t h i s
Hakan Acar
Hakan Acar - 6 months ago
what's name of Original Anime Version?
Ádám Ilyes
Ádám Ilyes - 6 months ago
This destroyed my childhood memories
Jessica Holness
Jessica Holness - 6 months ago
fidget spinners
fidget spinners - 6 months ago
0:31 *insert intense gagging noises*
Kiah TV
Kiah TV - 6 months ago
The manga was better
88tron88 Mc
88tron88 Mc - 6 months ago
Can you do a new one? this is amazing :D
Some Trash
Some Trash - 6 months ago
What even
Teresa Falk
Teresa Falk - 6 months ago
At first, I thought the shot said CUM.
METAL SONIC - 6 months ago
Patricks pants just cover his Pingas now
Jianyun Yang
Jianyun Yang - 6 months ago
I Love You To Patrick❤️
YourTopThreat - 6 months ago
mrcartman09wanja - 6 months ago
I knew it all the time! Squidward is the female titan!!
Bryant1O1 - 6 months ago
1:38 every weeaboo in a nutshell
Alice Northfeather
Alice Northfeather - 6 months ago
Star the husky
Star the husky - 6 months ago
Squidward looks more weird in anime
Destroyer of Worlds
Destroyer of Worlds - 6 months ago
holy fuck.......i can't believe patrick is fucking dead......
Untung Halajur
Untung Halajur - 6 months ago
01:08 I LUV IT!
Matthew Little
Matthew Little - 6 months ago
“I only watch real anime”
ChilliPeppers - 6 months ago
Very inspirational anime love the music
Thagamerboy420 - 6 months ago
Naruto all over again
알수없는게임tv - 6 months ago
굿굿!!!!!! 앙기모찌
The Driftersoul
The Driftersoul - 6 months ago
Happy to see this with such a great Response!!!!
Genusus - 6 months ago
Anime is trash
super mario pennywise
super mario pennywise - 6 months ago
make episode 1!!!!!!!! Like if you want a episode 1
killing drone
killing drone - 6 months ago
Patrik nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
Markel Carter
Markel Carter - 6 months ago
why didn't Patrick use his susanoo
Nutty Candy
Nutty Candy - 6 months ago
This anime was so beautiful... so touching...
The Speedy Cheetah
The Speedy Cheetah - 6 months ago
Everyday we stray farther from god
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 6 months ago
The Speedy Cheetah what are u talking about this is gold
AngieARTCRAFTS TM - 6 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Voxi Vox
Voxi Vox - 6 months ago
THIS IS THE SHIT 10/10 uwu
dallvin nilson
dallvin nilson - 6 months ago
this is so cool
Gerydome - 6 months ago
Blazes227 - 6 months ago
Dude this was amazing! You NEED to make a Doki Doki Literature Club anime opening! I would love to see that and so would thousands of other people!
Savage God 13
Savage God 13 - 6 months ago
Poor Patrick ☹️☹️☹️
Savage God 13
Savage God 13 - 6 months ago
So Squidward had a version of him and SpongeBob having it
Camren Armstrong JKE
Camren Armstrong JKE - 6 months ago
RedHatPat - 6 months ago
Man this would be so fucking great. IF I COULDN'T PICK OUT THE FUCKING PLOT SO EASILY.
The Dragon Girl 27
The Dragon Girl 27 - 6 months ago
1:15 dong wiggle now anime Patric made it as the second greatest dong in history I mean who else wiggles their dong in a sword fight yes Patric is #2 dong of all time now ladies and gents (if anyone is wondering #1 is the original alm in fire emblem I mean damn with dong armor that big how big must his dong be)
ChickenMcChicken - 6 months ago
I want this to be an anime right now!
apatheticAtaraxia - 6 months ago
0:24 "What's your favorite food" "Eat a dick"
I love anime op parodies because people like to sneak in a few easter eggs in the opening credits
FireEevee Mage
FireEevee Mage - 6 months ago
TheOfficialNoob - 6 months ago
Did anyone else cry a little bit when Patrick died
noctruler 101
noctruler 101 - 6 months ago
what the shit am i watching
XxLittleWolfiexX - 6 months ago
Leonard Molling
Leonard Molling - 6 months ago
What the heck was happening in this video
BonesBruh - 6 months ago
Spongbob Clenches his fist as he stares off into the far sunset, the winds flutter as he inhales the cold air that shrouds him. His heart sinks as he reminiscence of the yesteryears

"Suidward-san.. I'll bring you back"
ZamirTheAwesome - 5 months ago
Fusion Playz
Fusion Playz - 6 months ago
Patrick must learn the power of the sword.....
kiddwolf268 - 6 months ago
goddamn weeaboo - gary
MetmemezTeam100 - 6 months ago
top ten romance animes
oliver hinerman
oliver hinerman - 6 months ago
This looks real. If this becomes a series in watching it.
oliver hinerman
oliver hinerman - 6 months ago
1 million thumbs up
Corwin Rainier
Corwin Rainier - 6 months ago
I'd pay to watch this show.
Mcgarty - 6 months ago
1:20 that is the most uneven line to exist in the ocean
Sarah Orton
Sarah Orton - 6 months ago
tonight.... I died xD
Alston Rui
Alston Rui - 6 months ago
I wanna watch this so bad
Jin_in_my_pantsu Pantsu
Jin_in_my_pantsu Pantsu - 6 months ago
Fkn Patrick's balls
Moonwolf B
Moonwolf B - 6 months ago
I wanna see a show of this btw nice bulge pat
Uffeli - 6 months ago
Am I the only one who would actually watch this? Xd
Taufiq Adel
Taufiq Adel - 6 months ago
Vospader21 - 6 months ago
Don’t worry everyone, Patrick is fine. Starfish can regenerate.
Мини кот Сергей Play Колесник
Мини кот Сергей Play Колесник - 6 months ago
Я один русский?
Deja Martin
Deja Martin - 6 months ago
What did you use to make this
SirFagg0t - 6 months ago
1:08 well... that was unexpectedly disturbing o_O
Ollie Warren-Smith
Ollie Warren-Smith - 6 months ago
Blood + is better
Vash Vince Tobias
Vash Vince Tobias - 6 months ago
SpongeBob will be Goku
Simplesmente Zuando
Simplesmente Zuando - 6 months ago
SirWafflesHD - 6 months ago
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez - 6 months ago
Chode Chumps?
Gary Motherfucking Oak
Gary Motherfucking Oak - 6 months ago
Fucking "Chode Chumps!" XD
Dank M80
Dank M80 - 6 months ago
I have a KissAnime app that has SpongeBob on it
Rubicon Crossing
Rubicon Crossing - 6 months ago
For all of you saying Patrick is dead you're wrong. Starfish can regenerate limbs so he's fine.
TheSolidMidget - 6 months ago
UVERworld - Colors of the heart
ThatOneGuyWithTheExtremelyLongName - 6 months ago
1:10 top 10 overpowered anime characters
Tips to All ROBLOX Games
Tips to All ROBLOX Games - 6 months ago
While watching this
Tips to All ROBLOX Games
Tips to All ROBLOX Games - 6 months ago
I’m currently watching spongebob
Pugh 21
Pugh 21 - 6 months ago
Is no one going to say anything about Patrick's Dick flopping around?
I aM sUpEr DePrEsEeD
I aM sUpEr DePrEsEeD - 6 months ago
GARY i was just looking for the sports channel
Little Sammy
Little Sammy - 6 months ago
This is the next Naruto
Grace Hammond
Grace Hammond - 6 months ago
I feel like some of this video is inspired by the Sonic Epilogue animation from back in 2010. Mostly where Squidward is brainwashed by Plankton with the shot.
daniel gomez
daniel gomez - 6 months ago
omg epic
Patrick Diaz
Patrick Diaz - 6 months ago
Where's ep 1
Serbia Drift
Serbia Drift - 6 months ago
I wish this was an anime I'd definitely watch it
kittymeowmeow101 - 6 months ago
Are you feeling it now Mr.Krabs? 0:31
THErealJJACK - 6 months ago
I was good til u made it gay squid+sponge=death of humanity #areyoufeelingitmrcraps
Dusk Shimmer
Dusk Shimmer - 6 months ago
What’s the song called? The link won’t work for me
bak pnkydfb
bak pnkydfb - 6 months ago
Dusk Shimmer it's the 3rd op for blood+
TheX ProGamer
TheX ProGamer - 6 months ago
I had to bleach my eyes, with lava after watching this straight up motherfuckin cringy ass video
Kakashi The Copy Ninja
Kakashi The Copy Ninja - 6 months ago
Fioletowyfio Fiolcia
Fioletowyfio Fiolcia - 6 months ago
Feels bad its not real anime ㅠ^ㅠ
belkhiriSub - 6 months ago
01:08 XD WTF hell !!!!!!!!
u r fagit
u r fagit - 6 months ago
But why?
Luca Mars
Luca Mars - 6 months ago
I really dont know why people Mr.Krabs he got way more charakter in the Crab Arc and become kind of a friend to the protagonists
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 6 months ago
i would watch this anime
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer - 6 months ago
1:08 I thought they were gonna eat each other then I remembered that this supposed to be an anime opening.
kawaii pizza
kawaii pizza - 6 months ago
Florian Garvs
Florian Garvs - 6 months ago
From witch Anime Is thats the opening
WeekelijksMutsLives Pines
WeekelijksMutsLives Pines - 6 months ago
Zero [likes destroying things]
Zero [likes destroying things] - 6 months ago
spice Garcia2
spice Garcia2 - 6 months ago
I still don't know what the jap text saying
Revenant Plague
Revenant Plague - 6 months ago
Is the song a remake? I checked out the original and it sounds a bit different.
Gael Torras
Gael Torras - 6 months ago
TinyboxTim - 6 months ago
Notice how on the photo it says “chode chumps”?
Sacralny Nomad
Sacralny Nomad - 6 months ago
lowkey got goosbumps from this
NovaXGamer1 GT
NovaXGamer1 GT - 6 months ago
Casey_Gamer _64
Casey_Gamer _64 - 6 months ago
there should be a crossover with corey in the house
Bardoocica19 [鼠標] [HU]
Bardoocica19 [鼠標] [HU] - 6 months ago
o k
Rmxd ezz23
Rmxd ezz23 - 6 months ago
Wedaaaan GG
HELL SPOONtheJojoMain - 6 months ago
What a grate gift to the world
and Peggy
and Peggy - 6 months ago
1:08 *chokes on food*
aspebb - 5 months ago
and Peggy *chokes on dick :^)*
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez - 5 months ago
and Peggy same
Csenge -
Csenge - - 5 months ago
Top ten anime plot twists
The Stranger
The Stranger - 6 months ago
The biggest plot twists ever
Bardoocica19 [鼠標] [HU]
Bardoocica19 [鼠標] [HU] - 6 months ago
Gary Motherfucking Oak
Gary Motherfucking Oak - 6 months ago
On on my phone right now. I press the time-bar thingy. It lands perfectly on 1:08. I feel completed
Bardoocica19 [鼠標] [HU]
Bardoocica19 [鼠標] [HU] - 6 months ago
TickleYour Pickle
TickleYour Pickle - 6 months ago
I hear they’re making a season two
ender clan
ender clan - 6 months ago
Guys turn on caption on English thank me later
#juan gamer
#juan gamer - 6 months ago
What version of Japanese is this?
Eduardo Aguayo
Eduardo Aguayo - 6 months ago
May look like canser but is actually a work of art
SKX44 - 6 months ago
Anyone else here because they just like the song?
Mini Beast
Mini Beast - 6 months ago
It should be スポンジボブ not ワポンジボブ
Vex High 2.5
Vex High 2.5 - 6 months ago
I'd watch this so hard
OPS HARD KING - 6 months ago
E a china estraga mais um desenho
Sopheap Ros
Sopheap Ros - 6 months ago
I love it Cause voice of the song its beautiful
1,000 subscribers no video challange
1,000 subscribers no video challange - 6 months ago
This made spongebob 101% better
biscuitsandjelly _
biscuitsandjelly _ - 6 months ago
Um part two?
Troll Kroll
Troll Kroll - 6 months ago
Hisoka X Ippo
Hisoka X Ippo - 6 months ago
Plankton helps Squidward getting Super Squidward 2 so he can keep up with Spongebob...
but for that he is under control of Plankton ....

that plot tho.
Cold Pepsi
Cold Pepsi - 6 months ago
I still can't believe gary finished off the flying dutchman in the end when even those two couldn't damage him even in their handsome squidward and black belt spongebob transformations.
rjd1922 - 6 months ago
Glad to see you won the fight to get this back on YouTube.
Funil zueiro ッ
Funil zueiro ッ - 6 months ago
Pior parte 2:01
Joshua Gandia
Joshua Gandia - 6 months ago
When does the dub come out?
HAZEEM ZAIHAL HAZRI - 6 months ago
Wait, I forgot.. what's anime song again???
Arkham Soldier
Arkham Soldier - 6 months ago
HAZEEM ZAIHAL HAZRI - 6 months ago
thank you so much..
Arkham Soldier
Arkham Soldier - 6 months ago
BLOOD+ OP3 Colors of the Heart
Blue Explosion YT
Blue Explosion YT - 6 months ago
I hope that season 2 doesn't take 4 years...
R3n3G4d3 - 6 months ago
Song ?
R3n3G4d3 - 6 months ago
Thanks, Brother
Arkham Soldier
Arkham Soldier - 6 months ago
R3n3G4d3 Colors of the Heart
Vash Vince Tobias
Vash Vince Tobias - 6 months ago
So cool
Pastelroll - 6 months ago
When you like spongebob plus anime
Blu3Berry - 6 months ago
(LOL!!! Rain on water XD)
Ethan Arzaga
Ethan Arzaga - 6 months ago
I watch this video 10x a day!
Kari A
Kari A - 6 months ago
If this becomes or is a meme, Hell yeah.
MoltenFlame Gaming
MoltenFlame Gaming - 6 months ago
how did I get here
Anime Watcher
Anime Watcher - 6 months ago
Anime Watcher
Anime Watcher - 5 months ago
Arkham Soldier
Arkham Soldier - 6 months ago
Anime Watcher Colors of the Heart
The Fantasy Life
The Fantasy Life - 6 months ago
16 seconds in and im already dead
Itashiro - 6 months ago
God Please Help Me
God Please Help Me - 6 months ago
When you actually want this to be a anime
Sonic2710 - 6 months ago
Frycook Games remains easily the best arc of the show.

Patrick vs. Flying Dutchman is what got me this anime.
Danny 2005 XL
Danny 2005 XL - 6 months ago
I love the song
Lolopolo 300
Lolopolo 300 - 6 months ago
This shows that we as humans are not hopeless
I hate anime and emos Slave bleach NIGGER NIGGER
I hate anime and emos Slave bleach NIGGER NIGGER - 6 months ago
Just fucking die already, two nukes wasn't enough, was it?
maraca Villalon
maraca Villalon - 6 months ago
Name of the song?
Game time
Game time - 6 months ago
What is this it looks like Naruto........
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen - 6 months ago
Did sponge God his nose stuck in the elevator like "Wait hold the elevator!" Man: "You okay?" SpongeBob:"don't worry I'm fine!
Crazycanadian Manga
Crazycanadian Manga - 6 months ago
All of your animations are way better than anything Pierrot and toei could hope to do.
BSGARVIN 123 - 6 months ago
Can't stop laughing
คยгค ๓คץ
คยгค ๓คץ - 6 months ago
squidward is very beautiful
much beauty
KamiJoJo ネ
KamiJoJo ネ - 6 months ago
I love you.
tanasito12 - 6 months ago
Most translations shown: :D

Japanese words and things.
What's your favorite food.
I want to eat a penis.
The biggest one is my big ass.
Someone will help me.
This scene was serious.
It took me two days.
It was fun to animate.
I like anal.
A lot of nipple sandy lands.
Almost done.
Thank you for seeing this.
Attack to demon 3 immediately.
Super Scoot
Super Scoot - 6 months ago
Corey in the house in a nutshell
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez - 6 months ago
Top 10 SpongeBob Anime Battles
Miracle sims
Miracle sims - 6 months ago
So is funimation finna sign my mans or nah
Rayhaan - 6 months ago
Can't wait until Spongebob becomes Ultra Instinct
Kevin Evasiuk
Kevin Evasiuk - 5 months ago
No s2. ;__; No resolution to the Squidward's Secret Arc and where Gary got the Mangekyo Byakugan Rinnei Sharingan Sage Mode.
EnderPros - 6 months ago
Rayhaan haha
Game Carton
Game Carton - 6 months ago
When the opening is a spoiler
Sebastian Serizawa
Sebastian Serizawa - 6 months ago
This is epic
misterx63 - 6 months ago
1:11 When you get Texas Smashed.
o_otouto - 6 months ago
nigga this anime opening be lit af where the real anime tho
Rikoeip - 6 months ago
I now have more faith in humanity after watching this
ıllıllı ʍŁǥ ıllıllı Anti Spiral
ıllıllı ʍŁǥ ıllıllı Anti Spiral - 6 months ago
The salty splatoon and sea bear arcs were lit.
RubilandGt GAMEPLAYS - 6 months ago
Giovanni Lavia
Giovanni Lavia - 6 months ago
ha gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
VolterKnight - 6 months ago
When is the first episode coming out?
JessBlaze - 6 months ago
Voice in the distance: Sponge bob you know what u must do

Sponge bob: I’m.....READY!!!!!
Tiger Ayer
Tiger Ayer - 6 months ago
SpongeBobxs quidward
Interesting yaoi
Zhuoran Li
Zhuoran Li - 6 months ago
Still a better Shonen than Boruto
Aaraga Gayser
Aaraga Gayser - 6 months ago
I would actually watch this anime!
And can someone pls tell me the name of the song!
Temu Temacular
Temu Temacular - 6 months ago
Jauhari Wafii
Jauhari Wafii - 6 months ago
make the ending please
Hyper Boost
Hyper Boost - 6 months ago
is Squidward gay!?
Fear Stilwater
Fear Stilwater - 6 months ago
The Marching Band arc was the best arc hands down. They all join forces temporarily to fight against Squilliam and his army. Kind of hated Squidward because he got Flag Twirler twins killed due to his own selfishness.
Fear Stilwater
Fear Stilwater - 5 months ago
I made a mistake by stating Squidward a selfish bastard, after rewatching the entire Marching Band arc, I see that Squidward was so obsessed with beating Squilliam and was also under a lot of stress while preparing for the war, the Flag Twirler Twins were willing to die for the cause in the first place and only towards the end Squidward realized his actions hurt people and stepped down as leader. Also there was that time in the 'Pizza Delivery' Arc where he stood up for Spongebob and saved the day by fighting the Ungrateful Costumer (which was one of the best fights in this series by far).
Kevin Evasiuk
Kevin Evasiuk - 5 months ago
You're both wrong! Out of the entire season, the arc in which Squidward fights to protect the Jellyfish from the Anti-Jellyfish Coalition of Bikini Bottom in the Jellyfish Crisis Arc is the best. Despite his hatred for them for how they were the cause of Spongebob's childish disposition via repeated stings that resulted in severe brain damage, Squidward stuck to his principles of protecting the innocent. He was torn between avenging his best friend and stopping the Coalition from slaughtering a species unaware of the suffering it caused. And don't say the ending where they returned Spongebob to his old self completely rendered the entire arc irrelevant.

Only mistake SHAFT made was never resolving the Squidward's Secret Arc or explaining how Gary learned the ultimate Krabby Patty Technique. They would rather animate PLOT. ;__;
エリン - 6 months ago
Uhm, I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you there. Squidward's character is very complex and although his development is not as clear as other characters, such as Spongebob, it is still there. The manga does a much better job than the anime adaption when it comes to the characters personally. Also, how could you forget the filler episode of Sea Bear? In which Squidward sacrifices himself to the sea bear to save Patrick and Spongebob and is horribly mauled? Squidward is not at all selfish. Get your uncultured ass out of here.
Thinking man
Thinking man - 6 months ago
Райко Белия
Райко Белия - 6 months ago
how did you make this dope ?
Cancerous Dumbass
Cancerous Dumbass - 6 months ago
1:15 Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths
Amira In Games
Amira In Games - 6 months ago
What the fuck fuck is this
наиль курбанов
наиль курбанов - 6 months ago
What opening
Procyon -
Procyon - - 6 months ago
Anyone else feel like the power-up given by Squidward's chum form was a bit forced? I felt like they at least could've kept Plankton's plans in the dark until the Jellyfish Convention Arc. Then Spongebob's rage boost would've really meant something.
abidlist - 6 months ago
Mell C
Mell C - 6 months ago
Julio Quinones
Julio Quinones - 6 months ago
please make op 2 or ending and attack on ogre 3 please
Zainab Jones
Zainab Jones - 6 months ago
This is making me cringe literally
killerpeguin - 6 months ago
When Patrick died I got so sad and emotional
Phone Gamer12
Phone Gamer12 - 6 months ago
lol spongebob and sqidward (idk how to spell his name) is gay XD
Jacob C Yay
Jacob C Yay - 6 months ago
The whooaah at 0:43 gives me fairy tail vibes. Anybody else?
Ianzukito - 6 months ago
i love this
Hiddekkinn - 6 months ago
Luna O.
Luna O. - 6 months ago
You're killing me--this is hilarious X'D DED
Toothless Wonder
Toothless Wonder - 6 months ago
Patrick's ballsack tho
Izzy betch
Izzy betch - 6 months ago
why does it see like this would be a legit anime
The_Knosferatu - 6 months ago
Its funny cause now theres gonna be an extra 2-3 patricks runnin around
Resty Hana
Resty Hana - 6 months ago
brick builder
brick builder - 6 months ago
Ah to awsome
Papa Sheev
Papa Sheev - 6 months ago
I never cringed so hard.
Hyoretsu - 6 months ago
If I were Netflix, I'd surely pay him to create a real SpongeBob SquarePants anime
Sky Wolf 191
Sky Wolf 191 - 6 months ago
This is fucking beautiful
PussyBleedEpic12 - 6 months ago
I swear i would watch this anime
Jemma Walker
Jemma Walker - 6 months ago
Spongebob anime= naruto
BGTheGamer PlayzGamez
BGTheGamer PlayzGamez - 6 months ago
Ep 1 please
DasKoala - 6 months ago
Y'all wondering why it is raining underwather, here is the answer

If you watched the Sensai Neptun Arc then you would now that he used his ultimate-move to destroy Plankton-kans most strongest creation...the chum-o-bucket. He used the power of the water and controled it...but sadly the bucket was stronger. He threw Mayonaise and Sensai Neptun and melted his Weapon. Because of the moltet weapon, Sensai Neptun was't able to control the power and almost killed Squid-san.
He had to take of his crown to protect him, but he wasn't strong enought. Sensai Neptun died for Squid-san but the power wasnt gone. It caused a heavy rain in Bikini-Bottom. Also, when will they release season 6? I still repeat the Jello-fish-factory Arc (which is awesome) and still cry at the part where they kill Kevin the cucumber. He was a great vilian. Great backstory and a wonderful battle theme
Shinichiii - 6 months ago
Rip Patrick :c
Ticci Tina
Ticci Tina - 6 months ago
This is fucking lit
Brykicide - 6 months ago
Dah fuq lol
Another Tumor
Another Tumor - 6 months ago
0:25 raining under water, Logic
HK - 6 months ago
Coet in the house is a better anime
9 Subscribers
9 Subscribers - 6 months ago
cant wait until the crossover with attack on ogre
SwagLuigi - 6 months ago
I thought there would be a Jojo reference but no((
cringe Wolf
cringe Wolf - 6 months ago
imagine this anime opening and actually being in the show and then some cartoon shows up for kids

Nick: you're watching nickelodeon!
Spongebob show: anime opening (next) cartoon
Al-twirqy_10 - 6 months ago
اللي جاي من الإنستقرام لايك ( :
Axell Thejokusuma
Axell Thejokusuma - 6 months ago
you are fking gay +chum kills Ji
Axell Thejokusuma
Axell Thejokusuma - 6 months ago
you are fking gay +chum kills
Rainbow Stalin
Rainbow Stalin - 6 months ago
1:10 Wtf?! how the fuck did squidward oneshot sandy?! honestly what the hell man? Sandy S T O M P E D 6 plankton bots!(as you can see form the opening that spoils the entire show) 6! one plankton bot was already on par with Samurai pat, i mean i know that squidward got power up from plankton's chum but come on! how could he oneshot Sandy!? this is fairy tails level of bullshit writing. sigh i expected more from this anime.
Shawn Burke
Shawn Burke - 6 months ago
I cri evry tim
Trey Wilson
Trey Wilson - 6 months ago
I still cant stop watching this god helppp meeeeeeeee
Ellamc 23
Ellamc 23 - 6 months ago
Well okay then
X Point
X Point - 6 months ago
I love that spongebob has levis eyes
Truce Guy
Truce Guy - 6 months ago
The dub was better
Cherry Noble
Cherry Noble - 6 months ago
Quintusblake - 6 months ago
Spongebob watches porn
musty-kun the dirty
musty-kun the dirty - 6 months ago
The sub was better fucking dub casuals
PE gaming Games
PE gaming Games - 6 months ago
Anime spongebob and patrick vs anime motu and patlu only one true anime character will win in a fight .
PE gaming Games
PE gaming Games - 6 months ago
1:15 the amount of effort and deatail's on this frame
The animator blue
The animator blue - 6 months ago
Amo este opening, yo se lo difícil que es hacer una animación, y mas si esta tan detallada como esta.
te deseo lo mejor :)
Zephyr - 6 months ago
If Plankton's eye was a sharingan I would've died
Someblindgirlwhocancontrolrocks - 6 months ago
"2 bombs aren't enough"
Johnny MSObsidiana
Johnny MSObsidiana - 6 months ago
Think of how good Manray would look in this lol
fleepbleep !
fleepbleep ! - 6 months ago
But why does that look better than the stuff I watched
skabetxe - 6 months ago
I can't stop watching this piece of art valored in trillions of dollars.
Nova - 6 months ago
Hello is this the krusty krab
dragon master
dragon master - 6 months ago
Is this in Japan if it is I wanna go there looks nice
Amanda Lord
Amanda Lord - 6 months ago
Top 10 best anime openings
Koffee Pan
Koffee Pan - 6 months ago
this may seem stereotypical but it actually looks like an anime opening!
tank dempsy
tank dempsy - 6 months ago
imagine all the 5 year olds that thought this was a nice spongebob video
Matt Barker
Matt Barker - 6 months ago
Still watching this.
ItsCrime TV
ItsCrime TV - 6 months ago
Dragonborn - 6 months ago
top 10 anime openings
Sanslax - 6 months ago
DaneRevenger20 - 6 months ago
I have a question: does sea stars have blood??!
Menmic Beats
Menmic Beats - 6 months ago
Are you feeling it know Mr.Krabs
James Byrd
James Byrd - 6 months ago
Ummm copyright for stealing this off of nick??? I used to watch this anime as a kid.
Misters Games
Misters Games - 6 months ago
Looks like Patrick has a water ballon instead of balls
Bart Snibsnom
Bart Snibsnom - 6 months ago
I loved the shots of Squidward in the rain and Patrick swinging his "sword".
AndreyBr Games
AndreyBr Games - 6 months ago
Better than Dragon Ball Evolution
ali Croft
ali Croft - 6 months ago
I love it
Wyhiob Carlile
Wyhiob Carlile - 6 months ago
i prefere when it was illistrated by bob ross
Eijirou - 6 months ago
Best anime of all time
Zirilloid 23
Zirilloid 23 - 6 months ago
0:24 underwater rain!?
Death Note Fan
Death Note Fan - 6 months ago

I was shocked to learned that Mr. Krabs actually told plankton to control squidward, but I am glad that Squidward became a character like Crona from soul eater and switching sides.
George Grice
George Grice - 6 months ago
I'm inspired by this in some way
Super Sombra Hakk u So Back Off M8
Super Sombra Hakk u So Back Off M8 - 6 months ago
Make an episode already dammit!
Weverton 035
Weverton 035 - 6 months ago
Ava & Livi Blossoms
Ava & Livi Blossoms - 6 months ago
I was very scared to watch I know why
BLACKnWHITE animate Animations
BLACKnWHITE animate Animations - 6 months ago
If you turn on captions it’s depressing
Zennie - 6 months ago
this is too funny
Andreia Santos
Andreia Santos - 6 months ago
1:41 WTF is that?
Pixel Reverse
Pixel Reverse - 6 months ago
Goddamn weeaboo.
oddsky - 6 months ago
fucking fantastic
Bronks2012 - 6 months ago
It's not cannon people
LavaToken - 6 months ago
Listened to this a million times and just figured out its not an original song
Choco Chomp
Choco Chomp - 6 months ago
So when’s Season 3 airing?
AriesThe DankKid
AriesThe DankKid - 6 months ago
Frie Guy
Frie Guy - 6 months ago
This should be a show
The noob player
The noob player - 6 months ago
0:43 rape face
SliverFang YT
SliverFang YT - 6 months ago
What’s the song from !?like the what’s it originally from
Jake Graff
Jake Graff - 6 months ago
love the opening scean and music lol
Ekmoeun Men
Ekmoeun Men - 6 months ago
A lot of anime are gay
That One
That One - 6 months ago
I mean, patrick is a starfish so, in a way, he can still regenerate.
Cie Jay Cortes
Cie Jay Cortes - 6 months ago
What the title of song
WinterWolf - 6 months ago
this should be an official serice...dude/Girl....teach me your animating ways
Dominic Sacchetti
Dominic Sacchetti - 6 months ago
"Goddamn weaboo" - Gary, 2017
Ben Healey
Ben Healey - 6 months ago
turn on captions
Mr.Shark - 6 months ago
this should be a tv show!
퓨흐 ᄋwᄋ
퓨흐 ᄋwᄋ - 6 months ago
1:42 에서 핑핑이가 욕을한다..!
Grimm-Crow - 6 months ago
Hentai version please
Fruit Smoothie
Fruit Smoothie - 6 months ago
I would love to watch this as an anime
Fruit Smoothie
Fruit Smoothie - 6 months ago
I would love to watch this as an anime
Masashi Kishimoto
Masashi Kishimoto - 6 months ago
Guys, remember the Flashback arc? There childhoods are so sad
Masashi Kishimoto
Masashi Kishimoto - 5 months ago
Prince Dragonair indeed, the anime in general is amazing. Except for the "fake mechanical" arc where they made a mechanic fakes of spongebob, gary, squiward and etc. And at the end they fused together to fight the real spongebob and the others and he apparently unlocked this one time form (which they should've keeped, the transformation was sick) "Krabby Patty Saiyan!" (I didn't like the name, the scene just didn't seem appropriate for a dragonball reference) and he beat them up with one shot (too op) but that was about the only arc I didn't enjoy. The anime is great regardless
Prince Dragonair
Prince Dragonair - 5 months ago
What about the "Wall of Time" arc. Where Spongebob, Squidward and Patrick had to team up with their future selves to take down a Plankton from the future. It was surreal, especially when we finally saw the full power of Bubble Buddy, Krabs, and Spongebob together. Plus the ending where the flash forward to the future after Future Plankton's defeat, in which were shown that peace has been restored, it was nice. It also gave us our first real ability to graph Spongebob's power. Oh I almost forgot that Patrick briefly loans his sword to Spongebob, that truly showed me how deep their friendship runs. I mean, this arc was great, good action, good story, good everything.
Hajax 70
Hajax 70 - 6 months ago
I couldn't help but mourn for them. Their childhoods were very sad indeed.
Hugo A
Hugo A - 6 months ago
I dare u guys to put 1:08 as ure profile picture
Kuchi - 6 months ago
Opening song: Darude - Sandstorm
the best Swampert
the best Swampert - 6 months ago
1:57 Patrick is alive!!! I love you too Patrick
PBJFish PBJFish - 6 months ago
clap clap  MASTERPIECE! wheres the first episode???
MLGGAMER GR - 6 months ago
isnt squidward hates spongebob?then how they have kiss each other?
Wapak - 6 months ago
1:07 , so much love :3
Mason Minor
Mason Minor - 6 months ago
Well, the music is nice
Katsuki The Timid And Kind
Katsuki The Timid And Kind - 6 months ago
Are you feeling it, Mr. Krabs?
abbi is frustrated
abbi is frustrated - 6 months ago
did anyone notice the scene where SPONGEY SPONGEY- I’m mean spongebob and squidward were about to make out?
Melchior Joseph
Melchior Joseph - 6 months ago
How the hell does a kid show become so dramatic?
Tomatoa shin
Tomatoa shin - 6 months ago
Kid show? Oh you must be talking about that english dubbed trash on nickelodean, this is an adult program XD
skys Requiem
skys Requiem - 6 months ago
Stephen Mogil
Stephen Mogil - 6 months ago
So... when does this come out
jason sumburg
jason sumburg - 6 months ago
Raisa is a homo
john Alfaro
john Alfaro - 6 months ago
Name of the song pls
bad time tem lolz
bad time tem lolz - 6 months ago
Woah. that thong
IblaliSeinVater - 6 months ago
Predicted arcs:
1.Black Spongebob
2.Patricks Pet stone
3.Evil Thadeus
5. ...?
Ear Rape
Ear Rape - 6 months ago
if this could be an anime i would watch it (ive never watched anime and im 15 so thats saying something)
Ryan C
Ryan C - 6 months ago
I need therapy now
Zaheer Malik
Zaheer Malik - 6 months ago
When sponge bob fell he's face turned back into cartoon then back to anime
Maxi1502 - 6 months ago
Goddamn weeaboo
PollyHolly - 6 months ago
Anime? :D
lon kode tv
lon kode tv - 6 months ago
Did you make any app? Please let me know.
Rafael Guzmán
Rafael Guzmán - 6 months ago
uverworld <333
Mister crustacean
Mister crustacean - 6 months ago
you have givin me hope
Lisowski :3
Lisowski :3 - 6 months ago
0:56 ONE PUNCH!!!
Vkriptek Vejar
Vkriptek Vejar - 6 months ago
Way the fuck are you makeing
One Lil Boi
One Lil Boi - 6 months ago
1:16 Top 10 saddest anime betrayals
AGU! - 6 months ago
I was gonna kill myself. Then I saw this video. I'm happy with myself and with the world again.
Taska - 5 months ago
420 likes so i can’t like this
-The_Editor- - 5 months ago
do it
Daxzenj & Raven Coolers
Daxzenj & Raven Coolers - 5 months ago
I WANNA DIE (i really do)
Generic Male
Generic Male - 5 months ago
AGU! Lol
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 6 months ago
AGU! I'd just say stop making depressed people feel judged as evil for feeling unable to deal with life. I wouldn't encourage it, but I know shaming it won't solve it.
AGU! - 6 months ago
>"there's nothing wrong about killing yourself"
>grabs shotgun
>proceeds to get the kurt cobain haircut
Tips to All ROBLOX Games
Tips to All ROBLOX Games - 6 months ago
Savage God 13
Savage God 13 - 6 months ago
Elfezen Don't incourage him to do that
ding kang tuan
ding kang tuan - 6 months ago
AGU! The song's lit
you feeling salty bro
you feeling salty bro - 6 months ago
Elfezen I don't agree but your opinion and he was joking btw
AntonioReventon689 - 6 months ago
Should have killed yourself
Shouyou Hinata
Shouyou Hinata - 6 months ago
AGU! There is nothiny wrong with killing yourself? Wtf? And he was joking
AGU! - 6 months ago
Elfezen You know I was being ironic, don't you?
Upheld MC
Upheld MC - 6 months ago
nahm, u go into an eternal sleep
Elfezen - 6 months ago
There is nothing wrong with killing yourself btw you just don't have the limits of the mortal body anymore but you also cant directly interact with physical things
zachary hart
zachary hart - 6 months ago
1:15 Parrying... JUST LIKE DARK SOULS
Fargaf 106
Fargaf 106 - 6 months ago
The Spongebob Squarepants anime EPS 1
M. Reza Alfathan
M. Reza Alfathan - 6 months ago
just asking, this is uverwold - colours of heart right? the cover version (in this animation) is there a video/song of it? cuz the real one aren't like this btw... just curious
Gilbert Pabillar
Gilbert Pabillar - 6 months ago
This is so cool
OWEN HICKMAN - 6 months ago
Police Officer
Police Officer - 6 months ago
That in-the-rain cliche scene killed me
Raul Luna Tufilo
Raul Luna Tufilo - 6 months ago
Narmk hablas español ?
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce - 6 months ago
I can't believe Shrek died in the manga.

What a cruel human being you'd have to be not to cry at that
Gabriela Mendez
Gabriela Mendez - 6 months ago
This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Electric GamingFTW
Electric GamingFTW - 6 months ago
Sorry this masterpiece was demonetized

When YouTube sees original funny content that took time

Youtube- Oh no sorry cant have that NONONONONONONOOONONOOONOoonnononnonono we need our money we don't give a shit about you
CrishGotGame YT
CrishGotGame YT - 6 months ago
Why the fuck does patrick have no pants and why does sponge bob run like an idiot
PartyWild Bird657
PartyWild Bird657 - 6 months ago
Annnnnnnnnnd I'm on my way back to kiss anime
Thefurby 88
Thefurby 88 - 6 months ago
UltraOtakuBeast - 6 months ago
Can't go a day without my daily dose of this epic anime
Supermlgmaster - 6 months ago
Patrick is not ded cuz a starfish can regenerate.its a form of asexual repoduction
Winterstar - 6 months ago
1:15 squidward parry
Scott Fry
Scott Fry - 6 months ago
Camra man: C'mon damn camera focus!
RocketLove9099 - 6 months ago
You need to go to hell for this
Sunnysideup - 6 months ago
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones - 6 months ago
Squidward punched tf out of sandy
Matthew Mason
Matthew Mason - 6 months ago
Best fight in this entire anime had to be Larry vs Sandy, so much suspense in it as the best hand to hand fighter in the team faced someone superior to her, making her think outside the box instead of punching her way through the situation due to the sheer strength of Larry.
Captain Deadpool
Captain Deadpool - 6 months ago
JuicyPickle 101
JuicyPickle 101 - 6 months ago
HighDrixz - 6 months ago
I wanna see episodes like this of spongebob
Buck from the JTF2
Buck from the JTF2 - 6 months ago
Top Ten Anime Series of ALL TIME
ElprincipeOscuro2009 - 6 months ago
como se llama la musica? music name?
Stein! - 6 months ago
ElprincipeOscuro2009 UVERword - Colors of the heart
Acog Trust
Acog Trust - 6 months ago
Matt Trulock
Matt Trulock - 6 months ago
Tfw this gets demonitizes but reposts and reaction channels profit on it instead
Delana Thompson
Delana Thompson - 6 months ago
I'd honestly watch the shit out of this
Luzia Oliveira-Schotzko
Luzia Oliveira-Schotzko - 6 months ago
Can you make this anime true?
xXarXx DLA
xXarXx DLA - 6 months ago
CCaleb - 6 months ago
Stein! - 6 months ago
CCaleb UVERword - Colors of the heart
TalriFy - 6 months ago
Squidward's Green sage mode is not the Strongest after all Spongebob was given the power of Neptune to defeat Squidward, He was given the Neptune Chakra which is the strongest, After finishing Squidward with the Ultra Neptune Smash the sea was in peace.
Tiger Nice
Tiger Nice - 6 months ago
Wait, Why it rains on the ocean?
Kiddy Skully
Kiddy Skully - 6 months ago
1:39 that moment when ur mum sees you watch anime
Rian Dayao
Rian Dayao - 6 months ago
What is the name of the song?
Stein! - 6 months ago
Rian Dayao UVERword - Colors of the heart
Gary III
Gary III - 6 months ago
A fab Name
A fab Name - 6 months ago
erm...... h.. ha...... it's.. ah
.. funny

I couldn't think of a comment
NIZMUS - 6 months ago
Studio Pierrot better don't fuck this arc like what they did to the Boating School arc, Puff-sensei wouldn't pass Spongebob that easily. I know because I've read the manga!
red panda
red panda - 6 months ago
This is real anime
Gideon Apollo Bardelas
Gideon Apollo Bardelas - 6 months ago
1:07 Damn son.
InfintiyUnikitty Rainbow
InfintiyUnikitty Rainbow - 6 months ago
Gideon Apollo Bardelas my new ship
Chan _101
Chan _101 - 6 months ago
It's no anime without a run
Papa Chanka
Papa Chanka - 6 months ago
that actually gave me goosebumps wtf
FoxyFun YT
FoxyFun YT - 6 months ago
Need more Episodes!!
Sea Gall
Sea Gall - 6 months ago
I’m just wondering what the level of intellect is on YouTube now.
silvercheetah92 - 6 months ago
I liked this anime even if season 2 had a lot of filler I actually liked the driving episode
Crippling Depression
Crippling Depression - 6 months ago
what the fuck
Big Man
Big Man - 6 months ago
This the best thing ever!!! Lmao
Sævar Bjarni Sigurdsson
Sævar Bjarni Sigurdsson - 6 months ago
This tells a story a good one at that
AnimeFr3aK0001 - 6 months ago
Whats the name of the opening? it sounded similar to blazing transfer students reborn (live action) opening xDDDDD
faiper - 6 months ago
sugar milk
sugar milk - 6 months ago
I cried this is beautiful
the darf12
the darf12 - 6 months ago
Voglio una nuova serie caxxo
Wain Studios ツ
Wain Studios ツ - 6 months ago
Top 10 most hype anime openings
keegangamer150 0
keegangamer150 0 - 6 months ago
My new favorite anime
Flower Angel
Flower Angel - 6 months ago
Am I the only one that thinks this plot should exist.. XD
De Frikandellen Koning
De Frikandellen Koning - 6 months ago
Am i the only one who felt relay bad for squidward
maxi dragon
maxi dragon - 6 months ago
Yes o no
maxi dragon
maxi dragon - 6 months ago
Si o no
Mr Red Hypes
Mr Red Hypes - 6 months ago
Now we can have Squidward Squid Hentai
maxi dragon
maxi dragon - 6 months ago
Puedo ver el video mientra gravo
btsismylifeu ilovebtsandihatesnakeu
btsismylifeu ilovebtsandihatesnakeu - 6 months ago
my childhood
티치 마샬D
티치 마샬D - 6 months ago
KeMusArt - 6 months ago
Bro this is beautiful!
What program did you use?

Bro esto es hermoso
Que programa usaste?
Hipergon Clash of Clans & Clash Royale
Hipergon Clash of Clans & Clash Royale - 6 months ago
I need a life
I need a life - 6 months ago
This op revealed too much of the plot in my opinion
Otherwise it's amazing
Bizxcle - 6 months ago
Please, make a series of the actual anime it would be so amazing, I loved just the opening! Spongebob and Squidward would be such good rivals in it!
Fusion Bloom 457
Fusion Bloom 457 - 6 months ago
This series should be on adult swim
Anthony lopez
Anthony lopez - 6 months ago
Its raining under water

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