5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True

This video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club! Go to https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/thewhy and get a one month membership of ANY razor for $1. Free shipping, no commitments, cancel anytime! So like many of you, I have very fond memories of reading the Harry Potter books while I was growing up. That is why I'm bringing you 5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True! Leave a comment telling me if you agree with these theories! Song used - Into the Abyss (Jon Adamich)

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This video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club! Go to https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/thewhy and get a one month membership of ANY razor for $1. Free shipping, no commitments, cancel anytime! So like many of you, I have very fond memories of reading the Harry Potter books while I was growing up. That is why I'm bringing you 5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True! Leave a comment telling me if you agree with these theories! Song used - Into the Abyss (Jon Adamich)

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OrderZoe66 - 5 months ago
In Germany the 5th book has 1021 page.
Vitesse - 5 months ago
The second theory makes sense but I don't think Harry's immortal. Although it checks out Harry DID die by the hand of Voldemort.
Luna Lovegod
Luna Lovegod - 5 months ago
Oh now i now thank you so much, now i get it :-) :-) ;-)
John SMITHY SMITH - 5 months ago
Can someone do a video on penis sizes. What's the average penis length of wizards. Maybe they're ginormous!
John SMITHY SMITH - 5 months ago
And in that case would they not have a need of viagara? Just use the spell "biggus dickus"
Abu bakr Karim
Abu bakr Karim - 5 months ago
PC shell delay man Catholic arrive team tide reputation Chinese.
Eli M.
Eli M. - 5 months ago
Harry potter had a horcrux. And it was Voldemort. When Voldemort got his real body he had to use harry. Thus linking them together, Again.
Deni Erikli
Deni Erikli - 5 months ago
I completely agree with the deathly hallows theory with Harry's resurrection
Jade Rush
Jade Rush - 5 months ago
3000 wizards?! Are you serious? Hogwarts contains 7 generations at once, it has to be a really big number of children. + their families. + the Ministry, where, as we can see, there are a lot of departments, which are, surely, full of people. Oh, and don't forget about all-wizard villages. We know at least two of those, but there's probably more. C'mon. 3000 is just too few for Britain.
IGGY Gal - 5 months ago
Voldemort is called Baltimore in the subtitles on my iPad :)

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Emily Jenkins
Emily Jenkins - 5 months ago
"People in America don't call the president "the president of america"." Er, no, they call them the President of the United States, or POTUS. This is a very common term.
Melissa Hawkins
Melissa Hawkins - 5 months ago
Number 1: or he comes back as a ghost
Jessica Gray
Jessica Gray - 5 months ago
Harry isn’t immortal. Voldemort has killed him and he was brought back to life. This is shown after Harry talks to Dumbledore in afterlife and decides to come back and destroy Voldemort.
Zachary James
Zachary James - 5 months ago
Why there are so few wizards in the Harry Potter Universe in England was because of the 17 year war between the Death Eaters and all the other wizards and witches who stood against him. and i think your forgetting what Hagrid said in Harry Potter and the Scorer's Stone, and I quote " Blimey, Harry, everyone'd be wantin' magic solutions to their problems. Nah, we're best left alone." end quote. Which by the way I would think quite accurate, think about how many times everyone's wished for all their problems to magically disappear.
Elevator mechanic
Elevator mechanic - 5 months ago
Harry is not Immortal. As youcsaid yourself. Harry died by the hand of Voldemort.
Rachelle Bañuelos
Rachelle Bañuelos - 5 months ago
5 is pretty good
Not FBI - 5 months ago
dumbledore is gay?

goodbye to my mcgonagall x dumbledore fanfic
Alyssa's Vlogs
Alyssa's Vlogs - 5 months ago

yinloveyang - 5 months ago
Such a serious look on Rowling about Dubledore being a gay.... I've found out my favourite actor from one series is gay either and what? It doesn't change anything aside from the fact that I'll never see his children of that man that is known as Wentworth Miller :) :/ People are sooo horrible for not accepting this..... we're not in the old dark times when something like that was unthinkable...
Corben Davan
Corben Davan - 5 months ago
Dumbledore' gay, fuck there goes my childhood

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Cadence Gutman
Cadence Gutman - 6 months ago
The fifth book has 870
Ravenclxaw X
Ravenclxaw X - 6 months ago
Harry Potter will not live forever, as Harry Potter died a piece of Voldemort came out of him meaning they are not connected and harry can now kill him without killing himself or becoming immortal
Jeff T Morse
Jeff T Morse - 6 months ago
4:35 Again, J.R.R. Tolkien
RRE Gaming & More
RRE Gaming & More - 6 months ago

Edit: I JUST realized this, at 7:49 that lamp should not be on, it’s obviously broken...THE LAMP WAS MAGICAL TOO!!
Brian Doyle
Brian Doyle - 6 months ago
never heard of the wizarding war, war about muggles wizards fighting
Brian Doyle
Brian Doyle - 6 months ago
Voldemort hit harry with the killing curse and destroyed the voldemort horcrux side of him
lucas mayo
lucas mayo - 6 months ago
Harry became a Haurcrux (not sure if that’s how u spell) after he was struck by Voldemort
Ketutar Jensen
Ketutar Jensen - 6 months ago
Well... I'd like to think that the ministry of magic was created just like all the other ministries. There was a population with special... er... needs, that required special attention by people who knew what they were dealing with. No wars, no oppression...)
Magical ability is a bit like red hair or high IQ or Autism - it's kind of obvious that there would be less people with magical ability than without, even significantly so, in spite of wizards living longer and having larger families (which I don't think they do. James was only child, Sirius had a brother, Remus was only child, Snape was only child, Voldermort was only child, his mother had one brother...) I mean, they aren't a different species. There is even a theory that magical ability is a recessive gene and everyone kind of has it, which explains squibs and muggle born wizards. I don't see any evidence to support the idea of muggles discriminating wizards, on the contrary, in every description of arising against muggles, the muggles would have been toast without the "good" wizards protecting them. How would muggles have even the slightest change against wizards? I mean, the Dursleys were pretty powerless against Hagrid, who wasn't even that good with magic nor that big of a giant. More than putting magical people on concentration camps - which is basically what reservations are - I see the isolation and protected areas like national parks and zoos. To give the magicals a chance of life. A bit like the time loops in Peculiars. After all, it is the wizards who have created these pockets, not the muggles. There are no fences and guns around the wizards.
Rayeed Mustafa
Rayeed Mustafa - 6 months ago
The Peverell brothers are the masters of the Deathly Hallows .It is stated by Dumbledore that the brothers created it themselves .Harry Potter is the descendant of the youngest brother Ignotus Peverell and the owner of the last Deathly Hallow.
So it can be said that your Hallow theory is wrong
Ankit Das
Ankit Das - 6 months ago
even harry had doubts about the prophecy.. he had many interpretations.. he thought by letting voldemort killing him and destroying the horcrux.. ron or hermione or anyone else could finsih him off.. bot harry and voldemort technically died and came back to life.. not snape though.

30. comment for 5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True

Historia - 6 months ago
You sound like Hermione
Junyan Lee
Junyan Lee - 6 months ago
Dumbledore never had the three all three hallows at the same time. He returned the invisible cloak to Harry in book 2 then the got the stone in book 6.
Paula Dixon
Paula Dixon - 6 months ago
Number 3 is VERY logical!!!!
I always thought that Lily did have a part in protecting Harry. Although my theory is that when the spell rebounded and left a scar to Harry, since it left a little bit Voldemort's soul. So I think, because it partially killed Voldemort, that it just gave Harry some power,
Raquel Calle
Raquel Calle - 6 months ago
The chamber of secrets has 341 pages...
jax lockwood
jax lockwood - 6 months ago
He didn't die because the elder wand was Harry's so it refused to kill him
Midnightboyce - 6 months ago
SOME of them I believe
Kainoa Otukolo
Kainoa Otukolo - 6 months ago
I thought harry didn't die because the elder wand was his and couldn't kill him
samantha libby
samantha libby - 6 months ago
On America the 5th book is 870 pages
Salgexica - 6 months ago
2:00 what if it means immortal not in the concept of death but in fame? Harry is obvious a celebrity and so if Voldemort had killed harry (for realsies) Voldemort would be more well known, since harry killed Voldemort now he will go down as the boy who lived AND killed the dark lord
Pickle_Playz - 6 months ago
Linette Gamazo
Linette Gamazo - 6 months ago
It's a lie he didn't die because he was the master of de elder wand and Voldemort killed Harry with the elder wand and the wand is Harry's
Pontus Andrén
Pontus Andrén - 6 months ago
nice video especially about dumbledore is death. 8.10 Harry had all 3 deathly hallows, thats the point? thats what I always thought.
Dark Saber
Dark Saber - 6 months ago
"Dumbledore's Gay"
GiGiWinther - 6 months ago
Deathly HOLO's
Lalaluvee - 6 months ago
My head hurts
Claire Aylward
Claire Aylward - 6 months ago
When I first read the Deathly Hallows and Harry came back from the dead I thought it was because of the stone. And he wasn't sad and lonely because he belonged there. I was to young to figure it out and I feel like i missed out on a lot.
DanielRobboSon - 6 months ago
Excuse me. Did u say Valdemort????
Leigh Pratt
Leigh Pratt - 6 months ago
3:47 you say 'in the sorserces stone' instead or phaloiser stone'
23 - 6 months ago
Leigh Pratt the title changed in the USA. Philosopher stone is the original tittle and sorcerer stone is the tittle used in the USA
Lucky Lucy
Lucky Lucy - 6 months ago
What’s the sources stone??? Is it American
23 - 6 months ago
Lucky Lucy yes . The USA changed the tittle like they do with all movies who are not created in USA.
William Gia Long Pham-Ba
William Gia Long Pham-Ba - 6 months ago
well theroy 5 is probaly not true it the proph says that one MUST die cause etheir cant live so both cannot live at the same time sooo it dosent say anything about Voldemort beeing the only one who could kill harry but hey i dont know jus pointing that out

50. comment for 5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True

Benjamin Cheng
Benjamin Cheng - 6 months ago
Again, if Harry became the new death, can't he bring any ghost back? I mean, the logic works for Dumbledore, why not Harry?
Penelope See
Penelope See - 6 months ago
After watching this, Why do I think Dumbledore was death? Is that what the theory is delivering?
Neptune Planeptune
Neptune Planeptune - 6 months ago
Well...there are not that many Wizards because they have 2 Dark Lords in one Century. Grindelwald and Voldemort and both kills MANY Poeple. That were 2 Wars in a realy short time kinda like the first 2 World Wars.
JENA FR - 6 months ago
dumbledore is a biased shit bye
MelodicDM - 6 months ago
I understood that the prophecy was just some bullshit told by a crazzy lady which Voldemort took serious cause he didn't want to risk anything and that he actually was a cause for Harry to became a big wizzard and a reason of his doom.
Oleg Katrich
Oleg Katrich - 6 months ago
Pretty good. Very interesting.
mrmediocre01 - 6 months ago
Harry wasn't saved by the hallows. He was saved because, as the master of the elder wand, Voldemort's killing curse couldn't kill him. What it could do was kill the piece of Voldemort that existed within Harry - because that piece wasn't actually Harry and therefore the wand wouldn't be forbidden from destroying it.
Elia Hope
Elia Hope - 6 months ago
Some of these don't make much sense but the one about Dumbledore being death does
Nadia Rey
Nadia Rey - 6 months ago
Dude. DUDE! "The Boy Who Lived" theory is AWESOME. How could Rowling pass this up?! I'm baffled >_< Also, the Deathly Hallow invisibility cloak thing actually supports this theory...

...I do think the reason the books were longer later was because: fanbase. Besides, Half-Blood Prince was stuffed with filler things, like Hermione and Ron fighting in the worst way possible. The "real book" is much shorter.
Matthew Rosenthal
Matthew Rosenthal - 6 months ago
The biggest flaw in your Dumbledore is death Theory is that he possessed all three Hallows. He did not. Never more than 2. He returned the cloak to Harry at Christmas in the first book. This leaves him in possession of only the Elder Wand. He found the ring which was made into a horcrux. He then destroys the ring and gives Harry the resurrection stone, after his death. The books even say that only One person would be able to bring the Hallows together and it happens that is Harry. ONLY Harry. He was the master of all 3 Hallows when he let’s Voldemort “Kill Him”.
HeyItzLuisa - 6 months ago
Are you sure that those pages are correct? Because in the first one for me it had 309 pages the second one (i forgot) the 3rd one 435 the 4th one 740 the 5th one 870 and so on...
Greybeast 23
Greybeast 23 - 6 months ago
I read them in my math and reading class after school when I got home and I would read till like 1 2 or 3 in the morning
Greybeast 23
Greybeast 23 - 6 months ago
I have read all of the harry potter books and I read them at all the same times you said
Zero Noctis
Zero Noctis - 6 months ago
The explanation for a war is posible but it can also be explained by the limited amount of magical families, this scarecity of actual mages would also give rise to discriminatory elitist groups like the Deatheaters, wich in turn caused a conflict lost by the stagering difference in muggle warriors vs mages who could fight.
Ray Niblick
Ray Niblick - 6 months ago
You are so far off in your theory on Dumbledore being death. the 3 brothers were Harry's ancestors. remember the books say Harry's invisibility cloak was handed down from his father as a family heirloom. the 3rd brother passed it on to his son and so on and so on until it became Harry's. The story is much older than Dumbldore so would not be about him. Dumbledore was part of a dark wizard cult seeking the Deathly Hallows along with Grindlewald before he turned against him and took the Death stick as his own wand.
Yummy Flakes
Yummy Flakes - 6 months ago
How the hell could you defeat an enemy you can't see? The wizards are like ninjas with their mastery of stealth. They can impersonate anyone they like, control the leaders of every country with a curse, and they could teleport instantaneously. Not to mention that they could just release the Dementors and sic them on muggles.
Erin Engstrom
Erin Engstrom - 6 months ago
Harry Potter was a horcrux. Voldemort had Harry's blood in his veins. When Harry was hit with avada kedavra, the killing curse killed the piece of voldemorts soul. Harry had to choose whether to accompany that piece into the afterlife or not. Because a piece of him in Voldemorts anchored him to the living world, he could follow it back to living and leave Voldemorts soul to die alone.
Andrea Chaves
Andrea Chaves - 6 months ago
loved this theories
eaitatiane - 6 months ago
the second one is just great, and i think it isnt just a theory
Dino Schachten
Dino Schachten - 6 months ago
"forever the boy who lived" - that's poetic. And DARK!! Amazing theory!
...but please call them hallows, not hollows. ;)
Minecraft Bro's
Minecraft Bro's - 6 months ago
Harry potter did not die because voldemort was actually killing the hocrux not Harry
Avil Gaming
Avil Gaming - 6 months ago
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.... Sirius and Arthur both said that there are not so many pure blood families anymore, and that is why Sirius is related to Bellatrix. Maybe the muggles killed all the purebloods??
23 - 6 months ago
Avil Gaming sirious is belatrix brother. That has nothing to do with being less pure blood family wizards
Simone de Vries
Simone de Vries - 6 months ago
The fifth book (in english) is 800 in the set i bought...
Royed - 6 months ago
The first theory is just horse shit.
She was referring to him as a horcrux. As long as Harry lives Voldemort lives. Neither can be killed by normal means as Harry WAS a horcrux and only strong magical items can destroy a horcrux (or the horcrux creator).

Once Harry was "killed" his horcrux status ended and he is now mortal and no longer a horcrux.
Junior Estrada
Junior Estrada - 6 months ago
Fuck me up fam jesus
crosbying - 6 months ago
The reason why Harry didnt die in the last book is not the protection of his mother. But because he became a Living horcrux when Voldemort attacked him as a child. And so Voldemort destroyed his soul piece in Harry, instead of killing him.
SophieArts - 6 months ago
Did James Charles voice this
Tgm_ doglover
Tgm_ doglover - 6 months ago
I’m sorry but you make Dumbledore sound bad like you haven’t read or seen any of the books or movies. He’s a good person and does many things for good and certain reasons. Also Harry isn’t dead.
kitty mom
kitty mom - 6 months ago
Your voice is fucking annoying af
марин петров
марин петров - 6 months ago
Dumbaldore's gay uh......Well fuck you i am never gonna believe it
Shradha Thacker
Shradha Thacker - 6 months ago
Make a video about sirius black
panda 789
panda 789 - 6 months ago
wow. mind blown.
Jellyrock440 - 6 months ago
I would have liked this video but I had to dislike because you mentioned Dumbledore being gay...
23 - 6 months ago
Jellyrock440 well that is not is fault ..
Mika L
Mika L - 6 months ago
I liked the video very much but not your last theory to be honest.
I don’t think it’s is (completely) logic that the muggles won a war over the wizards because
1. Why would the muggles not demand magical aid in a couple of things for example inventing new weapons or buildings bridges, streets etc .
2. Why would Arthur Weasley love muggles so much? He knows a lot of witches and wizards so if there had been a war he probably lost some good friends, family or colleagues. He would most probably hate them.
3. Take an average Hogwarts seventh grader from Harry’s year. They know for example the three unforgivable curses, protection spells, and other offensive spells like stupor, petrificus totalus and the blasting curse (bombarda [maxima]) and defending spells like expelliarmus or expecto patronum.
Furthermore a few talented magicians like McGonnagall or Dumbledore can protect a castle like Hogwarts against an army of death eaters so why should the whole wizard population of Britain not be able to defend against the muggles who have to fight without magic. Also desilusional spells or brooms or magical creatures and much more can be used in a war. How would muggles be able to defeat the wizards?
4. And last: why would the muggles allow the wizards to hide their existence? And why would the muggles be unaware of the existence of witches and wizards if they fought and won against them?

So you see that I don’t think that this theory fits. I understand the train of thoughts and I also wondered about the thing with the muggle prime minister and the dragons but there has to be another explanation.

I really enjoyed the other theories so thank you for making the video.
And please excuse my horrible English skills.
Paris Pulford
Paris Pulford - 6 months ago
I am 10 I am ready to go to hogwarts ☺️
Ted Breslow
Ted Breslow - 6 months ago
Thank you for malfunctioning my brain with that title.
Lauren Elizabeth Lewis
Lauren Elizabeth Lewis - 6 months ago
OMG Harry Potter is immortal
Wayne Shaffer
Wayne Shaffer - 6 months ago
There's also the theory that Dumbledore is actually Ron Weasley. If that's the case, then perhaps when Snape killed Dumbledore, and Dumbledore's body was falling, he met with Death at King's Cross, chose to go back in time (as Ron Weasley), and then helped Harry and Hermoine in their adventures. Then the second time around, as Dumbledore's body was falling, Dumbledore was back at King's Cross with Death, but this time... he accepted his death... therefore becoming Death. That leads to Harry meeting Death/Dumbledore at the end of the series to be presented with the same choice.

Hmm.... does that make Ron (future Dumbledore who rejected Death) immortal?
Random Potato
Random Potato - 6 months ago
YOU FORGOT THE BIGGEST THEORY!!!!! That all of Harry's adventures were a dream and he never left his aunt and uncles house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't forget the one theory that blew my mind ;-;
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 6 months ago
J.K has some finely crafted boobs
Eldrei Tungol
Eldrei Tungol - 6 months ago
hailey g
hailey g - 6 months ago
Dumbledore is gay??!!???
23 - 6 months ago
hailey g yes
Clumsy RayAnn
Clumsy RayAnn - 6 months ago
My first Harry Potter ship was Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall, to say finding out he was gay was a slap to my heart is an understatement. Now i have accepted it though, and realise they are SIGH only friends, if not more like brother and sister.
Karlee Craziness
Karlee Craziness - 6 months ago
How is Dumbledore gay? It is never acknowledged or even eluded too in canon. Like am I missing something
Karlee Craziness
Karlee Craziness - 6 months ago
23 The fact it is not acknowledged makes people confused. She let Lavender Brown be white washed.
23 - 6 months ago
Karlee Craziness you are giving to much importance to the subject. It didn't matter to be mentioned back then and honestly it still doesn't matter
Karlee Craziness
Karlee Craziness - 6 months ago
23 Still not an excuse. Remus should have been gay and Harry should have been bi.
23 - 6 months ago
Karlee Craziness like I said in the early 90's you couldn't even dream of talking about gay people. And in child book he would be a scandal.
Karlee Craziness
Karlee Craziness - 6 months ago
23 She should actually write it in context rather than a just saying it. It needs to be acknowledged that is there l
23 - 6 months ago
Karlee Craziness it never came in the books but JK Rowling mentioned that why making the movies the producers wrote a line to Dumbledore speech and JK said to them to cut that line cuz it didn't make sense to use it as Dumbledore was gay
Eldrei Tungol
Eldrei Tungol - 6 months ago
Karlee Craziness jk rowling said dumbledore fond love to dark lord grindelwald!
Universe Girl
Universe Girl - 6 months ago
When people say harry potters original. I’m just like it copied lord of the rings.

One ring-elder wand
Soul - 6 months ago
I'm pretty sure the 5 one is true, in the books the minister of magic has an gate to the first minister's office
Dylan Giles
Dylan Giles - 6 months ago
Kenji 1987
Kenji 1987 - 6 months ago
Honestly, I'm disgusted by the americans, the way they treat the natives like second rate citizens after they stole their land. Just disgusting.
Alexander the Great 199
Alexander the Great 199 - 6 months ago
it says that either must die at the hand of the other not both
liux0253 - 6 months ago
First one in AZ 309 2nd one in AZ like 330 something 3rd one in AZ 400+ 4th one in AZ 759 I think 5th one in AZ 870 LOL 6th one 600+ 7th one in AZ 759 finally, 8th one had 300+

100. comment for 5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True

liux0253 - 6 months ago
Where do u live
liux0253 - 6 months ago
Nyan_Cat_Rules - 6 months ago
"Dumbledore is gay." BRUH

And also... I noticed Lily looked like Ginny?
emma Woods
emma Woods - 6 months ago
wowowow the first theory is bloody awesome!!! that makes the ending actually really cool!!
matthew bailey
matthew bailey - 6 months ago
That last theory has more support now with the fantastic beasts movie
wargodspirit - 7 months ago
I feel like the whole "Dumbledore being gay" thing is purely for publicity. And don't give me "Oh, don't be such a homophobe, what do you got against gays? You shouldn't be hating on Dumbledore just because J.K. confirmed he's the gay~", because that's not the fucking point you gliddering troll! I ain't got shit against gays, because it's a fucking preference. Like crayons, I don't like using orange, it looks like shit to me, but Billy loves using orange. Good for you Billy, power to ya! I'm sticking to my yellow~ Dumbledore being gay though... so? We don't need to know that he's into the penis to enjoy the story. His main role in the book isn't affected by his main role in bed. How's that tidbit relevant to the plot? It isn't. And I'm sure Mrs. J.K. Rowling wasn't planning on Dumbledore being into the penis while writing the first book. Hell, I bet she wasn't even thinking about anyone's sexual preference in the first book. Why's that? Because the first book, is a fucking fantasy mystery novel for kids . I don't think she even cared until people started shitting out theories on it.
T-Rexosaur 2005
T-Rexosaur 2005 - 7 months ago
im so glad the draco-werewolf theory wasnt on the list
Liam Bogur
Liam Bogur - 7 months ago
for number 5 what if harry walks into the veil will he die or will he just walk straight through it
OriginalNex - 7 months ago
The one thing that happens to all of us? erm, Birth????? Death??? hunger????
Artrysa - 7 months ago
Aww fuck, my head.
Eldrei Tungol
Eldrei Tungol - 6 months ago
Artrysa hahahah trueeeee
Armin M
Armin M - 7 months ago
The reason behind low wizard population in my opinion is well explained in books.-1. Gift of magic is rarity ,even wizard-born children can be without magic powers,that´s why is wizard population so small (yes there are also muggle Born wizards ,but If you could remember 2.HP where was ,,slytherin heir hunting muggle born wizards on Hogwarts ,there was mentioned only few muggle born wizards -hermiona ,justin finch-fletchey, denis creevey, dean thomas)-2.The Voldemort warYes this was few time mentioned as was in wizard word with huge loses on both sides Every day was announcement in daily prophet that somobody is missing or was found dead.And there was also lot of death eaters who were killed by Aurors ( B. Crouch as head has policy fighting fire with fire ,so rather kill than capture) Sorry for my english
Mehrab Uddin
Mehrab Uddin - 7 months ago
Never say 'animaji' again please
POLAR - 7 months ago
theory number 5 is not true. voldermort killed harry, but he used the resurection stone to come back, so now he is just normal
23 - 6 months ago
POLAR no he didn't use the resurection stone to come back he used it to see his parents and the ones who died one last time. He didn't died when voldemort used avacadabra spell in the forest because he killed the horcrux he made himself when he first tried to kill Harry.
Arun Koundinya
Arun Koundinya - 7 months ago
This was good, I especially loved the theory about Harry being resurrected by The Deathly Hallows. Come to think of it, it's almost logical. Anyway, the comparison of wizards with Native American Indians was too localised, I feel.
MikeOfKorea - 7 months ago
A minister is the equivalent of a department secretary within the government. How do you not know that?
Tanzen im Regen
Tanzen im Regen - 7 months ago
Omg these theories are so mindblowing! They're very logical. This wizard world is so unbelievably complex and logical. Such an amazing masterpiece, it keeps on making me speechless.
Eldrei Tungol
Eldrei Tungol - 6 months ago
Tanzen im Regen trueeeeee
Nikki de Ruiter
Nikki de Ruiter - 7 months ago
Numbre one is not true because harry is killed by voldemort! He was a horcrux! That means that harry can die
cc.bradford H.P 7
cc.bradford H.P 7 - 7 months ago
In the book Dumbledore cinematic guide it says that harry is not killed himself but the horcrux inside him is killed. Then Harry has a vision of Dumbledore when he is unconscious after being hit with the killing curse in the last movie.
shiva umesh
shiva umesh - 7 months ago
I love this video
Cailean Morrison
Cailean Morrison - 7 months ago
I always wondered at the end of the last book we know the muggle prime minister knows of the wizarding world, why wasn't he asked to send military support at the battle of hogwarts, I always thought a well-placed sniper nest and aerial strke would of been a big help
23 - 6 months ago
Cailean Morrison because the militaries would have to know about wizards and they wouldn't stay quiet about wizards and it would to much risk for the wizarts world
Ana Ivančić
Ana Ivančić - 7 months ago
He had all three gifts thats why harry didnt die
23 - 6 months ago
Ana Ivančić he didn't used the stone to not die. He used the stone to see is parents and the ones who died one last time before the confrontation with voldemort. In the movie we see him with the stone in his hand and the appearance of his parents godfather and Lupin. Then he let the stone fall on the ground and went to the confrontation . He didn't did there because he was a horcrux voldemort created without knowing it when he first tried to kill him
BangOn2YOU - 7 months ago
sooo dumbledore is gay ... where did that come from .. why the need to make a gay character in a children's story ... fking mind twisters and manipulators ... they start with the most vulnerable , the children ..
23 - 6 months ago
BangOn2YOU they never said in the books or movie he was gay. And JK Rowling explained why she didn't saw anything back then. Basically the books came in the early 90's in that time you could only dream to talk about gay people. We are in 2017 and lots of countries still don't accept gay marriage. It was never came to be relevant to say he was gay. People asked her and she confirmed . That's it
SAMURAI DRAGON - 7 months ago
SAMURAI DRAGON - 7 months ago

One of the rules of warfare is to undermine the lower ranks of the army. All of the higher ranks in the Ministry of Magic were untouchable, so the Death Eaters went after the newer people. Arthur Weasley was a pure-blood with a knack for magic and also with an understanding of the Muggle world, making him the perfect soldier for the inevitable Muggle-Wizard war.

When Voldemort fell, Mad-Eye noticed how peculiar Arthur was acting and undid the curse, leading to the glorification of Moody amongst the Weasley family. And it also explains why – amongst other Death Eaters with the same excuse – Arthur hates Lucius Malfoy for claiming to be under the Imperius Curse. One final piece of evidence is Barty Crouch Jr. who – disguised as Moody – responds to Ron’s identification of the curse with “Ah yes. Your father would know that one.

Ron once said that all the pure-blood families were interbred from lack of magical blood. This is why the Black’s, Malfoy’s and all the rest are interconnected. Some readers realised that the Black family tree included a Dorea Black who married Charlus Potter.

Sirius Black Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The pair then had an unnamed son together. This theory was eventually put to rest by the Pottermore site when James’ parents were named as Fleamont and Euphemia. Harry’s grandparents were then Henry (nicknamed ‘Harry’) Potter and an unnamed wife with the surname Fleamont. But somewhere in the family trees, there has to be a crossover between the Black’s and the Potter’s.
Kawaii Sisters
Kawaii Sisters - 7 months ago
do you even harry potter it says in the book the deathly hallows that the three brothers are the perverelle brothers
Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb - 7 months ago
bro, the wand that tried to kill him was his
Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb - 7 months ago
wizards are Christian. Full christians live 300 years
Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb - 7 months ago
so it couldn't kill him
sreddi83 - 7 months ago
I agreed with the wizards getting weaker that's similar how people nowadays aren't as tough as before because we don't need to be and we're lazy. But Dumbledore, Voldemort and Grindelwald would be superstars in any era. All the other strong wizards like Snape, Bellatrix etc. wud have been nobodies
yurges - 7 months ago
The last one is a 20 book series in its own!!! Jk Rowling has to keep going back in time and telling us whats happening and creat that world.
Lena Schuran
Lena Schuran - 7 months ago
I like your theories much, especially the one about the deathly hallows.
Something about theory number 1 isn't right; you said Wizard familys have a lot children by that we saw the Weaslys, but thats the only familys we know with more than two Kids. For example, there is no evidence that the Parvati-twins have any other siblings and the same goes with the Creavy-brother. The most others we know are lonely Kids - especially the Slytherins. Thats maby the prof for the degeneration within the so called pureblood familys. Genetic degeneration often comes along with sterilitation of someone or dificulties to get pregnant. That is another fact why there are much more Muggels in Great Britain than Wizards.
By the way, I like your theory about a war between Wizards and Muggles - I think thats pretty likly.
greenboy 2004
greenboy 2004 - 7 months ago
In Germany the 2nd book is the shortest and the 5th book the longest, which has about 1200 pages.
John Fortunato
John Fortunato - 7 months ago
Wizarding families aren't larger than Muggle families. The only large family in Harry Potter is the Weasley family.
John Fortunato
John Fortunato - 7 months ago
When Voldemort tried to kill Harry the second time, Harry was one of Voldemort's Horcruzes. In addition, Voldemort also used some of Harry's blood to build his new body. This created a triple connection between the two, which protected both.
Hannah Fawley
Hannah Fawley - 7 months ago
um the harry potter books are never told from HP's point of view(1st person) it's always 3rd person (narrator that is not a character) limited which means 3rd person but only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character

oh and also HP isn't the third brother he's a great grandson many times idk but yeah
Nilu. Thapaliya
Nilu. Thapaliya - 7 months ago
Dumdledore is death by the way
Simone :D
Simone :D - 7 months ago
It was a future mirror it wasn’t his parents it was him cuz his mum looks like Ginny and his father is him
Diamond Dash
Diamond Dash - 7 months ago
tbh,i feel like the part about the brother who took the cloak was harry's grandpa,and that the grandpa gave the cloak to his son and the son aka james potter gave it to harry potter
IDKCANDO BLACKHAT - 7 months ago
So you are saying that harry doesn't trust dumbledor if dumbledor is death
Snowy 0511
Snowy 0511 - 7 months ago
Harry couldn’t come back cos he possessed the three hallows it’s because when he got killed it didn’t really kill him it just removed Voldemort’s soul from his body, but if he chose to go on... then he would of died
Uh he's made a video Damn it
Uh he's made a video Damn it - 7 months ago
It only says he can’t be murdered, doesn’t mean he can’t die a natrual death
Uh he's made a video Damn it
Uh he's made a video Damn it - 7 months ago
Game Wizard
Game Wizard - 7 months ago
Thanks for the spoiler warning , just ruined the whole series for me!
Superyot Gaming
Superyot Gaming - 7 months ago
You only need to truely accept death for the protection of love to work. You don't have to die.
Commander York
Commander York - 7 months ago
The page number thing is more likely due to the publisher not being willing to publish a massive book from an unknown author at the time. After the popularity of the first book the publisher would become willing to publish longer books. You've got to remember that books are expensive to publish and no publisher is going to waste money on paper, ink, and printing costs if they are uncertain of the book's success.
Ivar Bouwman
Ivar Bouwman - 7 months ago
Harry isn't immortal because he was a living hocrux that was destroyed by voldemort then he came back as a normal wizard he was not a hocrux anymore so he now can die
TechNow - 7 months ago
theory 2 - as harry potter was one of the hocrux, and of course voldemort's soul came after haryy's one, so when voldemort killed him, then the soul which was on the outer side died first I. E. Voldemort's soul, and the scene of harry with dumbledore at king's cross, was just a hallucination of harry. And after some time we saw that he wake up.
alex lao
alex lao - 7 months ago
he got old at the end of the series. how can he be immortal?
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson - 7 months ago
Most of the Native Americans died from diseases brought in by Europeans that the Native Americans had no immunity to. It is not accurate to say that "up to 95% of the native population were killed", although of course many did die in the various wars that were fought between settlers and natives.
Hufflepuff Rocks
Hufflepuff Rocks - 7 months ago
I wonder where Hermoine's time turner came from since you can't just buy them willy-nilly and her parents are muggles.
Efram Delahaye
Efram Delahaye - 7 months ago
DUH, thats how Harry came back you b**
whitney taylor
whitney taylor - 7 months ago
I blame the down sizing of the wizard community on inbreeding
airanator1212 - 7 months ago
Harry Potter is the one series to me that is actually better as a movie. I mean the movies were done sooo well that actually seeing the magic and the environment simply works way better. Yes I've read all the books and 4 of my friends that also have read the books also agree. A story like this is better watched than read.
airanator1212 - 7 months ago
I'm not gonna believe dumbledore is gay. Fuck that. I refused to take the authors word on that. She's only saying that because it looks good to other communities that don't like the series because they can't see them gay selves in it. I refuse to accept that the biggest most heroic character in Harry Potter is gay. It not only doesn't make sense, but it's horrible story telling.
rickeymariu1 - 7 months ago
You're third Theory maoes no sense. Since the origional owners of the items were mentioned in the book, harry even goes to their graves.
KeLoVa BaPaFe
KeLoVa BaPaFe - 7 months ago
7:10. Have you read the books. They explain that.
manos 5
manos 5 - 7 months ago
That blew my mind dude
The Infamous J-Rad
The Infamous J-Rad - 7 months ago
He may not be called “President of America”, but he is called “President of the United States”.
Caroline Campbell
Caroline Campbell - 7 months ago
I wanna go to Hogwarts
Isa Saleem khan
Isa Saleem khan - 7 months ago
I love Harry Potter so much ❤️❤️❤️
Twitz - 7 months ago
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has 341 pages.
Mitra Zaker
Mitra Zaker - 7 months ago
I loved the last one, it seems possible and really interesting
tolmat4411 - 7 months ago
daniel jones
daniel jones - 7 months ago
If harry was the master of the elder wand voldamort wouldn't be able to kill him with that wand which means Harry would still be a horcrox surely?
IphotonIDE - 7 months ago
The best theory is that Harry is not the chosen one. At least, not the 'only' chosen one. Neville is 'also' the chosen one. Multiple details add up as well.
ThisOne'sNameIs - 7 months ago
Amazing! I thought about some of this theories even before that video, but not all of them. Everything sounds really plausible. I'm happy to see that J.K. is even more brilliant, than I thought before. But still this fact is not that surprising
Ava Teague
Ava Teague - 7 months ago
Professor McGonagall: Albus did you go through my makup bag
Dumbledore:No i cant say i have
denis daily
denis daily - 7 months ago
eoin colfer
Pistonrager - 7 months ago
No... there's only 3000 wizards in Britain because of The war against Voldemort! They cooperate with the British government because they are still from there and major events in either effect them both.
Terra Rowe
Terra Rowe - 7 months ago
Omg that was like so interesting the one about his death and the comparison of the three brothers and death
I just changed my name
I just changed my name - 7 months ago
I love the commentator
Florijan Pira
Florijan Pira - 7 months ago
Where did you get the information that dumbledore is weak compared zo earlier wizards?
It has been stated that he is the most powerful wizard of all time
studmalexy - 7 months ago
also I want to grope and suckle on Hermionies tiny tits
Nolan453 - 7 months ago
in america order of the phoenix has 870
Mo Ahmed
Mo Ahmed - 7 months ago
So who was the most powerful wizard to ever live, if it wasn’t dumbledore as he truly had all the 3 deathly hallows for the longest time.
Cobe Young Vlogs and Gaming
Cobe Young Vlogs and Gaming - 7 months ago
Death=Dumbledore. MY LIFE IS A LIE!!
Sundus Abdilahi
Sundus Abdilahi - 7 months ago
No,no, no! It's pronounced REYmus Lupin, not RImus Lupin.
Taylor Heinbaugh
Taylor Heinbaugh - 7 months ago
I'm with you I love Harry potter also and I'm so addicted
Jason Clayton
Jason Clayton - 7 months ago
Amber L.
Amber L. - 7 months ago
#2 is wrong because a want cannot kill its own master
Tse Nam
Tse Nam - 7 months ago
I would say last one is true by watching fantastic beast n where to find them
Kroenen - 7 months ago
Death defies everything, think about that
CaptainZepo - 7 months ago
I think the reason harry survived is because harry was the true master of the elder wand
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart - 7 months ago
I don't buy the part about most wizard families being larger than Muggle families. Aside from the Weasleys, I can't recall any character who has more than 2 siblings. There are several characters who have 1 or 2 siblings, but I can't recall any who have more than 2, aside from the Weasleys.
Jeon Shimjang
Jeon Shimjang - 7 months ago
Harry didn't die on the second avada kedavra

Narcissa ask him if draco is fine and he nodded meaning he's alive and nothing happend to him
Narcissa just lied that harry iz dead
reeeeallyawesome - 7 months ago
Harry was never the master of the Elder Wand. It's even said in the book that Harry never defeated Dumbledore and thus was not the master of the wand, Draco was. It was an important point about why Dumbledore had to be killed, so that Voldemort could never truly be the master of the wand since he never defeated Dumbledore.
Sabra Medlin
Sabra Medlin - 7 months ago
If you read all the books which I judged finished it clearly shows Dumbledore can't be death. Even though it is a good theory it wouldn't be right. Dumbledore feared death but he did it to protect Harry, why would he fear himself. It does state that he hates himself for what happened in his pass but never feared. Dumbledore had near used the resurrection stone because it was a horcux, but he used the elder wand everyday and he used the cloak when examining it. He would have to use all three to be the master. A theory of my own is the Sirius Black and James Potter were mean to Snape for their pass the made them take things out on Snape.
Diamond Alexa
Diamond Alexa - 7 months ago
Voldemort didn't kill Harry because Harry was the true master of the wand and the wand will not kill it's master
Zakwan Shah
Zakwan Shah - 7 months ago
and also, all of wizardkind is in hiding, everything from houses to entire towns being spelled with concealment charms, which supports the theory of a muggle-wizard war driving the magical world into oblivion. but i believe that human weapons could not have defeated them. i believe the only reason the muggles won was because they may have had a mole or double agent working from the inside. wizards are too powerful to be bested in battle by a couple of guns, especially if they have spells like the body bind charm and the imperius curse at their disposal.
orbitaldragon - 7 months ago
As far as Number 2 goes.. it sounds cool but it makes no sense to me. I thought it was explained the reason Harry did not die is because the Elder Wand can not kill its own master? Since Harry defeated Malfoy, he became the new master of the elder wand.. thus it could not kill him.
Zakwan Shah
Zakwan Shah - 7 months ago
so what for as long as harry lives, no one can kill him? doesnt mean he wont eventually die though, of natural causes.
Heather Schmidt
Heather Schmidt - 7 months ago
That felling when you get griffindor for PotterMore...
The Vlogging Cosplayer
The Vlogging Cosplayer - 7 months ago
I've always thought the third brother was James Potter, as he gave the cloak to his son.
therwalorddeat h
therwalorddeat h - 7 months ago
Anyone who says they're a Harry potter fan but has never read the books and only watched the film's line up here!

So, what do you think about Peeves?
Angel Watcher
Angel Watcher - 7 months ago
I don't believe the theory that Harry can't die now that Voldemort is dead. There is no evidence to back it up other than an INTERPRETATION of the verse "One must die at the hand of the other."
IphotonIDE - 7 months ago
Yeah, I think that quite literally means that either Harry or Voldemort will kill the other. After that, the statement becomes irrelevant. But wait... there is a theory out there that Harry wasn't the 'only' chosen 'one'. In fact, you can make a case that it is just as plausible that Neville is 'also' the chosen one. Even Dumbledore stated that it could have "gone either way." When discussing about the prophecy.
Nate Grey
Nate Grey - 7 months ago
I love your logic that the official reason for Harry’s survival or returned was incorrect. As much as these books and books in general once released & become successful they take on a life of their own based on interpretation however Creator of that World/Mythos has final say. Also Harry no longer had the Resurrection Stone by the time the killing curse hit him, he a dropped it. Fan theories are fun especially when they get really creative. However they can’t contradict the author so since Rowling is the Author and has final say. She can’t get it wrong. She could’ve missed a tiny detail & created a continuity error (honestly with the massive amounts of details it would be totally understandable that Harry’s body survived the killing curse.) but since she said in the book it was the protection spell then the answer to why he returned from death or didn’t ultimately die was Lily’s sacrifice.
IphotonIDE - 7 months ago
Various forms of religion have believe in different means of creation. It depends on how you interpret the holy book that your religion is centered around (mainly speaking for Abrahamic religions). I'm not overly familiar with it, but I was told about the contradiction thing by a devoted Christian. And it makes sense. It plays into a way of viewing omnipotence. I'm not currently knowledgeable enough about all the interpretations to really do much justice for them, but I understand that the interpretations can be wildly different. In fact, the interpretations people have such as that in the Jehovah's witness religion seem to contradict the bible. Yet, despite this, it is still a rather large religion.

But if God does say or do something, then God does get the last word. But the possibilities are only limited by contradiction.
Nate Grey
Nate Grey - 7 months ago
IphotonIDE okay can see your point & to be fair it’s fairly valid. How about it’s hers to determine until it’s been published. To be honest while I know that basics to creationism & while I’d like to believe there is some all knowing all seeing force out there but it’s hard for me to say that any religion that man has created is real while reading a book franchise like Rowling’s that rarely contradicts its self to the extent most religions do and still say the religion I chose is real and in fact is the correct one & that these books are just works of fiction. No judgement to those who do, I support & respect that right, it’s just not for me. I say that because I could get this wrong but don’t most religion subscribe to the theory that there are no mistakes in their creators design. That even the bad or unexplainable is still part of a plan the God just hadn’t revealed to them? So under that umbrella of protection mistakes or continuity errors aren’t mistakes or continuity errors but part of the world she hasn’t deemed us ready to know?
lol sorry this is getting way more in-depth than I ever meant it. I love the fan theories honestly I do. There have even been one or two I wish would be adopted into canon. I guess as a writer myself and since I’m very protective of my “creations” I don’t like the idea of people stating that B is true when I clearly have stated the A is the truth in that reality. However you are also very correct if I stated A was fact yet later given facts about C & D that made A an impossibility it wouldn’t suddenly be fact to all those who read it just because I told them it was.

Hope that made sense with the whole A B C D thing but it was faster than righting out scenarios or even applying it to the books.
IphotonIDE - 7 months ago
Well many times, she doesn't say a theory is correct or incorrect (she usually just states whether or not she likes it). And it does depend on how you look at creationism. Her being 'god' of this universe doesn't necessarily mean that she is omniscient of it. I'm sure even she has changed her mind before about things. And she 'shouldn't' have the ability to contradict herself, that's something even God cannot do. When you have such a vast and dynamic universe, even if you are the creator of it, you may be missing key elements. However, as you say, it doesn't necessarily matter, because Rowling controls all aspects of the universe. There I agree. But there are two main points to these theories. 1) There is a deeper truth that Rowling hasn't exposed purposely (or not purposely). 2) There is a truth that is more plausible than what Rowling is telling (or trying to tell) us.

Now the way you can show that Rowling should be wrong is by contradiction. And that is one of the main purposes behind these theories. If she stated that it was Ron Weasely as the chosen one even after introducing the prophecy, there would be an entire mass of people who disagree. Now, Rowling 'can' say whatever she wants, but obviously she 'should' be wrong. And that very much justifies anyone from saying, "no, Rowling is wrong about that" by using inductive reasoning. You can even use deductive reasoning to be almost certain Rowling is wrong.

If you accept a few premises, you have to accept the conclusion.
Nate Grey
Nate Grey - 7 months ago
IphotonIDE I hear what you’re saying, I really do. That even for her the world took on a life of its own and she learned more about each character as she wrote them and I agree with you there. Where I disagree or at least wasn’t clear on in my comment is that there are things a fan theory might seem to be very plausible and make perfect sense but that once she has stated that a fan theory is incorrect then it officially is incorrect. We as fans get to say how we interpreted what we read and even say that a part of what we read doesn’t work in our logic but that doesn’t mean we get to then change her explanations, especially if once reviewed by her she states that it may be clever but isn’t what happened. My point is that being the author or creator of this vast universe she has final say no matter how plausible our theory’s may be. Imagine her if you will as that worlds God. She made it and she may discover unintended aspects of a character that she created that developed while she was creating them and their backstory however it was still a product of her creation, just an unintended one. So while a fan may provide her with their own theory or explanation of how they think something happened when hers did work for them however it only becomes true if she acknowledges it and adopts it to be the official explanation. My main point I was trying to make was while a fan theory could have a really good explanation that works & makes sense & to many could be a better explanation than the one the author did it doesn’t change the canon unless she has agreed and adopted that theory and made it fact. Yes she’ll read and like the theories fans come up with like the one of Dumbledore as Death. That doesn’t mean the theory is correct. Dumbledore only becomes Death if she says so. She’s welcome to adopt fan theory into her story but we as fans don’t get to say something is true if she has actually stated it is not.
IphotonIDE - 7 months ago
Well, she actually could get it wrong. She is so brilliant as an author that the Universe she created was intrinsically dynamic. Much of the creation of Harry Potter was discovery for her. She didn't really know where the story would lead. The complexity of the characters as they are constantly changing is rapidly increasing. And sometimes the true nature of the character remains hidden even from the author, who may not realize it at first. For example, Dumbledore being gay was something Rowling realized early on, but not right away. It is very much plausible that she could have an opinion that isn't certainly correct. Furthermore, some of these theories have actually gained her attention. She even realized their viability. One such theory that she enjoys is that Dumbledore is death.
Wane Smith
Wane Smith - 7 months ago
How can Dumbledore be weak and Death. Are you trying to say that Death is weak?
IphotonIDE - 7 months ago
No no.. He is saying that death is weak and is also a homosexual.
The ShadowFox
The ShadowFox - 7 months ago
I'm... I'm sad now T^T
Jalil Stephens
Jalil Stephens - 7 months ago
#5 is deep as fuck
Eric Göransson
Eric Göransson - 7 months ago
There is absolutily no fact that says that wizardfamilies are bigger than mugglefamilies???? You cant just look at one single family (weaslys) and tale that in comparison thats just weird... O can name atleast 20 wizardfamilies from the books that with 2 or less children in it!
JasonCameron - 7 months ago
this is the shittiest harry potter video i've seen in more than 10 years, jesus
Derek Schwartz
Derek Schwartz - 7 months ago
I read the books as a kid, and just recently listened to the audio books again. I do love harry potter but damn do I hate JK rowling.
Ace Monoxide
Ace Monoxide - 7 months ago
I have my own theory that I'm testing outs you all know the sacred 28 and how the potter's are not on it, what if that was the plan because what if when ingnotus peverell's granddaughter married into the family and brought he cloak with her, what if afterwards when it was past down generation to generation they knew it was one of the deathly hallows and thus they wanted to keep it a secret, this is my theory because until James and lily potter the potter family has always kept a low profile and what if it was all a ruse with James Dad on how he was all for welcoming the muggleborns (which is why the potters are not on the sacred 28 list) and with pure-bloods gaining more and more power at the time he needed someway to keep the potters on the low, he was probably afraid someone might find out especially the death eaters who would have reported it to Voldemort, and Henry James Dad must of known the story of the 3 brothers and he remembers the war with grindelwald and the symbol he used( which was the deathly gallows symbol) and knew the connection between the symbol, story and the cloak and was afraid someone like Voldemort would come after it.
Mega Dynamic
Mega Dynamic - 7 months ago
dbz koolkid
dbz koolkid - 7 months ago
Its 150 years not 137 and you sound like the from star wars theory
Peter Caro
Peter Caro - 7 months ago
In America the fifth book is 878
alex - 7 months ago
omg u r a genius! these all sound so convincing and u r an awesome harry potter nerd! btw, if u were younger than 11 when u read the philosophers stone, was i the only one who spent their whole 11th birthday waiting for my letter from hogwarts?
1637377 - 7 months ago
The first theory is incorrect harry could only be killed by voldermort as he was his horcrucs but when voldermort died his enchartment was broken this means he would be able to die because hes no longer being kept alice by the piece of soul within him also harry was killed by voldermort this killed the soul on him meamimg that the emchartment was deffrenatly broken meaning he could die
Peter Samu
Peter Samu - 7 months ago
Muggles defeated wizards? Give me a break...
Allen Gettle
Allen Gettle - 7 months ago
Ida- Dimas-Kim
Ida- Dimas-Kim - 7 months ago
I have a problem with the theory of Harry's immortality, since to be a master of death you have to possess all three deathly hollows at the same time. Dumbledore did but not at the same time and Harry did but chooses to break the wand and therefore nor he or anyone could be master of death henceforth
Tyrell - 7 months ago
She says Dumbledore is gay after all the books were written as a "statement" right around the time it was popular to have a gay character in a show or book. Seems shady to me. Hollywood is so much more accepting when there is no risk in it.
rottenwraith - 7 months ago
In relation to theory 2, I'm pretty sure that the books mention that when Voldemort he used Harry's blood when making his new body, because it let him sidestep the protection from Lilly, hence why the killing curse worked in book 7
Honnjyx VII
Honnjyx VII - 7 months ago
Bro the reason Harry didn't die is because Voldemort's curse killed the bit of his soul that was in Harry. Yes Harry didn't die, but he's not exactly a normal horcrux, he might not follow normal rules. Also the Elder Wand won't kill its own master, according to a line in the Deathly Hallows.
GameZ4lifE - 7 months ago
I have a reason for dumbledore being death because he gives harry the option to go bak or go beyond
Alex Elliott
Alex Elliott - 7 months ago
The only way harry can die is by age
Annie Alden
Annie Alden - 7 months ago
People in the United States don't call our president the "President of America" because it wouldn't even be accurate; America is 35 countries spread between 2 continents. We DO call him the President of the United States, just as somewhere with a Prime Minister, such as Canada (also in America) would be called the Prime Minister OF that country, shortened to just Prime Minister (or President) when used unofficially or in casual conversation.

But yes, I do see your general logic about the Ministry of Magic. I just don't like when people in the US tend to think that we ARE America. We're simply a part of it, even if we call ourselves Americans for lack of a better term (I usually say North American, which is somewhat more accurate, if not completely).
Sierra Seidler
Sierra Seidler - 7 months ago
I thought there were only like 3000 wizards because of the war against voldemort (or dark magic in general) and not because of a war against muggles
johncy joan of arc
johncy joan of arc - 8 months ago
best video I ve seen so far abt harry potter
tycurses - 8 months ago
Muggle's Rule!
Ryan Cashin
Ryan Cashin - 8 months ago
Couldn’t give a shit.
Juna Shinohara
Juna Shinohara - 8 months ago
I really liked all your theories
Resha Moeket
Resha Moeket - 8 months ago
to be honest i never liked the books after the first two
May George
May George - 8 months ago
But... are you The first who came up with that theory? (Muggles and wizards) - cuz i've heard it elsewhere many times and someone Else has always Been credited.... if you didn't come up with it yourself, you shouldn't claim it as your own original thought.
Mehul Agarwal
Mehul Agarwal - 8 months ago
If #HarryPotter being a horcrux made the Dursleys so negative about him, why did Ron & Hermione never feel it?
Mrs. Snape
Mrs. Snape - 8 months ago
The 1st book has 309!!!!
Anna Norris
Anna Norris - 8 months ago
I'm a ravencaw
Perplexed - 8 months ago
Well frick.... you just spoiled to me that Sirius Black dies... and lupin...... why u do this to me....
Apple DuckyPie
Apple DuckyPie - 8 months ago
Sourseras stone? I thought it was the philosopher stone
However you spell it^
tjr3145 - 8 months ago
You got the explanation of Harry's resurrection wrong. The killing curse stops the heart and expels the soul. Voldemort used Harry's blood to resurrect himself. So Voldemort's heart was pumping Harry's blood, and it didn't matter that Harry's heart stopped. And Harry came to the crossing and could allow his soul to be ejected or have the last piece of Voldemort's soul.
That Nightwave
That Nightwave - 8 months ago
a theory that’s actually true(in my opinion) with evidence:
Harry’s Scar is actually the Killing Curse “Avada Kedavra” Motion. search it up. It’s True

What We learn: Death is Gay
Supapanda Videos 1
Supapanda Videos 1 - 8 months ago
If they lost some big war why not use the time turner to send someone back to stop the powerful wizards from dying and then over throw the muggles instead of giving it to a teenage girl? Or use it and go back to kill young boy Tom Riddle?!
Moe Jumah
Moe Jumah - 8 months ago
I would wizards lose to muggles they can just you the killing curse like a billion times
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 8 months ago
On the 2nd theory. In real life humans ability to understand doesn't actually improve after age 11, that's actually the hight of our comprehensive ability, only we just find more out after that. So two definitely can't be true because it neurologically doesn't add up.
Bethzaida Olmeda
Bethzaida Olmeda - 8 months ago
I like some of the theory they sound like they could be true which is awesome
DeathRex88 - 8 months ago
the native American analogy makes me sympathize a bit with the anti muggle stuff. still shitty but I can get it.
My theory with the the brother who got the invisability clouk is harrys grandfather and thats how harry was able to withstand the killing cures because he has the blood of the man who hid from death
Ghanwa Riaz
Ghanwa Riaz - 8 months ago
wowww!! you think so good !
Earl of Doom
Earl of Doom - 8 months ago
the first one you listed was really interesting~~
Sreram K
Sreram K - 8 months ago
How were the Muggles able to rule over wizards? Simple, they used nukes . An avada-kedavra can kill just one person. And Voldemort the most powerful and evil Wizard in Harry Potter's time, used Avada-Kedavra to kill one person at a time. A modern government, especially a government equipped with Nukes won't break a sweat in killing Voldemort, because they have powerful weapons capable of mass destruction. Actually I like this theory. Because, we have a lot of evidence to show that the Wizards have their own money and currency, and above all, they have a currency exchange! Why would Wizards need Muggle money? Or who would give Muggle money to wizards in the first place? . There are just a few wizards and a few set of people who know about wizards. Will they be enough to bring-in all the currency? I don't think so. There must be a demand for wizard objects in the Muggle world. And there must be a constant financial exchange between wizards and Muggles.

Wait, this is getting more interesting. Voldemort was one among the rebels fighting for Wizardry freedom! And Harry Potter, Dumbledore, and the rest were actually against Voldemort because they were supportive towards the government! Voldemort was a violent freedom fighter, who made people believe that he was following the footsteps of salazar slytherin! There are many Wizardry families, like the Malfoys who were devoted rebels, who ended up following Voldemort.

Reasoning: If the Muggles were not controlling the Wizards, then the Wizards have to be the ones controlling muggles. This is because, it is general psychology which drives one to have the tendency to control the group .

Reasoning 2: If Voldemort was able to cast the Imperial curse on the Minister of Magic, why could't he do the same with the Muggle leaders? Of course Voldemort wants to kill muggles. But why didn't the entire series portray at least one event where Voldemort caused a massive destruction against the Muggles? Even after he got the Ministry of magic under his control, why wasn't he able to cause massive destruction to the Muggles? Why were the Muggles still kept unharmed? It surely means one thing: *the muggles control the Wizards*, but they completely ignore the Wizard affairs with only the higher-ups having the knowledge about the Wizards existence. And they didn't bother to step-in and set things right when Voldemort took over the Wizarding world in England and for the most part, they were left unaffected. Any wizard could get access to Muggles.
Ghost Murmur
Ghost Murmur - 5 months ago
If there was a war between nuking humans and full on magic powered wizards than the whole earth would be in bits. I don't know what's so hard to believe about the ministry of magic is just set up by wizards trying to keep its citizens safe
God Emperor Krosp I
God Emperor Krosp I - 7 months ago
The statute of secrecy predates the development of nukes you blithering moron. Secondly they can teleport and mind control people, which means that nukes are basically useless because all of the people with the authorization to use them would be under their control. Thirdly nukes have to rely on things like navigation systems, which means that they can't actually aim them at the WW because all of it's unplottable and they have no means of even knowing it exists or where it is.

Also, Fiendfyre beats nukes handily. It's autonomous, grows exponentially as it fuels itself and annihilates everything in its path with the added benefit that it specifically hunts down living beings. You Apparate in, drop a Fiendfyre spell and wait for it to kill everyone in the city, very few people are going to escape something that grows at a rate that keeps pace with a 150 mph broom.
Sreram K
Sreram K - 8 months ago
SNK The cursed child book was not written by JK Rowling entirely ... and moreover, even if there was such a spell, it can't be matched with the modern weaponry.

It is actually safe to say that there is a good reason JK Rowling could have intended this because not once did she show a duel between a fully armed muggle and a wizard. This is still unresolved in terms of the story... so we can assume that it was intended to be that way...

Then why isn't the Wizardry world ruling the Muggle world?
SNK - 8 months ago
Sreram K there are spells that can kill many people at once like: confringo
James Zarate
James Zarate - 8 months ago
Maybe you can't be killed by your own wand?
AmazingTrey567 765
AmazingTrey567 765 - 8 months ago
But voldemort would not be a ghost because of how much he tampered with his soul
Cranky Jones
Cranky Jones - 8 months ago
Am I the only one that finds it kind of silly that wizzards lost a war against muggles? I mean ofc its a theory but even then. Wizzards are way more powerful than a muggle.
IphotonIDE - 7 months ago
They don't remember it because the leaders of the muggles had the remaining wizards obliviate the general population. Giving them no recollection of what occurred. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, shows that this is very much possible.
Cranky Jones
Cranky Jones - 8 months ago
I thought about the theory that this war happened for ages, because no one remembers it. In the long forgotten past were no bombs.
Sreram K
Sreram K - 8 months ago
I don't think so. Their destructive power is very less. The most deadly spells that are generally used are Crusio, Imperio and Avada-Kedavra. Avada-Kedavra, kills just one person each time. But a single Nuke can annihilate an entire city and vaporize people just around the explosion's center! Wizards do a lot of spooky things like ripping their souls, and becoming ghosts after death. But when it comes to killing, they are slower than a hand-pistol! One needs to say Avada-Kedavra looking at a person to kill him. But a hand pistol can kill a person faster. You just need to pull the trigger...
Noobgamin - 8 months ago
Wait at 4:01 is that Rowling?
Ella & Charlie
Ella & Charlie - 8 months ago
If Harry was actually in possession of the Elder Wand when Voldemort killed him, does that mean that Voldemort then became the true master of the wand?  Because since Draco disarmed Dumbledore in the Astronomy Tower, then Harry disarmed Draco at Malfoy Manor, then Voldemort killed Harry that means the wand eventually became his, doesn't it? Or does it mean since Harry actually comes back to life, the wand is still his?  And when Voldemort dies, does he too have the option to become a ghost so he can instruct his followers to continue his work? I don't know...
Audrey Brill
Audrey Brill - 8 months ago
So a lot of this I can get on board with, but the thing about the resurrection is completely off. First, everyone knows he was resurrected and got to make the choice because he was the master of death, being the owner of all 3 Hallows. Him going willingly had nothing to do with being master of death. “All the difference” dumbledkre refers to is that Harry being willing to make the sacrifice of his life to save others would protect the others with the same spell Lily used to protect him as an infant. No one thinks Harry got to come back because of Lily. That’s stupid
Audrey Brill
Audrey Brill - 8 months ago
You’ll notice in the books and movies that aren’t Harry’s sacrifice all the spells bounce off the good guys because they are protected by Harry’s love
Lyndi Borthwick
Lyndi Borthwick - 8 months ago
harry broke the elder wand near the end of the deathly hallows therefore not making him immortal
indian sirius
indian sirius - 8 months ago
I really think the 2nd and 1st one to be true
It's T
It's T - 8 months ago
Wait till my father hears about these facts!
Rishabh Chakraborty
Rishabh Chakraborty - 8 months ago
This blew my mind
Bear Paws
Bear Paws - 8 months ago
Romefeller - 8 months ago
If the fifth is real I think he can't die by another person but can still die by old age and disease.
Aayush Goyal
Aayush Goyal - 8 months ago
Dumbledore wasn't death, he can't be. Dumbledore was not the true master of the deathly hallows. He failed to unite the deathly hallows(he touches the cursed ring). He was fit for the elder wand because he was brilliant and kept quiet about it, he says it himself!
I do believe in the muggle vs wizard theory.
Werewolf Anime98
Werewolf Anime98 - 8 months ago
Why am i watching this while im in the middle of the first book? XD
k k
k k - 8 months ago
Dumbledore never had the 3 hallows at once. You see first he had the wand (from start to end), then the cloak, but he gave it back. After that he found the stone in the ring (horcrux) and took it. But he never had it at once.

While Harry did had them at once because the cloak was at his name and backback, the stone in the snitch and hand, and the wand who had already at his power when he had after he had defeaded Draco Malfoy.
Eddie Quinones
Eddie Quinones - 8 months ago
It's not called the philosophers stone it IS called THE SORCERERS STONE
F.T. Madoshi
F.T. Madoshi - 8 months ago
Actually, only the American version has it as Sorcerer's Stone. In the original English, it is the Philosopher's Stone.
Ali Daddo
Ali Daddo - 8 months ago
i completely LOVE that Dumbledore i gay !!!!!!!
Jamie Yeomans
Jamie Yeomans - 8 months ago
Your theories are interesting but they’re clutching at straws.
alex kuhn
alex kuhn - 8 months ago
I agree with the hallows resurrecting Harry theory as it explains the way he survived without the horcrux surviving too
zoe leigh
zoe leigh - 8 months ago
okay but all that snape bs about lily.... ugh
Bárbara Gondar
Bárbara Gondar - 8 months ago
mooglemania - 8 months ago
Ok but 'either' means one or the other, not both. Your entire first point is moot. As for the death theory (which is totally bogus) it falls apart when you realize that Draco, not Voldemort, was the one who bested Dumbledore and took the Elder Wand from him. Voldemort never had it. So the whole theory falls apart. Also if you bothered to check your facts at all you'd know that the brothers were legitimate characters in the story, and in fact the reason Harry even has the invisibility cloak is because he's descended from the youngest brother and so on. As for the war? Not only would the muggle be butchered in such an event, especially if the killing curse was allowed, but it's allover the maintext that there WAS a war, in fact there were TWO wars, against VOLDEMORT and that's what's mostly responsible for the dwindling numbers. How little research did you do exactly? Also it wasn't the hallows, if something has an official explanation, that means it's what happened. If it was the hallows then Harry wouldn't be able to protect his fellow students. You yourself proved my point. And the whole reason behind the ministry of magic is to keep wizards safe by keeping them hidden away. It's to PREVENT war, not because they lost a war with the muggles. And if you read up at all you'd know that a lot of their current status is inspired by the witch hunts in the olden days. They have a ministry that consults with magical creatures too. Doesn't mean the magical creatures lost a war with the muggles though. They only consult with everyone to try and keep magic hidden so there's no more witch hunts and stuff. That's what makes the bad people bad. Their whole philosophy is that wizards are better and instead of trying to hide ourselves away, we should take our rightful place on top of the food chain and just enslave muggles or kill them all off.
Christopher Germ
Christopher Germ - 8 months ago
You're off your rocker with your Wizards/Muggles theory. Muggles creating the Ministry of Magic?! Haven't you even read the books? Bad video.
Alex Paredes
Alex Paredes - 8 months ago
Clearly he wished himself back with the stone right before Voldemort killed him.
Saveera Vivid
Saveera Vivid - 8 months ago
NO 3 THOOO!!!!
Friend of Nature
Friend of Nature - 8 months ago
For the second theory, you didn't say all of that but from the book. This is a larger bit from the book to think about instead.

"You won't be killing anyone else tonight,” said Harry as they circled, and stared into each other's eyes, green into red. “You won't be able to kill any of them ever again. Don't you get it? I was ready to die to stop you from hurting these people - ”
“But you did not!”
“ - I meant to, and that's what did it. I've done what my mother did. They're protected from you. Haven't you noticed how none of the spells you put on them are binding? You can't torture them. You can't touch them. You don't learn from your mistakes, Riddle, do you?”
D.C. Nerd
D.C. Nerd - 8 months ago
I think that James Potter is the last son, because he gives the cloak to the son at the end
Steel Xcaliber
Steel Xcaliber - 8 months ago
To be fair, it would be an true dick move to bring a dragon into the country without informing the local government with which you have a working partnership.
Naomi Ghani
Naomi Ghani - 8 months ago
That's just stupid
Captain Price
Captain Price - 8 months ago
i liked your video and all your theories seem plausible to me
fay963 - 8 months ago
Awesome Theories!!
The NFL Vlogger
The NFL Vlogger - 8 months ago
When Harry dies, and if Voldemort used the elder wand, (Harry owned) Harry also just used the stone. And still has the cloak. He's the master of death. And the elder wand can not kill its owner.
The NFL Vlogger
The NFL Vlogger - 8 months ago
And if dumbledore, is death couldn't he bring Harry back to life?!?!
jonathan saad
jonathan saad - 8 months ago
I think that voldemort already drank from a unicorns blood and then split his soul on harry potter and that's how he is immortal
patryk bielawski
patryk bielawski - 8 months ago
Lier 2nd ook has 351 pages you idiot
Liihdeoz - 8 months ago
I thought it was canon that Harry was the master of death when Voldemort killed him??
john HD
john HD - 8 months ago
I feel like a ravenclaw when i read a book
Robert Collins-LaPointe
Robert Collins-LaPointe - 8 months ago
thanks for not having a play mage duel!
Jip Oij
Jip Oij - 8 months ago
Hogwarts should teach their students about puberty
PyroPippinGaming - 8 months ago
Wait a minute when ron and hermine are being attacked by Nagani before Neville kills the snake Ron shoots the killing curse watch at 7:28-7:35
Cooper Edwards
Cooper Edwards - 8 months ago
Number four is not true because when a wizard dies they all get a choice like nearly headless nick he's a ghost and he chose to stay as a ghost and also the vail allows ghosts to go into the after life
skinkis :D
skinkis :D - 8 months ago
Didn't harry use the stone to come back from the dead?
Dylan 20
Dylan 20 - 8 months ago
She ruined his character making him gay
ZanderCross - 8 months ago
I dont think the three brothers represented any wizards other than themselves the story was just that a story. The brothers where powerfull wizards who each created an equally powerfull item . ignotus is the ancestor of harry and cadmus is the ancestor of voldermort. The other brother was murdered for the wand and left no heir.
The dankest Of memes
The dankest Of memes - 8 months ago
The chamber of secrets is 312 pages
The dankest Of memes
The dankest Of memes - 8 months ago
That's me right now! (Addicted)
Luna Love good
Luna Love good - 8 months ago
I'm 9 and I am reading Harry Potter and the half blood prince it is awesome i♥️it is is the BEST thing EVER!
Bibble Master12
Bibble Master12 - 8 months ago
Did he says Philosfiers stone????? Its Sorcers Stone
Heaven Lance
Heaven Lance - 8 months ago
"My theory" dude.. That theory has been around for ages. Its all over the internet, nearly every fan knows about the wizard v muggle war theory.
shakesisdead ya-cunts
shakesisdead ya-cunts - 8 months ago
Deathly hAllows, not deathly hOllows... Dipshit
Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar - 8 months ago
The theory in which Harry is immortal can be true. As Harry is the master of Deathly Hallows.He is the master of cloak, stone(though it was lost) and wand (though it was shown as Harry broke it in movies but not in books). Therefore He is the master of death.
Nightscream72 - 8 months ago
* 1:03: "What if it actually means that the only way either of them can achieve death is at the hand of other?" *

It doesn't.

Because that's not what text "Either must die" means.

"Either must die" means that ONE WILL KILL THE OTHER. If it meant the only way either could die, then it would've said "Both can only die if the other kills him." This isn't a "theory", it's an arbitrarily made up bit of stupidity derived from illiteracy, for which there is zero evidence. A real "fan theory", isn't some arbitrarily made up idea that starts off with "What if..." or "Maybe this.." It's an attempt by fans to predict or understand the WRITER'S INTENT, based on the EVIDENCE in the source material, which makes that theory not just correlative or possible, but LIKELY. The most well-argued such theories are those in which fans ACCURATELY GUESS WRITER PLANS, as in the case, for example, of George R.R. Martin's unfolding plot revelations in "A Song of Ice and Fire." Taking a bit of text whose meaning is clearly understandable not only by how the plot unfolded and concluded, but what the words simply mean by commons usage, and then giving them a meaning or that they DON'T HAVE by virtue of everyday common usage, and without providing evidence that makes that idea at all LIKELY, is not a "theory", at least not in the legitimate sense that that term is used by fans when discussing the writer intent or mythology created by writers. It's just laziness.

As for "theory" #2, I don't even understand what this guy is trying to say. It doesn't even sound like there's any difference between the ostensible reason for the books' length and the alternate "theory" that this guy tries to explain.

Theory #3 is the one solid one of the bunch. It works whether one imagines it as a "theory" of what Rowling intended, or simply fan interpretation.

* 11:04: "Wizard families tend to be larger than Muggle families." *

And your basis for this claim is..........?
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull - 8 months ago
For Harry to die Voldemort would have to return if Voldemort killed Harry Voldemort would become immortal
Owen Ishii
Owen Ishii - 8 months ago
rowling saying that dumbledore is gay is just her trying to please fans... Just like when she said hermione is black (which directly contradicts the movies, where rowling would have objected to a white hermione if she had wanted her to be black).

There are things she didn't think about (which is perfectly normal), and now she's just making shit up to either please fans or to pander to the obnoxiously loud sjws. She has no spine.
Kingsman - Aeronology
Kingsman - Aeronology - 8 months ago
Harry can always be killed if he wants to be reunited with his loved ones. He can’t be killed when he doesnt want to and Voldemort dead no one can kill him unwillingly from Harry. He can order hermione or ron or ginny to kill him like what he did in the forbidden forest where he offered himself to Voldemort when he knew he was a horcux
Just your Common H8er
Just your Common H8er - 8 months ago
How to solve Harry's immortality.

Wand in head,Avada Cadavra,And you're good to go!
codename TheDoctor
codename TheDoctor - 8 months ago
jk Rowling is such a hypocrite
Alexis Harper
Alexis Harper - 8 months ago
The first three books are more of exposition. That’s why. Although the Harry maturing is probably accurate.
THE M3 - 8 months ago
Wizards are not real though
Ahmed Harachich
Ahmed Harachich - 8 months ago
Don't call them YOUR theories, because they existed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before this or any other of your videos
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke - 8 months ago
this guy's ('The Why') voice, tone and delivery is literally painful to listen to
Lucas Ownes19
Lucas Ownes19 - 8 months ago
OTTP has 860 in American edition
darius bekker
darius bekker - 8 months ago
why didn't they just pop a cap in voldemort's ass?
Anthony Shore
Anthony Shore - 8 months ago
I had come to the same conclusions with the exception of #1. The theory of a muggle wizard war makes alot of sense but its not something I came up with on my own. Thank you for your insight.
bangers & mash
bangers & mash - 8 months ago
it's Fuckin story. nothing more.
Mitch Gardner
Mitch Gardner - 8 months ago
When I was younger, I thought that Harry didn't die in the forest because, instead of Voldemort killing Harry, the curse only completely affected the horcrux, and Harry (being it's "container") was simply damaged, being knocked out and meeting Dumbledore at King's Cross.. there are some falters to this theory, though, and I'm not sure whether I believe this one, or the theory about Harry being the master of death more
Prof. MrSirDr
Prof. MrSirDr - 8 months ago
get off JK Rowling's jock. she is not that creative. someone suggested dumbledore could be gay, she loved the idea, then tried to say it was like that all along.
a lot of the first book is just halloween stuff made into a story. there wasn't much originality. she basically took a world that already existed, set up her own rules separating it into it's own world. i'm glad she did it, it's a pretty good story all in all but that doesn't make her anywhere near amazing.
also she wasn't writing for an audience that was getting older. her character was getting older, that's all.
Spellcaster86 - 8 months ago
If we were to ask Rowling about these theories, she would deny them because she can. She has the power to change everything if she wanted. All she has to do is write another book.
Malia S. Mills
Malia S. Mills - 8 months ago
the first one gave me the chills when he said "Harry Potter will forever be the boy who lived"
Hana M
Hana M - 8 months ago
So death is gay, Ron is dumbledore and dumbledore is death O_O
prashant mukhopadhyay
prashant mukhopadhyay - 8 months ago
i cdnt give a shiit bro
Aqua Paw Lps
Aqua Paw Lps - 8 months ago
Did he just say Reeemusss Lupin? It's Ray-mus Lupin.
Freya Jørgensen
Freya Jørgensen - 8 months ago
The first Harry Potter book is 303 pages in danish, not 223.
Freya Jørgensen
Freya Jørgensen - 8 months ago
Muhammed Joosub Well I did not say that it was written in Danish. But it is translated. I was just informing, so take it easy.
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva - 8 months ago
That last one one really nice
Vampire Captain
Vampire Captain - 8 months ago
Those are quite plausible theories.
Rachel B
Rachel B - 8 months ago
But in the USA we call our president "president" when referring directly to him but the official name is POTUS (president of the United States) and people call fudge minister not minister of magic. So I think that theory doesn't make sense
matthew funakoshi
matthew funakoshi - 8 months ago
The first and the last theory seem wack. but dumbledor being death makes sense
Ysabelle C
Ysabelle C - 8 months ago
Wouldn't that mean that the third brother who wanted to have the invisibility cloak would be James Potter? Harry's dad?
Wolfieking 200
Wolfieking 200 - 8 months ago
Surely harry could have became death when he got the ressurection stone as he was the owner of the deathly hallows and he chose to come back himself as he was death
sahory ztva
sahory ztva - 8 months ago
i like you, you are crazy , are you scorpio or ,do you have some scorpio in your natal chart .?
Terry Potter
Terry Potter - 8 months ago
I had the complete video just goosehumps :D
Sam Apogremiotis
Sam Apogremiotis - 8 months ago
Harry Potter stands nowhere NEAR the depth, lore and complexity of The Lord of the Rings.
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt - 8 months ago
"far away from civilisation" - wtf
Ali -3-
Ali -3- - 8 months ago
A very potter musical confirmed
Jonathan Tran
Jonathan Tran - 8 months ago
It that AntsCanada
idris307 - 8 months ago
Well bullets do travel faster than spells but then again I’m sure they are spells that can be used to render bullets useless sooooooooooooooo theory is a no go
shlobs422 - 8 months ago
This video is dumb. He came back to life because he had the resurrection stone, not because he accepted it....
Alex Carroll
Alex Carroll - 8 months ago
Actually Rowling said that the goblet of fire was so long because she finished it and went back and found a major plot hole and had to fix it by rewriting it in, so I assume that the stories getting more complex made it difficult to fit everything into like, 300 pages
Alex Carroll
Alex Carroll - 8 months ago
Might i suggest, however, that James Potter is the third bother? He did technically pass on the invisiblity cloak to his son.
Crispy Crunchy
Crispy Crunchy - 8 months ago
I'm from America and the 2nd book is 341 pages
Padparadscha - 8 months ago
My favorite theory is Abaforth drugged Harry Ron and Hermione with with Felix Felice.
BBBeRT - 8 months ago
Wtf Dumbledores gay
Blue Justice
Blue Justice - 8 months ago
Wait what? The first book I have has like 273 or a little bit more
Über Kirbeeh
Über Kirbeeh - 8 months ago
I have never read any of the books because I have fear of reading too many pages of text. I can't handle the amount of text and pages that they have.
Jesse Licon
Jesse Licon - 8 months ago
I'm accepting the Hallows resurrecting Harry as cannon. The love protection thing is just a bit far fetched.
Srinivasagam R
Srinivasagam R - 8 months ago
Honestly, im obesessed too
Spicy Gamer16
Spicy Gamer16 - 8 months ago
Wtf death is gay
Exclusive DeltaTheDino
Exclusive DeltaTheDino - 8 months ago
Harry Potter had the invisibility cloak
DumbleDore had the elder wand
Serverus Snape had a love one that died
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin - 8 months ago
Ron weasley is Dumbledore
Najoa Bouzidi
Najoa Bouzidi - 8 months ago
I'm pretty positive that we find out that Harry's father comes from the Percival family, who are the three brothers. As in, the Potters are descendents of the Percivals. Can anyone confirm this? I remember it was mentioned in the last book...but it has been YEARS since I read the series haha
Nicholas Johnston
Nicholas Johnston - 8 months ago
He said people in America don't call the president of America the president of America
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell - 8 months ago
Here's a theory: When McGonagall first started working at Hogwarts, she fancied Dumbledore; but to avoid hurting her feelings Dumbledore let her down by telling her that he was gay, and has had to pretend ever since...
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell - 8 months ago
But Dumbledore is Ron from the future...
Handcrafted Specimen
Handcrafted Specimen - 8 months ago
Ser Garlan Tyrell she choose ron to slow dance with
Humberto Yaque
Humberto Yaque - 8 months ago
P.O.T.U.S. stands for president of the United States so we do call our president that
ViableThrone - 9 months ago
If its official how can it be wrong
Machi - 9 months ago
These were seriously terrible theories.
Jan Engel
Jan Engel - 9 months ago
I dont think that Ron is a time travelling Dumbledore, but I think that Dumbledore is death and that Harry is immortal, the war is also possible.
Kate - 9 months ago
Well the last part is totally plausible. Look at what happened in the Fantastic Beasts movie why were the American Wizards so scared of the non-magic finding out about them? And then look at the time period it's set in. It really all adds up and if that's the case I think Rowling put much more thought into her universe than some people can think.
Kurgath - 9 months ago
Muggles pwned the Wizards and Witches. Come to think of it, why didn't they just install some guns on the walls of Hogwarts when Voldamort attacked, would be a lot easier to kill 'em off than with wand-waving.
yxtxnified - 9 months ago
The one about the Death & the 3 brothers being Dumbledore, Voldemort, Snape & Harry shocked me... There's no way it's not true imho
KawaiiMelonDerp - 9 months ago
The reason goblet of fire is so long is bc jk noticed a plot hole and had to go back and fix it
Sammy Dray
Sammy Dray - 5 months ago
KawaiiMelonDerp what plot hole was that?
Mastermind - 9 months ago
I have to say, I like the theory about Harry's resurrection being due to his mastery over death, why? Because it means the Deathly Hallows (the things the book is named after) actually served a purpose in the end, whereas without this theory they are nothing more than a side story and it would have been just as valid calling the last book 'Harry Potter and the awkward romance between Ron and Hermione'
Kevin W
Kevin W - 9 months ago
Alright I'm sorry but I don't really get how your #2 entry is a theory. Even after the whole explanation, it doesn't make sense. You're just stating basic facts. yea, the books get longer the later you get into the series, naturally as the characters are aging and the experiences in their lives are becoming more complicated. But that's not really like an analytical interpretation, it just... is. And easily and obviously noticed.
Jamie's YouTube Videos
Jamie's YouTube Videos - 9 months ago
I love the books and the films. However, I think JK took a turn that was far too dark (I am glad she did) and almost ruined Harry and everyone else in the story. She should of kept it as a fairytail, rather than a murder mystery horror fest.
Siim Tuulik
Siim Tuulik - 9 months ago
Also, wizards could have had a war among each other, that would also bring the population down.
Spectre - 9 months ago
I'm having the biggest urge to re-read the series
Polar333Bear - 9 months ago
I feel like you made the Harry death one so much more complicated than it is. lol! I just assumed he used the resurrection stone which he did have.
Slimmonkey 81
Slimmonkey 81 - 9 months ago
#5 harry could always walk thought the Veil. If it is a one way trip to the after life, then he can kill himself.
therese oloroso
therese oloroso - 9 months ago
The ring was not the resurection stone it was the marvolo ring! The real resurection stone was inside harry's first golden snitch
Liam Meyer Photography
Liam Meyer Photography - 9 months ago
Fuck off cunt it's philosophers stone
iTzNoxy - 9 months ago
Great theories but I think the Muggle-Wizard war and all that was a bit of a stretch based on the one comment that the Wizards let the Government know about bringing in Dragons. You could equally extrapolate that there are Wizards in the UK government or even in complete control of it (dun dun dun).
Joshnniuq - 9 months ago
umm, we do call him the president of america. more specifically the president of the united states, and the prime minister's official title is the prime minister of the united kingdom.
Zarna Shah
Zarna Shah - 9 months ago
Soph -
Soph - - 9 months ago
You kinda sound like the guy who makes jelly bottles and cuts them up
Aapo - 9 months ago
In finland th fifth book has 1250 pages
chris pearson
chris pearson - 9 months ago
As to the Minister of Magic theory, I guess you COULD say he was appointed by the Queen / monarch.
Theresa Kidd
Theresa Kidd - 9 months ago
We do call the President of America, the President of the United States of America or POTUS.
KH28 Tychoo
KH28 Tychoo - 9 months ago
Would snape see lily in the mirror?
Jirou Lierge
Jirou Lierge - 9 months ago
What about J.K being Rita Skeeter??
Always thought it was a fun theory.
1637377 - 7 months ago
Jirou Lierge na shr woildmt of made her self that bad
Lucarius1 - 9 months ago
the first theory can't be true, as Harry did die from Voldemort's hand. He was physically dead, but then returned to life, then he killed Voldemort. So each died from the hand of the other. Therefore Harry can't be immortal, as he did die from Voldemort's hand ;-)
Helgacabbage - 9 months ago
I do think Harry genuinely died, else the horcrux inside him could not have been destroyed. That's the only way it makes sense that his sacrifice protected everyone from Voldemort the same way his mother's sacrifice protected him. I think he was resurrected because he was the true master of all three Deathly Hallows at the same time. The resurrection stone was activated, he wore the cloak to meet his death, and he was the true master of the Elder wand all at the same time, and he was willing to die. It was why he was given the choice to go back.
I love that these books are so detailed and complex that we can still debate what happened years later.
Chromozone Fifteen
Chromozone Fifteen - 9 months ago
Just happened to me to think that... maybe the reason Harry survived yet again is because Snape ultimately sacrificed himself to save and protect Harry (or to save Lily's eyes), which refreshed the spell his mother casted. This is why they had to protect harry before and that he needs no protection afterwards. It would be Snape's undying love for Lily and forgiveness of Harry (by finally seeing Harry as his mother's son and not Jame's) that would create the undying boy he finally accepted as his own even if he had been spawned into life my his old nemesis. Showing that true love of Lily, in order not to be egocentric, also meant to care about what she cared most.
Ashanique Johnson
Ashanique Johnson - 9 months ago
you could I see all tis before!
I'm Ysa V.
I'm Ysa V. - 9 months ago
what if harry, Snape , and voldy were reincarnations of the three brothers?
Midnight Darkwolf
Midnight Darkwolf - 9 months ago
resurrection stone, he was holding it, that is how he came back to life
Elena S
Elena S - 9 months ago
too bad the russian version has 1256 pages
ShadowRainbow - 9 months ago
I don't like the 3 brothers theory because there's a far better theory that applies to it. Plus we know the name of the youngest brother, so the theory is that Harry is related to the brothers.
Resit Pasa
Resit Pasa - 9 months ago
Voldemort was right.
Winged Kuriboh
Winged Kuriboh - 9 months ago
The Last 3 were just........
J.M Ben
J.M Ben - 9 months ago
Native Americans died of disease they had no immunity for. Does anyone here think Christopher Columbus had any idea what a germ was in the 1400's.
Jacob Powell
Jacob Powell - 6 months ago
I'm positive all of Europe understood what sickness was.
Justin O'Reilly
Justin O'Reilly - 9 months ago
These aren't theories just arbitrary interpretations , and the length one isn't even that! Clickbat confirmed
Joe Brown
Joe Brown - 9 months ago
I love how you refer to these theories as if you came up with them even though they were developed by other people elsewhere on the internet years before you made this video.
lolgirlstophate13 please
lolgirlstophate13 please - 9 months ago
lolgirlstophate13 please
lolgirlstophate13 please - 9 months ago
Dumbolore is...gay????????? OMG! Cool!
I'm okay with that!!!!!!
Kawaii Witching Owl
Kawaii Witching Owl - 9 months ago
in my opinion james potter is the third brother because he gave the cloak to his son and died for his family
downhell666 - 9 months ago
Phoebe Phillips
Phoebe Phillips - 9 months ago
At 10.30 he talks about guns. Wtf Harry Potter was not real sadly so get your facts straight
tawny rose
tawny rose - 9 months ago
BRUHH 3 is so true
Aleksa Milović
Aleksa Milović - 9 months ago
LadyPenguin - 9 months ago
i wish the fourth movie never existed
Brent Mogensen
Brent Mogensen - 9 months ago
last one is an interesting one that i've heard before, but what makes you think that Dumbledore is weak? There is no way to compare current wizards to those of the past. Also, i'm reasonably certain that it never says anywhere that Wizards are declining in population.
Brandon Henry
Brandon Henry - 9 months ago
This video seems so stupid.
"We don't call him the President of America."
???? Yes we do, we call him the POTUS, president of the united states.

"Wizard families are bigger than muggle"
According to what? Only the Weasley's? LOL so what? I know three or four families that are close to me that have 5-6 kids.

The three brothers story is a misunderstanding of literary elements. The brother's don't represent anything, maybe foreshadow something, but they don't represent characters.
Putting meaning into something where there isn't.
It would be the equivalent of saying each book represents a planet or something just because you want to connect them. Sure you could come up with some whacky argument, but that doesn't actually matter.
LlamaLordz - 9 months ago
The Reason harry was not killed was because voldemort killed the part of himself that lived within harry. He did not kill harry, he killed the last part of his soul that still lived.
LlamaLordz - 9 months ago
Some people need to just fucking shutup and read the damn book for what it is. My lord.
Jack Santa Croce
Jack Santa Croce - 9 months ago
I find it funny how the longest installment in the book series is Order of the Phoenix, but its the shortest movie.
Alyna Wiberg
Alyna Wiberg - 9 months ago
I thought it was stated somewhere that wizards tended to have small families of one to two children. The Weasley's are an exception since Molly was trying to have a daughter and break a curse on their family, so that part of the theory seemed strange to me.
Lucas Pausanias
Lucas Pausanias - 9 months ago
Best harry potter theories video i've seen for a while
Quen Loust
Quen Loust - 9 months ago
The Native Americans? Dude, the Native Americans aren't the only people in history who've had their land taken from them. The entire Earth is based around conquest. To say that this is based off the Indians is like saying it's based of history of human nature. Which isn't that far of an assumption.
Sfax Dan
Sfax Dan - 9 months ago
The second theory of the books getting longer for anything other than Rowling getting better is crap
Also I think harry would want to resurrect his parents more than snape would want his love back
Andy Evans
Andy Evans - 9 months ago
The last one cannot be correct.
Dylan H
Dylan H - 9 months ago
this is generic theories that serious fans don't buy into and we get far more complex
Toxa Ginda
Toxa Ginda - 9 months ago
About the lengths of the books - I think it is not about the characters getting older, but more about an audience. The series wouldn't be as popular if all of it had been written in one tone and if it stayed as a book for kids. So, Rowling made the characters more mature and complex to appease her audience.
Layla Hogarth
Layla Hogarth - 9 months ago

I cringe
Park Justin
Park Justin - 9 months ago
u can't have my thoughts!..... i.... mus..t...... re...sist...... ah!
MovieNerd_EP - 9 months ago
Well this is 12 minutes of bullshit
Samuel Tonioli
Samuel Tonioli - 9 months ago
Problem with number 1 is that most native americans were killed by diseases brought by the europeans ,not their guns
novaldysama - 9 months ago
If Dumbledore was gay, then Ron Weasley is the Dumbeldore that time travels theory is invalid.
Aidan McIntosh
Aidan McIntosh - 9 months ago
Death is not pretty much the end-- well that's pretty much it if your soul was split into 7.
Ray The Nerd
Ray The Nerd - 9 months ago
Wait... If the prophecy states that one has to die at the hands of the other, and you go along with the theory that Harry is now immortal, since Voldemort was using what was technically Harry's wand, he would not be dying at the hands of Voldemort, would he? And he voluntarily died, which in a way means he killed himself... Again, not dying at Voldemort's own hands. So does that mean that is why he survived the Killing Curse again? Because he was and wasn't dying at Voldemort's hands? Screw Neville, LOOPHOLES are the heroes of the series.
Zedatkins Zed
Zedatkins Zed - 9 months ago
Wow, to read the prophecy like that you have to completely misunderstand the English language. "Neither can live while the other survives" is the key bit as a sentence. And the key part of that is the word "live" not "die". The prophecy says 1 must kill the other in order from one to live. It also ignores that Harry did die and had to die to beat Voldemort.
Don Neale
Don Neale - 9 months ago
just do the world a favor and never have children
Toby Trimby
Toby Trimby - 9 months ago
"I never saw that one coming?" That's what you choose to put out there in your video. Did you ever stop to work out that with a statistic of 1 every 10, there are a lot of other homosexuals in Harry Potter. You shouldn't use your medium to out there that being gay is something that you can usually see coming, especially in conjunction with a iconic character which attracts so many young people. Every single character (or person in real life) who you don;t know the sexual orientation of might be gay. There is no "type". There are also also of people in heterosexual relationships who are lying to themselves and in denial because of fear. So you, the genius that you consider yourself to be, will never know. Dumbledore had a close relationship with Grindelwald. When you read the books, you get a sense that they spent approximately 3 - 4 months together experimenting with magic. Dumbledore couldn't see how potentially dangerous Grindelwald was, even though he could see that Tom was dark and Severus light. He was skilled enough to see pass the veils those two very skilled wizards cast over themselves but not the less subtle and obvious contempt Grindelwald had for Muggles because he was blinded...by love. It makes absolute sense. If you fall in love that quickly, you're enjoying the perfect aspects of your new love so much that you forget that we all have light and dark. Not seeing this in Grindelwald was Dumbledore's greatest failure. It led to the three way battle between Albus, Aberforth and Grindles and resulted in the death of his beloved sister. It also prefaces the story of the Elder Wand and further highlights how dangerous the wand is with Voldie on the hunt for it. It adds a deep layer to an already perfectly created character and the fact that you waste time thinking, "How are on Earth could he be gay" even though if you were opened minded and smart, means that you miss our on a beautifully crafted story on tragedy. Consider that Dumbledore never meets anyone else? Grindlewald, the second most dangerous wizard of all time, was the love of his life. You miss out on all this with a simple slight of ignorance. Go back to The deathly Hallows. Re-read with this knowledge. See how it makes you feel. Then ask; who else is potentially gay in Hogwarts, then conclude that actually, does it really matter? Peace and love for all x
Shaden0040 - 9 months ago
What if the reason why Dumbledore died is because he passed the mantle of being death down to Harry? And now Harry is now the new incarnation of death and thus is immortal. Reflecting how the third brother passed down the cloak to his son and then greeted death as a friend and equal? So that would make Harry technically imortal and Death until he passes it on to another and he can finally die?
LittleAnon - 9 months ago
sounds to me that Harry Potter is a Christ figure to J.K Rowling. I mean conquered death and had Dumbledore as an all knowing father figure? not to mention casting patronus that actually comes from himself (instead of james potter) as a representation of the Holy Spirit.
Scry .Dream
Scry .Dream - 7 months ago
The story is hugely inspiried by Rowlings faith, yes. She is a christian.
Just your Common H8er
Just your Common H8er - 8 months ago
LittleAnon Jesus isn't God,you must understand the fact that a human cannot be God,and why would God want a son? Dafuq? Also apparently 1+1+1=1 to christians.
Imre Pető
Imre Pető - 9 months ago
After Henry stops being a Horcux he can die.
Natalie Briggs
Natalie Briggs - 9 months ago
Remember how Voldemort actually killed Harry but he was being the master of death. So he was killed you even said so later in the video
David Brickey
David Brickey - 9 months ago
I don't think you need a convoluted diegetic theory to explain why the books got denser and more adult as the series went on. The target audience was getting older along with the characters--anyone who read the first book when they were 12 would be 15-16 when they read the fourth book, and an adult by the time they read the seventh.

I did really like theories 1 and 3 though. And I'll note that they're not incompatible. If the horcruxes worked for both rivals until one tried to kill the other, then no other means of death would work until they fulfilled the prophecy. One must kill the other. Once that happens, there's no more horcruxes so the survivor is totally mortal.
Nirth90 - 9 months ago
Interesting. This video claims that there's an afterlife but I never thought that there was proof of that. Dumbledore said that there's no way to bring back someone from death, you can merely see ghosts or temporary spirits (example in video) but it's not a life. I always loved that because that's realistic and you need some realism in a fantasy work, even better that it's considered a book series aimed at older children or teenagers.

The Harry-Dumbledore mystery sequence I always thought of as something that happened in Harry's head but it might have been influenced by magic. Voldemort never got trapped in some hell equivalent but he simply died like everyone else does eventually.

Rowling's focus on death as a finale stage of life in her books is the central theme of the series in my opinion.
Tuha Begum
Tuha Begum - 9 months ago
Actually u CAN say prime minister of England and President of the USA just like u say minister of magic
chris pearson
chris pearson - 9 months ago
As to the Minister of Magic theory, I guess you COULD say he was appointed by the Queen / monarch directly.
Holly - 9 months ago
of ourse dumbledore is gay i thought thats clear from the books oO
Ph03inx - 9 months ago
Ok first the movies were great no question. How ever there was a lot lost in translation. I found a few missing scenes that were in the books that were not in the movies. For example in the goblet of fire (movie) the egg only sings of finding what was taken( a loved one) but mentions nothing of what might happen to them if they fail thus when Harry saves flurs sister she's beyond grateful, why is she so grate full. it's kind of a game there are rules and safety measures so why would she be so relieved that harry saved her sister. Well in the book there is a second part that says after "the hour is past its to late it's gone it won't come back". so if they put this in the movie it would of put the sense of urgency that was lacking. Now to put missing information from the books into the movie it is said that the owner of all three deathly Hallows will have the power over death which means they can't be killed by any other means than natural. The true purpose of the deathly Hallows are kind of ignored after the first half of the two movies and are focused on the horcuxes. Then when Harry is "killed" he just comes back. This video said that the container must be destroyed but the all 7 were only damaged not totally destroyed. And because harry was a horcrux and it to must be destroyed. And sense only voldermort could kill Harry it must be him who dose it. With Dumbledore knowing this he had to makes sure harry got all 3 deathly Hallows. so when the time came for voldermort to kill Harry , Harry would be protected by the deathly Hallows and with voldermorts soul not being Harry's it is not protected by them so when voldermort casts the killing curse the only thing the curse can kill is his soul fragment leaving harry a little dizzy. As for the discussion after with Dumbledore harry was in between the dream world and the "afterlife" and Dumbledore was using that to talk to harry one last time. Thanks for reading my long comment.
Aidan Van Tassell
Aidan Van Tassell - 9 months ago
I love the Harry Potter Books but I hate J.K. Rowling.
Lawson Elmslie
Lawson Elmslie - 9 months ago
Maybe Harry could get killed by voldy's daughter
DGO Sports
DGO Sports - 9 months ago
In the us book 5 is by far the longest with 870 pages
SNK - 8 months ago
1050 pages in finnish one
FreedomMonkeyz395 - 8 months ago
DGO Sports
Best 870 pages of my life
Dante Lhamo
Dante Lhamo - 9 months ago
I enjoyed the last one
AntonyPancake - 9 months ago
In America, the president isn't called the president of America? Ever heard of POTUS?
Kollective Björk
Kollective Björk - 9 months ago
I always thought that the only explanation to Harry surviving was the DH, I never thought anyone could think differently...?!
Agnimitra Sharma
Agnimitra Sharma - 9 months ago
Hallows not Hollows!
Mariotic - 9 months ago
2:15 lol
Guloona Ali Khattak
Guloona Ali Khattak - 9 months ago
if i met J.K Rowling, i would pass out. P.S My uncle met J.K Rowling!
Kroenen - 9 months ago
But at 1:47 Snape isn't there...
Harry Stocker
Harry Stocker - 9 months ago
J.k Rowling plans it all, the books got longer for the reasons you said, and that the story got more complicated, but she done that on purpose. But if she doesn't confirm a theory then I want nothing to do with it.
Leif Andersson
Leif Andersson - 9 months ago
I liked the last theory
Bonnie Sherrah-Janssens
Bonnie Sherrah-Janssens - 9 months ago
I believe Crookshanks to an animagus. But an FYI, mother's maiden name is Crooks, her father and mother were born in Britain. My mom and her 3 sisters lived in Nottingham with my Grandparents until at one point they moved here to Chatham,Ontario.My grandparents died in a car crash and my mom and sisters were left with their godparents who also were born in England and their last name was Brooks. The road they died on was Merlin overpass. My maiden name is Sherrah after my father who was born in Canada, could my parents have owned Crookshanks? Omg I just realized this as I am typing it. This is not a joke!
Polaroid H02
Polaroid H02 - 9 months ago
Actually harry isnt imortal because voldemort kills him in the dark forest. Killing the horcrux in harry which means harry can die then harry kills voldemort
Jennifer Browser
Jennifer Browser - 9 months ago
I think the third brother is Harry poter's dad because in the first movie and book when It was Christmas dombledor gave him the cloke and said it was Harry poter's father's cloke
Ella Cadden
Ella Cadden - 9 months ago
Don't say shit plz plz plz or fuck plz plz plz
Sarah Ray
Sarah Ray - 9 months ago
If dumbledore is gay does that make Ron Weasley gay? And if so it's kinda weird that he kissed hermione
Marnae Be lit
Marnae Be lit - 6 months ago
Sarah Ray and married her + had 2 children w/ her
Lena Schuran
Lena Schuran - 7 months ago
Ron kissed Hermione, married her and they have two kids who are definitiv like there parents.
Xile zZFlamesZz
Xile zZFlamesZz - 7 months ago
ItsjustJess i k
#RobloxGamer Girl
#RobloxGamer Girl - 7 months ago
Coronna Forest Why should Ron weasly??
Harry James Potter
Harry James Potter - 8 months ago
RON IS NOT DUMBLEDORE! J.K Rowling said it herself
Lego vs. Minecraft
Lego vs. Minecraft - 8 months ago
Ronbledore was created before book 6 was even published
ImaginedRobin Plays
ImaginedRobin Plays - 8 months ago
Did you shove a garden hose up your ass
mooglemania - 8 months ago
First of all, bring up context. You can't just state two completely unrelated things and expect people to know what you're talking about. Second of all, sexuality is a spectrum, not a fixed thing. Third Ron IS NOT Dumbledore. I don't care what shitty theory videos you're watching, you can't be talking like the theories are fact.
MS Football
MS Football - 8 months ago
Well it's a theory and no plus he didn't just kiss her their married
jonathan saad
jonathan saad - 8 months ago
Maybe he used a horcrux with a time turner
Fluffy Unicorn 20003
Fluffy Unicorn 20003 - 8 months ago
Coronna Forest lol
Lil_Vertigo - 8 months ago
dumbledore isny gay Gandalf is
DevilBunny 0311B
DevilBunny 0311B - 9 months ago
Hermione divorces Ron making him gay
ItsjustJess i
ItsjustJess i - 9 months ago

Just watch this https://youtu.be/FhNCyXB5XRY
Sarah Ray
Sarah Ray - 9 months ago
Deon Nelson yes
Deon Nelson
Deon Nelson - 9 months ago
Coronna Forest I think she's talking about the theory that Dumbledore is Ron from the future.
thesilentbed Ghosts
thesilentbed Ghosts - 9 months ago
Coronna Forest your theory is gay
ShadowRainbow - 9 months ago
How would Ron be gay???
Phoebe Phillips
Phoebe Phillips - 9 months ago
Coronna Forest what do you mean?
Sarah Ray
Sarah Ray - 9 months ago
Real Crafter oh okay thank you for clarifying
Real Crafter
Real Crafter - 9 months ago
Coronna Forest You watched that video too xD i dont think that ron is a timetravler... Ron has children with Hermoine thats.. not possible
L R - 9 months ago
wtf are u talking about hahahahah
iiiAlphaDarkWolf - 9 months ago
Ok, listen up. The mirror of erised theory is stupid nonsense, didn't you listen? It was said that the mirror of erised will show you what you want the very most, and what harry wanted the very most was too have a full family, so the mirror showed him his parents and he together.
Matthew Buckley
Matthew Buckley - 9 months ago
The books got longer clearly because she was getting payed per word. Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive potter fan, but as the series increased in popularity (by around four massively) she obviously saw an easy opportunity to make a lot of money, just write more. Any other reason is clearly just an in-lore excuse, but even so, this is the most obvious explanation
Ceren Aytekin
Ceren Aytekin - 9 months ago
Stephen H
Stephen H - 9 months ago
Only reason Old man Dumbe was gay was because rowling is a die hard libtard that talks out her ass...
books were good though.
Kenneth PORTOLA - 9 months ago
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with how you speak, its offputting
Arctiguana - 9 months ago
Now i know why they call him the headmaster.
leothellamalion - 5 months ago
when i read this i giggled like a little bitch
Manny Gil
Manny Gil - 5 months ago
Lol wow
AnotherSocialReject - 6 months ago
I just choked.. so did he
Jacinda Elaine
Jacinda Elaine - 6 months ago
Paul Curran
Paul Curran - 6 months ago
Lol well done you
Professor Finesser
Professor Finesser - 6 months ago
omg nooooooooo lmao
AmNeBe - 8 months ago
Up you go
Archn Scythe
Archn Scythe - 9 months ago
I don't think Dumblederp is gay. I think Rowling just did it to push an agenda.
ES Roache
ES Roache - 9 months ago
loved them
Jack Evans
Jack Evans - 9 months ago
Why do people give page count for book length? It doesn't make any sense they should give word count.
Akrbaska AJ
Akrbaska AJ - 9 months ago
I only believe the immortal harry potter one.
SketchAngel 206
SketchAngel 206 - 9 months ago
Some of them are right but others I can prove wrong cause I'm a true potterhead
Sanjyot pote
Sanjyot pote - 9 months ago
overthinking Simple things --__--
David Barker
David Barker - 9 months ago
there are 2 invisibility cloaks Maddy's has one
I AM PROMETHEUS - 9 months ago
Harry isn't immortal
Lewis Memeking
Lewis Memeking - 9 months ago
I'll tell you what I think; No... Just no... Everything is wrong with your theories!! 2. & 1. Are complete garbage, and the "Dumbledore is Death" theory is as good as canon! Everyone knows about it... Just no... And you missed the most obvious theory, J.K. is Rita Skeeter, but then again, you don't cover good theories in this video do you
Daniella Padinha
Daniella Padinha - 9 months ago
dumbledoor was never the master of the hallows because he gave the cloak back to harry in the first book and dumbledoor found the ring in between the 5th and the 6th book
Patryk Janowski
Patryk Janowski - 9 months ago
I saw a 5K+ page HP book in my old school library.. It was fat as fuck!
Jason Maxwell
Jason Maxwell - 9 months ago
Alphaboy! - 9 months ago
2:23 look at hermoine in the first photo
does it remind of - like -
Justin bieber?
DemonicMonkey88 - 9 months ago
10:14 and now there's more weapons.

Probably for the best, no offense but wizards are to stupid to be left alone.

Don't believe me? The entire plot of Harry Potter.
어르뉴애나 - 9 months ago
OMG the second theory can be so explained through Nevill as well! Neville was portrayed as a kind, dumb and blindering boy, but he gets soo much better from the fifth book! So is Hagrid.
Tensai55 - 9 months ago
Ok, main problem with the 5th theory: Harry doesn't kill Voldemort. Voldemort's own killing curse rebounds and kills him (somehow) due to the technicality of Harry being the True Owner of the Elder Wand, which could not act against its owner. Harry only cast an Expelliarmus - there is no way Voldemort dropped dead from the Disarming Spell.

4th Theory: Not only was the story more complex with more characters and plots, but the readers were also older as well. Harry Potter is a story where the readers grew up at around the same approximate rate as the main character. There's really nothing surprising or amazing about it.

3rd Theory: You are reading far too much into it. Harry sees Dumbledore there because he wants to see Dumbledore. It was fairly clear to me from the context and from the dialogue that it wasn't actually Dumbledore, but Harry's imagining of Dumbledore - that's why Dumbledore told him what he wanted to hear. It was Death itself pulling Harry's memories of Dumbledore and using it as a disguise - a friendly face in what would have been a rather frightening moment, and additionally as a mentor figure who can be trusted (notice Dumbledore doesn't reveal anything about himself that Harry doesn't already know). Just as Harry wasn't actually in King's Cross, but rather at the crossroads between life and death - so the image of King's Cross was pulled from Harry's mind as not only a comforting image, but also because King's Cross was Harry's image of a crossroads (in Harry's mind, King's Cross represented the crossroads between Muggle and Magic worlds).

Also, Dumbledore only ever possessed 2 of the Hallows at once. And I would add that he was only ever the master of one of the Hallows - the Elder Wand. It seemed pretty clear from what we learn that he never actually used the Resurrection Stone. He was never the "Master of Death." The seventh book spends a great deal of time discussing Dumbledore and the fact that in his youth, he had been obsessed with the Deathly Hallows fairytale, as had Grindwald (his friend and theoretical lover). He's really no different from Grindwald and Luna's father, who says that tons of wizards have sought the Hallows with very limited success.

2nd Theory: Is that the official story? Cuz that was not the impression I got from the book. It seemed clear to me that Harry's failure to die was due to a combination of Voldemort using the Elder Wand (while Harry was its owner) and that Voldemort accidentally killed his own soul fragment which had been in Harry's curse scar (because apparently you can accidentally create horcruxes). The later part where everyone at Hogwarts can't be harmed by Voldemort because Harry died is just weird and doesn't really make any sense. But then, the original premise that Harry only lived because Lily died to save him doesn't make any sense either - JKR can't honestly expect me to believe that Lily was the only person who died to protect someone she loved. And Harry didn't even die properly anyway, so the immunity of the Hogwarts Defenders doesn't make any sense either - which explains why it got cut from the movie (and it was pretty anti-climatic, plus the 7th movie part 2 was all about that Final Battle action so they had to have a super amazing Final Showdown).

I'd also point out that if the Elder Wand couldn't kill Harry in the final face-off with Voldemort because Harry was its owner, then it wouldn't have been able to kill him in the Forbidden Forest either. Harry only lived because he was the owner of all three Hallows - making him the "Master of Death." But if that was the case, then the Elder Wand wouldn't have been able to kill him in the first place.

1st Theory: ...You do realize the Weasley family is unusually large in the Wizarding World, right? Most of the families in the books only have one or two children. Additionally, at the beginning of the books, the Wizarding World is just concluding a war, of sorts, with a terrorist group which had been targeting anyone that stood against them - including a lot of wizarding families. The book even talks about several of the families which were entirely wiped out or have only a few remaining family members. Molly Weasley's entire family was wiped out - she's the only surviving Prewitt. And with a terrorist group running around killing anyone that speaks up against them, who's going to want to have kids? Especially if they decide to join the fight.

Also, wizards live for a very long time, as you mentioned. How many wizards are still around who remember WWII and Grindwald? How many died in that conflict as well? It would have been devastating for wizards in continental Europe, but likely would have also had an impact on Britain's wizarding population as well.

A much more plausible explanation is that in combination with the recent wars, wizards also suffer from decreased fertility in exchange for their long lives. It explains why the wizarding population is in a state of decline and clearly have been for a long time - hence why Hogwarts was built for thousands of students, but only has a few hundred (at most). While the Ministry of Magic likely is a branch of the muggle government, it's much more likely that it was a result of a truce of some kind with a muggle king as Parliament and the Prime Minister have no real control over the Ministry of Magic. While it wouldn't surprise me if there was a war that the wizards don't want to remember with muggles, I find it unlikely as that sort of thing likely would be remembered by the muggles themselves, even if they didn't believe the ppl they had fought against had actually been wizards - and it's fairly clear that muggle history is supposed to be pretty much the same as history in our world.
Khalid Brown
Khalid Brown - 9 months ago
Please note Americans commonly say Hall as "Hol", not "Hal" so of course the immediate reaction to Hallow would be Hollow. It's nothing to cry about...
Joe Kopinski
Joe Kopinski - 9 months ago
harry isn't immortal. He had already died at the hand of Voldemort
Donald J Trump Chill
Donald J Trump Chill - 9 months ago
I couldn't give a shit
Harvey Gary Williams
Harvey Gary Williams - 9 months ago
Thank you this was great!! Amazing job!!
Thesteral Jorg
Thesteral Jorg - 9 months ago
The funny thing is I looked at the thumbnail and thought one of the theories was the mirror one. If you don't know what I mean here it is…Harry looked at the mirror hoping to see what he really wanted, his parents. Did that mirror show that that or the future? We see Harry tell Ron to look at the mirror and he sees himself with the quidditch cup. Well that wasn't exactly what happened to him but he was a huge star as goalkeeper! And in the mirror Harry saw Lily and James…or was that Ginny and Harry? Like this comment if you think this is a possibility!
mark Tanner
mark Tanner - 6 months ago
How does Quirell imagine giving the stone to Voldy when Voldy is literally on the back of Quirrel's head?
cc.bradford H.P 7
cc.bradford H.P 7 - 7 months ago
That’s a good theory but theres evidence that it can’t be true...unfortunately
Crepuscular Night
Crepuscular Night - 7 months ago
Thesteral Jörg, but then why would they have exactly the same clothes and be the same age? And also, voldemort sees himself more powerful than any wizard with harry defeated (but this might be the short time he thinks harry is dead), and quirell, sees himself handing the philoshers stone to voldemort.

In fact you can see here all of the different desires: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Mirror_of_Erised

But the dead people who they see themselves with could be their ghosts. Still it doesn't explain the others much.
Roy Cajucom
Roy Cajucom - 7 months ago
Thesteral Jorg i
Raisah Ahmed
Raisah Ahmed - 7 months ago
That is deep man...
Meeble Films
Meeble Films - 7 months ago
Yeah but in the book he sees more than just Lilly and James. He sees all of his family
Thesteral Jorg
Thesteral Jorg - 8 months ago
Hanmo Jiang thx
Jackie Kohler
Jackie Kohler - 8 months ago
He could have seen himself with his parents when had the resurection stone.
Hanmo Jiang
Hanmo Jiang - 8 months ago
Cool it makes sense
Thesteral Jorg
Thesteral Jorg - 9 months ago
Khalid Brown thx
Khalid Brown
Khalid Brown - 9 months ago
Thesteral Jorg it'd explain how he got the stone, but if I remember correctly didn't voldemort see himself with the stone

Even if you're wrong I'll like off the principle of this being a good theory
Thesteral Jorg
Thesteral Jorg - 9 months ago
WTF DUMBELDORE IS GAY?!?? That's the first time I heard it
gaajes hoek
gaajes hoek - 5 months ago
maybe a lot of wizzards are gay and that´s why there are so few of them. theorie 5 solved
A bag Of Nope
A bag Of Nope - 5 months ago
I was pretty shocked when I first found out too, but if you read the books again with that in mind you'll find that it's actually kinda obvious..
sheer - 9 months ago
He is, it is kinda obvious in the series though - his intense relationship with Grindelwald showed it ;)
Nancy Oikonomopoulou
Nancy Oikonomopoulou - 9 months ago
My favourite one is the theory of how harry potter should have ended at the channel how it should have ended
Payton Duck
Payton Duck - 9 months ago
I personally believe that the one where Harry actually died is true. I believe this because he actually did go to an area that kind of looks like heaven and since he got the choice it shows that he got all the Hollows, I think that that's really good theory and I never would have thought of that. But I do not agree with this theory that is saying that Harry will never die because Harry has already been dead so that means the theory and prophecy clash with each other so Harry has already died so the prophecy was fulfilled he was killed by the hands of another. Harry not be blinded by that because he is already died. The prophecy never said that they couldn't die my themselves so technically (I don't agree with this) if that theory is right then Voldemort is imortal, but can somehow kill himself
Mira Müller
Mira Müller - 9 months ago
When Harry died in the forest it was Voldemort who killed him. So basically the prophecy is fulfilled, because one of them "died at the hand of the other" and therefore I don't think that he's immortal.
KitTheHufflepuff - 9 months ago
I'm to worried about gettinin trouble to read my harry potter books during class
I love Pikachu
I love Pikachu - 9 months ago
Shouldn't the third brother be James Potter because in the pictures the person wearing the invisible cloak gives it to a young boy Harry and moves on with life which just means he dies.
MineCraftManiaxx - 9 months ago
It was great
Enigma - 9 months ago
But wait, didn't Harry have the resurrection stone in the forest when he went to be killed by Voldemort?
the real tommy wiseau
the real tommy wiseau - 9 months ago
The reason Harry survived when voldemart tried to kill him in the deadly Hallows is because voldemart "shot" Garry with the elder wand which Harry owned at that point because Dumbledore had owned it the malfoy when he disarmed Dumbledore before Dumbledore was killed by shape and then malfoy was disarmed by harry
Tom Marvolo Riddle
Tom Marvolo Riddle - 9 months ago
Dumbledor had a young romance with Grindelwald... It is sooo explained and we have also Rowling's gay confirmation.
Fionamay Planas
Fionamay Planas - 9 months ago
I didn't watch this video because I still haven't watch all the Harry Potter movies so it will be a spoiler if I watch this now.

well then bye I'm gonna watch Harry Potter movies now
TacoBellion - 9 months ago
Philosphers stone?
Mr.Boaz - 9 months ago
WAIT ONE SECOND!!!!! If ( Like some theories say) Dumbledore is a time traveling Ron, bear with me, and he's gay....... can you see where in going with this? Well Ron is gay and doesn't have a real reason to be with Hermione... but this is if both theories were true...But that's not the only thing, he could think Harry is... hot... and this whole time.... ok I'm going to stop here and thanks for staying with me and try not to kill me please
Sidenote: this could also be the reason he's called the..... ( Sorry) headmaster
Diane Essex
Diane Essex - 9 months ago
At the time Voldemort fired the killing curse in the forbidden forest, Harry was already master of the Elder wand, which, according to wand lore, wouldn't willingly obey Voldemort, and wouldn't harm Harry. It then stands to reason, it would only do what was beneficial to its master, (making it appear Harry was dead), much like the sword of Godric Gryffindor rejected contamination, and took in "only that which makes it stronger". In my opinion, the wand was proactively protecting Harry the whole time.
Михаела Янкова
Михаела Янкова - 9 months ago
Maybe the last brother is Harry`s dad= James
Aidan Binni
Aidan Binni - 9 months ago
The elder wand belonged to Draco Malfoy. He disarmed Dumbledore right before Snape killed him.
Aidan Binni
Aidan Binni - 9 months ago
Until Harry defeated Voldemort that is
VoltrixHD - 9 months ago
Harry wasn't killed in the forest...he was just knocked unconscious because the Elder Wand won't harm or at least kill its master...
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres - 9 months ago
Theory #1
Sapphire Savage
Sapphire Savage - 9 months ago
Yamenstein - 9 months ago
Wait number theory number 2. I thought the killing curse kills people by removing their soul? Isn't that what Voldemort said? Or said it felt like. Voldemort survived the backlash because he had his horcruxes. When Harry went to his death at the 7th book and got hit by the killing curse his body held two souls - the piece of Voldemort's and his own. He had the choice to head to his death or return back. For so long I've taken it as though he could choose which soul would be sacrificed.

Haha. Not sure when I started thinking that. I always thought his mums protection wasn't active anymore since the 4th book - after Voldemort resurrected himself with Harry's blood.
Puddin - 9 months ago
I always thought the tale of the 3 brothers resembled dumbledore, voldermort, and harry. Dumbledore and voldermort can be switched in and out with the 1st and 2nd brothers. As dumbledore had a lust for power and got the elder wand. But also regretted the death of his sister. Then there is voldermort who was in possession of the resurrection stone n but lusted for power n wanted the elder wand... and harry of course the youngest. And dumbeldore dies first like the older brother and voldermort 2nd and harry lives on for now. I know there plenty of holes in it but im just saying
Carol Hafer
Carol Hafer - 9 months ago
I like all of your theories but one though not totally off base with the American Indians in certain areas. What about the witch hunts around the world but most notable in Salem Mass, United States. Fun fact: If I was living during the days of the witch hunts I would have been killed. I do not posses any magical talents however with a birthmark in the "wrong" location( not on my face--fyi) it would have been my death sentience. There is a list of what makes a person a witch and you were disposed of.
donepearce - 9 months ago
Please stop saying hollows. They are hallows.
Vergil the legendary dark slayer
Vergil the legendary dark slayer - 9 months ago
my theory is Dumbledore was one of the 3 brothers
Ice Cream Cookie
Ice Cream Cookie - 9 months ago
the deathly holos
Doesn't make any sense. Harry had nothing stopping him from dying. He was never physically immortal.
Luke Hernandez
Luke Hernandez - 9 months ago
Harry is horcrux 8
Alysha Farhana
Alysha Farhana - 9 months ago
the last theory exploded my head like yea
PimpinNevaSlippin - 9 months ago
Your opening lines are so me
Lockret - 9 months ago
I always thought that Harry doesn't have to be the Master of Death in order to survive is encounter with Voldemort. Since the Elder Wand was loyal to him, when Voldemort cast the killing curse, the wand instead killed the part of we-know-who's soul that was attached to him (since a wand would not hurt its master).
One Man Sky
One Man Sky - 9 months ago
What' wrong with long books?
Sander Nielsen
Sander Nielsen - 9 months ago
In a way since the Elder Wand wouldn't turn on his true master.
Gamer Fiend
Gamer Fiend - 9 months ago
In my harry potter universe dumbledore is not gay. This started off as a childrens book and that was very unnecessary of JK Rowling to do that. Not hating on gays if you're gay that's you I'm not judging but that was so ridiculous. And she only done that because of the gay rights movement. We all know that was never the original intention. She is ruining a masterpiece story with this crap and the cursed child crap.
Liam - 9 months ago
Yeah, she wrote good books but she is a hardcore feminist and is just adding things now to push an agenda.
Katy_XoXo - 9 months ago
The only thing that annoyed me was that he kept saying "my theory". So I thought they were all his own theories however the last theory about muggles and wizards I've heard many times before, not originally by him.
Coffieman1234 - 9 months ago
She says he's gay because she's a fucking liberal snowflake. Oh their has to be equality and without a gay character the world will end! shut the fuck up!
Chipsi !
Chipsi ! - 9 months ago
Holy Fuck
PikaPotter TV
PikaPotter TV - 9 months ago
Alisa Kroes
Alisa Kroes - 9 months ago
8:16 .. i think he did physically owned all the hallows. The cloak and stone he had on him. Elder wand was held by Voldemort but Harry has been its master from the moment he disarmed Draco. so the Physical Elder Wand was in his possession and i believe that might be the reason why Harry was able to return to the living world because the Elder Wand refuses to kill its master i think.. i could be totally wrong on this too though i dunno
ASAPVENENO - 9 months ago
For the last theory, we now know that wizards went into hiding during the witch burnings period and have been in hising ever since.
Momo MD
Momo MD - 9 months ago
I always thought Harry was Voldemort's unintentional horcrux....
nonnanevrotica - 9 months ago
Has anyone noticed the similarities in the endings of Harry Potter and Fight Club? Both protagonists fight and ultimately defeat their mortal enemy by succumbing to death, thus defeating their "inner demons" (the part of Voldemort's soul in Harry and the alter ego of Tyler Durden in Ed Norton) and ultimately surviving due to their self-sacrifice.

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